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Guild Gathering #2 - Guild Halls



  • SirBarathonSirBarathon Member
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    So when I look at Guild halls I look for many different things so I will list them off as follows

    1. Crafting stations, it is nice to have a one stop shop for Guild Members to congregate and use the various crafting stations in a location you know they always will be
    2. Guild bank/ storage. Who does not like having a place to store stuff for guild use.
    3. Discussion boards for guild information.
    4. An open area for guild meeting, I always love having a meeting hall, congress, drinking hall, or other wide space meant for large events.
    5. Customization, IT NEEDS TO LOOK DIFFERENT THAN OTHER GUILDS. People like to be unique and one way to do this is allow guilds to fly their banners throughout it, choose the colors of the walls, where furniture is placed, and perhaps giving guilds a few layout plans they can choose from to meet their needs.
    6. For Guild Freeholds you could go further by giving guilds diverse building layouts in multiple buildings as well as allow them to choose from a walled in freehold for a fort look or give it a more open look for something more peaceful.
    7. Fountains, statues, and other assorted unique furnishings to be placed where you want to give it the immersive look your guild desires.
    8. If the area is large enough perhaps have small common crop or resource gathering nodes within it walls.
    9. For Roleplay, always having cool hangout spots, taverns, and various other immersive rooms or areas brings out the potential for stories and constant use.
    10. A stables area or hitching post to keep mounts and they are shown sitting or standing there.
    11. Allowing pets to wander the halls to give some population
    12. NPC guards in Guild armor to fill up the space for aesthetic.
    12. Garden areas, courtyards, barracks, and more!
    13. Merchants that sell guild guilds, armors, and assorted guild cosmetics such as capes, tabards and more.
    14. Trophy area.
    15. Library to keep the books and tomes written by members.

    Just a small list of various things to make Guild Halls be far superior in this game compared to others!
    Notes from the quote above :
    From 1-7 guilds can achieve that by creating themselves (giving the apropriated tools, kinda like Archeage).
    8-15 Totally agree, would give some immersive.

    Personal notes on 15 years of MMORPG and several guilds administrations :
    1- Allow ppl to have some space of their own. A castle near a node, a spot in a city (or even a possibility to buy some interesting headquarters), I belive that some Nodes will be dominated by some sort of guilds and maybe transform a entire city on theirs. This is also fine. I really belive the guilds should stay as open world as possible. As some mentioned before, an library would be awesome (the ability to write books would be awesome and could mantain a long and vivid history of guilds and friendship). A gathering room, rooms to sleep, kitchen, guild storage, guild treasure (wich could spawn every so hour and could be stealed). Guild Arena would be a nice construction too, allowin only guild members and associated to enter and train.

    2- On my experiences, castle treasures are interesting, raids and quests that MUST be done by a lot of members of the guild that also give especial rewards can create interesting dynamics (kinda a event quest that happens once a month that all guilds try to get some item or objective and have to figure it out - battle or team up -)

    3- The presence of the guild must be show off on real open world. Instances for ''halls'' kinda distance off the players, the potential of propaganda, new recruits and etc. It's really awesome to have OPEN WORLD guild constructions as well as interactive NPC's that really matter on the world and, if possible, they should be killable and very expensive, making them a valuable too and making important to assassinate the enemy guild's npc ('cause they will provide potions, weapons, and stuffs for the guild - as well as protect their homebase or the guild treasure/storage- ).

    4- The most awesome siege war I've saw was on Perfect World, belive it or not, it had 3 lanes like an MOBA but huge ones, each of 'em had towers that could only be destroyed by catapults (each guild had like 5,they need to choose wich lane to go and were carried by the tanks).80 ppl of each guild could enter the area, again, it was really a huge area, catapults only walk on lanes and ppl can walk by the terrain and fought to pass enemy's castle's defences, pass 'em walls and get to their cristal. That is awesome for some insight for u guys on the sieges so they don't become direct and ''kinda boring'', I mean, with little space for creating strategy. Would be awesome if guild castles have weakness that should be explored and defended.

    5- The guild should have some control over some area and gain a fee from taxes or have reduced taxes.

    6- Guild WANTED LIST, a wall/npc that can even give quests or registrate nicknames of players/guilds that u have as enemy. A reward should be given for those who complete the quests/kill the enemy. A way to do that is to make the player that registres a enemy pay the given fee for the head and the npc to register some table reward from quests.

    7- Custom ships, maybe a float base, the potential to personalise warships and warmachines with flags and stuff.

