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Guild Gathering #2 - Guild Halls



  • CypherCypher Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    1- Size: I want the Guild Hall to start small and ragged. Allow the leaders to choose the layout (where the rooms and hallways will be) and guild members should be able to contribute resources toward the construction.

    2- Guild Storage: With customizable permissions, and should allow all items to be stored, not just consumables like some other games.

    3- Bulletin Board: In the entrance or wherever else the leader wants to place it. This should be the exact same board that the player sees when they press "G" to open their guild window only this is the actual physical board.

    4- Guild Contracts Box: Like a mailbox where the guild receives contracts that non-members either specifically send to your guild or send to all guilds. These contracts could be for protection, delivering resources, etc go nuts.

    5- Guild Tailor: Will embroider any piece of gear or weapon with the guild emblem. It should not be possible to embroider your stuff with anything except the guild logo or the item creator's signature/logo. This way the guild emblem has even more allure.

    6- Guild Shop: I'm sure there's a reason for one to exist but I can't think of what exactly it would do that would be worthwhile and not break the rest of the economy.

    7- Music: Yep

    8- Games: I think there should be mini-games/tavern games that members can play together in the guild lounge.

    9- Sparring Room: For members to practice against each other with no penalties, instant respawn, no flagging needed.

    10- Hanging Artwork: There should be a feature to hang screenshots with a frame and a filter over it to make it appear painted. Bonus points if you allow us to re-size, change frames, and choose from multiple filters.

    11- Guild Buff Room: The act of managing the guild buffs and also the act of a member getting their guild buff should be done in a room such as a swimming area or a garden with a magical tree. Bonus points if you give us a few room types to choose from for the buff room, including the two I just mentioned.

    12- Customization: We absolutely need to be able to change the lighting, flooring, decorations, furniture, music, layout, etc
  • A customizable, public accessible reception area for introducing (or showing off) the guild, and with an npc to take applications from visiting players.
  • In my past MMO experience, most guildhalls end up being empty a vast majority of the time simply because there is no incentive to go out of your way to spend time there when you can do most things in more convenient locations based on where you are in the world.

    For example, if I can use a blacksmith station in a town near me, or I can use a crafting station in my personal home, or if I don't do crafts and have no need for any of that and simply never spend any time at a "home base".

    Regardless of what is implemented, I feel like there should be something in place that not just encourages players to spend some of their time at a guildhall, but incentivizes them. Whether it's through a daily guild event that lasts for an hour that requires members to gather there, or whatever else.

    Community is what brings an MMO to life, and community comes together when there is adversity or a problem that needs to be addressed that can't be done alone. "Soft friction" as the benevolent creator of this game likes to call it. So this isn't a specific recommendation as to what exactly should be in the guildhall, but more a general concept that the guildhall should embody to bring people together. Hopefully you guys find the right mechanism to accomplish that.
  • RaetionRaetion Member, Leader of Men, Alpha One
    edited April 1
    I think guild halls need to be a place where guild members want to hang out when they are getting ready to do content together or are just chilling. So I think there need to be some systems that encourages this.

    1. Similar to taverns let cooks sell there food at the guild hall and give the player a buff when close to the hall.
    2. A notice board for guild leadership to post goals on.
    3. A small area just outside of the guild hall where guild members can duel.
    4. Let members Deposit / withdraw items from the guild bank from inside the hall.
    5. Multiple rooms and the ability to manage the permission of who can enter them.
    (including for alliance members)
    6. A room to display achievements and trophies
  • bigepeenbigepeen Member
    edited March 17
    Do not add features that make the guild hall more useful to be in than public places, this would lead to much less populated cities. Also, do not add teleportation to/from guild halls.

    Change the appearance of guild halls and guild NPCs based on the predominant race of the guild.

