[EU] Eldritch Harbingers | PVX/RP | Semi Hardcore | Evil | Friendly :)

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Eldritch Harbingers

Semi Hardcore

Requirements: All ages accepted, evil alignment, communicate in English.

Greetings brothers and sisters. Eldritch Harbingers has a goal, a goal to go on an unholy crusade against the blind heathens. To accomplish this, we must claim all the divine nodes of the land and construct temples in the name of The Three True Gods. The seven false gods banished The Three for teaching the Secrets of Essence to the Ancients which the other seven feared. The cowardly seven think they possess everything and are the absolute power, but with our devotion we shall show them otherwise. The Three are banished within the void and with our Devotion we will bring their second coming! Listen my brothers and sisters and you can hear the whispers.

In Eldritch Harbinger we want to create a pleasant community where everyone feels included (in contrast to our beliefs). We are going to focus on every aspect of the game, but our main goal is to grow our religion and spread our belief. We also host guild social events like watching the dev streams together, come join us!


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