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  • I am not currently playing any active MMORPGs, though I am testing one-Crowfall. I didn't start playing computer games until I was in my early 30s back around 2001, when my roommates got me into Age of Empires. That was really fun for a while, then I played my first RPG: The Elder Scrolls-Morrowind, and I LOVED it. I loved the progression and storytelling in that game.

    The first MMORPG I purchased was Shadowbane(which I didn't even know was MMO, I thought it was just RPG!) :smiley: I was in for a very rude awakening, because that was FFA PVP. I actually really loved the community and guild experience, and the opportunity to build and run my own city/guild! It had a lot of problems, but my favorite experiences in an MMORPG are from SB-the banes and sieges, the open world pvp battles, the city building-are definitely my fondest memories.

    I played WoW for about 10 years, from a few months after it launched through WoD. The progression and pvp battles zones and guild raiding kept me coming back. I played more and more solo though as the years went on though, so it wasn't as enjoyable at the end.

    I have sporadically tried SWTOR, then ESO(which I did like) and I tried AAU Unchained recently, but I am awaiting Crowfall and AoC as I feel they will most likely bring back the elements I enjoyed the most from Shadowbane. Fun pvp, sieges, crafting, gathering and city(or node) building.
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    Forgot to mention that League of Legends a also have mecha skins like mecha godzilla pretty cool. Would also like to add that I made some archived post about spell animations about casting spells but Aurelions Sol Tuants. perfectly expresses what I was trying to say Well right now.....

    Aurelion Sol is free to play so if you get the game Push play icon then select training then select practice tool and pick Arelion Sol. Ounce in game pratice mode just push control 1 and control2 and control3 and This are actually taunts but this is a real live example of how | would like spell animations to be. Also game is free to play now.

    LoL is MOBA has old engine this are tuants notspell effects, and IS is using unreal engine 4 so......How is implosion going to look when the game comes out.

    I know I have posted a lot about League of Legends and still have more good things to say like they come out with Qaulity of Life patches all the time since I been playing they have updated minions several champions, banners, changed the map a little shows they care about their game and take pride in their work. And at the same time coming out with new game modes so that is not all that they do. Been playing about 6 months.

    Having a hard time wrapping my head around How Riot does a lot ot things better than MMOs and it is a MOBA!!!!!

    There are a few things about the game I do not like such as no wasd movement and no camera angle options but those are design choices not mistakes. Only design mistake I see is hp bars over lap so if my hp bar is over enemy hp bar cannot tell how much hp enemy has and found two bugs. Graphical Unit Inerface options in this game are very very bad in my opinion especially as big as it is. Targeting system while godo and practical. Could use a cosmetic face lift have the pointers match the spell effect. And few little other things not worth metioning.

    Plus still have more good things to say about the game And basically bad things to say in one paragraph.

  • Actually have more goodthing to say about League of Legends but going to do on another thread.
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    Dying. Not feeling like shit when you die, but don't get it confused with losing items. I love the risky feel that RuneScape presents when you pvp with expensive items, but even don't feel like you're shit when you die.

    Enjoying the game after your done. A player should never have a feeling like he's done. There should constantly be an adventure. If you don't have the resources to program and design these new continuing adventures then make sure that guilds are equipped with the tools they need to set up their own events. Let the players handle some of this for you.

    Post completion, players don't stay for the game, they stay for the community. The goofy innocent moments we have, playing with our friends is why we continue to play the game.

    Polished. A game should feel like butter when your pvping. Responsive to your key presses and not limited to timers but limited by the ability of the player. The game should not limit the player.
  • I think that my first MMO was Asheron's call (showing my age a bit, ahem). ;)

    The one I spent, by far, the most time on and came back to several times is EQ2.

    I love that you can group and raid but also enjoy the game solo ( it's a REAL pain playing a game in which you can't do anything by yourself).
    I love that the game is fun both to casual and more hardcore players.
    I love the fluff (appearance items, pets and co).
    I love the housing, craft, PVE, seasonnal events and lore. I've spent days decorating houses (I even got paid for doing it for guilds and players houses).
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