Dev Discussion #13 - Share Your Gaming Obsession


Glorious Ashes community - it's time for another Dev Discussion! Dev Discussion topics are kind of like a "reverse Q&A" - rather than you asking us questions about Ashes of Creation, we want to ask YOU what your thoughts are.

Our design team has compiled a list of burning questions we'd love to get your feedback on regarding gameplay, your past MMO experiences, and more. Join in on the Dev Discussion and share what makes gaming special to you!

Dev Discussion #13 - Share Your Gaming Obsession
What game are you playing right now? What keeps you coming back to it?

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  • FreezmanFreezman Member, Braver of Worlds
    edited December 2019
    Ok, so I've been playing this one little game for more than 8 years now. Coming back to it over and over and over again. Quitting, coming back, losing interest, playing 16 hours a day, been through it all. It's called League of Legends, you might have heard about it.
    And of course there is a million reasons why it's so successful and millions of people play it, there's a couple of reasons why I personally keep coming back to it.
    1) It's competitive. It's easy to get into to, it's hard to master. The more you learn, the better you get, the more you understand how bad you are. Learning the game more and more opens your eyes to things you were not even aware existed. So it has a low skill floor, high skill ceiling. That's one of the things that makes it compelling as a competitive game.
    2) There is a lot to learn, it has depth. And once you learn it, even if you take a brake, you don't suddenly not know the game. You can come back after a month and all the core systems are still there. No matter what small changes were made.
    3) There is constant change. With a cast of ~150 champions it is pretty hard to balance them all, and even if you are able to do it, why would you? Imagine every champion is at a perfect 50% win rate. Nothing needs any more changes, the game will get stale. What do you pick? What does it matter. So I don't think Riot really tries to balance everything to that point, it's not beneficial for them. 45%-55% is probably a sweet spot.
    Small and frequent changes keep the game fresh, it makes the players more involved. Every 2 weeks players go through the patch notes, they try to figure out how all the small changes will impact the meta, what new champion they need to learn, content creators do patch breakdowns, etc, etc.
    And something simmilair can definitely be done in AoC with 64 classes. Just need to find a good balance between not completely gutting a class for people that only want to play that class while also making changes that are impactful enough so that players who want to maximize their impact will want to switch to a new class, want to learn it, want to test out the new numbers / changes.
  • ShadowVenShadowVen Member, Braver of Worlds
    Playing FFXIV at the moment. This is my 3rd time returning to it...
    The reasons for my return are just basic.
    1. I'm an avid Final Fantasy fan
    2. quite a few of my friends play (which i prefer to enjoy gaming with others in a team situation)
    3. There are multiple things that keep me interested if one of the game mechanics/features bore me. For example: I really enjoy the gathering jobs (they're a good way to chill /relax), crafting is fun if i get bored of raids
    4. I do enjoy the difficulty & challenge of their high end raids / primals.
  • AzryilAzryil Member, Leader of Men, Early Alpha One Tester
    The last couple years I've been on a Survival MMO kick. I've put a couple thousands hours into ARK and hundreds of hours into Conan Exiles, Atlas, and Dark and Light. I enjoy the freedom that open world survival games offer, being able to build custom bases anywhere in the world.
  • Well. First off I've played WOW. FFXIV. ESO. DCUO. Liked them all in there own way. Pvp is deffinatly part of the reason I get attracted to mmo's but also end top tier raiding is another. Also a good crafting/trading also helps the experience. I think mindless daily's Is not the way to go. I think good developers who listen to there player base or at least have idea of what makes a good game. I also play fps and arpg's. RPGs. I'm okay path of exile and these developers really get it. They are top notch. Putting out content and just being in tune. I like this reverse QA. thanks for asking
  • mcstackersonmcstackerson Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty
    ATM i'm still playing Archeage Unchained. I enjoy the variety of different systems the game has (i.e. boats, farming, mounts, etc.) as well as the open world and pvp.

    Besides that i enjoy League of legends every now and then because I can play as an anthropomorphic crocodile
  • VolgaloveVolgalove Member, Braver of Worlds
    edited December 2019
    I'm currently playing Archeage: Unchained. Why some of you may ask, because I didn't get to experience the whole game when the legacy version was released due to many, many issues. Now that's not to say AA:U hasn't had any problemos. Regardless of the issues I've really enjoyed playing this game because:

    1. Farmville - only prettier
    2. Raid World Bosses and events
    3. Daily questing to earn currencies for: housing, cars, gear upgrades, vanity items, castle seige

    Another thing I do love about this game is you need to participate in hostile zones which forces a bit of PVP from time to time. This is nice because I'm usually in a raid group when I come across PVP. I'm not an avid PVP'r, I'm a peaceful woman, so having some peaceful zones along with PVP zones makes things easier for me that a full on PVP game.

