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Looking for a Home

Sir_JohnSir_John Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
edited May 2021 in NA Guild Recruitment
Hello everyone, My name is John/Joheem and I have been following Ashes very closely for a long time now and I will be diving into the Alpha and the pre-alpha tests that are coming up.

A little about what I have planned to do in Ashes...

From the announcement of Ashes after it made it out of Kickstarter I have been trying to convince my friends to dive into this amazing idea of a world with me and create a Mercenary Guild that has a "White Knight" type of moral system and sell our swords to other groups or individuals. I enjoy being a figure but not on the frontpage so I have tried to steer clear of massive guilds just zerging content or whatever else. The reasoning behind my idea was to keep a tight knit crew that had the best comradery, I've played games with my group of 9 friends for over 10 years since we were all in high school so it is hard for my to venture out from that.

So I have come to find myself with friends that I imagine won't really give the game the time I believe it deserves or even the effort. So I am looking for something similar to what I mentioned above. I'd love to talk so feel free to contact me on here or I'll link my discord ID below. Worst case scenario I'll grow my future friends list within Verra!

Full disclosure I plan to neckbeard this game, I am ok with a hardcore or even a casual group as long as the atmosphere is there and there are goals to achieve together.

Discord: Joheem#7611


  • tautautautau Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Nice to meet you! I hope we end up on the same server, I would enjoy learning the world together...and hiring your group to protect my caravans!
  • Sir_JohnSir_John Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    tautau wrote: »
    Nice to meet you! I hope we end up on the same server, I would enjoy learning the world together...and hiring your group to protect my caravans!

    The pleasure is all mine Tautau, I look forward to a mutually beneficial agreement in the future! The Bandits won't know what hit em.
  • NeorineNeorine Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited May 2021
    Steering clear of massive Zerg type mentality is what The Divine Order is all about tbh. We created the guild about 3 months ago, but we're growing pretty fast since we try to get to know our members other than treat them like a number. I'm glad there are still ppl out there who aren't caught up in the quantity of people. We try and get the quality instead. Come take a look at out Guild Recruitment post and see for your self if our values align with yours!

    Link to Recruitment Post:

    Hope to see you in the guild soon buddy!
  • GarmanicusGarmanicus Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Heya there! Paralithium here, nice to meet you and welcome! Blacklist is a PvX Mercenary guild that aims for a Quality over Quantity medium sized garrison. If you're interested in chatting feel free to hit us up, If not no hard feelings and we will see you in the Alpha as well! ^_^
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