    8- Painting would be awesome. Imagine painting ur guild symbol on an enemy's wall. (that will need to be washed down later)

    9- List of npcs : Boticary, Warmonger (matters of war), Guards with hieararchy and own time walking by, Spys, Blacksmith, Craftsman, Weaver, Storage, Guild Bank, Library Master, Inn keeper, Cooker and even, maybe, resident npc that pay a fee to live under your protection - and also helps to protect your stuff-

    10- Edited : Check Log Horizon and see some ideas of 'em on city administration and guild stuff (for real, check it out!!!)
  • i would love to see some endgame guild interactions. For example if the guild is maxed out, there could be a kind of currency that you can farm and spend for some extras in your guild hall.

    and another thing that would be nice, is a guild specific raid or event, like a bosshunt or something.

    just keep me grinding stuff^^
  • PorthusPorthus Member
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    Porthus wrote: »
    Personally, I would like to see Guild Halls used for a structured PvP mode, namely Guild v Guild battles, akin to what the first Guild Wars had. Guilds could enter unranked or ranked matches against other guilds. In ranked matches, guilds could win points to rise ranking in a ladder. Each team should have a size of 8-10 players, maximum.

    In Guild Wars 1, this game mode was very appreciated by players because it was structured, neither one of the teams had any advantages, what mattered most was team and individual skills. Each match was very strategic and very tactical. The team which had better awareness of the map and the battle normally was able to claim victory.

    It was very rewarding coming up with team builds and individual builds and then implementing them. Matches were adrenaline fueled, everyone focused to do their best because one mistake could lead to a loss. Every team member needed to know their role very well, everyone had to be well coordinated, so that the whole team functioned as one.

    I do miss the rush of these matches, it was very addictive. Although I have played many MMORPGs since then, none of them ever came close to giving me that same thrill.

    And also, it goes without saying that it's essential to have the ability to do scrimmage fights, 1v1 through 10v10, at least. It should be very customizable, to give lots of freedom about the way it's used. Allow for guild guests to use these scrimmages. This kind of arenas are very helpful in testing out builds and in allowing players to develop and progress their fighting skills.
    (Clan Leader)
  • Summer LegacySummer Legacy Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    Leaderboards that can be customized for what the Guild is looking for
  • KhankarKhankar Member
    • The ability for guild leadership to invite guests in, or even make the guild hall open for public access. People who aren't part of the guild won't be able to access the guild's amenities though.
    • Some open-world environments that can be turned into a guild hall if the guild completes a challenge to claim it.
    • To expand on the bulletin board, a blackboard for guild members to draw freely on.
    • Seconding Soolcheg's suggestion for private rooms restricted to individual guild members, leadership at the very least.
    • Given the game's de-emphasis on being able to travel across the world quickly, compared to other MMOs, the ability to set up a "Guild Outpost" and be able to ship goods to and from there would help guild expand their reach. Both maintaining and shipping to an outpost would have costs to avoid overuse.
    • As a couple people have mentioned already, guild halls should not replace the functionality of existing open-world vendors, otherwise the world will feel a lot less populated from people going to their private guildhalls
  • ninjaccaninjacca Member, Braver of Worlds
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    Me: An officer in TSYM/Tactical Symbiosis
    Our Main Interest: Mass combat PvP
    Experience: Mostly in GW2 and ESO with a little SWTOR and ArcheAge in the mix.

    The big thing any Guild Hall must have are reasons for it's members to congregate there whether it is PvE or PvP. Reasons to hang out and do things with other guildies. Coming from a mass combat PvP perspective here are some things we'd like to see:

    1. An area with 30+ training dummies to practice large group maneuvers. Also the dummies would be able to take on different formations.
    2. An at least three faction arena like in GW2. Make it lockable for a match so people cannot just join in. That way, we can have Fight Nights etc.
    3. Some sort of system where commanders, to use a GW2 word, can communicate with one another and you. The word of 10-20 commanders in GW2 have/had the ability to sway the attitude of thousands of players. This can be a great benefit to Intrepid as well as the guilds/field commanders.
    4. Systems where guilds could challenge each other in different types of matches. The two right off the top of my head would be like the match system in GW1 or even something like Huttball. I would freaking LOVE it if Intrepid could come with their own form of Huttball. I'd spend too many hours just on something like that alone.

