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[EU] House Dragonvale | RPvX | CET | Social | Fashion

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Current Guild Leader: Teyloune Dragonvale

Region: Europe
Server: To be announced

Discord: House Dragonvale Discord

About Us:
House Dragonvale is a wholesome yet dangerously sassy community; with the goal is to partake in all the content available in order to earn and collect the most awesome cosmetic items. It is quite possible that you'll see us anywhere you go, looking like we dine with the gods.

In Dragonvale you will find a lovely community to play video games with, watch movies/shows/etc., all sorts of banter, and more. If you like role-playing, you're most certainly gonna find like-minded people among us.
We're also here for you, If you're just trying to make friends, so don’t be shy! Join us in our totally wholesome online adventures!

Our Discord is open to anyone who wants to hang out with us and follow our rules.
You don't have to join the Guild to be part of our wholesome Community.

Our Goals
  • Working together to create one of the most wholesome Communities.
  • Collecting awesome Cosmetics by doing all available content (PvX).
  • Enhancing our experience within Ashes of Creation via (optional) Roleplay.
  • To grow together into a relentless force that only accepts complete victory as the outcome of any conflict.

We're offering
  • Kickstarter Exclusive Guild Cosmetics.
  • An open, embraceful, and tolerant community.
  • Fun activities for everyone to get involved and connect in, such as playing TTRPGs, Stellaris, Apex Legends, and more.
  • A Guild Leader who is not a cursed hellspawn, got a pure heart in possession, and tries to keep it wholesome.

We're looking for
  • 18 or older.
  • Players which value teamwork and cooperation, that will fight for the Dragonvale, when called upon.
  • Active, self-reliant and dependable people with a working microphone.
  • A reasonable degree of activity (logging in once a fortnight is not what we're after).
  • Mature People who are open minded, and aren't afraid of interacting with people from all sorts of cultures (It's recommended to have somewhat thick skin).

Our Accomplishments
  • Apparently we got some people so mad that they have decided to devote their entire free time to talking shit about us, instead of doing anything more fun or productive. That certainly does speak volumes of what we have accomplished so far in a game, that isn't even out yet. :D
    This means by joining us, you may get exciting PvP opportunities!

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
    - "Do I have to spend Money on Cosmetics, Alpha, or Beta Keys to be part of Dragonvale?"
  • No. Being part of Dragonvale does not require you to spend any money on cosmetics, or to buy any Access to the Alpha or Beta testing phases of the game. If you want to look awesome, but can't afford to spend any money on cosmetics, there will be cosmetics that can be earned in the game.

    - "Are Tulnar welcome in Dragonvale?"
  • Yes. Whatever race you choose to play, you're welcome.

If you have any questions, then you may contact Dragonvale#1812, Zomborkus#0001 over Discord.
You will receive an answer as soon as possible.

Guild applicants may be subject to a few checks and a chat/interview to get to know our recruits, before your formal application is invited.

Roleplay Flavor

Greetings fine folk of Verra

May I introduce you to House Dragonvale, a glorious and diverse guild of people with various unique backgrounds and motivations lead by the legendary Teyloune Dragonvale.

As one of the old houses made great by pyrian elves, we are rising from the ashes to make this glorious house great once more. House Dragonvale will return to its former glory from the old days of Verra before the Apocalypse. With the blessings of the gods on our side we will demonstrate our prestige and power to show that we’re not to be trifled with.

Together, United as one, under the supreme leadership of the Dragonvale Family, we will venture within the world of Verra, a world of untamed dangers lurking around every corner of the land and sea. From dangerous monsters and bandits to the very corruption itself, the world is left vulnerable to threats from beyond. However, as a great house that stood the test of time long before the cataclysm, we will stand firm against these obstacles and overcome the challenges ahead to defend our world. No sacrifice is too great to cleanse the abominable corruption and restore the glory of House Dragonvale and Verra.

We accept members of all races into our ranks as long as they respect our culture and traditions. We encourage people to strive for self-improvement and team up with other members of the house as everyone develops themselves into glorious paragons of Dragonvale.

We now extend an invitation to our glorious house.
Do you accept?


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    I am the Deity of Insanity! Bow before this madness before it engulfs your very being![/url]
  • Ryliah DragonvaleRyliah Dragonvale Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    I love this Guild! The people are really cool and wholesome, and the Guildleader is hot af! :p<3
  • This guild is the best guild out there and we will be number 1 in any server... obviously. ;)
  • ShadowCreptShadowCrept Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    He means this guild is an RP guild so they are irrelevant and if they go to Server 1 will be Killed on Sight
  • HighopeHighope Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    nice guild!
  • Peace, love and headpats to all!
  • I was recently able to sit down and talk to a couple Dragonvale members and they really do seem like a great bunch of people. Guild is for sure worth a look!!
  • I don't know much about this guild so I can't tell you anything about that. However I do know the guild leader @teyloune.
    He understands that you are a human being. He understands that you can't be online 24/7 and that you have a personal life. He understands that sometimes you have bad days and all you need is a pat on the head. He understands that people can have anxieties. He knows exactly what to say to cheer you up. He is a very loving person but he can be firm when needed and I personally think, this is what a guild needs. He knows A LOT about this game, I am serious, he is a walking Ashes of Creation Wikipedia.

    So again I don't know much about his guild, but I know him. He is one of the few good people that respect you and tries to understand you.
  • KanisKanis Member
    Likely not going Tulnar, but I'll see you very soon.
  • TeylouneTeyloune Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited April 14
    I very much appreciate the nice comments about me and my community, thank you.
  • I tried to use your Discord link, but it didn't work. It says "invite invalid".
  • TeylouneTeyloune Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Thank you for telling me, i fixed the issue. <3@insomnia
  • malgusmalgus Member, Intrepid Pack
    Good Luck see you in game <3
  • comonoscopecomonoscope Member, Founder, Kickstarter
  • I'm not in this guild, but I think Tey is a really nice and welcoming person. :D
  • caedwyncaedwyn Member
    edited October 2019
    tey's guild is one of the discords i like to hang out (i hang out in MANY guild discords)
    and its a big channel with lots of sub-channels that i find interesting XD
    he spends lots of time daily for his guild thats what ive learned
    and it can be very fun

  • ViBunjaViBunja Member
    This community is very supportive and wholesome and has helped me during trying times. They are very understanding, and they play games with me, even though I'm disabled (I'm mute).

    We play different games, and help each other all the time. There are fun and funny people, and other people that are very creative!
  • KegbrewKegbrew Member
    edited October 21
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