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Guild Gathering #2 - Guild Halls



  • Buff timers suspended while in the Guild hall. Buff up and go afk for a while before the raid or event. A cool rooftop area where you can chill and enjoy the view.
  • Hrothmir_RuneforgeHrothmir_Runeforge Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Everyone here has posted great ideas, I think it would also be cool to have a cross guild quest system. Like a guild posts a symbiotic goal that other friendly guilds could help with. And something to maybe build combat alliances with other guilds.
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  • George_BlackGeorge_Black Member, Intrepid Pack
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    In L2 mounts were rare, and reaching to certain grind or farming spots was challenging due to aggressive mobs with high HP, dmg and very very long leash.

    Clan Halls offered some services, one of which was back alley teleports to interesting areas, return of lost exp if you respawned there upon death, higher hp/mp recovery while in it. It also sold instant return scrolls, which were useful for many situations, and some other items that could be sold to players without clanhalls.

    Most clanhalls were sold to the highest bidder every few months. Others eere siegable. In the begining of a server, when every player had only 100-150k in their pocket, clans of 20 or so people had to come up with 80kk or so to bid successfully for one.

    None of the above applies to AoC, however I want to see prestigious guild halls like in L2, and not doll houses purchased with $$ for RP like on ESO.
  • SorianLoreSorianLore Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    It will be interesting to see what features are available for managing guilds both in-game and out of game because that would provide a better picture of what a Guildhall could contain.

    However, some things I'd like to see for sure are more guild-centric information and features that is not accessible by any other means. This would provide an incentive for guilds to get a hall, outside of just the vanity of it.

    Some of those features could be a large map with Guild/Alliance member locations and/or density. Guild storage management. Depending on how much space we get, maybe something along the lines of Albion Online with the Guild Island which allows guilds to have things like crafting stations and farm plots. The nice thing about the island is that you have to build everything out, including the storage chests. I think something like that to one degree or another would be nice for guilds of all sizes.
  • It would be good that you can declare a war to another guild and the winner is decided by the first guild reaching the assigned frags score (like in Tibia). When you are in war with another guild you can kill them without gaining corruption.
  • PalmerEldPalmerEld Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Definitely allow guilds to place trophies - the heads of the raid bosses they have killed.
    I guess any guild-only perks should be in the guild hall. Eg, a guild bank or a vendor to sell guild cloaks.

    But - don't make guild halls too useful. Anyone who has played EQ2 will know why I say this.

    Make players mingle in a town/city/metropolis to access their personal bank, or do crafting, or train skills or whatever. We want those towns to be full of life. The more you can do things in your own guild hall, the more settlements will become ghost towns, because people just live in their guild halls when they are not adventuring

    A busy guild hall would also be good, in theory, but pretty unlikely. Most guilds won't have enough people online at the same time, on a regular basis, to make guild halls full of life, even if they have loads of utilities. But the the town bank and blacksmith etc can be busy places, and should be.

    Guild halls can still be prestigious and valued without being *too* useful. Make them useful, but make sure they're not a substitute for going in to towns.
  • FoxenFoxen Member
    They gotta have a bar and a stage, with plenty of chairs
  • NeurotoxinNeurotoxin Member, Alpha One
    One often missed feature is an in-house work assist or mentor program. I would love to be able to park myself in the woodshop so my character can act as a mentor to lower level crafters when I'm offline, or be available to help with craft projects of all sizes while offline. If anyone remembers macroing on a training dummy in UO to build a weapon skill up, this is not that, but the idea that I can be handy as needed, or even just work through a queue of crafting projects for myself and as people request them.

    This could use a physical representation of the character that cannot otherwise be harmed or messed with, and at the first sign of danger, they disappear like the end of a logout timer, as they are not meant to be engaged in combat. This wouldn't help with gathering, but provides aid in processing and crafting. In doing this, I would perhaps trade any rested bonuses with passive skill increase, or perhaps a tradeskill-adjacent rested bonus that improves quality or skill acquisition when I return to gameplay.

    Likewise, some other skills could be made available by offliners. A healer / curse remover / teleport circle creator role could also be handy, where the player parks with the intent to aid in restorative tasks or ritual assistance. It could be possible that this can all be done alongside tradeskill mentoring, where the player logged out in the guild hall acts as a free agent that can be recruited to aid with a variety of as-needed tasks.

