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  • SirPatchNotesSirPatchNotes Member
    edited June 17
    Can we get an ETA on Alpha-2 start?
  • Will there be any races that can have bright colored hair like pink and green?
  • nickgrizznickgrizz Member, Founder, Kickstarter
    Are guilds going to have progression, for example, if my guild focuses on weaponsmithing or jewelcrafting, would that give us bonuses towards those activities, and if so, would that lock us out of progressing other branches too?
  • hapyhapy Member
    If I go on top of the mountain, can I see different weather in biomes around me?
  • RenardCARenardCA Member
    edited June 17
    there will be any kind of hidden quests that will be found if you pay attention to the dialogues of some npc? I mean, for example, a woman crying for her husband lost at sea, then a fisherman who always saw a man in a boat in a certain direction, and finally, boat wreckage on the rocks of a cliff leading to a cave where the man is. I would love this type of quests with hints of puzzles (of course no markings on the map, only according to exploration and research)
  • TrishazTrishaz Member
    Given the move to Unreal 5, and the graphics in the Character Creator and Weather updates, will there be a change in the minimum/recommended system specs for Alpha 2?
  • VmanGmanVmanGman Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Do you plan to have expansions that invalidate previous content and progress? If not, how will you design expansions so as to not invalidate previous content and progress?
  • -T0Mb--T0Mb- Member
    A question about wild animals.

    Are there going to be any small differences between wild animals that are same species? For example does all tigers of the same breed look exactly same or can they have a little detail changes like different stripes, scars, size or color changes (I'm not talking about cosmetic skins)?
  • tsplagtsplag Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    How are you planning on balancing 64 classes?
  • Arren78Arren78 Member
    Question about spawning mechanic:
    Mob spawning over/next to you brakes immersion badly. Any spawning mechanics to avoid this?
  • ClintHardwoodClintHardwood Member
    edited June 17
    If we see a mounted player, will we have to kill their mount before we can attack them directly, or does a sliver of damage automatically unsummon their mount?
  • George_BlackGeorge_Black Member, Intrepid Pack
    edited June 17
    Will mobs knock people off their mounts, or will mounted players bypass all mobs easily making them skippable?
  • Regarding Node Trade Agreements-
    Will there be a distance in which trade agreements will no longer be an option regardless of road connections. For example Node A is directly connected to Node B via roads at a distance of 10 km apart, Node C is connected to Node B at a distance of another 10 km. Can Node A trade with Node C via transporting through Node B?
  • Are there plans to implement in game VOIP to talk to nearby players? If "NO," what other systems might be planned to encourage players to socially communicate with each other?
  • MycologyMycology Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    How is the Caravan System coming along?
  • horendishorendis Member, Intrepid Pack, Alpha One
    Will you sit in a caravan seat or on the mount pulling it? (Some caravan cosmetics have seats, others do not.)
  • SchmukySchmuky Member
    Can you expand on the Bind on Equip/Pickup systems in Ashes? (the wiki post is kinda small tbh)
  • When going on raids, the raid boss will have a chance to drop raw materials to craft equipment comparable to BiS armor. My question is will there be certain gather-able materials, like resource nodes (minerals and plant life) that are only spawned in these raids in the final boss room to help make these sets of armor, if not be able to make a set of armor and weapons separate to that of what would be made by the raid boss’s dropped resources? In my head I can see it drive players not to just focus on one class, that being the artisan or adventuring classes, so that they can get everything out of a raid. Even if they still choose to focus on one class it will give incentive to go into raids and will create a dynamic for groups to hire/reserve gatherers so they can get the most out of a raid to make these great sets of gear.
  • EsotericEsoteric Member
    A while ago you mentioned leveling to max level would take around 45 days if playing for around 5 hours a day . Is this still the case or do you have plans to shorten or lengthen the progression to Max level.
  • CadacCadac Member
    At what time interval are the the property taxes on your freehold buildings due?
  • Will open freehold plots be carved out of the natural environment in aesthetically pleasing areas as the local node progresses, with their placement curated to maintain the beauty of the vistas? Or will it be a random smattering of freehold plots slapped onto the environment wherever any player sees fit?
  • NorkoreNorkore Member
    edited June 18
    Are there any plans to implement active dodge/block/parry in the game? By active what I mean is player controlled and not % based actions.
  • DrunkninjaDrunkninja Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Where in Verra will you be safe from player versus player?
  • NorkoreNorkore Member
    edited June 18
  • ShileeShilee Member
    Has the team decided a couple of ideas on what the superpower for the militaristic and religious metropolis nodes will be yet, or has the idea been finalized already?
  • MihaeleMihaele Member
    Will there be gender tags implements above player tags? I know personally I'm a guy and personally like playing as a female model, but don't want to deceive/confuse people. Might be a new and more welcoming change for the MMO community. Thoughts?
  • MihaeleMihaele Member
    Does Intrepid have any information about the healing class? In previous MMO's I have seen more emphasis on the DPS characters being balanced but not the healers. They usually get the short end of the stick with that. Support lives matter~ Archeage Unchained was a nice breath of fresh air with that for the most part, and I am hoping that sentiment could be utilized in Ashes.
  • Fishing in your freehold: will players be able to stock the pond themselves, or will new fish and items get unlocked as the freehold levels?
  • reighendreighend Member
    Let say I am adventuring to deep zone where the zone access will be heavily affected by the weather. I move in on the time which the weather give the access to the zone, but for some reason I am not able to play for so long and my player still in the deep zone(because the weather already change) and trapped there. Is there any other way beside self-kill for my character to get out of the zone? since teleportation is relatively low in AoC.
  • sl3ndersl3nder Member
    Will all abilities and skills have an action/tab target mode that you can choose from or change on the fly or will some abilities be tab only or action only?

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