    Leaderboards are a good idea to see kills on enemy guild members in guild wars, and monthly resources contributions to the guild.
  • akabearakabear Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    Rather than just a guild chest in a room, perhaps auto generated display of key / most prized gear equipment hanging on the wall or mannequins or the like.. (visual only) as still under control of access through regular menus.
  • meedxmeedx Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited March 17
    Given there will be no fast travel, the features of the guild hall need to be unique enough to make players want to visit outside of using a crafting station, or visit other guilds.

    Skins, tabards, colours aren't enough.
    It will come down to utility and usefulness (crafting stations) or fun/curiosity.

    Custom jumping puzzles, custom arena building for player made tournaments, mount racing, minigames with degrees of difficulty, even mob invasion events created by the guild master, you have the ability/technology with the town invasions and monster coins, use it.

    The idea of buff/buff rooms was thrown around but realistically the only buff the guild hall should give should be mount speed, that is lost when entering combat.
    That way, when traversing the world you have a reason to enter another guild's hall to get the buff, to speed up your travelling and will explore their hall etc while doing so.

    I wrote custom because these things need to be unique across the world to warrant the travel to them, if its just the same building blueprint in every guild hall it will get stale after a week.

    And it should all be non instanced, instanced housing has been done and its a boring concept, the sims exists.
  • DeftlyDeftly Member
    1. Guild content - A lot of games miss out on giving guilds their own missions or stories. We have single-player quests/stories why not the same for guilds.

    2. Guild Crafting - FF14 had a crafting system where guilds could build things for guild use.

    3. Items in world non-guilds can use - Archeage had a system where guilds who owned a castle could build things that gave other people dailies. The non-guilds got gameplay stuff down the line for helping and guilds got some kickback off of it too.

    4. Content for non-combat players - Nice if guilds could have ways to contribute outside of mass gathering or combat. Farming, mount raising, caravans, building, etc.

    5. Guild types - Most of the time it's up to the players to say what type of guild they are but it's never really supported by the game. If you are a crafting guild, you could craft stuff or get content a non-crafting guild could have access to. Even RP guilds can have things like taverns that give them access to stuff.

    6. Guild achievements or trophies to show off.

    7. Better management tools / UI - If you should put members or on task and have it just show the members that worked on the task or have many times one person did over time.

    8. Guild Progression - Things unlock over levels, levels are gained by guild activities.

    9. Things that can be built for fun - Wildstar had minigames you could put in your home. Maybe guilds could build racetracks, arenas, etc.
  • edited March 18
    -1v1 pvp
    -guild intern action House
    -a dashbord to show your member (as a leader) whitch guilds are frendly(like your tradingguild thats supply your town with goods) and whitch are on your kill list
    -dashbord where you can tell other guildmembers that a resource is missing or the demand will increase
    -a list of all members (not fresh new one like recruits because too long ) and there activitypoints owned (if it's exist)
    -a place where you can summon and try to kill deamons/bosses for smaller pve guilds (but with less loot as the regular ones)so they can learn the mecanics
    - craftin npc/workstation to build decoration (bossloot, banner,...)
    - a spot where you can feed/show your mounts (maybe they get slower after a while when you didn't care about them) or you can customize your mounts abilitys (like speed or load capacity so you can be faster OR carry even more)
    - teleport system so new members can teleport in your area if they are on too far away and didn't walk all the way (but costs money if they carry mutch stuff so noone can use it for trading)
    - it have to be open ( maybe only the outside) so stangers can look inside (before declaring war or to see your beautiful guildhall)
  • Asides from the usual amenities, yours truly would like to see a "guild-only vendor" - an NPC that can offer items to the guild-members, exclusively.

    Anyone in the guild could post items for sale, that they ONLY want going to guildies, at the prices they are setting.

  • Like some have stated with no fast travel then I would like it to be worth it to go to the guild hall. So a guild shop that has exclusive items that can't be found elsewhere. Perhaps certain items at a discounted rate depending on guild contributions.

    I would love if it took the entire guild to build it. Similar to how Age of Conan was where it needed a large amount of resources. Guildmates contributed to this and everyone was a part of how the guildhall will grow.