    For the sake of keeping it fair, this is probably only available to active subscribers, so players don't make alt accounts that they only ever pay into when the guild hall is knocked over and they resettle elsewhere.
  • LinikerLiniker Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    A duel arena for guild events; 1v1 up to 8v8 is all I ask <3
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  • I'd like for crafters to have to make the furniture for the guild halls. That way, we can make it exactly what we want it to be.

    The guild halls need to feel big enough that they're worth having, but not too big that you get lost in there.
    This link may help you:
  • ChaosFactorChaosFactor Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    If you were to ask me what the most important thing when it comes to guilds? Immersion.
    Simple and short statement right there, but it's SO true. I want to take part in a guild for the social interaction, and the ability to put yourself into the world in a new way. The very basic ability to just become a large gathering of people that are able to go into raids all at the same time is surely helpful, however it's not enough.
    One of the most basic forms of this concept is the display of your guild under your name, and tabards. It's a representation of your pride and your love for your guild

    So what do I think we could add to AOC:

    -Not Just Tabards
    Tabards are an amazing way to rep your guild everywhere you go, but what if you could do more than that, rep it at home on your walls as banners, and on your caravans as your cross the wasteland.

    -The Calm Before the Storm
    One of the greatest feelings in any MMORPG is feeling the power structure, and feeling like you're in a true fantasy style legion of players. Having officers, guild bank handlers, experts of caravan exports. What if this could be reflected in game? What if you were given a buff for gathering around a war table and drawing out a battle strategy, or getting a different buff if all of the guild members gather for the guild leader to give a speech before the raid/invasion begins.

    -The Guild Hall
    This must be a thing, I'm virtually insulted by the fact that some MMORPGs don't have a center for all guild interactions. Not only is it an amazing host for the previous ideas I have just written, but it gives true powerful meaning to having a guild. Whether a guild hall represents a dummy freehold, where only the guild can take hold and build things like a mini tavern inside, a meeting area, and importantly to me, a guild trophy room.

    In a sort of summary, a guild to me should not just be a a method to gaining access to raids or special events, it should be something you can be proud of, show off in game, and visually represent your domination of the area you reside. That's what people live for when they're in a guild, to show that they are the best at what they do, in their own little sect of the world of Verra.

    As usual, thanks ladies and gentlemen,
  • Havuc wrote: »
    I would love to see a guild hall that can be freely decorated like Star Wars Galaxies house system. Being able to drop anything and move them around your whole house.
    I would also love to see monsters and bosses drop rare decoration items so when people visit a guild hall they can see the awesome achievements your guild has completed.

    This please!
  • Guild Storage would be nice
  • Hello~
    I am pleased to yet participate in another sort of Dev Discussion, so -

    ◘ Guild Hall features, I would like to see:
    - black board for guild quests
    - announcement sign for GM/Offis for certain milestones/schedules
    - guild bank, trading spot for available items meant for guildies
    - bunch of design customisation in- and outdoor
    - crafting workshop with alert system from guild's crafters when they need stuff

    ◘ what features I liked from other games:
    one of the most memorable guild halls I have ever encountered in a mmo were in TERA - they had floating sky castles, suspended from the ground into great height for every1 to spot immediately ( I know, so far all buildings are leveled to the ground in Ashes, but in case ur amenable to the idea to let the guild halls float above the nodes, where they got founded feel free x)

    ◘ features, that have been missed opportunities:
    my jam in a game is the PvP, and when it comes to a pvp guild sooner or later u start to hold combat tests for new recruits. I would like to see a feature, where it's possible to grant temporary access to a guildhall to an outsider (potential new member), hosting such tests within ur "own walls". where, with another feature, it will be also possible to generate a voting poll among the online members to decide right there and then ingame (ditching discord) whether to take this person or kick him out ur doors.

    greetings o/
  • I take a lot of inspiration from the translated novel "Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God" the novel itself is OK but the world building and game aspects is what I enjoy about it so much.

    1 ) Guild leveling system with perks at every step (perks could range from recall scroll directly to guild hall or gaining bonus rested XP from either resting in GH or logging out there). Earn guilds level by just playing, gain bonus guild exp for doing grouped content and guilds can earn a guild lvl up tokens by doing difficult content like high end pvp/pve or epic level guild missions(could be something like slay 10000x of a specific monster) as a guild group once per week. (So even if the guild is small they can use weekly tokens to progress rather than relying on a massive number of players to earn exp by just playing).

