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  • I noticed quite a few people mentioned archeage. I had a blast playing that game when it first launched and eventually quit because of all the pay2win and lack of content updates. My favorite feature of the game was naval combat, fishing, and the water physics. I am praying Ashes of creation has just as good water physics or better. They recently launched Archeage Unchained and i decided to play it because of the good memories i had of the game when it first launched and no p2w. I quickly found that the game wasn't the same. They introduced A LOT of dailies along with a few other changes which just made the game more of a chore. I remember waiting for my friends to get online so we can do fun activities like pirating, fishing, open world pvp, etc but they would get on and do dailies because if they didn't do it at that time then they would completely miss out on them because of work or w/e and that would burn hours of gameplay. I hope that won't be the case with AOC. Another turn off was all the exploits that occurred really early on and how poorly they managed it.
    However the game that i keep coming back to ever since 2007 is Old School Runescape. The questing is by far better than any other game i have played. They are constantly introducing new content updates and they poll each piece of content update before it is even introduced into the game. They listen to the community. There is a lot to do in the game and i am loving it :)
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    Path Of Exile. A HUGE amount of time in this game. The amount of class customization is my favorite part! I love being able to have fun with unique builds and the updates and seasons always have you revisiting builds to improve.

    For an MMO I still enjoy Tree of Savior. Combining classes can have some interesting synergies. It has some REALLY interesting classes that I love. (Some classes have hidden quests needed to unlock or gain access to skills.) And the art style, I love the Ragnarok Online style sprites. I don't get to log in for a long length of time, but enough every few days that I enjoy it.
  • Vermintide 2 and strategy games such as Europa Universalis IV, (and all other Paradox games), Warcraft 3 and Age of Empires II.
    From MMOs it would be GW2 and WoW I keep getting back to.

    I can not really put why into the words.
  • PUBG - Friends and an average FPS with some funny moments.
    Baldur's Gate 1 & 2 - RPG elements and the world/story. Played this game many many times over the last two decades.
    My longest played MMO was WoW but that ended about 8 years ago. Played it with friends, guild and enjoyed the PvP.

    I'm starved for a new game that I can focus on and enjoy for years to come. No pressure.
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    I've played League of Legends for years now and it's the only game I've played without getting bored of within 1-2 months. The reason I keep coming back is because it's competetive af, there's always things that you can improve upon to become a better player (although I wish there was more depth mechanically). The updates they release that include new champs, map changes and general balance/gameplay changes keeps things fresh and makes me want to come back and check them out.

    Lately I've also picked up a game called GTFO, this game is the most fun I've had with games in a very long time. The teamwork, skill and time investment that's required to clear a single level for the first time is very high compared to other games that has been released recently. Dying doesn't feel bad, it feels like its part of the process of clearing a level and because it continues to challenge you in different ways throughout the levels the game doesn't get stale. This has been true so far atleast, but the game has only been out for less than 2 weeks.
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    AC series.
    Dark Souls

    Tera Online
    The only two out of so many that I enjoyed, without feeling that something is so wrong.

    I should mention Warcraft 3 and Frozen Throne.
    The first Dota, Skyrim, Lol and so many others, but they are not games that made me feel something.
  • My two faforit games are Warframe, Monsterhunter and League of legends.
    The thing i love about Warframe (Since 7 years) is the amount of progression you can acomplish, there are a Milion things to do and you are constantly working on maximasing your Caracter, your different wapeons, and even Pets power. This feals especially rewarding becaus the late/endgame is supper hard and needs bothe good equipment and teammates.
    An other factor is, that wehn not playing the hard content, its super relaxing and you can chat with your friends about good and the world. This is especialy true in Missions without a concreet goal wherer you can stay as long as you wish to.

    The reasons why i come back to Monsterhunter again and again (for over 9 Jears) are quit similar to warframe. A nearly endles game with an constant need for progression. However in this game every quest you take on, needs your complet conzentraition. The further you get the Harder it becomes and the more rewarding it feels. You cant just run up the monster, stand still and slaughter it. you have to dodge more than you hit them, whil anticipating the next thing the monster is going to do, becauos every hit could end you.

    On the ohter hand there is League of legends. What keeps me to this game is the knwoledg that no game is going to be liky the one befor. there is constant fast paced action and infinit options on how you play this game. But the main reason why I am still playing this game (since about 6 years) are my friends.
    Becaus the fun realy startet when we begann to play as full team of five.
    We had an amzing time as a team and even had some real live events which wouldnt have been
    possible with a larger group.
  • I like Survival sandbox games where you have to build all with your hand.
    Building a whole village while you are struggling to survive is a interesting challenge I like to get on.
    But in the end it's my creativity that pull me back to game like minecraft where there is so much mod to increase difficulty and variety with which I can create stuff and have fun.

    I hope the way the world of Verra will react to players will be enjoyable for me because I'm seeking some new challenges and new stuff to discover!
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    Don't starve. I enjoy all expansions.
    Something need doing?