    There is a lot to do in this game. So many things to do day to day, that's why I keep logging in despite the server issues (to name one.)
  • ashoneashone Member, Braver of Worlds
    edited December 2019
    not really mmorps. lately i have been playing Meadow and Therian Saga. Meadow is very calming and relaxing and Therian. is a strategy game which requires advance planning and LOTS of it. I play them for different reasons and I like them both.
  • KotterKotter Member, Explorer
    i've been playing Everquest 2.

    the player housing and huge amount of content keeps me there.
  • ruinruin Member, Braver of Worlds

    Naval Combat
    Very open Sandbox
    Ctrl F Purpling Mechanic for griefers
    Honors Nodachi
  • DamoklesDamokles Member
    edited December 2019
    Star Citizen
    League of Legends
    Legends of Runeterra (when i get the chance to play)
    Monster Hunter
    Halo Reach
  • I grew up playing Nintendo and my buddies and I would stay up all night and play games talking about how awesome it would be to be able to play games with each other from home and play " split screen" without the other person being able to see what you were doing. Also I always thought in my head how much i wished I could take my character into the background and go anywhere I wanted. Fast forward 15 years or so and I finally got my first computer, had internet for the first time. I picked up a game called World of Warcraft that just hit the shelves at Walmart, it looked pretty cool on the box. It was everything I dreamed of as a kid and I still play it. I take breaks but I keep going back, it's not just the game itself that keeps me coming back but the community.
  • cosmicthundercosmicthunder Member, Braver of Worlds
    Currently I'm playing Everquest 2 again since the new time locked Kaladim server launched March 2019 (to celebrate 20 years of Everquest). My first real MMOG experience, aside from Meridian 59, was the original Everquest, so the nostalgia is one reason, at least for Everquest. Generally speaking, I go back to games that have a high replayability value, rich lore, vast amounts of quests/tasks/achievements, and a well-designed combat system. If a game has good PvP, like Dark Age of Camelot did, and a reason to PvP, like Dark Age of Camelot did, then I will continue returning. Unfortunately for DAoC, it has not aged well so I don't play it that much.

    I also play other titles like the Enderal mod for Skyrim, Vermintide 2, CRPGs like Pillars of Eternity, and an assortment of indie titles. They all bring me back for different reasons, but overall it has to feel fun from the very beginning. If I have to start finding a reason to play it then either the game developers missed the mark somewhere or it doesn't meet my expectations (whatever they may be; sometimes I don't know other than it just doesn't grab me).
  • LeonerdoLeonerdo Member, Settler
    edited December 2019
    Final Fantasy XIV -- Good stories, even the side quests. Top-tier writing/localization. Decent end-game challenges. Not too grindy, but allows you to grind your ass off if you want to, for alts or cosmetics. (Getting to max level on all 17 classes is a pretty common long-term goal for players.) Lots of little side-content to do and explore. Supposedly the crafting is fun too, but I haven't gotten around to trying it. The community is generally very nice and wholesome, partially because the game/story attracts those kinds of players, and partially because of the strict no-harassment policies. Everything looks good despite having PS3-level graphics, especially the outfits. (Glamour and housing are the real end-game.)

    It's generally just a nice place to hang out and goof around.
  • If it doesn't feel like I'm doing the same thing over and over again, but at a higher level and a different configuration. Alternatively, the content is similar wherever I play it, but the main focus is cooperation and/or competition that feels meaningful. There also needs to be enough content to be satisfying, but more along the way, or changes in content over time as player-driven activity affects the world. All of that, and the systems and mechanics of gameplay actually need to be fun, and both the lore and UI/UX presentation being complete enough to instill a sense of immersion.

    I played PlanetSide for years, and PlanetSide 2 until I couldn't stand the balance paradigm and engine issues any longer. The constantly shifting territory control, and responding to different strategies as they grew and evolved over time, plus adapting to balance changes and content additions, made these games that were easy to enjoy for hours, best with a a group of 10+ players at a time.

    Warframe has had me coming back for years, and they keep getting better. Every year or two they drop content that completely changes the entire nature of the game, like recently they've put flyable ships with player crews, fully modifiable features and components, and the first release of playable content in what plans to be a larger game-expanding change going forward.

    Path of Exile stopped doing Diablo style normal, hard, and extreme as the same content 3 times over, and extended the game by essentially tripling the content and adding a buncha new chapters that one character plays all the way through just once to get to endgame. They constantly test new features with new leagues, and some features become permanent, while others come back with some leagues but not as a regular part of the game.

