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  • HakaijuHakaiju Member
    edited November 16
    Will stats and values of stats be random to some degree for each item?
    (For example 4 stats on a item, which are drawn from a pool of 8 possible stats and each stat can roll between 80 and 100)
  • JahlonJahlon Member
    edited November 16
    Can you go into detail about the loot rules, specifically why there is no just Free-for-all looting and how Need before Greed will work if any class can use any weapon and any armor? Thanks much!
    Make sure to check out Ashes 101
  • How will animal husbandry and taming stay in demand in 5+ years time when people have their mounts - will it take years to get mounts, do you plan to add more animals with expansions, or something else?
  • Summer LegacySummer Legacy Member, Braver of Worlds
    Will Freeholds have rentable lockers for adventurers that are passing through?
  • EmbaEmba Member
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    Introducing Ashes of Creation to new people is a great feeling, there is so much to see & talk about. However, the most important introduction for me will be when this game releases and I help my young daughter create her first character in any MMO ever. Games like Everquest and later WoW were amazing games for me to grow with. What will Ashes of Creation be like for the younger players?
  • DygzDygz Member, Braver of Worlds
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    Necromancers commanding undead and zombies is an Evil/Corrupt path or is it neutral? Do The Seven consider commanding undead and zombies to be inherently Evil?
  • RageskylarRageskylar Member, Founder
    Is naval content projected for some time later in Alpha 1 or will it be introduced and playable until Alpha 2?
  • Magic ManMagic Man Member
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    Will there be a begging mechanic for people that want to role-play as a beggar? (imo a fantasy world without beggars is not an immersing one). e.g. people passing by would press the 'interact' key (perhaps E, as shown in the livestream) or just click on the begging person (or the bubble begging icon over his/her head) and would automatically give them 1 silver coin..This might make them less respected among the town but still xd...that kind of thing c:
  • Neurotoxin wrote: »
    Regarding Dev Discussion 24, what are the current gear use access/restraint features that are planned, and what has the team chosen to reject?

    Please make sure this question is asked! I am really interested on the current stance with this as well.
  • NostraNostra Member
    edited November 24
    Could you provide the currently planned list of known elements (e.g., Air, Water, Fire, etc.) and energies (e.g., Holy/Radiant) that can appear on gear and what affects/synergies they might have (e.g., Fire leaves a burning DoT effect, Air leaves a negative attack speed debuff, etc.) and if they have their own resistance?

    Wiki hints at Dark, Planar, Lightning existing and this question perhaps can shed some more information about expected stats on gear.
  • I was curious how much of the world will be useful to you once you hit max level and gear up. Are resources/enemies from all over gonna be useful or will the scaled up content from nodes be the only effective method of getting meaningful rewards.
  • SorcresSorcres Member
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    Do you plan to hide around the world Verra NPCs or chests that would be really hard and rare to find but would reward the player, for example with a unique achievement?
  • Can you please give an idea of what sort of functionality may be available in the mobile companion app?
    What sort of advantage would it give to people like me who will likely be on it ALL THE TIME?
  • rohkairohkai Member, Braver of Worlds
    Will we "out level" zones? If so, is there a plan to keep them entertaining/useful for higher level characters?
  • Much love to the intrepid staff. My question is on Itemization and class synergy. Will there be weapons and gear that will be potentially useful by two different archetypes/classes, such as a magical bow or magical sword, giving players the chance to make unique builds that help blur the lines between roles and different damage outputs.
  • Will the Marriage system allow for couples to share a single freehold of 2x size?
  • Can you give us some insight on boss mechanics? Specifically how will players learn and catalog which bosses have which mechanics without brute forcing wipes, just to understand the boss fight.
    ᚺᛖᚨᚱᚦ ᛟᚠᚦᛖ ᛊᚺᚨᛞᛟᚹ ᛁᛗᛁᚱ
  • Will bards have the ability to make custom music to give to other players or play using the Music Macro Language or (MML) for short?
  • With the corruption system a non-combatant does not become combatant when they attack a corrupted player per your chart, that means a corrupted player can't even fight back to defend themselves as they would become more corrupted if they kill the non-corrupted player who initiates combat. Is this your intention? To completely remove corrupted players ability to defend themselves?
  • AyfoAyfo Member
    Just to get a sense of scale.

    **Approximately** how many boars would I have to grind in order to fill a caravan full of their tusks / hunting certificates?
  • But how big is the biggest baddest beast you will bestow to battle between bandits?
  • Can we see where our resources are stored throughout the world, if we decide to store them in multiple nodes or do you have to remember it yourself.
  • Will mayor's of Cities and above be able to craft their own quests/events? For instance a mayor creates an Olympics event and one quest prior is for hunters to go out and capture beasts that they then Caravan back to the city to be used in a Coliseum battle.
  • How will you keep raids only being 40 player when most of them are open world? If more then 40 go into the raid, how you keep it from trivializing the difficulty?
  • Can you place a freehold on the border of a node so that it could potentially be within 2 or more nodes?
  • Gneff wrote: »
    Will picking a certain race give bonuses to your character? And what type of bonuses? I dont think anybody wants situations where you cannot get into any guild because 50 levels ago when you just started the game you didnt pick the "right" race for your class

    Adding to this, I like creating "uncommon" characters in DnD, like Half-Orc Druids, Dwarven Wizards etc. Having racial stats driving a race to a certain class really restricts variation, and can quickly lead to meta builds.
  • VediaVedia Member
    edited November 17
    Will Intrepid be implementing a first person camera mode which allows the player camera to zoom through the player models forehead, placing said camera just outside the player models forehead (so the camera doesn't clip into the player model making the player model invisible), and if not would you consider implementing such a feature so the game can be played in first person and using Vorpx more immersively? (without needing any extra Dev support to do so)

    (The wiki is still really vague on the issue of body visibility in first person, if the first person camera currently makes the body invisible, it would just have to be repositioned at the maximum zoom point by altering the maximum zoom point to land the camera directly outside the player models forehead. This way you get a first person camera with no body clipping issues causing player model invisibility.)
  • VediaVedia Member
    edited November 17
    Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to ask and good luck with making the MMO the world needs right now!
  • SexmanSexman Member
    edited November 17
    Stephen has said he used to play Ultima Online. People used to have mock trials in random rooms in that game.

    My question is will Intrepid studios implement an empty court room in Ashes just for that purpose, considering asset building for the world will be required in the future to finish the game, and this is one instance where world assets would receive more use and benefit for the players rather than just being looked at or looked over, would you look at putting such an empty court room into the game?
  • Since the available quests will be tied to node development, how will players find quests of an appropriate level ? Will there be low level dungeons ?
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