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  • TOOL7TOOL7 Member
    Hello everybody!Really excited after many years for a mmo game,happy to be here guys:) B)
  • Jordan1003Jordan1003 Member
    Hi! I'm Jordan and would love to be in a tough clan when the game comes to open game play! I love MMO's and am very interested into AOC. I hope to see you guys in game to pop this game off right!
  • YassudaYassuda Member
    Hiho Ash's mobs! Im a big fan of ur work! i hope to enjoy in this magnificent world, Ashes of creation!! btw im Yassuda :3
    nice to meet u guys!
  • SlammySlammy Member
    edited May 4
    Hello everyone, I am Slammy, aka (Chuck) and I am happy to see Steven and his team working on something that Steven was wanting to do for some time. I can't wait to join in and see new faces and old from, L2 and Archeage. As always I will be a dwarf and crafting my heart out and have one if the biggest Battleships to sail the Seas in AOC.
  • Hi, I'm xVenngeance. I'm OG to the online gaming scene. I have been playing games for over 20 years and alpha/beta tested too many to count. I am a video game enthusiast and have even worked at events such as Pax West. I have been following and have a keen interest in AoC as it seems to fit many of my expectations for a game. I hope to contribute what I can in the forums, as well as get to know the community a little better. I haven't decided on creating a guild or joining one yet. I might consider streaming too once there is no NDA. Like some of you have posted I am also a fan of Anime. I would love to make more friends, so hit me up!
  • BennzzaBennzza Member
    Yo, what up everybody! I'm Bennzza, looking forward to some sick pvp/sieges in ashes of creation. Will be streaming the alpha 1 and future versions of the game.


  • SlimeySlimey Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Hello All,

    My name is Slimey or Ryan IRL. Im looking forward to ashes coming out for full release and anxiously waiting for PvE, Caravan PVP. I will be purchasing the adventurer alpha 1 pack and providing feedback and hoping that I may be apart of the process to make this game the best MMO to be released!
  • TenkiTenki Member
    edited May 5
    Hello Guys! I'm Tenki The KGB Guild Leader From EU, Glad to be here!!
    KGB Discord

    Knights of Glory and Beer
  • VirapVirap Member, Alpha One
    Hi people, I'm Virap and I've a lot of experience playing MMORPG's and I'm really excited to play AoC.
  • MrWickMrWick Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Hello people of AOC, have a great day.
  • KThallusKThallus Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Hello all can't wait to see you in game just upgraded my package for alpha one and am trying to be patient but I am very very excited after seeing all the team has done thus far
  • MustachePeteMustachePete Member, Alpha One
    edited May 5
    Howdy! Good to be at the ground floor of greatness. Happy hunting ghastly bugs that haunt our land....I shall swat them down with my sharpened mustache!

    "With a great Mustache, Comes great responsibility"
  • AzarixAzarix Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Hello! I'm Azarix and I'm just excited and ready to get into it! Been waiting for a long time!
  • GearyGeary Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Hey! Excited for alpha 1!
  • Cheers Mates! Can't wait to Play!
  • RedzyRedzy Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Hey all!

    Super excited to join the Ashes family and get stuck into testing soon!
    I've been an MMORPG fan ever since my first steps in RuneScape back in the day and have been waiting patiently to join the Alpha testing for AoC.

    Looking forward to seeing you in game!
    MMORPG Content Creator
  • Hi folks! I’m NettumeWorks, and I’m the guy here looking to make money (that sweet sweet dough) here in Ashes of Creation.
    I’m most excited for owning, possibly ruining and running the economy in Ashes of Creation.
  • HDCBlazeHDCBlaze Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Hello! Long time mmorpg player with a bit of experience in software development. I'm excited to have a small part in the Alpha test and being able to say I was here in the beginning! Hopefully I can help identify some bugs and be a part in helping to make this game even better for others to enjoy. :smiley: See you all around!
  • Snowza7Snowza7 Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Hello I'm Snowza and it's nice to meet you all! <3
  • ScubamesteveScubamesteve Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Hi everyone. Steve here. There's nothing i can say in a short forum post that could prepare you for the level of [insert word here] that i bring to the table. So i will say nothing and be done with it.
  • Hello my real name isn't as important as my referral to you but you may call me Nettume. HMVT986RCWPBPU2H. Give it to your friends and family ;)
  • rvaladezxiiirvaladezxiii Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Hiya! I'm Ryan and I am excited to help make this the best game it can be !!!
  • EyelessEyeless Member
    nice to meet ya I'm Eyeless also know as TheEyelessReaper108 i may be late to the pick up but I haven't been this excited for a game release in along time cant wait to get started
  • zelcovazelcova Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I’m zelcova (aka BokBok), and I’m an oddball here.
    I’m most excited for my path to power in Ashes of Creation.
  • Fenst3rFenst3r Member
    Greetings! I'm Fenst3r and I'm a twitch affiliate. Massive mmorpg fan and I'm very excited for AoC! Lives in Norway and love gaming! Can't wait to get my hands on the game and delve into all!
  • ButterTVButterTV Member
    Hello all, Butter here! Avid MMO lover and content creator over on Twitch and Youtube.

    Excited to meet all of you and play Ashes!
  • CrayonCrayon Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Hello Friends!

    I am Crayon, your cute, cuddly, and contagious Ashes of Creation mage fanatic!
  • zelethorzelethor Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Hey all,

    Zelethor here saying hi and checking in. Have beta tested a number of games in the past and am a veteran gamer of over 20+ years - looking forward to Alpha 1! Enjoy everyone
  • iDriahniDriahn Member
    Hi all! I´m iDriahn, i´m following Ashes of creation since 2018 or so, and i would love to see this game growing up until launch <3
  • NealinNealin Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
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