    Aside from PlanetSide 1, these are all free to play games, which does wonders for keeping the population up. In a multiplayer game, emergent interaction with other players is definitely a form of content!
  • werkcungwerkcung Member
    edited December 2019
    Margonem is Polish game MMORPG in browser.
    I've been playing this game for 8 years together with my Father. Game is in 2D.
    The biggest advantages of the game are:
    1) "Monster Hierarchy" and its effects:
    1. Normal monster;
    2. Elite monster [with a chance for heroic and unique items];
    3. Heroes-[monster with so much spawn in the area, this monster respawn in few hours and had chance for legendary item, each heroes has a story in the game, for example "Mulher Ma" is a priestess, former general and half demon trying to restore the cult of the spider queen (the whole story is shown in a series of quests).
    4.Titan is monter with a few day respawn time(big boss with chace for legendary item(untradable), they are strong and require 8-10 people).
    5.Colos. is stronger than the titan, they act as instances with one entry per day [Require 10 people (maximum group),have a separate drop system, one for person].
    6. And most important type monster "Elite II".They are leaders of specific monsters are strong, but not problem for people with good equipment. Respawn time: few minute (4-20min, depends on level).
    Endgame is 300lvl or from 30 we can stay on selected lvl and play with guild on this stage.
    In this way "compartments" were created and this is most magic thing in this game. Game live not only endgame,but we can play with other, but the same people on another lvl with another titan,colos,heroes and elite II for which guilds are fighting.

    Events always have their own well-written story, they introduce temporary maps, sometimes they remain permanent. Special heroes and a giant are also included in the game only for the time of the event with great legendary items. On average, 14 tasks and a daily task are introduced, for each task we collect event currency and we can buy special buffs, heroic weaponry or potions for it.
    Quests and events often refer to Polish history and mythology. And they are good.

    Unfortunately, after 8 years, the community is crumbling and the game itself is not playing as it used to, so I was looking for something new, but I see the only ray of hope in your project.

    Regards, Patrick

    PS:Sry for my eng ;p
  • Currently I have been playing MechWarrior Online, Star Citizen, and when time permits Elder Scrolls Online. However, my gaming career favorite is NeverWinter Nights 2 (the original not online MMO).

    1) With MWO, the main draw for me is the brevity of each game. During the work week I do not have the time to get drawn in to a long campaign, but I do like playing with other online players. MWO fills that niche for me as I can get online with a small group and play a round in about ten to fifteen minutes.

    2) Star Citizen is still very much in Alpha, but is playable. Back when Space Sims were insanely popular (e.g. Wing Commander) I thoroughly enjoyed piloting my fighter ships around and shooting other ships. The thrill of fighter-plane dog-fights, but with the 3D freedom of space combat. With Star Citizen, especially now with the new flight mechanics, piloting spacecraft around, landing on planets, moon, space stations, or even other ships allows me to see just how far the new game engines have come and I enjoy the change.

    3) Elder Scrolls Online currently fills my Role-Playing needs, but is also the reason I play it only intermittently. Good Role-Playing requires a time commitment and unfortunately the only real time I have for it these days is on the weekends.

    4) Finally was NeverWinter Nights 2. There were many communities with good Dungeon Masters (DMs) and custom worlds that were heavily Role-playing based - several of my favorites were created by a team of NWN Developers and DMs going by the name of DragonCoast. They would make a world heavily modified with their own scripts and then run a campaign until its logical (or Apocalyptic) ending. Then, a short time later, a whole new setting with a new campaign would be released. In fact what I have read of AoC so far reminds me of the strong player-centric nature of those old NWN worlds.
  • I am currently playing Blade & Soul, and I play once or twice a month プ リ ン セ ス コ ネ ク ト! Re: Dive

    I play プ リ ン セ ス コ ネ ク ト! Re: Dive since February 2018, although at the beginning I played it a lot and spent some money for it, at this moment I only play to see what events or new beautiful characters are introduced and see the new stories.

    I play Blade & Soul since February 2017, I started playing this game because my wife wanted to play it. However, I've never really played it, I just play casually, without spending much money on it, since I don't think worth playing a game where you can't be one of the best players, because the server opened in the 2016, besides that the game is repetitive and boring, the main thing in it is to make dungeons, raids and pvp, there is no more.