  • good day) there are several games that I play.
    1) Crossout there isn’t very much content, of course, but PvP and clan battles are very impressive where tactics are needed. The battle strategy is combined with dynamics. (It’s never boring, I’m leaving because of the small online and still the party of 4 people is always the same a little annoying.

    2) Smite, Paragon, 2 MOBa games combining dynamics and non-target from 3 persons which is very interesting. since pvp is my element) never gets bored if there are players playing in the voice.
    3) it was a revelation MMORPG with a non-full battlefield target, which caught me there that there are both pvp in the world and dungeons are completely concentrated on the classes of players, I love pvp content only when I pass it to the top 5 server because it’s not interesting Know the boss mechanic to study them for the first time. left MMO for the reason that all MMO RPGs entered the swamp status after half a year of the game, and since I play in the top rating, only new games are suitable for me) I'm waiting for Ashes of creation)
  • What game are you playing right now?
    I play a lot of different games. Overwatch, Apoc, ESO, Apex, MTG Arena, CIv, & Stick Fight.

    What keeps you coming back to it?
    Fun, skill-based gameplay, story/lore, action/excitement, and friends.

    Excited for what you guys have going on. AoC is what is bringing me fully into MMORPGs.
  • Now I play Perfect World Classic (version 1.3.6). It's good old MMO, where friends and guild matter, where guild TeamSpeak gives a benefit, makes coorditation easier and adds lot of communication. I like dailies to group dungeons because it's nice opportunity to go somewhere with guild and friends, and everyone needs the same dungeon today. No LFG, so it's better to go with guild. And if I can't find party in guild and go with random ppl, then often mates come and tell that we have only 3 priests in the guild and they need me.

    Also game has guild events: special bosses on Wednesdays, PvP tournament on Thursdays and GvG on Fridays or weekends. So, guild is not just a tag over head, we have a reason to do something together. And it's not raids when I should be in game almost every day.

    GvGs are pretty interesting, it's 80x80 battle where each party has a role: catapult drivers, attack, middle, defence, buffers at respawn. So, it's not AoE rush, and number of frags doesn't matter. Instead, tactics and coordination matters.

    Before I played Guild Wars 2. Nice game in many senses, but main weakness is lack of social interaction. In dynamic events other playes are like mobs. I didn't even read character names because I will never meet them again most probably. And almost no need to speak to other players in chat, not saying about TeamSpeak.
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    Just started playing league of legends this year and been wanting to do a post about it reason being it does things that I have posted about and has a lot of things I would like to see in an mmo.

    Well made a post about ultimate abilities OR a classes most powerful abilitty (r) something. Not going to get into discriptions but some of them are so cool
    Just going to iist toon name Orn summons a bull. Galio leaps into the air and goes pretty far then lands and luanches toons that are nearby into air. One toon Jarvin dashes and creates a stone circle so no one can run away.

    Made a post about class ability design. Well if you just look at champions like thresh that has a lantern he can throw that does three differnt things plus there are 8 different combos thresh can pull off. Another champion of I would like to mention is Aurelion Sol Check out how unique this guy is. So difficult to play not recommended to play in pvp unless you are a silver player. Two other toons get bigger and bigger as they progress really cool to huge on the screen.

    Made a post about the artistic value of class. Well just recently they came out with a shield and spear theme champion called pantheon and I must say they pulled it off really nice. With just one passive ability and four class abilities and MMOs have a tun of abilities and sometimes class seems boring. Especilly if there are no skill shots.

    There is a toon called Udyr and one of his abilities is turtle stance much like WoWs
    Aspect of the Turtle for hunters think Riot did it better do not see how this can be.

    While some MMO make things look really nice like animations they are just lacking in creativity. One animation would like to mention is the recall animation to get back to base for Aurelion Sol.

    But with 145 champions and counting they cover so many themes you are bound to like one of theme. I was going to make a post about having a pally ascension them were toon eventually got wings well Riot pulled that off with just four abilities champion name called Kayle. Hope cashe shop sells themes like LoL

    Creativity and Inovation abounds in this game. When you buy a skin a lot of times it changes the color of the animations and or slightly visually altered. Plus they have thems in their skins like the Justicar theme Archlight theme hex teck them, Infernal Theme and championship thems just to name a few. plus Lunar theme

    Really Riot could come out with MMORPG tommorrow and it would be a hit.

    Forgot to mention reward system in LoL is really good honor system is really good.

    Champions only have 4 abilities but wow what Riot can do with just four abilites is awesome. The abilites were you push a button ounce does one attack the push same button again does anothe different attack push button third time does final attack. that would be Aatrox q ability. Also have abities were it is a charge or channel. Bascially have to hol down button for 1.2 seconds and ability procs when you let go fo buttom alos posted aobut this. This would be galios w ability Shield of Durand.