    Again, in the end it is about the reason for guildmates to come hang out together. In GW2, our guildhall was packed a couple of hours before reset on Friday nights. Everyone buffing up. Fine tuning their build. Sparring in the arena to warm up. Just waiting for reset to hit so we all could launch into WvW from the guild hall. It gave us a day to look forward to every week.
  • voxvox Member
    I'm thinking trophies, customizable furniture, crafting areas, guild storage, training hall (attack dummies), bulletin board, map highlighting territories, guild marketplace/ah, a vendor that sells guild color dyes

    Oh and some features for a guild arena may be cool
  • HellfarHellfar Member
    I pretty much want GW2 guild halls, but not instanced. GW2 does a great job with all the different amenity and decoration systems, although I want other players to be able to pass by a guild hall in all it's glory. Guest permissions would be nice to allow non-guild trial members inside.

    Also, we don't need a mini zone for a guild hall, just a building or a small campus of buildings that hold the various amenities and decorations.
  • NeurotoxinNeurotoxin Member, Alpha One
    Oh yeah, another thing I forgot to mention: Guild Quests! Being able to issue quests for members, as well as to outsiders.

    Need wood but you're all too busy PvPing and looting your foes? Offer gold, consumables, or other rewards for players who want to take your quests.

    Need to scout an area? Put a pin on the map of those wo accept, and they complete it by getting to the point and checking out the surrounding area.

    Small guild needs to bolster its numbers of a few lesser-played classes? Put up a recruiting bounty, pay members for sending the invite that leads to recruitment, with small pay up-front, and the final payout after a threshold of active time as a member who participates in guild activities is reached.

    Crafting guild wants to secure some enemy resources? Make a quest to take down any caravan for nearby nodes, pay out in high quality items from the guild bank.

    Need to get a bundle of resources to another node when war has been declared? Pay guild members to load their packs and make the delivery, with some money as collateral upfront in case they fail or bail on it altogether.
  • Half Tilt GamerHalf Tilt Gamer Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I would love to see a big map of the guild-discovered world on the wall that is interactable from guild members. You could drop in pins, tie them together, leave notes etc. for what ever the guild is tracking or strategizing for.
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  • akabearakabear Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    Items, trophies, banners, placards or the like arrangeable on the outside of the guild hall for the general community to see the status of the guild.

    Perhaps a limited range of "paints" to customize the hall, quest / pve / pvp / pk achievable.

    Similar in concept to what New World did with their housing but extended to Guild Halls.

    Not generic, not static, not same
  • kriinkriin Member
    Not a fan of Guild Halls. There will be quite a bit of players spending there time in the guild halls doing this and that when all that could be done out in the open or in taverns making the game feel lively. Guild halls will just divide and hide us speaking mostly with guildmates.

    I do see the good points of it and the fun but interacting with other players besides guildmates is what I think will bring the game to life. In the old days of EQ2 you need other professions help to craft subcomponents and there was lots of players crafting, chatting and trading. At some point guild halls was introduced and that's when local crafting stations became a ghost town and guild halls feels empty if you don't have a huge guild.
  • AuronAuron Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    Purpose, a reason for guild members to visit it.

    Quest givers, arena, weekly or monthly arena ranking board, guild bank, crafting hub for master artisans of the guild, GvG recap board (statistics of the previous fights), war/alliance situation board (current political situation), advancement of the Guild Castle (status of the 3 connected military nodes, status of gates/towers/siege vehicles), guild member exclusive auction/trade house...
  • ZachianZachian Member
    I really like the Guild Halls in GW2. Having the ability to freely decorate your own guild hall, build customized mini games (jumping puzzles) and have a nice layout for everything is great fun!
  • MipMip Member
    Mikasa wrote: »
    Guild Gathering #2 - Guild Halls
    What Guild Hall features would you like to see in Ashes of Creation? What features have you liked from other games? What features do you think have been missed opportunities?

    1. Staging Duels 1-8 vs 1-8
    2. In-Guild/Alliance exclusive Market shop
    3. Bulletin board w/ guild tasks/goals
    4. Quests given by Guild Leader (to turn in 'X' amount of resources)
    5. Multiple chests for organization with permissions for certain members to deposit/withdrawal
    6. Billboard banner for larger announcements (Guildie of the month, alert messages, etc)
    7. Gambling/games/music
    8. A large map for the guild to mark points of interest (enemy node, dungeon, etc)
    9. Mounting trophies on the wall from large beasts/world bosses (horns, scales, claws, eyeball)
    10. AoC Pinball machine with highscores

    Agree very much, and especially with the No 1. suggestion! That would be so awesome
  • The HypeBearThe HypeBear Member, Founder
    Guild Gathering #2 - Guild Halls
    What Guild Hall features would you like to see in Ashes of Creation? What features have you liked from other games? What features do you think have been missed opportunities?
    • The guild hall in DC Univers Online had a great guild hall system that let you show statues of players who had contrabuted the most ot the guild, I think there should have been some kind of record of guild achivments, a perminat record of the members that participated in content such as raids, world boss kills or who contrabuted to the guild progression.
    • It would be cool to have a guild requests/orders system, crafters could request resorces from gathers and guild members could request items from the crafters in the guild.
    • to go with the last one a system for building up reputation with the guild or contrabution to reward people for the time they put into helping build the guild.
  • ariatrasariatras Member, Founder

    Glorious Ashes community - we're excited to continue our new series called Guild Gatherings! Guild Gathering topics are a "reverse Q&A" similar to our Dev Discussions, where we ask you about your thoughts on everything related to guilds.