    Heroes Fade but Legends last forever

  • AbaratAbarat Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited March 24
  • ashoneashone Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    A Hall of Remembrance to honor all fallen guild members.
  • So many great ideas above, I'm very excited about this game.

    I would like to see the guildhall upgrade over time. If the hall gained exp when players were located within it would assist in bringing players into it. Or to get certain amenities their needs to a member or contract/quest with that reward. (Game reference, Suikoden)

    Placeable assist based on the majority of the guildies race, archetype, and other soft factions. If a majority of the guild are merchants or members of the sages this could be reflected in the building.

    Map location/list of guild halls within a node are located in the relevant buildings that are aligned to that guild. As in the scholar academy, thieves', or traders company can show the guilds in the area.
  • labmen1labmen1 Member
    The guild hall allows cosmetics purchased before to be put into it.

    Can put all kinds of workbench, of course, need to spend materials to make workbench.

    PVP arena between guild friends.

    I think the guild hall can be built in a single area, or attached to a city, or the city can be built around a guild hall.

    Of course, they can also set up friendly guilds. They can also enter their own guild hall.

    As well as the booty display, guild and so on mentioned by many people, there are many useful ideas.
  • NemisisNemisis Member
    Ich hätte gerne eine Gildenbank, Trophäen für gewonnene Raids, eine große Karte und ein Portrait oder eine Statue der Gildenanführers
  • Guild Gathering #2 - Guild Halls
    What Guild Hall features would you like to see in Ashes of Creation? What features have you liked from other games? What features do you think have been missed opportunities?

    Customizability is king. The more freedom we have to customize our guild halls the better.

    1: Aesthetics
    Let us have full control over the interior and exterior design of the building and plot of land. From the size of the building, to number of rooms, to the smallest of decorations. Custom guild banners and background music too. The more options there are, the more unique each guild hall can be. If we can combine various objects or build our own to some degree, that would be even better. Like making a throne of buckets. Don't force us to place items in set locations either. Another fun addition would be interactive objects, such as a sliding bookcase to create a hidden room behind it. Creative freedom is the greatest asset to aesthetics in a guild hall.

    2: Add-ons
    Guild halls are a waste if their only use is for decoration. Provide guilds with a variety of unlockable add-ons. Crafting benches, dueling arenas, mini-games, trade market, storage access, custom NPCs, bulletin boards, mount pens for breeding and storage, gardens for growing alchemy herbs or aesthetic plants, and much more. The possibilities are endless and they can be expanded upon with every major update.

    3: Permissions
    Give guild masters a variety of options for setting building access. First, the building itself. Allowing the choice of public, invite only, or guild member only access. Second, the individual rooms. If a guild master can set permissions for individual rooms, then you can have a room for officers and important meetings. This allows public access to be managed as well so that only guild members can enter most of the hall if you choose to set it that way.

    4: Progression
    Buying everything with currency is not rewarding. Besides the size and location of the hall, everything should be crafted or earned through in-game progression. Crafted items should require materials that make sense for them. For example, a gold chandelier should be crafted with gold and glass. Other progression should be for unlocking access to various add-ons. One type of progression could be mini-quests, such as those for recruiting NPCs. Another type of progression could be milestones, such as crafting a certain number of items to have crafting benches or taming a number of creatures to have creature pens. Give guilds goals to work towards and then give them rewards for completing those goals. The result is a feeling of achievement and not just empty spending.

    5: World
    The most boring thing a guild hall can be is invisible. I don't want to buy and customize a guild hall only for it to be in some instanced invisible space. I want to buy a plot of land in a city or claim one in the wilderness and make my guild hall fully visible. Put our guild halls out in the world for all to see.

    There is a lot to say about guild halls, but at the end of the day it's all about customization.