    Do not see how Riot with only four abilites and one passive abilities are doing things better than MMOs. I mean it is a MOBA.

    Like someone already mention shes of Creation has 64 class but those are not themes those are skill augments but themes could be introduced through factions and gear. Only takes four abilities.

    Really there is a lot more I could say but there has to be a few people at IS that play this game.

    Happy Holidays Every One.

    Forgot to mentiion lots the abilities in the game are skill shots so that is the grind long grind in LoL Also made of post about this. Keeping people online by having a skill grind learnign how to play your tooon in pve and pvp. That is what keeps people coming back not time sinks.

  • I've played a text game for over 12 years. No graphics. No sound. No flashy cosmetics. No subscription; No money. Just some text that describes to you your world and a server of maybe 10 other people. I'm 28, started when I was 16.

    Although the game has none of the aforementioned things, I've continued to play over the years for one simple reason: It's challenging. Not just to my wits but to my imagination. The game relies heavily on a few key things I like:

    (1) It may be considered hardcore nowadays, but player progression choices are nearly irreversible, save starting a new character. I love this. It means that by end-game you have a world filled with unique players who are the sum of their choices. It makes for some really interesting specializations. My highest level mage was a compulsionist that relied heavily on demon summoning, and creature charming to meet a plethora of ends.

    (2) The game rewards curiosity; the best players get into all sorts of trouble trying to figure out how their world works. Hurricane does 1.5x damage to flying creatures, a fact you'd never discover unless you noticed the slightly different message you got when you cast the spell, and bothered to cast "Know monster" before and after the spells execution to track how much damage you inflicted. (Creature damage is expressed in condition, not in exact damage points, unless Know Monster is cast).

    (3) It has moments of ruthlessness. There are deathtraps in the game that completely shred a large portion of your gear if you're not careful. These can be avoided, but you must be an active and engaged player. They usually guard highly sought after treasure (Risk/Reward). I can hear your groans from here, but the fact is -- whenever you hit them -- you almost always come out the other side with BETTER gear than before you hit them, because your complacency has been disrupted.

    The summary of all of this is just that I enjoy games that keep you challenged and make you work for your status on the server. Not everyone can just come into the game, go through the motions, and come out the other side the same as everybody else.
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    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    Like, everything but the high level gameplay keeps my coming back. High level needs some mods to overcome the balancing issues and HP bloat of high level scaling.

    The graphics are low res out of the box, but still beautiful as Bethesda went for a painted aesthetic rather than photorealistic. Stylized graphics age like fine wine, while photorealistic age like milk. Find some mods to bump up the resolution so my eyes aren't bloodshot after an hour and we're good to go.

    The quests are decently written. They often keep you engaged and even put twists on known tropes -- all 4 of the guilds execute on this well. The first Fighters Guild contract in Anvil has to do with giant rats in a dunmer lady's basement -- her "cute little babies" are getting killed by something and it's your job to figure out what and protect them. Yeah, your first contract is protecting rats from mountain lions and figuring out why they're entering her basement in the first place. The Dark Brotherhood has one where you're locked in a mansion with 5 other people, all hunting for a chest full of gold and the key out. Except you're not. There is no chest, you have the key, and you've been tasked with killing everyone here, one by one, without anyone finding out. It's a horror movie where you are the killer. You can gain each person's trust and abuse that trust to get them separate from the group. Or abandon the stealth bonus and go texas chainsaw massacre on their butts. Oblivion's quests aren't that flexible -- you can't shortcut them even if you find the answer before you're supposed to, and they rarely allow for alternate paths to completion -- but they do keep you consistently hooked.

    This is more general TES than specific to Oblivion, but the lore is another reason why I keep coming back. Not so much the alien factor (though that is part of it), but the unreliable narrator. Bethesda's writers swore to never let their voices into their work, so every last bit of TES lore is written by an in universe character -- not a single sentence is from an external, omniscient narrator. This puts the focus on the questions moreso than the answers. Due to every bit of info being from someone, there's room for misinterpretation, propaganda, mistranslation, or even complete fabrication of events. What actually happened is a mystery; the best you can do is piece together various and varying accounts of said event and come to your own conclusion -- your own account. New accounts can completely recontextualize old info, or invalidate it entirely. Trying to reconcile one book with another can lead you to a conclusion neither one made. The lore is as much authored by the player as it is by the developer.

    Melee combat can be really good in Oblivion. Yeah, animations are floaty and beyond the audio feedback there isn't much hit feedback at all, but it gives you control. You have full move speed while attacking, so while you can just stand face to face and trade blows, you can also time your swing, start at a distance, step in, land it, step out, enemy whiffs their counterattack, repeat procedure. Weapons have different lengths and speeds, so how you evade is based on the matchup: if it's a dagger vs a warhammer, you can easily land 2 hits after they've started 1 and still back out in time; if it's a claymore vs a shortsword, you can maintain your space and simply out reach the opponent. When the enemy starts having speed and maneuverability too, you also need to time your strikes for when they rush in for their own or you'll miss. This tight dance of evading blows through both spacing and timing is what makes Oblivion's melee combat so satisfying and fun to play. APOC used to have this, before the root animations, and why I want the roots gone or reduced. The root increased weight at the cost of depth.