    2) Customizable layout for guild halls (with many idea others have mentioned like guild smiths/dueling arenas) with better options as guild level gets higher. PvE/PvP/Lifeskillers/RPers all have different goals in the game so making "rooms" in a guild hall all for different setups so each GH can be unique and help the guild towards their own goal.

    3) Room types for the GH, let's say with guild levels the max 20. At 20 the guild could have everything available to them, but early on choices should matter. Maybe repair costs are too high and the guild wants a smith or the guild is full of alchemist and they want a alchemist station or a conservatory to grow herbs. Not many people like the Garrison system in WoD of WoW but everyone forget at first it was really cool but it was a very shallow system thus the interest died off fast.

    3.5) As far as room types go there should be different levels, say for a dueling area, could have a small dueling area with like limits at 3v3, medium arena with like limits at 6v6, or a Gladiator area which can hold max numbers(what ever that would be) and maybe even have some mini-games and have the option to hold tournaments. So maybe a PVP guild wants to test recruits before they join can host a 1v 8 tournament and the winner can join the guild. There should be a limit on space though, and maybe a small room could take up 1, medium 3, and large 9 or something and the max would be 15 so you could only have 1 large room.

    4) Possibility of matching guild mounts (with tamers being able to get stronger/better mounts as levels get higher). I just think the idea of the who guild being able to ride into battle on matching mounts seems really awesome.

    5)Robust authority options. If the guild is OK with having one dictator then you should have that option, if the guild was a triumvirate where there are 3 guild leaders who could limit each other then that should be an option. I think having a high position in a strong guild should matter, and could lead to guild wars if you mess with the wrong people. (Could be some cool RP situations from things like this too)

    I don't want to exclude players who don't want to be in a guild... but being in a guild should give tangible benefits and if people help the guild more it will end up giving them more long term benefits.

    Some of these things are a bit of a stretch on what is possible... but I will probably be a lifeskiller who focuses on making money rather than combat. The combat system needs to be good for some people to stick with the game but for me cool systems like this and hopefully the profession system will keep me playing.
  • I, too liked @Mikasa 's post. I think another cool idea to go along with a trophy/achievement hall would be a way to view guild screenshots from within the game.
  • A place to relax, roleplay, have fun without the grind.
    I heard about Tavern Voice-chat, GuildHalls should definitely have this.
    Fully manageable of course.

    And with a bit of effort, guildhalls should also allow portals to dungeons the guild unlocked or claimed or something of that nature.
  • maouwmaouw Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Love the idea of training grounds so guilds can set up mock 8v8, with training dummies and other obstacles!

    For customization, NPCs around the guild hall could be robed in the guild colours.

    If there's a room that guild members can customize and set up mazes/obstacle courses, it would also be helpful if a guild officer/master can talk to an NPC to "clear the floor" and have all items in the room automatically go into a chest, so something else can be set up.

    I'm worried that guild halls could end up competing with Taverns as the main hub for socialization if there's too much overlap in their function, and it would be pretty sad to see either being deserted. Is there a way they could be integrated together?
    It just sits better if after a dungeon run a guild says, "Afterparty in the guild's favourite Tavern!" rather than "Afterparty back @ HQ!"
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  • I like a lot of the ideas with dueling arena, wanted boards, guild smiths for decals, and all of that jazz. But for the basic concept of the guildhall I love the idea of having a customizable giant mansion or small castle. Not as big as an actual in-game castle or node, but big enough to stand out and say hey, a guild lives here. And potentially have the ability to level it up and make it bigger with the more resources poured into it.
  • NeurotoxinNeurotoxin Member, Alpha One
    In addition to a guild bank, a commissary and/or internal auction system would be worthwhile. Commissary would provide free or low-cost items that players generally need, so they can get them in-house rather than having to shop from outside vendors or the auction house for staple goods like arrows and potions, or even above-average items for lower level players. This would be set up by guild officers in conjunction with the people providing the items, to make sure the costs and quantities are going to be fair for everyone. Alternative pricing could also be used, like paying with raw or processed materials instead of currency, which can help keep supplies up and create a no-currency resource flow that gets necessary items made and replenished.