    I always have a need to play something, if I don't find myself playing something I feel empty, and I end up stressing myself more. But playing something, even if I don't really like it or play it a lot, makes me feel better. Reason why I play the 2 games mentioned above.
    The last great game to which I invested a lot of time in my life was Tree of Saviors, since then I find myself looking for a better game in every way, for which it is worth playing it more than 15hours a day and investing all my money in it . I'm sure Ashes of Creation is that game and I have very high expectations in it.

    Keep working hard, don't worry about time and don´t hurry up, delay as long as you consider necessary to release a legendary game. I will continue waiting for it.
  • T ElfT Elf Member, Braver of Worlds
    I keep going back to EverQuest 2. They have the best holiday events, huge land areas, love the crafting/adventuring to 100 after that, meh. They have many races and classes, share-able banks and houses; and I found the Broker system way better than the Auction House system. The most outstanding housing system there is in any MMO. The world has subtle changes as it ages. There is plenty to do. They have a very flexible paperdoll system that you can mix/match appearance gear with regular gear. They also offer mercs, pets, and familiars.
    Formerly T-Elf

  • Currently playing;

    1) League of Legends (with 160+ characters the game offers a lot in terms of potential inspiration for class abilities in Ashes). It is competitive, challenging and fun which is why it has been the most popular game in the world for quite some time. I stopped playing it at least 12 times in the last 7 years but I always came back because it offered the skill based combat that no online game could offer in a fantasy setting.

    2) Overwatch - I play this occasionally but it's a great shooter with emphasis on teamwork.

    3) Elder Scrolls Online - I play this mainly because of how immersive it is. You can interact with anything and it has that real RPG feel to it partly to do with the action camera it has so rather than clicking on things with the mouse cursor, you actually need to face them (a small detail but a very important one for someone like me who takes immersion seriously).

  • VarkunVarkun Member, Braver of Worlds
    My obsession is MMO's in general until recently I had not played a single player game in well over 10 years. I have been playing ESO for the past 5 + years though am more than ready to move on, it is honestly my guild mates that keep me there now. The question is move on to what nothing out there ATM appeals to me or my guild mates.

    The MMO that had some of the best crafting and open world feel to it was Vanguard there was no instancing just a big open world full of monsters that would kill you quick if you were not paying attention. Shame it was launched too early and full of bugs that killed it once the bugs were sorted out several months after launch it really was a fun game.
    Close your eyes spread your arms and always trust your cape.
  • Aion... i know its P2W i hate it but there is something about ranger class in Aion that makes me feel good powerfull, buffs, spells, cc, animation canceling, if u were good you could rly get some 3 v 1, 4 v 1 that that feeling that u can hop when ever u want and just enjoy the open-world solo our group PVP is what makes me install that P2W game once a year and play it...

  • I would like to see that they implemented some artificial intelligence system with machine learning that takes as input the players' actions in order to create different content individually for each player in order to generate skill and others that adapt to the style of play of each one in addition , as in log horizon the anime where a ninja gains a new skill or adaptation of a skill during a decisive combat that helped him win that fight, also being able to apply it with the actions of the players in the environment giving suggestions on what content to generate and go developing it with your team as the game progresses it would be great to see that in a mmo besides that they would be innovators with the new technology
  • BusyBeeBusyBee Member
    edited December 2019
    Ive been playing WoW classic ever since launch. I used to play Everquest before that. WoW is the best the genre has offered for the last decade and a half though.

    The Onyxia attunement quest line is SO repeatable. Every alt i make I get excited for that questline. It also ties in with another thing I love which is the complexity of the Black rock depths instance, its cohesiveness in the larger storyline, all the simultaneous storylines in the same dungeon and how they all tie in with the Molten Core Raid. BRD as you know is also a complex and deep instance underground that is difficult to learn how to navigate and easy to get lost in. I loved the extensive cave systems in EQ as well but back to classic.

    Another thing I liked about Vanilla wow that wasnt the case with retail wow is how unforgiving it was to us all. Classic is easy now. Its been picked apart, analyzed, broken down, and min/max’d, the addons have been created, the strategies are online, the work arounds are hashed out. WoW is not the same experience it once was.

