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    How long will it take to level a guild to the max?
  • With there being over 100 nodes and a specific warehouse/storage for each player in each node. Will the player have an interface within which they can identify which resources/items are stored in each nodes warehouse/storage while in other areas of the world?
  • If you purchase an item from the cosmetic cash shop can you put that item on all of your character alts, where they can all be wearing the item at the same time no matter which you are logging in with? If all of your alts can wear the item simultaneously that certainly increases the value of these purchases.
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  • I actually have 2 questions and 1 suggestion:

    1- We are going to have aquatic combat, so what about aerial combat? Can this be some future content?
    2- In underwater combat, will there be any penalty in the character performance? I think it would be cool to have (for the future!!) an underwater race which has some advantage in this type of battle.
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    Glorious Ashes Community!

    Our next live stream will be Monday, November 30 at 11AM PST! (Click here to convert this to your local time.)

    For this upcoming stream, we'd love to gather some questions from you to answer live! Please submit your question for our development team in the thread below, and we'll select 10 of them at random to answer at the end of our live stream. In order to accommodate a variety of questions from our community, please only post ONE question below, and the more direct/succinct the better! Submissions end Monday, November 23, 2020 at 11AM PST so we can select your questions before the stream.

    We'll see you soon for our development update live stream!

    how diverse will cooking be in ashes of creation?
    and will we be given the ability to make our own custom food?

    something like beef stews with different recipes? or even curry chicken
    i would love to see cooking be way more flexible than just a set blueprint type skill as in real life cooking is an ever evolving skill
    you fine tune recipes to yours or others liking
  • What can we expect for armor types per class? For example will healers/casters be relegated to cloth armor, with tanks being forced to wear heavy plate armor?
  • How relevant are nodes to processing/crafting? If you are not in a proper type of node or node with a particular hall built in your city, how does that affect your ability, or level of processing/crafting both on or off a freehold?
  • What are you planning to implement in terms of in-game communication? Something along the lines of speech bubbles or proximity chat? Love you guys <3
  • Will there be an option to not pick a class, meaning you'll be playing as "unspecialized" sort of speak, and
    what will happen in a scenario where I am able to not pick a primary class. because there could be million of
    possibilities that way. It could be that I could choose from an "abilities pool" or maybe just depend on my weapon instead of relaying on a class. I am asking purely because I have no idea what could happen and also because it would be really cool in my opinion if that was an option\possibility.
  • Thanks again everyone for sharing your questions for next week's stream - the submission period is now over! We'll see you at 11AM PST on Monday, November 30 for our live stream!
  • Will jewelry show up on your character in-game? If so, would a high enough artisan skill make the jewelry sets or just a simple ring go from crudely crafted to more ornate? Will we have the option to turn off a certain part of our jewelry in favor of a simpler look?
  • I would like to suggest a new Q&A format for monthly Q&A.

    Can we make it 12 questions that Steven and Jeff answer at end of the update where 6 are pre-determined based on questions that are ask by numerous posters (as separate posts) and the most up-voted/liked question as well, and the other 6 are still random from remaining valid question?

    For this month's pre-determined section there were 3 primary lines of questions that were requested by numerous posters in various formats:

    Q1: Can you provide information about stats on gear/items dropped by monsters (not crafted) regarding:
    a) how many stats can we expect (core stats and additional stats)
    b) any stat biases that might exist (meaning say heavy/plate armor has a higher probability of rolling +Power or +Health on dropped gear, whereas medium armor is more prone to +Dexterity and +Evasion, etc.)
    c) any stat themes tied to monster types (e.g., flame elemental monsters having higher chance to drop +fire dmg or +fire resist gear)

    Q2: Keeping with Gear questions and the current Dev Discussion (#24) regarding Overgearing - what are Intrepid's thought regarding gear use access and restraints and any plans regarding the power levels of twinks as we know itemization can account for almost 50% of a character's power level so how powerful would a fully twinked out level 10 player be?

    Q3: Finishing up the Gear questioning - could you provide the currently planned list of known elements (e.g., Air, Water, Fire, etc.) and energies (e.g., Holy/Radiant) that can appear on gear and what affects/synergies they might have (e.g., Fire leaves a burning DoT effect, Air leaves a negative attack speed debuff, etc.) and if they have their own resistance? Wiki hints at Dark, Planar, Lightning existing and this question perhaps can shed some more information about expected stats on gear.

    Q4: Switching to the topic of Guilds, many questions this month focus on wanting to know more about possible Guild Skill Tree allotment choices and Guild Progression choices outside of "increase the guild's size". Will there exist "trade" related,

    Q5: The third topic asked about is freehold cosmetics for buildings and interiors

    Q6: For the last pre-determined question - the most liked question is from Jahlon regarding looting rights. It asks "Can you go into detail about the loot rules, specifically why there is no just Free-for-all looting and how Need before Greed will work if any class can use any weapon and any armor?"
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    Hey there Intrepid!

    Will we be able to trigger skills with combinations of keystrokes (W/A/S/D/LMB/RMB/Q/E/R/F/C/Shift/Ctrl) and reuse the same keys as parts of different combinations?

    BDO used this system.
    You could either place them traditionally in the hotbar, or trigger them by using combinations of W/A/S/D/LMB/RMB/Q/E/R/F/C/Shift/Ctrl.
    This allowed for higher combat fluidity and integrated directional skills seamlessly.
    It also allowed for the same key to trigger different skills, as part of a different combinations - something that can't be achieved by simply assigning single keystrokes.

    It set a new bar for action combat in my eyes, increasing the skillcap even further, without affecting more casual players, since the hotbar remained as a way to trigger skills. I would love to see a similar system in AOC. o:)
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    What do you think about all the World of Warcraft plebs that will whine about it taking longer than 1 day to get to max level?
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