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  • Will there be some sort of submarines to discover the depths of the seas?
  • FriendlyneighbourFriendlyneighbour Member, Alpha One
    Hello all,
    I wanted to know, in a freehold, the owner is protected from combat while in his freehold ZOI. Does that apply for other non party/guild players too or is it possible for them to start fighting for amusement while in the freehold? Or could we see a freehold building like a fighting pit or something similar?

    Thank you
  • If you were to go into a tavern in Verra, what would you order?
  • If you run into a group of different types of mobs (e.g. you pull a full room with melee and ranged mobs) and you start killing them. You do AoEs and single target skills and at some point the mob you have in your target dies obviously. Will there be a system that targets the next "logical" mob like if you pull only melee mobs it would be the one with the lowest HP or if you pull a mixed group of melee and ranged it would prolly be all melee mobs first or the ones that deal most damage to you. How will you handle that "Problem" because i ve played quite a lot MMOs where the next mob in line seemed to be completely random and unlogic most of the times?
  • Hey Team!Your pal Warn1ng here. Can we get some info on Alpha2 such as a release date? Are there any new classes that you you plan on bringing into alpha-2.And Do you plan on implementing a PVP ranking/leaderboard system into the game?
  • How do you currently see the end-game game loop? What activities are you planning for those that reach max level?
  • When killing a world boss, will there be world effects? or just give a loot

    caravan illustration with the remains of the world boss.
    In the nearest city a party for the winners and change the loot
    a mass attack by beasts on the nearest city
  • NostraNostra Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited November 2021
    Is Siege Scroll declaration specific to a particular Node ID, or a specific Node Type at or below a particular Node Advancement Stage, or "any" Node at or below a particular Node Advancement Stage?
  • Can you tell us if we can specialize in a single elemental path as a mage? If so, how many varieties of elements will there be?
  • HjerimHjerim Member, Leader of Men, Alpha One
    edited November 2021
    If you have a gliding mount, like the griffin, can you put a skin on it so it changes to a dragon?
    Or do you need a dragon to put another dragon skin on it?

    As Jahlon already answered the above:

    Will there be any visual progression for mounts, outside animal husbandry?

    Example: Mule -> Horse -> War Horse. The further we are in the game, the higher "rarity" of mounts will be available.
  • Will I be able to make a hybrid(mammalian/reptilian) tulnar?
  • (lore nerd question) I believe you stated that the gods will be a very important part of Ashes, with realms that we can perhaps venture towards? With a close connection to the divine, (If this is the case) I was wondering if players will get to have some kind of ascension feature. Not necessarily to gods but perhaps eventually possess a level of divinity that could open up new skills like "ascended skills" or alter appearance slightly etc.

    Also any divine node information? Or have I missed that? x
  • HakaijuHakaiju Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Will an item with an unique effect be craftable/drop for different levels?
  • Will crafted gear/items display the name of who made it? So that they can build up a reputation as a crafter
  • Hey Ashes team, firstly thank you all for all the hard work you're doing to make us a great MMO :)

    You guys have mentioned there will be and are already jumping puzzles that exist in the world and movement is obviously a very important aspect of making them enjoyable. I imagine it's hard to nail down a movement system, can you tell us what struggles you guys have encountered there if any, and tell us if there are any games that have served as inspiration for you?

    Thanks guys!
    P.S. Shoutout to Toast!
  • iQueueGamingiQueueGaming Member
    edited November 2021
    I understand that there are still things that you are continuing to fix, tweak and refine but is there a window that you plan to have the game finally be released? I'm not asking for an exact date but more of a next year or are we looking at 2 more years?

    In addition to that question which I'm sure is frequently asked one how will the system that will manage all of the classes coupled with the races and an eventual secondary class work without one class/race mix becoming too over or under powered?
  • MayhemMayhem Member, Intrepid Pack, Alpha One
    Will instanced pvp be playable in A2? like arenas and such
  • Can you share your vision for any screenshot or video recording tools you'd like to provide to players?
  • the animations and postures of our avatar have not evolved since apocalypse
    During the alpha we saw the final version, or are you still going to work on it?
    Novus ordo seclorum
  • Hello Steven and the Ashes Devs

    Would Ashes have an Asia server with language packs to select? MMO players in Asia would really like to try out this game!

  • How will Scales and Fur interact on a Tulnar Character? Or will we have to settle for only 1 kind of covering?
  • Will economic nodes typically have more gold in their coffers than other types of nodes due to the monthly mayoral seat bidding process?
  • About Corruption

    To what extent will the corrupted areas effect the node if the players decide not to deal with it? Does it have a limit or can it go as far as to take over/destroy node cities?
  • UlfbrinterUlfbrinter Member
    edited November 2021
  • GrilledCheeseMojitoGrilledCheeseMojito Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Since there are only 50 Apartments and 8 Cottages in a Village Node, will players who claim citizenship in the Node get bonuses to their Node Exp Contributions, or will the Node need to attract more people who don't technically live in it?
    Grilled cheese always tastes better when you eat it together!
  • FenixofAsheFenixofAshe Member
    edited November 2021
    Question about social aspects:

    In brief:

    How are you going to limit players from gathering information outside of the game? So that the game has a rich social design.

    Long version of above question:

    How are you going to take care of the social aspects of the game? If you look at the entire generation of mmorpg games at the time when they were most popular, the factor that attracted gamers the most was the opportunity to meet and chat in the virtual world with friends or guild members. In the past, all information about the game, character development, weapons, hunting places, skills learing etc. we had to obtain from players inside the game . Nowadays, unlimited access to information about games trough wikis, guides and video tutorial on YT has negatively impacted the general enjoyment of them. AoC is far from being released, and you can already find some tutorials on yt..

    I know it's impossible to tell players "don't record and don't share tutorials", or "don't watch tutorials", but are you planning any system that will make players try to get information inside the game ? Getting information by players by their own is a lot of great additional content that you, as developers, would not have to work on. Unfortunately, a new player acquiring all the knowledge in a 5-minute guide destroys all the immersion and importance of the information gained in the game.

    To sum up:
    1. Conveniences kills adventure,
    2. Facilitate and reward players interaction,

    Lots of love to all AoC lovers and creators!
  • JustVineJustVine Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Since economic node Mayor-ship will not be democratic will there be a way to see "campaign funds" or "contributions" or will the "election" be a blind one shot?
  • DerStraussDerStrauss Member
    edited November 2021
    Hey Ashes Team,

    is it already decided how many combat skills each class will have? Like do we have 20+ skills like in wow/ff14 or is it more ~10 like in Alpha 1?
  • I have been away from gaming for many years. I plan to jump back in with Ashes of Creation, but I need to build a new rig... which means I need to save up for a new rig.

    I have seen some recommended specs floating around, is that likely to change before release and I want to jump in Beta testing. Would you guess that is closer to 1 year or 2 years away still?
  • In regards to your dynamic node system. We know that NPCs will change based on events of the world. However, will open world NPCs be able to dynamically grow based on actions or non-actions of players, so say a bandit camp will be able to expand into a bandit stronghold, and possibly expand even further into local dungeons in the area until the bandit threat is rectified? Bandits could be replaced with any prominent baddies that take up arms.
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