    -Fully customizable buildings and wide variety of decorations
    -Usable add-ons like crafting benches and gardens
    -Various access options for guild masters to set
    -Progression through crafting and questing, not just buying
    -World existence (not instanced or invisible)
  • RovinRovin Member, Leader of Men, Alpha One
    Mikasa wrote: »
    Guild Gathering #2 - Guild Halls
    What Guild Hall features would you like to see in Ashes of Creation? What features have you liked from other games? What features do you think have been missed opportunities?

    1. Staging Duels 1-8 vs 1-8
    2. In-Guild/Alliance exclusive Market shop
    3. Bulletin board w/ guild tasks/goals
    4. Quests given by Guild Leader (to turn in 'X' amount of resources)
    5. Multiple chests for organization with permissions for certain members to deposit/withdrawal
    6. Billboard banner for larger announcements (Guildie of the month, alert messages, etc)
    7. Gambling/games/music
    8. A large map for the guild to mark points of interest (enemy node, dungeon, etc)
    9. Mounting trophies on the wall from large beasts/world bosses (horns, scales, claws, eyeball)
    10. AoC Pinball machine with highscores

    All excellent ideas in my opinion.

    i would take #3 even further and say a bulletin baord in which jobs can be posted by any member of the guild or even outside the guild, For example im a member and need 10,000 logs for what ever crafting project im working on ect ect, i pay buy the log keeping money within the guild so 10 people could take the contrcat each bringing 1000 logs and each get paid.

    as a non member i could post to it as i need help running a dungeon or a specific item from the dungeon or whatever, i think The Xyz guild is most capaable of handeling it so i go and post it on their job board at their guild hall.

    I also thought that having instanced guild appartments within the guild hall would be cool, so instead of renting an apartment in town and money going directly to the node. the guild could collect that rent, boosting their coffers.

    I think the guild hall should also act kinda like a buisness of some sort, sell booze and food or whatever to any passerby affiliated or not.
  • akabearakabear Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    Perhaps the guild hall unlocks/expands to have items that spawn in the greater area of the city as their notoriety / prestige / rank increases rather than isolated in privacy depleting the active player base visible within the city, from which they take a cut as does the city.
  • RobnRobn Member, Braver of Worlds
    The ability to place or have roaming animals/monsters. Acquired either through animal husbandry or drops from slaying. You could even have miniature versions of world bosses. I just imagine walking into a guild and see the entrance hall being guarded by a cerberus previously conquered by the guild.
  • Custom created npcs to protect the guild for leader and co's
  • KaaliaKaalia Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Please let everyone either build or have a Guild house. I played AA for 9months and I couldn't believe how the guild structure was in that game. I didn't like the fact that you had to try and claim land (and there was no land) to build a castle and then you would go to war (siege) and I think the way it worked, is that if it would get destroyed then you were just screwed. The housing for land wasn't too bad, there were players that obviously took advantage of it but the Guild structure, forget it. I did enjoy building houses (it felt like you earned your house and watching yourself build it) and since our guild couldn't get a guild house, so we built a guild valley with all of the guild members' houses.

    I love EQ2 system and the way you can resize images and literally can place anything anywhere. Killing mobs and mounting their heads as trophies is awesome. Also, some people like too digitally design items for housing which brought a lot of new ideas.
    Having the housing in another instance is meh. I would like for people to see the guilds/houses if able too. It would be nice to have the AA system but only able to have one personal house or 1 Guild house limited. (I know that doesn't stop the alt accounts but maybe players must have paid accounts and a lvl minimal?)
    Maybe have a kudos reward system if someone helps another player/guild out?

    Guild quests.
    Rescaling items/placing items anywhere.
    Avabaillity for ALL players to have a Guild.
    More importantly, a Guild bank that's easy access for all members.
    Banners with achievements
    (Just watched the Tera video on page 2)-Guild housing in the sky is pretty cool. Never seen that.
    Need Guild Buffs
    Able to craft in the Guild-whether we need to build crafting stations or amenities added as the guild levels.