    Our team has compiled a list of questions we'd love to get your feedback on regarding guild tools, gameplay, your previous experiences, and more. Join in on our Guild Gatherings and share how your gaming family is special to you!

    Guild Gathering #2 - Guild Halls
    What Guild Hall features would you like to see in Ashes of Creation? What features have you liked from other games? What features do you think have been missed opportunities?

    Keep an eye out for our next Guild Gathering topic regarding how you measure success!

    Have it be a house/hall/place represented in the actual game. In the city. Don't make it instanced. Have it be customisable too. Especially the entrance. (Guild banners and such would be nice)

  • Well really large flags or banners with Ashes of Creation Pheonix on it. Different flags could represent guild achievememts. Bet prettty cool if we could have three flags out at ounce.
  • GrimfaldraGrimfaldra Member
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    Maybe I have missed a link, but basically, in addition to some of the good ideas that were mentioned (guild levels ect.) ....get "inspired (i.e. copy+make better)" by the EQ2 Guild Hall stuff.

    Basically, building on those principles would be great and give a guild things to work for apart from raiding and grouping.

    With today's tech, you could make the highest Tiers of Guildhalls to be non-instanced and limited in number. With an upkeep system, that makes sure a "dead" guild will not block a spot after falling apart.

    Dug up an example from 2019 too:

  • Greetings again everybody! Thank you all for jumping in and sharing your thoughts on what would make a guild hall a guild home <3 I'm going ahead and gathering up your feedback for our team now, but please don't hesitate to keep dropping your ideas and thoughts in this thread!
  • ShadowcraftShadowcraft Member, Intrepid Pack
    Personally, id love it if guild houses provided something for the city/town they are in as well.

    maybe some guilds set themselves up as a bankers guild, maybe others a merc guild, others a loremasters guild, etc ect, seeing how the guilds influence the cities/towns themselves I think would be amazing, be it a tiny guild of three that converted their guild into a tavern or alchemy shop, to largest guild in the place that is in charge of the banks, providing arms and armaments to the cities guards, or perhaps an adventuring guild that sells exotic things to crafters, granting guild the ability to also be apart of the cities business I think would really make it immersive and fun.
  • AylokAylok Member
    I think that there are 2 important aspects to guild halls.
    1. Some way to express the identity of the guild. There should be ways to customize the hall to represent the players that own it. This can either come in the form of different guild halls or different decorations for the guild halls, both are important in my opinion.
    2. Community activities that guild mates can do together. Guild chemistry is best built by spending time together so things like a duel arena or some sort of exclusive pve/gathering content would be great.
  • DreohDreoh Member
    The biggest thing a guild hall needs is actual reasons to go to it or spend time in it.

    It's great having a social space yea, but Guild Halls as social spaces tend to not really get used in my experience without actual reasons to be there.

    Like maybe crafting tables that have guild buff bonuses when crafting in the hall? Stuff like that.
  • NerrorNerror Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    So, I would like to see guild halls be targets for sieges in guild wars.
    I would also like to see different sizes of guildhalls. For example:
    • Small guildhall - less features but easy for a small force to defend it against a larger foe. This is simply to allow smaller guilds a chance against larger ones.
    • Medium guildhall - more features, but harder to defend
    • Large guildhall - all the features, but much harder to defend it unless you have many players.

    Along with guildhall sieges comes building defenses. Also requiring some maintenance, so guild halls belonging to dead guilds are easy targets, while active guilds keeping up maintenance are hard nuts to crack.