    Ranged combat isn't much mechanically, but there's always fun to be had in correcting your aim for drop and travel time. No matter the game it's always satisfying to watch your split second ballistic calculations result in a hit target.

    Magic is so-so without the mod Less Annoying Magic Experience and/or spellmaking. The vanilla spells are a bit lacking in power and duration, so whether it be offensive or defensive, you keep needing to spam cast. With LAME and/or spellmaking, defensive spells last for minutes and offensive spells get the job done. Magic is fun like this. Surrounded by multiple opponents? Cast a nova spell and ignite the whole room. Need a bow and forgot to bring one? Summon it! Just don't feel like fighting? Summon a small horde of daedra to fight for you. Tired of those bandits shouting "THIS IS THE PART WHERE YOU FALL DOWN AND BLEED TO DEATH!"? Make a spell called "Fall Down and Bleed to Death!" that does enough damage to make them fall down and bleed to death! Annoyed by casting 3 buffs on yourself to prepare for a dungeon run? Spellmake one that has all 3's effects and get it all in a single cast! LAME tweaks spells so they're more potent, but more costly and often over time. The damage and healing won't be instantaneous, but it will be powerful and it will need to be used wisely. The mod also adds many new spells, such as Teleport Home and Scry Resistances. Mysticism was missing a lot of utility before LAME.

    What's really fun is growing overpowered. It's mostly through spellmaking, but also through mastering every single skill in the game and maxing out all attributes. Running faster than horses, dashing undetected through ruins, persuading everyone you're not the killer, getting a good price on loot, becoming immune to nearly all damage types, it's all so fun to be so powerful when you still remember how weak the very same you once were. The OP wasn't given to you, it was earned. The ragdolls, too, are priceless. I recorded a couple of videos to showcase how potent I have become: clearing an oblivion gate in 8 minutes and stacking Speed buffs. The type of character progression and "balance breaking" that can only happen in RPGs.
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    I'd say what compels me to stick with a game for a long time is depth, and a reason to plumb that depth. It's constantly mulling over the mechanics and statistics in pursuit of what's best, never quite reaching a satisfactory answer (or at least not for long). It's testing dozens of tweaks on the same spell to see which deals the most damage for the least cost. It's honing my reflexes and motor skills to the point character stats don't matter. It's wondering what's over the next level. Pushed by either a progression into a demi-god (like Oblivion) or a simple need to survive (like Dark Souls). Depth is all that sustains me, and the reason to pursue it.
  • I've been playing MMOs for a little over 10 years now. I've played GW2, Rift, Archeage, WoW, FF14, SWTOR, Tera, BDO, Runes of Magic, ESO, and Bless. Of those games, GW2, Rift, FF14, and WoW I've played the longest.

    I played Rift near continuously for about 3 years when it first launched. I didn't care for the end game PVE content, their raids, but I absolutely loved the PVP. There were daily quests to go into the open world and kill X amount of players in a zone. These daily quests would lead to all-day open world skirmishes and different factions trying to gain a foothold in the zone so their side could do the dailies. Rift also had battlegrounds with lots of different -TYPES- of game modes. One thing I've started to see in games now, like FF14, their battlegrounds are all virtually identical. Stand on this control point, good job! Rift had those but it also had other game modes similar to capture the flag or hot potato. Overall, PVP is what kept me coming back to the game. It had other nice features, such as dimensions which gave the player FULL creative control to design an instance the way they wanted to, and the game had a lot of nice armor and mounts/pets.

    I played WoW for many years and raided throughout WOTLK. The raids were fun and the PVP was pretty fun too, these 2 things coupled with a lot of mounts/pets kept me happy for a few years. I pretty much stopped when Cata was launched, though I did attempt to play once or twice more but never lasted very long after that. When Cata was launched they did so much to my main character, my Resto Druid, that it just completely ruined the entire game for me. The changes were too much at once. They stripped the identity away, no more a tree... I know down the line they eventually brought that back but they by that point the game had been simplified -so much- that I just couldn't do it anymore. ADD-ONs like DBM were not only expected but required in most scenarios to do any competitive content and the lack of flavor in classes was just too much to. There was a time when classes could vary a little. Glyphs mattered and what you chose impacted your gameplay, and there were several ways of speccing those glyphs which let you be just a little unique. The lack of individuality for classes and the frustration I had with my own class destruction was enough that I simply cannot play that game anymore.