    The more we can customize a house, a guild, and a character, the better.
  • alistairdragonheartalistairdragonheart Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    edited March 18
    The ability to have some kind of pve event for the guild. Wether that is a dungeon the guild develops over time (maybe they can even set entry prices for non guildies) or a raid happening based on average player level in the guild. Just something that would make guild members feel like it's theirs. Decorations and achievements are cool but for a lot of casual players they aren't going to be involved in those things. Caravans and sieges are going to be cool but if someone is opposed to pve those won't mean anything either. I'd suggest making either of the pve things I mentioned a skill you would have to unlock so guilds that don't want such things don't have them.
  • BlipBlip Member
    I Hope guild hals have some stuff for everyone, a place to dual other members a place to craft. Storage.

    It needs to have real in-game value for the guild members.
  • GejeetoGejeeto Member
    Blip wrote: »
    I Hope guild hals have some stuff for everyone, a place to dual other members a place to craft. Storage.

    It needs to have real in-game value for the guild members.

    Correct, the game must give the player a reason to stay in the guild hall often and perhaps for a long time. The guild hall must be an important meeting place, so to speak.
  • akabearakabear Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    If there are a limited number of guild halls, then perhaps capacity to sub-lease rooms to other clans while in alliance.

    Keep some elements of the guild halls external so the player activity livens the towns rather than deplete the visual activity.
  • Gejeeto wrote: »
    Blip wrote: »
    I Hope guild hals have some stuff for everyone, a place to dual other members a place to craft. Storage.

    It needs to have real in-game value for the guild members.

    Correct, the game must give the player a reason to stay in the guild hall often and perhaps for a long time. The guild hall must be an important meeting place, so to speak.

    Why though? Guilds can meet anywhere. They can meet at taverns, cities, or random places in the open world, etc... If everyone is hanging out in their guild hall, then you'll never run into other players and the open world will feel more empty. There will be less emergent gameplay as a result.
  • 1. Guild hall crafting stations. These are guild-based value versus the players private crafting. Each players professions should be put towards the guild "blacksmith" or "lumbermill" etc. This can offer unique rewards only earned when guilds put time towards leveling up the guild professions.
    2. Guild hall auction house. Usable only by guild members, to sell items to one another. A guild based economy separate from posting items available to the full zone or other players around the world.
    3. Guild achievement display. If a guild conquers a world boss, display the bosses head on a banner or totem in the hall. If a guild achieves bounties on flagged players, display their conquest in taking out bandits around the world.

    I want to walk into the guild hall and feel like I see a story taking place of their conquest and time spent working together.
  • PorthusPorthus Member
    Personally, I would like to see Guild Halls used for a structured PvP mode, namely Guild v Guild battles, akin to what the first Guild Wars had. Guilds could enter unranked or ranked matches against other guilds. In ranked matches, guilds could win points to rise ranking in a ladder. Each team should have a size of 8-10 players, maximum.

    In Guild Wars 1, this game mode was very appreciated by players because it was structured, neither one of the teams had any advantages, what mattered most was team and individual skills. Each match was very strategic and very tactical. The team which had better awareness of the map and the battle normally was able to claim victory.

    It was very rewarding coming up with team builds and individual builds and then implementing them. Matches were adrenaline fueled, everyone focused to do their best because one mistake could lead to a loss. Every team member needed to know their role very well, everyone had to be well coordinated, so that the whole team functioned as one.

    I do miss the rush of these matches, it was very addictive. Although I have played many MMORPGs since then, none of them ever came close to giving me that same thrill.
    (Clan Leader)
  • akabearakabear Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    Some businesses put out a flag, banner when they are open for business.

    Perhaps something on the outside of the guild hall to show that there is / was activity within the last x amount of time similar be that lights on, banner up, flag up or equivalent.

    Or even banners to be flown outside the guild hall, controlled by the guild leader to offer a bit of flexibility to indicate the current mood / sentiment.
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