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[Feedback Request] Alpha Two Caravan PvP Preview Shown in January Livestream



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    arsnnarsnn Member, Intrepid Pack, Alpha One
    edited February 27
    Lot of good stuff.
    Here to talk about 2 things, combat and crates.

    The combat seemed to have made leaps in the 6 months before.
    In this showcase however, with more of a free form setting and with a few more people, it looked bad.
    Having seen all the iterations, it really looks like you follow „see what sticks“ approach religiously. I feel like the issue here is that it looks like intrepid is still not aware of the design requirements for what they want to achieve. It‘s a bit frustrating to follow, since it feels like a lot of time wasted into directions of designs that become obsolete, once you test it in bigger settings. The most obvious example here are the over the top vfx.
    The bard clip with the force fields looks promising though. My speculation is that the archetype is build to take up space in bigger fights, group your party close together and prevent others from entering. This could help to prevent the deathballs and provide tactical depth on the party level.

    The second thing are the caravan crates.
    I feel like it’s such an low hanging fruit to make crates permanent entities, which you can carry around. The bag inventory system works perfectly with that, it is really destined to do that.
    The whole economic and trading fantasy is really gutted by the current approach. Also instead of waiting for a timer to make the caravan spawn, make it so it takes some time to load the caravan with those crates instead. This also introduces a risk vs reward decision. When successfully ganking a caravan you need to decides on „do i load every crate onto the caravan?“ or „ do i take only a few and get on my way quick“.

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    EleyEley Member
    1. Caravan attackers have no risk, they don't lose anything if they fail to capture caravan. But defenders have high risk, they will lose a lot of cargo. Attackers should also have noticable losses when they fail.
    2. Everyone will run caravans at 4 AM, when other players are sleeping. Mb allow caravans only few hours in the evening + 1 hour in the morning?
    3. Defending the caravan is boring if nobody attacks. Why I would like to defend somebody else's caravan if I don't have a reward for it?
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    The video shows how the magician shoots an auto attack from a magic wand. Will it be possible to shoot from the hands without weapons (staff / wand / book that will be equipped.)?
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