    GW2 is a game I'll probably always care about. I've played GW2 on and off since it launched. My main character, a druid healer, just recently got her -7th- birthday gift. It's hard to describe everything I feel about it. Open world I found really enjoyable and I liked that the gathering nodes were individual. I was indifferent about the questing system. There was a main story to follow but there weren't side quests in zones. Instead of side quests, the zones had 'Hearts" that were objectives you could complete when you walked into the qualifying zone. There was a lot of exploring involved in the zones. Vista points you could find that would show a cut scene of the area, and a lot of hidden things to discover. Hidden farm patches you could gather or treasure chests. The dungeons were badly done. The base game was launched with a set of dungeons and over the years they have never expanded on them. They opted instead to focus on a dungeon-like series called Fractals that were more end game-oriented. Players would need to acquire armor that they would need to slot something called 'Agony' into in order to go into higher and higher tiers of fractals. Each tier would be harder than the next. I really enjoyed this whole system. It felt dynamic and interesting, and the games overall lack of true tanks always made the fights feel a bit more thrilling to me. As a druid healer who opted for warhorn/sword melee combo instead of warhorn/ax range, fighting was always engaging to me. Being a healer in the thick of things is fun! I loved that I had the option to make the game more challenging by choosing to be melee. Having choices majorly impacted how much I enjoyed my character and the gameplay of it. GW2 also had a crazy amount of cosmetics in-game and in a store that you could use in-game currency to buy things with or with real money. Overall, this game has it's downsides too, but I'll always love it.

    I'm currently playing FF14. I have played it off and on through the years and right now I've been playing for about a solid 9 months. Shadowbringers launched and I absolutely loved the story and the whole theme of it. For the first time, I've started a Guild/Free Company and I think having that responsibility has helped me stick with the game. We've got an expensive house and I've met a lot of great people who've joined my FC. The housing and community I think are what have really made me enjoy it so long and I know I'll continue playing it for as long as I can. ( Until Ashes comes out!) I'm not thrilled with what they've done to my class but I'll continue playing it. FF14 has a -great- cosmetic system. Glamour and glam dressers are the best thing since dyeable armor. The PVE content has been a lot of fun too. Savage raids are interesting and challenging and that's something I've been missing for a long time. I really dislike the PVP in FF14 and I avoid it at all costs. I may give it another try one day but I have no idea when that will be. Least to say, the community and PVE content is what's keeping me in FF14 right now.

    Side note, I've also been playing League of Legends since it launched and I doubt I'll ever stop at this rate.
  • Skyrim
    dragon age series
    witcher 3
    kingdom come deliverance
    divinity original sin 2

    because they all have customizability and you can make different choices and get somehow different consequences and develop your story for your character.
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    I'm the kind of guy when I find a game I really like, I play it 1000's of hours. After seeing the kickstarter video I immediately taught this would be one of those games and made my pledge.

    For me this was call of duty 1 (I think any fps) where skill really shines. Then there was/is LoL. With in between casual RTS. I always tried different mmo but intrest fell off.. Then there was archeage which is an amazing game but the p2w killed it.

    What makes me come back to the game? Besides agreeing what meant others said in this thread, is the fact that I forget the outside world for a second. I get lost in the game, need to focus so hard that I can't think of anything else. The worries fade.. To clear my mind.
    For that the game needs to be compelling, chalanging, competitive, fun, straight - forward, easy but hard to master, etc..
  • I stopped playing MMORPGs when WoW became outdated. Started playing MOBAs and FPS games. Nowadays my favorite is League of Legends. I play it because the game requires a combination of mechanical and tactical skill which creates endless scenarios on one small map. I believe Ashes will achieve this type of combat through hybrid.
  • I just going to summarize best I can rest of post about League of Legends.
    Through various champions like Blitzcrank (robot) Urgot (half robot spider) Corki on his hover craft variious gun theme most done well in my opinion. They have cover the engineer theme very well.

    Wish IS would come out with An Engineer class instead of engineer Professiont but both are possible.

    As far as composition Healers and tanks are not so strong that they are needed. If you do not have a tank then as a team someone should make defensive build and be one to inititate combat first. support classes play different role in LoL than inMMO
    so not going to make camparison but there are supposrt abilities and gear available to every champion. So they ended up avoiding the cookie cutter build. For example if I have a really aggressive play style then be good idie to get some hit points or other defensie gear. But could go all dps but that represents easier kill for opposing team.
    As far as composition goes not good idea to have two tanks playing together or two support classes playing together. So you kind of have the trinity.

    There is such a thing as bad builds and bad augments but no cookie cutter . If you were to reasearch your class you could easily get five builds from one player. Depending on what you wnat to do and how you want to play.

    Mentioned Ultimate abilities but regular abilities are pretty good too. Quins Vault were she dashes kicks target springs back and shots an arrow be pretty cool for rogue or ranger.