    If a guildhall is sieged and destroyed, the victor should get the usual bunch of lootable resources, as well as a trophy from the slain guild to take home and proudly display in their own guildhall.
  • NerrorNerror Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Also, I would love to see a "Sponsor a NPC guard" system for the guild halls! Up to whatever maximum amount of guards is deemed appropriate. Basically guildies should be able to directly outfit the NPC guards with their own gear. Have a spare Epic weapon lying around? Don't give it to that undeserving newbie in your guild, put it on George the Guard!
  • zammwichzammwich Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    A guild bank with advanced interactions for access and tracking of incoming and outgoing, Guild missions/job board that can be posted by ranking members. Some sort of listing for what sorts of missions/bank contributions members have made. A guild trophy hall to display the feats of the guild. Some sort of limited visitor functionality for hosting negotiations with allied guilds. Guild vendors and crafting stations with a progression system that allows members to contribute to. Some place to settle guild disputes via combat. And overall a level of customization that allows a guild hall to feel unique to your guild.
  • uncounteduncounted Member
    edited March 29
    First I will answer the topic question and then how I would like the guild halls to function.

    Guild Hall features that I would like to see:
    1. Decorations both external and internal.(banners, insignia, trophies, etc)
    2. Training room where you can spar with your guild mates.(Functional training dummies and maybe an obstacle course)
    3. Guild vault.(with permission system and a log)
    4. In-guild auction house where you can put up for sale items, materials and components for only your guild mates.
    5. Trophy hall where you can show off how good your guild is.
    6. Crafting stations with some small guild only buffs.
    7. Mini-games to play with your guild mates.
    8. Meeting room.
    9. Some kind of guild journal which keeps track of everything the guild has done.
    10. Guild shop where your guild can put an NPC in the front of the guild hall to sell items produced by your guild.
    11. Instanced apartments. Works similar to the apartment building the mayor can build in the node but are only accessible to your guild members, can be upgraded to increase the number of them or to be more luxurious.
    12. An NPC or a board for other players/guilds to post requests for items or materials for the guild to fulfill, obviously for a reward.(think of it like buy orders or player made quests.)
    13. Of course some type of guild hall progression/upgrade system that makes your guild hall bigger(adds more floors or a basement) in addition to more features.

    How I would like for guild halls to function:
    The guild halls should be persistent open world buildings that can be build by the mayor of a node or a player can dedicate his own house or freehold as guild hall this will allow the placement of guild hall only items/buildings/etc on any open world property with the bigger and most featureful being the freehold and the dedicated guild hall building in metropolis nodes.

    For those that chose to dedicate their house as a guild hall a guild guest will be given to gather materials and upgrade their house to a guild hall, although the plot of the house will not change in size you will be able to upgrade it vertically up to a point, that will depend on the advancement of the node and the guild level(if such thing exists). You will be able to equip this guild hall with most of the features but you will be limited by the space you have. It will be good enough for small guilds but bigger ones will require a true guild hall or a dedicated freehold.

    The guild hall building will require a large plot or even multiple adjacent plots of land in a node and will be placed by order of a mayor as with any other building. Any guild leader/officer that has a citizenship on the node can claim it, I imagine the claim will be some kind of biding and the highest bidder gets it but other ways of claiming are possible (quests, highest contribution in building materials/components etc...). This building will be able to further upgrade from the guild that owns it up to a point, it is tied to the node progression.

    For those that choose to dedicate their freehold as a guild hall they will be given a guild quest to build the actual guild hall building in the freehold property. The freehold guild halls will probably be the best, they will be significantly bigger than all the others and also will not be tied to the nodes progression, as long as you have the materials and components you can fully upgrade it. Also every building/facility that gets placed in that freehold will be guild accessible according with whatever permission the leaders set.

    Most important of all is that one of the primary goals of guild wars will be the enemie's guild hall destruction. Warring guilds will be able to attack their enemies guild hall and if successfully get in and destroy their guild core/throne room /whatever will win the war and get rewarded with a percentage of loot from the guild vault. Then the destroyed guild hall will have to be repaired or it will not function.
  • LuthienstormLuthienstorm Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Guild halls hold a special place in my heart.

    1. A place to meet.
    2. A gold sink
    3. Able to hire and customize NPCs that guard the guild hall.
    4. Guild halls should give a city boon.
    5. Guild halls should be raidable in guild wars. Legendary weapons and a portion of the guild wealth should be seizable. Guild halls can be protected or unprotected by the city.
    6. Extra space
    7. A place to practice with a menegarie to help test builds.
  • edited March 30
    Regarding style and playability - please, please, please keep to your roots and don't go in the direction of kitchy/Final Fantasy/cutesy-anime styled items. I'd LOVE an immersive experience that makes me feel like I'm in the actual fantasy-based world rather than ... Oh look, there's a blob hat with a smiley face on it and it doesn't match the rest of the world what-so-ever!
  • Hallo again friends! Now that we've had a chance to read through all your in-depth feedback, you can check out a summary of your top notes for our team in the original post!

    We'd love for you to keep sharing your dream guild hall examples here, and can't wait to chat with you about how your guild measures success for our next topic!
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