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Throne and Liberty systems similar to AoC & Their twist on them



  • AzheraeAzherae Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    NiKr wrote: »
    Azherae wrote: »
    Well, since you're probably tracking it more, have you seen anyone actually try to play in a coordinated group to kill things above their level yet?

    This is the thing I generally don't expect from streamers, which really limits how much you can actually get in terms of impressions.
    I've been mainly watching a few hours of Steparu's streams here and there. They had a party farm, but it didn't look much different so far.

    Saw that world boss from the trailer (that has stones around him to "dodge" the attacks). The boss' dmg was not high enough to kill everyone who didn't dodge so everyone literally just stood in the same place and unloaded. I really hope they at least put some scaling on the attacks or smth, cause even L2's bosses felt a bit better :D At least the bigger ones did and maybe this was supposed to be a party boss or smth? I dunno.

    And the bigger pvp fights that I saw were mainly outzerged by either side, so couldn't notice any proper movements yet. I'll go through more of the streams later on and will keep watching till the end of the beta, but I doubt we'll see anything really skillful, just cause you need a proper coordinated group and afaik there's no such thing on this cbt, due to the invitation limitations. Maybe KR players have that, but there was maybe 2-3 kr streamers and they didn't seem to play in parties, from what I saw, so I dunno if they're at a higher lvl of skill.

    I hope they have obt soon or smth like that, cause we'd get way more info about the depth that way.

    Well, that barely matters to me except as comparison to Ashes, as the thread implies. The reason I ask is basically because it seems that I've exhausted all interest that my group has in this thread specifically. I provided all that I figure matters to anyone from the data I have too.

    So, I can't think of anything else that Intrepid could even cursorily get any use out of, and therefore probably will drop this one again.
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  • DepravedDepraved Member
    people were doing world bosses and dungeons, not super challenging. the more challenging bosses were the solo bosses in some tower or whatever (mostly cuz ppl failed the parry xD)
  • EhrgeizEhrgeiz Member

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  • DizzDizz Member
    Asgerr wrote: »
    One of the interesting added system they have it the Evil Deeds system. It's basically AoC's corruption for PKing, other players.

    What TL has added as a different twist to it, is that PKs occurring at night, do not incur into Evil Deeds points being gained. Potentially under the fantasy that a dagger in the night is of unknown origin.

    Do you think this could be an interesting option to add to AoC? If yes, how do you think it slots in and with what limitations?

    Personally don't like the idea about PK at night don't gain corruption. I maybe feel okay something like it's harder for bounty hunters to spot corrupted players because night and weather etc factors gives some kind of cover for corrupted players to hide or get away from bounty hunters. But PK at night without gain corruption point is a no to me.
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  • SeloSelo Member
    NiKr wrote: »
    Selo wrote: »
    Have you watched the gameplay videos? its nothing like Lineage.
    Its a mobile autobattler.
    You do know that majority of Lineage games right now have auto-battle, right? And outside of that automation, TL took pretty much everything else from L2: combat design, soulshots, guilds, sieges, transformations, pets, etc.

    The biggest difference is probably the "class" design.

    We did not talk about Lineage mobile, we were talking about Lineage 1 and 2.
    Lineage mobile is nothing like Lineage 1 and 2.
    To say TL is anything like Lineage 1 and 2 is ...
    It makes me question if those people even played Lineage 1 and 2.
    The other games just use the name.
    Ive played dozens of f2p mobile games that looks EXACTLY like TL.
    Transformations, pets, guilds?, sieges etc are not exclusive for Lineage.
    The combat is nothing near LIneage 1 and 2 combat.
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  • NiKrNiKr Member
    Selo wrote: »
    The combat is nothing near LIneage 1 and 2 combat.
    In what way?
  • CROW3CROW3 Member
    NiKr wrote: »
    Selo wrote: »
    The combat is nothing near LIneage 1 and 2 combat.
    In what way?

    @NiKr - I was curious what your thoughts on the T&L testing streams / gameplay would be. I'm trying to wade through the hyperbole to see accurate representation before I form a judgement.
  • NiKrNiKr Member
    CROW3 wrote: »
    I was curious what your thoughts on the T&L testing streams / gameplay would be. I'm trying to wade through the hyperbole to see accurate representation before I form a judgement.
    This is probably my main response
    NiKr wrote: »
    Yeah, that combat (TL's) didn't upset me at all. The only thing that upset me is the absolute absence of abilities shown. I'll check out TL streams closer to the end of cbt to see the variety (if there is any), cause by then people will probably farm some books and lvl up properly.

    L2's combat greatness came from how classes worked with each other and from general ability interactions. Main concern related to that in TL for me is the "everyone can use any weapon and gets abilities for it". I just don't know if this kind of design can be as deep as L2's was (at least as I saw it).

    I definitely decided to play this game when it comes out, thanks to this cbt. It'll most likely be just a timekiller before Alpha2, because western servers will die faster than you can blink and I definitely don't want to play on ru servers (I assume there will be some, cause I feel like TL will be popular here). And I'm 99% sure that it'll also be p2w AF, so it'll be better to just play it to the best of my relaxed abilities.
    The game hits all the things I prefer
    NiKr wrote: »
    For me it's world exploration and neverending grind of my character's strength growth. Pvp, pve, quests, etc - that's all good, but that's just plain gameplay. I've got a ton of that in any other game. But if the world is interesting to explore and I can grind the game for hours to get a +0.1% power for my char - now that's what would hold me in the game.
    Because of this^ I'll definitely play TL as much as I can until Alpha2 comes out.
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