    Maybe it is about natural selction. Riot has to make classes interesting and fun so people stay on line and possibly buy cosmetics. MMOs like WoW just concentrate on expansions and not to much on Quality of Life issues or classes. In fact removed abilities from classes to attract casual players. Free to play pay to win games well the concentrate on the Cash Shop.

    Glad Ashes of Creation dos not have a box cost think IS should make Expansions then dedicate some time to make classes game better then make Expansion.

    Pvp Game Balance is in my opinion really good, Full transperancy on win lose ratios and on ban ratios. Plus changes make sense plus reason given for changes make sense. Stuff like well this toon is weak in early game and stronger in late game so.....

    But just to sum it all up. Are your classes and abilities going to be on par or just as good as Riot a MOBA using old engine with one passive abilities and four active abilites.
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    The only 3 games that make me come back to them every now and them are Lineage 2 (BEST PvP system + sieges and clan wars), WoW because it's the best MMO ever made and League of Legends (Just because I started playing it when it released and I have the rarest skin (ex Human Ryze, currently Young Ryze) and a bunch of other rare skins).
  • Star Wars: Battlefront II

    I do enjoy killing rebels with Palpatine's lightning, but what entices me to log in more than anything else is teaming up with other regulars I know.

    I know this will be key in what keeps me logging in to AoC: having friends/guildies to do things with. That said, being an MMO, if there are lulls in social activity, I would probably look for ways to remedy the situation.
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    Glorious Ashes community - it's time for another Dev Discussion! Dev Discussion topics are kind of like a "reverse Q&A" - rather than you asking us questions about Ashes of Creation, we want to ask YOU what your thoughts are.

    Our design team has compiled a list of burning questions we'd love to get your feedback on regarding gameplay, your past MMO experiences, and more. Join in on the Dev Discussion and share what makes gaming special to you!

    Dev Discussion #13 - Share Your Gaming Obsession
    What game are you playing right now? What keeps you coming back to it?

    Keep an eye out for our next Dev Discussion topic regarding content level equalization!

    -Giocavo a shaiya nel 2007-2015, praticamente quando avevamo 7 server italiani che erano affollati, cioè nei suoi anni d'oro, in pratica se fosse una richiesta di cosa vorremo nel gioco chiederei di aggiungere le statiche dinamiche, dove possiamo inserire da noi le statistiche sui punti che vorremmo potenziare: str, def, int...ect
    così da avere sempre ogni pg differente, il che è adatto per i mass pvp e mass pve, creando un esperienza di gruppo unica! (niente da meno il gioco vinse un premio del gioco dell'anno 2007)
    -Un altra richiesta fosse quella di creare zone di pvp per livello che ormai sono scomparse, ad esempio: pvp livello 15, pvp livello 30, pvp livello 50 e mass pvp tra server. (da aggiungere dei set adatti al pvp)
    -Sempre perche ti sto facendo stravolgere il gioco :p (scusa) vorrei che ci fossero anche due fazioni: luce e oscurità, un pò come nella realtà con generi di pg differenti, cosi da poterli scontrare nel pvp e vedere chi vince, mentre nel server contro server giochiamo in unisono.
    -Un altra modalità che vorrei e quella della modalità del gioco, che potrebbe essere semplice, difficile e estrema, dove cambia in numero di punti di statistica che ricevi e il numero di esperienza necessaria per salire di livello , infine c'è la modalità estrema dove basta una morte e perdi il pg con tutto, UNA COSA EPICA (ovviamente con specifiche missioni potrai ricevere delle pergamene di TOT giorni che preventivano la morte, possibilmente giornaliere)
    -Non vorrei un gioco che si focalizzasse sulla storia bensì sugli eventi dinamici che state creando cosi da poter abbandonare o spostare di priorità le quest per andare a livellare in gruppo, o raccogliere oggetti per pvp o pve.
    -Credo ci siano già ma non vorrei che fossero troppo difficili , aggiungere delle pietre alle armature o armi per potenziarle dove però l'oggetto non si distrugge in caso di fallimento.
    -Per mantenere il level cap senza bisogno di aumentarlo con una patch il sistema di pvp sopra elecato terrà i player occupati, siccome dovranno assediare molte fazioni.
    -I portali per il movimento tra una zona e un altra.
    -Livellamento della stamina per le schivate.
    -Cavalcature volanti per tempo limitato che si possano ottenere con dungeon difficili.
    -Dungeon di fine gioco praticamente impossibili, fatti sia per raid che per dei gruppi pieni(solo pochissimi possono riuscirci con premi assurdi come una cavalcatura che vola o armature, cose non reperibili se non con quei dungeon).
    -Classifica del tempo di completamento di un dungeon.
    -Player killer.
    -Tutti i generi fantasy: Elfi, nani, umani, umanoidi, semi umani, demi umani... ect ect.
    -Molte skill con punti per personalizzarli, volendo puoi avere una sola skill devastante.
    -Mappa enorme.
    -Molti tipi di armatura per lo stesso livello, cosi da rendere i pg sempre differenti, dovrebbe bastare la sola skin senza modificare le statistiche.
    -Statistiche delle armi / armatura generabili, nel senso che puoi cambiare le statistiche di base per poterle adattare.
    - Niente oggetti bloccati, tutto è commerciabile.
    - Sui prezzi del mercato bisogna dare il riferimento del prezzo consigliato poi si può scegliere il prezzo che si vuole.
    - Raid da 25 persone con la possibilità di un co-radi multiplo, per il dungeon estremo il numero di raid è limitato a 1.
    - Possibilità di acquistare una casa per la gilda.
    - Una sezione per cercare/creare un party con una descrizione o un raid.
    - Tante cose inutili, del tipo raccogliere ogni singolo oggetto, possibilità di rubarli agli npc.
    - Una cosa con strumenti per alchimica, cucina o altro, che possono essere installati anche nella casa gilda.
    - Oggetti crafting di scena, come fuochi d'artificio , lanterne volanti o altro.
    - Event dinamici che se non vengono fatti in tempo possono attaccarti la città, ad esempio il re dei globin, che se non viene sconfitto prepara un orda che attaccherà le città.
    - Cosa impossibile ma comunque molto desiderata, quella di poter creare la propria magia o skill seguendo una sequenza personalizzabile, ad esempio: combinare acqua e fulmini per creare una nuova magia, oppure, una skill di spada a una skill di fuoco creare una cosa unica.
    - Pozioni a tempo se non vengono potenziate se non messe in una boccetta adatta, il che comporta mettere le pozioni in qualsiasi contenitore (oggetti inutili).
    - Possibilità di craftare TUTTO.
    - Tanti costumi craftabili in stile fantasy.
    - Armature per livello.
    - Possiblità di lanciare pozze di veleno, debuff e tanto altro.
    - Quest per una borsa enorme attuabile verso il livello 30.
    - Possibilità di aprire un negozio con propri prezzi.
    - Possibilità di organizzare eventi interni, come una festa con saldi su tutto per attirare player, dove lo stesso player dovrà organizzarli, con spazzi per i negozietti temporanei (per poterla completare bisogna raggiungere TOT player, cosi gli intrepid non dovranno seguire passo dopo passo con eventi i giocatori).