    If I'm focusing on crafting expendable items, being able to make high quality arrows--as an example--out of conventional components lets me get my skill up while providing above-average basic arrows for the guild. This could even leverage my ability to buy those gathered and processed materials for a low price from the commissary, then post the arrows at a fair (lower than market) price, perhaps with a daily limit so players don't pass them to an alt and resell for higher than market on the auction house to pocket a profit and rob the rest of the group of the value and effort that went into making them. Additionally, there can be no-trade tags on items within a period of buying and non-use, to make sure players are only getting what they need, since they can't go and flip them to outsiders, but can trade them freely within the guild. The rules of this would be set by the crafter and/or commissary officers.

    Likewise, if guild members find good items that they can't use and want to sell, but would rather keep in the guild than offer such powerful items to any random buyer, an auction and/or buyout system would help to facilitate this. If I don't use swords, but I find a really nice "rare" quality one from a tough enemy I managed to defeat, I'd rather make it available to a guild member for a decent price, instead of using the open auction house or barking in the market square to get any well-paying customer to take it. I could also set a range of +/- X levels and rarity to make more of a "rare for rare" trade so someone can trade the items they want for one I need.

  • amalgamemnonamalgamemnon Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Being able to enter your guild hall from any sufficiently advanced node would be nice, so that people on opposite sides of the world could simply both enter the guild hall and be in the same instance, trade items, then exit the guild hall and continue on their way. This would help a lot with new player experience without being able to just "warp" to a guild hall from anywhere.

    On the reverse, it would be nice to be able to warp to other members of your guild, with whom you are in a group, as long as they are not in PvP combat, from your guild hall. This would allow guild groups to quickly form up for spur-of-the-moment action.

    I'd like to see guild halls be a place where guilds can hang trophies associated with significant accomplishments. Raid boss kills at given difficulty levels, fastest clears of dungeons, current and past mayors of highly developed nodes, current and past flying mount holders, etc.

    I'd also really like to see guild halls be a place where crafting can happen, which both plays into the theme of a guild while also providing some practical utility for the guild halls.

    Guild halls should also be something that a guild is allowed to advance. Perhaps a basic guild hall is provided for free to any formed guild, but larger and more ornate guild halls are something a guild could work to advance by investing resources or time.

    I think one really big missed opportunity with guilds in other games is Guild Quests. For example, perhaps each week the Guild Hall, depending on its level of advancement (see previous paragraph) would assign a certain number of guild quests. For a basic guild hall, perhaps there are only 3-5 guild quests. For each completed guild quest, the guild hall gets a certain amount of guild hall advancement points, and the player completing the quest gets a reward as well, such as basic currency or guild hall exclusive currency that can be used to purchase something cool, such as guild hall cosmetic items that are emblazoned with your guild's sigil/coat of arms. At each tier of advancement, more guild quests are offered, and the guild quests get more challenging. If, for example, a guild had 5 levels of advancement, with level 1 being a basic guild hall offering guild hall quests such as basic gathering and monster killing quests, at level 2, there are some party-centric and materials processing quests that are added. At level 3, dungeon quests and open-world small scale PvP quests. At level 4, 16-man group quests, caravan PvP quests, and crafting quests are added. Finally, at level 5, raid quests and node siege quests are added. This would ensure guild halls stay relevant while encouraging community involvement through guilds.
  • BotBot Member
    1. Some sort of combat arena that allows guilds to practice in peace whether it's sparring to try out combos, strategies, or whatever the case may be.
    2. Storage chests with customizable permissions based on guild rank
    3. Customization like the ability to place banners
    4. Ability to teleport to/from
  • Hi everyone

    I think a notice board/bulletin board is a great idea for a guild hall - think of it like a shopping list that players will have to individually contribute to or choose to band together to accomplish certain goals for the guild to prosper. An example of this would be the general info tab you have in the WoW guild panel where you can set a “general message of the day” and has few infos regarding the socials of the guild.

    It would be nice to see a system in the guild hall where player contributions are ranked and you can see how much effort certain ppl have put into guild advancement. Ranking should not be based on player votes but game tracked contributions such as quests, donations to a guild vault - crafted items and raw resources.

    This could result in a system where the guild members will compete with eachother and possibly work towards rewards in the form of cosmetic/title ranks in a certain period of time. Rewards that are guild specific/have a guild theme attached to the items.

