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Next Live Stream + Q&A Submission - Friday, October 29, 2021 at 11AM Pacific

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Glorious Ashes Community!

Our next live stream will be Friday, October 29, 2021 at 11AM Pacific! (Click here to convert this to your local time.)

Similar to our past streams, we'd love to gather some questions from you to answer live! Please submit your question for our development team in the thread below, and we'll select 10 of them at random to answer at the end of our live stream. In order to accommodate a variety of questions from our community, please only post ONE question below, and the more direct/succinct the better! (think one to two sentences!) Submissions end Wednesday, October 27, 2021 at 11AM Pacific so we can select your questions before the stream.

We'll see you soon for our development update live stream!

ICYMI, here's the video from our stream!


  • A question about maps:

    Do you plan on having account-wide map exploration and knowledge, or will maps be specific to your individual characters, to create a market for something along the lines of Scribe-made maps?

  • eestieesti Member
    edited October 2021
    Can small gulids do castle battles via alliances?
    edited October 2021

    Any news about the ranger archtype and how will it work?
  • KarthosKarthos Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited October 2021
    As stated previously, ships will have joints that players can assign for utility or weaponry components.

    Is this assignment done when the ship is first created, or can it be changed when ever the owner desires?
  • NerrorNerror Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited October 2021
    Hi Steven, can you elaborate on what you mean when you talk about item destruction from over-enchanting, and how you are able to reforge a destroyed item in terms of materials and enchant level and so on?
  • Anduin KayvaanAnduin Kayvaan Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Alpha One
    edited October 2021
    What are the average life spans for each of the major races of Verra? Is it similar to Pathfinder Ages?
    Gray Sentinels Guild Recruitment
  • ImmortalityImmortality Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Do verrans celebrate our holidays? Like halloween or Christmas. Or is it some kind of Jule festival like in Lord of the Rings Online?

    Thanks guys! Keep up the great work!
  • LashingLashing Member
    edited October 2021
    Will food/consumables buffs persist through death. Perhaps with higher tier buffs losing less time on death as they advance in power.
  • Nova OrdemNova Ordem Member, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited October 2021
    About one of the Kickstarter perks, the Phoenix's Aura, from the 5.000$ package, will this aura effect be exclusive, or similar to the racial skins there will be variations of it obtainable ingame? Would love to have to start seeing some of the old KS skins in 3d models as well :)
  • When will we get some Tulnar love? (see something for them. May it be weapons. Armor. Housing)
  • My question was about the corruption system and competing for resources.

    If I'm competing for resources against another player, rare herb nodes for example, will I have to risk getting corrupted fighting other players to contest the nodes?
  • VisteroVistero Member, Alpha One, Adventurer

    Will it be possible for economic nodes to buy other nodes to increase their zone of influence?
  • McShaveMcShave Member
    edited October 2021
    When a node loses it's parent node in a siege, is it possible for another node nearby that is a higher level to become it's parent node? If there are multiple higher level nodes, how is the influence determined from these nodes?
  • AzheraeAzherae Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Is it decided yet, if Hunting Certificates will sometimes/always also act as crafting materials, or if these two concepts are completely separate?

    (name pronunciation is aj-heh-ray, can't leave Margaret hanging again!)
    Sorry, my native language is Erlang.
  • What are your thoughts on damage/healing meters? Outside of its obvious benefits in end game raid/ dungeon content, damage/healing meters makes any group content way more fun even when you're doing trivial stuff because you're always able to compete with your friends and try to do the most damage/healing. Damage/healing meters are also a great way to properly theorycraft different builds. I very much hope these will be in the game in some fashion and would like to know you're thoughts , thanks!
  • Question: What types of progress are you planning on having be account wide?
  • ValorothValoroth Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited October 2021
    Will guilds have logs so we know who PK'd who and in what guild to minimize drama and confusion?
    or reward a player for their due diligence in open war.
    Grand Master
  • How many devs do you now have in the studio? Did you hit your mark of 150?
  • BlipBlip Member
    edited October 2021
    Can you tell us how over-enchanting works, and to what extent the item is destroyd or de-leveld, and how you can recover from the loss?
  • ashoneashone Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    I , for one, have been waiting for the next Directors Letter. When can we expect to receive it?
  • How finalized are class names? I personally felt Trickster and Charlatan as classes should be switched as the namesakes felt reversed. Also any news on the implementation of daggers or rogues would be welcome.
  • In New World, bow/musket/magic have decidedly different playstyle mechanisms, namely that muskets are hitscan(or exceedingly close to it), while magic and bows have projectile velocity that can be disorientingly slow at times, making it very hard to hit moving targets.

    Are there any thoughts to how projectiles will work in Ashes? For instance, if action combat bows had projectile velocity, would tab-target just be automatic hits based on a dice roll?
  • NostraNostra Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited October 2021
    Using the following potential Social Organization Quest "Bounty Hunter: go kill a corrupted player" - will quests that might not be completable depending on server and population exist (example: there isn't a corrupted player currently logged in or exist at all on the server)?
  • insomnia wrote: »
    When will we get some Tulnar love? (see something for them. May it be weapons. Armor. Housing)

    This. We do not need much, but an update would be very appreciated! Just slap some scales and a dragon helm on an orc model and I will be happy!
  • George_BlackGeorge_Black Member, Intrepid Pack
    edited October 2021
    Should gold be the only currency (besides monster coins and hunt certificate exchanged for gold) or should there be daily content activities rewarding currencies for specific NPCs, enslaving players to routine gameplay?
  • This is more of an afterthought but do yall plan to have any ultra rare or unique joke items in the game?
  • Will Monster Coins bought from the store be identical to Monster Coins from drops?
  • How is Jeffers doing?
  • NeurotoxinNeurotoxin Member, Alpha One
    Can you share more about the expected attribute growth of each race, and provide more information on what each attribute contributes to in order to help us further understand those racial differences?
  • MarzzoMarzzo Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    What current challenges is the development team facing and how are you planning to tackle them?
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