    The complexity of the game and the amount of avenues you can play keep you interested in one form or another though. Farming, questing, battlegrounds, raiding, playing the AH, there is an avenue for everyone or for all your moods.
  • xlangatangxxlangatangx Member, Braver of Worlds
    Hello, my name is LanG, and I am an addict...
    1. Unlocking 100% of everything. If I love a game, I want to see and do everything the game has to offer (rewards, secrets, glitches, easter eggs...). This applies to all genres. In your Q&A you were asked about secret messages in runes and you gave the sly response along the lines of 'how do you know we don't already have them?' I immediately logged in to APOC and went searching for a codex of some kind
    2. Mining. I don't know why mining gets me. It's a 0 IQ task, but for some reason I love to mine. I played runescape for years in my youth just to mine ore (lvl 99 and still did it...). Skyrim I obsessed over it. I even downloaded Idle fucking Miner on my phone. That's how bad it is...
    3. Class mastery. I usually don't play multiple characters in games. I like mastering a single playstyle and sticking to it. And I NEVER switch until I feel I have 100% optimized my character (at least to the best of my ability)
    4. PvP. I like task-centric PvP. Give me good battlegrounds, objectives, or fun people to play with / against and I will PvP all day (or month).
    5. Finding cheese. (I would report any cheese I found of course).
    6. Related to 5 - Going places I should not be going (under the map, off the grid, restricted areas - you can guarantee I will try to find a way into the phoenix club). Climbing things I shouldn't be climbing (though with flying mounts this becomes inconsequential)
  • I dont enjoy ANY mmorpg right now because:

    They are all faction based. Senseless killing of the enemy faction, instead of competition for dominsnce between guilds.

    PvP: arena
    PvE: Instance
    Progression: Dailies (either solo, or a big wave of zerg)
    End game repetition since the game felt consumed within a couple weeks.

    Endless questing of little importance:
    Qursts should be fewer, harder and with a purpose. Not silly rewards that you dont need the next day.
    You reached lv 30 and you want to be a Necromancer or a Dreadnaught?
    Go and spend two days doing this quest and then you can become a necro with access to new amplified skills.
    You want to reach the last ability of the Two Handed sword? There is this quest.
    You want to gain access to the Dark Tower non instanced dungeon? Well the Gatekeepers need this proof. Go quest for you and your friends and then you can enter.
    Guild lv 5? Help the guild leader do this quest.

    Armor micro enchantments: take this armor and this weapon (BDO, AA and maybe more) and spend all your time increasing it's stats.

    Bound items: what if I am done with these items and I want to sell or give away?

    Running from A to B on a straight line on a mount all the time. Zero danger. Zero fighting your way towards a location.

    Bring back the adventure. A location needs exploration and the only way is of you spend an hour at it:
    gaining the best EXP for the current lv of yours
    Looking for specific material for a craft, doing some quest.
    Searching for a Boss
  • No MMORPGs lately. They are all the same themepark fiestas that offer no challenge..bunch of brain dead games with mediocre stories including FFXIV which for some reason people make a big deal out of. Just like some other stated here, I too have been enjoying League of Legends because of the skill required to play it. It is a fun game overall.
  • This is super-niche, but Shroud of the Avatar's housing and player owned towns keep pulling me back there in spite of otherwise mediocre quest and skills systems coupled with abysmal combat (both PvE and PvP). I usually spend more time in PvP (combined with RP when i can find it) in MMOs.

    2nd is Black Desert. The combat is fast, fluid, and characters feel connected to their movement within the environment. The PvP is best in class, and there is occasionally good RP too.

    Non-MMO i'm playing Ghost Recon (both Breakpoint and Wildlands) and still a bit of Rainbow Six Siege.

    Hoping the combat here will ultimately be less bunny hopping and floaty than what we see in Apoc. Very much looking forward to the city building, skirmishes, sieges, and large scale group dynamics of the real MMO!
  • Dayuhan wrote: »
    Currently I have been playing MechWarrior Online, Star Citizen, and when time permits Elder Scrolls Online. However, my gaming career favorite is NeverWinter Nights 2 (the original not online MMO).

    4) Finally was NeverWinter Nights 2. There were many communities with good Dungeon Masters (DMs) and custom worlds that were heavily Role-playing based - several of my favorites were created by a team of NWN Developers and DMs going by the name of DragonCoast. They would make a world heavily modified with their own scripts and then run a campaign until its logical (or Apocalyptic) ending. Then, a short time later, a whole new setting with a new campaign would be released. In fact what I have read of AoC so far reminds me of the strong player-centric nature of those old NWN worlds.

    Ooh! I so miss NWN2. Very different type of game, but if there was an MMO that allowed player created content like that it would get my money for 10 years.
  • League of Legends is the only game I am playing right now. I keep coming back to it because the game never stays the same. They add a new champion every month or renew old champions. Every three months there is a major update that sometimes change the meta completely. So I'd say it is the constant evolvement of the game. MMORPGs tried to copy that but pretty much failed partly because almost none of them have a good combat system. I must say I am a little worried that Ashes of Creation will have tab target...Hopefully they decide it is an outdated system and go full action or at least change tab target completely by making it less boring.
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