    1 players contributes the most over a period of 30 days - he is rewarded the title Nobel *Player Name*/Cloak cosmetic with guild color scheme or symbol.

    Would love to hear what everyone thinks
  • SaeduSaedu Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited March 2021
    Don't do too much overlap with cities/towns as you don't want everyone ending up just camping out in the guild halls all the time (specifically no AH, crafting trainers).

    Here's a few things I recommend:
    -A weapon rack: Different than just a typical guild bank. A place where you could display guild owned legendary weapons. Some prior MMOs had legendary weapons that only a few people on the server get, but took a major guild effort to get (top end raids, long quest chains that require large groups, etc). The problem: shortly after your lucky player got the legendary, he/she would get recruited into another guild. The solution: award the legendary item to the guild, not the player. The GM/officers could then assign the item out for use to the players. When its not in use (or when it gets retired because there's better loot), put it on the weapon rack for display of the achievement long term (maybe this weapon rack gets bigger over time and covers a wall?)
    -A place to display trophies from various other pvp and pve achievements over time.
    -The ability of having an arena for duels (big enough for 1v1 up to 8v8).
    -Ability to invite or restrict other players not in the guild into the guild hall. (could be helpful for recruiting or RP).
    -A place for mini-games (tavern?)... Some rooms for RP as well (personally, I don't care where people are during the guild meetings... I'd actually probably prefer they are doing something productive like farming rather than just sitting in a room, but I know others will want to have big guild meetings).
    -Customizability for the furniture/decorations with guild permissions controlling who can change what.
    -A treasure room with guild bank
    -Pve scenarios that a guild can initiate to defend the guild hall against NPCs/Monsters on a weekly basis. Its like a raid, but your the one getting raided! Successful defends could reward guild resources or general resources to the guild bank.
    -Some sort of fast travel to the guild hall. If you want to limit all fast travel to avoid zerging, then perhaps an option when logging off to "auto-travel" to your guild hall? So you could log out anywhere in the world, and if you wait at least 10-15 mins, then when you next log back in you are at your guild hall. Maybe a portal between the guild hall and the node/castle the guild is associated with? (can a guild be associated with more than one node?)
    -Bonus xp (aka rested xp) if you log out from a guild hall (or auto-travel to one).
    -Some sort of progression system that allows you to level up your hall and do more with it at higher levels (but perhaps as you level it up you get to choose the perks you want).
    -Cool visuals and the ability to display your guild logo/colors throughout the hall. Perhaps a fort like look rather than house like?
    -Have the guild halls take the spots of freeholds, but slightly bigger/more to do? (perhaps the GM gets a guild hall instead of a freehold?)
    -Guild specific weekly quests (both for guild only members as well as for visiting alllies).
    -Guild v Guild hall battles (this one might be a bit of a stretch). Take the template of both guild halls, put them on a instanced battleground, and have the two guilds battle it out over ~1-2 hours.
  • akabearakabear Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited March 2021
    A large war table
    • Stylized map
    • Points of interest
    • Pawns showing clan members current general location
    • Various placeable ornamental object to denote clan needs: pve, pvp, areas to focus.

    Only the clan leader and/or selected officers can take command and adjust.
    (dragon age inquisition)
  • Dante MachiavelliDante Machiavelli Member, Alpha One
    Erotic/scantily dressed NPC dancers of all races. Except Frognar.
    ooh ooh oowa oowa
  • RisingPhoenixRisingPhoenix Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Warehouse with different levels of interaction.
    Games, usable basic items, 2 levels or more, safe-zone, buffs, guild specific pots and/or items like rez scrolls, teleports, guild specific wearables, easy way to track guild donations like make the store cost for sell be also the value of donation of item. dont limit number of halls. gambling would be fun however limited as you want ppl to visit bars and such in the field.... fireplaces that work.
  • A combat/sparring arena for duels 1v1 up to 8v8!
    Aren't we all sinners?
  • akabearakabear Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    In simple terms, purpose to have one, be that somewhere to seek/post information, teleport to, store things, show things or the like.

    Ah, clan trophies on the wall for various / current achievements!
  • VhaeyneVhaeyne Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    A bank, maybe a few crafting stations, and a training dummy.

    Otherwise I can't imagine what we would be doing hanging out in a guild hall other than decorating it with trophies or something.

    If I had more time, I would write a shorter post.
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