    Queste piccole cose possono essere aggiunte in seguito, per contattarmi [email protected]
    P.s Ho abbandonato gli mmo perche sono troppo monotomi e seguono sempre tutti la stessa linea senza formare party.

    -I played in shaiya in 2007-2015, practically when we had 7 Italian servers that were crowded, that is, in its golden years, in practice if it was a request for what we would like in the game I would ask to add the static dynamics, where we can insert from us the statistics on the points that we would like to enhance: str, def, int ... ect
    so you always have every different pg, which is suitable for mass pvp and mass pve, creating a unique group experience! (nothing less than the game won a game of the year 2007 award)
    -Another request was to create pvp zones per level that have now disappeared, for example: pvp level 15, pvp level 30, pvp level 50 and mass pvp between servers. (to be added sets suitable for pvp)
    -Always because I'm making you upset the game :p (sorry) I wish there were also two factions: light and dark, a bit like in reality with different genres of pg, so you can meet them in the pvp and see who wins, while in the server against server we play in unison.
    -Another mode that I would like and that of the game mode, which could be simple, difficult and extreme, where it changes in the number of statistics points you receive and the number of experience needed to level up, finally there is the extreme mode where a death is enough and you lose the character with everything, AN EPIC THING (obviously with specific missions you will be able to receive parchments of TOT days that prevented death, possibly daily)
    -I don't want a game that focuses on the story but on the dynamic events that you are creating so you can abandon or prioritize the quests to go leveling in a group, or collect items for pvp or pve.
    -I think they are already there but I don't want them to be too difficult, to add stones to the armor or weapons to enhance them where, however, the object is not destroyed in case of failure.
    -To maintain the level cap without needing to increase it with a patch, the pvp system listed above will keep the players busy, as they will have to besiege many factions.
    -The portals for movement between one area and another.
    -Stamina leveling for dodges.
    - Limited time flying mounts that can be obtained with difficult dungeons.
    - End of game dungeons practically impossible, made both for raids and for full groups (only very few can do it with absurd prizes such as a flying mount or armor, things not available if not with those dungeons).
    -Classification of the completion time of a dungeon.
    -Player killer.
    -All fantasy genres: Elves, dwarves, humans, humanoids, semi-humans, human demi ... ect ect.
    -Many skills with points to customize them, if you want you can have only one devastating skill.
    -Huge map.
    -Many types of armor for the same level, so as to make the characters always different, only the skin should be enough without changing the statistics.
    -Generable weapon / armor statistics, in the sense that you can change basic statistics to adapt them.
    - No locked objects, everything is marketable.
    - On the market prices you have to give the reference of the recommended price then you can choose the price you want.
    - Raid of 25 people with the possibility of a multiple co-radius, for the extreme dungeon the number of raids is limited to 1.
    - Possibility to buy a house for the guild.
    - A section to search / create a party with a description or a raid.
    - So many useless things, like collecting every single object, possibility of stealing them from the NPCs.
    - One thing with alchemical, kitchen or other tools, which can also be installed in the guild house.
    - Crafting props, such as fireworks, flying lanterns or other.
    - Dynamic events that if not done in time can attack the city, for example the king of globins, who if not defeated prepares a horde that will attack the cities.
    - Impossible but still very desired thing, that of being able to create your own magic or skill by following a customizable sequence, for example: combine water and lightning to create a new magic, or, a sword skill with a fire skill create a unique thing .
    - Potions in time if they are not upgraded if not put in a suitable bottle, which entails putting the potions in any container (useless objects).
    - Ability to craft EVERYTHING.
    - Many craftabili costumes in fantasy style.
    - Armor per level.
    - Possibility to launch poison pools, debuffs and much more.
    - Quest for a huge bag feasible towards level 30.
    - Ability to open a shop with own prices.
    - Possibility to organize internal events, such as a party with sales on everything to attract players, where the same player will have to organize them, with spaces for temporary shops (to be able to complete it you must reach TOT player, so the intrepids will not have to follow step by step with events players).

    These little things can be added later, to contact me [email protected]
    P.s I abandoned mmo because they are too monotonous and always follow the same line without forming parties.

  • Just wanted to add that one of League of Legends greatest strengths is variety. Variety of champions,races and themes. Plus with 145 champions if you only like 5 of them that is enough to keep you busy for a very lone time on along the way you most likely grow to like other champions. While we have 8 races and eight classes plus skill augments. Maybe IS shoulld give itself more oppurtunities to cast a wider net to cpature the imaginations and hearts of gamers.
  • Hi all - thanks for chiming in on another Dev Discussion and sharing your gaming obsessions with us! I'm putting together a quick recap for the team now, but please feel free to continue sharing your thoughts here as well <3

    We'll see you for the next Dev Discussion!
  • missbanjomissbanjo Member, Leader of Men, Early Alpha One Tester
    I'd played WoW for 12 years but Blizz/Activision pissed me off with their reaction to the fiasco at Blizzcon18. I'd playes ESO already and the housing is a big draw so I'm primarily ESO now
  • giorgiusgiorgius Member
    edited January 8
    I was playing lineage 2 but now i dont like new version of lineage2, they did stupid updates in my opinion when enchanting armor(upgrading) to +10 armor is shining, i hate things like that.
    i also dont like action combat when skill animations is too bright and battle going too fast, when you die and you cant realize what happened. So in my opinion simplicity and quality is a key to the success, keep game classic as you can. Without super shining armors and weapons and bright skill animations when you hit 100 monsters with one skill and moving too fast, maybe kids like this but not me and most of the people who palying mmos. So this is my experience and i hope to aoc will be without this bad things that i mentioned. Maybe not, anyway best wishes to the project. (This is just my opinion, no offense)

    I think also it a very good thing when characters have good animations and different movement styles for each race. Each race need style thats a brilliant thing that lineage 2 have.
  • After hitting 50 in APOC in October I decided to try out Destiny 2 for a while, and my experience there applies perfectly to this question. The same thing that compelled me to log in and play every day is the same thing that ultimately burned me out and made the game feel like a chore: daily quests.

    There's a way to do periodic quests right, but Destiny 2 just felt like I was barraged with a long list of chores every day that didn't necessarily align with what I was in the mood to do that day. Even if they aren't mandatory, they'll still sit in your quest log and taunt you with the easiest path to your next minor gear upgrade. Want to log in for a couple hours and just do Crucible pvp the whole time? Sure, but what about this easy and rewarding quest to use this specific weapon you don't like in a game mode that isn't your favorite?

    I get the intent behind systems like that, they want daily player engagement because it looks good to stockholders, and they want lots of people queuing for every game mode to keep wait times short. But for the average player that only has a couple hours a day to spend in a game like that, it gets old feeling like your actions are being dictated by the system instead of by your own ambitions.

    I haven't gotten the impression that AoC will adopt anything close to this type of system, but it's always worth sharing a cautionary tale. I'll also say that weekly quests feel like a good compromise since it makes sense for them to be more involved and take longer to do (and therefore more satisfying to finish), while also giving players flexibility in when they work on them. It was always a nice feeling to be 'done for the week' and feel the freedom to just goof off or do whatever you want for a few days, or even take a short break from the game without feeling punished for it.
  • ValentineValentine Member, Pioneer
    Skyrim keeps me coming back again and again ermehgerd!

    I also love Stellaris!

    Making a unique character with unique talents and neat alien empires I guess is what draws me in haha
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