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UPDATED DATE: Official Livestream - Wednesday, October 31st at 1pm PDT - Q&A thread

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Hey, everyone! 
Once again we’re collecting questions to answer during the Wednesday, October 31st Twitch Stream starting at 1 PM PDT, titled "Remember, Remember...".

Please post your questions in this thread and we’ll pick around 10 or so to answer live on-stream. Please, only one question per person. Additional questions will likely not get answered. 

Thanks for your help!
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    Any chance we can see the missing Art from the Kickstarter campaign?

    Like the Phoenix Aura and the Pioneer's Cloak
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    Will there be some new, official wallpapers? (The burning tree would be awesome) And if so, will there ever be animated wallpapers, maybe for the "Wallpaper Engine" or just plain video files?
  • So the background, seen from on griffon-back, looks to be massive mountain ranges. Can we expect there to be mountains that size in the next iteration of the alphas? Or, better yet, in the game upon release?(this is obviously a dubious question for me considering how far out it is) 
  • Will talking to NPCs outside of quests reveal some lore or provide rumors for us to check out? Will the rumors sometimes be false or referring to content that may be locked behind node progression?

  • Will the Tanking role lean more towards damage done coverts to threat (WoW) or abilities that have taunt mechanics built into them (ESO)? I personally don't like ESO's tanking because it is almost a guarantee that my party will be attacked on larger group pulls.
  • Since you are bringing back class kits for castle siege mode, does that mean healers will have some action combat skills for that too? (Of course, I am assuming you are still only focusing on action combat)
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    Are mounts, mules, and combat pets under the flagging system or will they be loot pinatas? Will targeting someone with a combat pet be a "force flag" or a free way to attack someone without flagging?
  • I was wondering if you could please elaborate on large scale PvE content, is there going to be PvE raids and raid bosses, will it all be open world or will there be instanced encounters as well, in regards to raids, will all of the PvE content be fluid or will there be repeatable content/bosses/encounters as well?

    Community, sieges, PvP, open world dungeons, castles, caravans, city building, general PvP and world exploration all sound great, but I know there will be those people in my guild who will want that weekly dungeon/raid content to push thru as well. 
  • will there be regionalized test servers in the future? also anymore news on OCE servers?
  • As a proud future member of the tulnar race, any updates you can provide for us on them are greatly appreciated. 
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    Will you be releasing patch notes for changes as we continue with the alpha?  If so.. at what point will you begin to release detailed patch notes?  You guys have made an amazing amount of progress and changes and personally I always find it fun to read through them to know exactly what has changed and what to test harder.
  • Does Intrepid plan to have any Easter Eggs in the game? Will the easter eggs be made or themed by each staff member and their personality? aka hidden quests and loots
    Having lots of fun testing and hope my screenshots help a lot!
  • Where is sandal? I must know! I've searched all the beaches and ports. PLEASE SANDAL LORD, GRANT ME YOUR WISDOM!
  • So we've heard that equip-able gear (weapons and armor) available to our characters will be unrestricted by class, but the info we have on why classes will favor certain gear over others is still murky.

    Can you elaborate on the interdependence of various item types with the classes and skills?

    What sort of class synergies, itemization of stats, or mobility features are going to be used encourage using lighter gear.
  • How will you make melee combat different compared to the current flailing of the weapons? How will melee animations change?
  • Will ashes have 8 core CPU utilization? for big battles
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    • Is the human male model in the Battle Royal (aka Alpha 1), just a placeholder ?
    • Any new art you can show us? 
    • Can you show us the development team's HALLOWEEN costumes please? (added for date change)
    • How DARK will the night cycle part of the day/night cycle will be?  Night should not be simply "less light"
    • Bonus:  Please explain the hands and knees mechanic, in the BR, when a player still retains full health but only armor is removed by taking damage from another player!

      (I will not ask about lore... but you are free to discuss what you can, and any pictures of your new location you are moving to soon )

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    are the spawns of certain resources restricted to some nodes/biomes or even seasons?
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    We know that Bear McCreary is doing the fantastic music but who is doing the writing? Is it someone famous and if so what have they written before? Who is writing the story?
  • -Siege Weapons
    What kind of siege weapons can we expect to have.More indept info on their crafting.Are they summonable like boats in Archeage.
    And are there gonna be controlled siege golems like in Lineage 2 , or something simmilar.

    -Castle traps
    Will the defendants of a node/castle/fortress be able to lay traps of any sort.

    Sorry if any of those have been amswered before and i still have not gotten to see them.
  • Can we name ships? If so will the name of the ship appear on the side?
    Same question for Freeholds + Taverns + Shops.

  • For the castle siege mode test phase: are the group sizes planned on being increased to 8 people?
  • I'm a RPG player, I love to do quests and explore.
    So, for me, fighting, getting experience, crafting, respond to events are meant to be purpose of the Lore and quests.
    What I like in MMORPG is to do things with others, in a team, a guild.
    My question is how exploration, questing and lore investigating will be important ? Can I do that for most of the time ? Is there any class/profession related to that ?

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    hello Intrepid I first would like to say what you have done for the battle royal it is really smooth because i'm getting 70-80 FPS on max settings and I'm from the EU. I would like to ask a question in regards to action healing with the subject of much debate could you give us an idea what sort of reward would a healer get for going the action route instead of tab route since we know dps can do headshots for crits. 
  • In regards to guild name reservation, will the person reserving the name automatically become the guild leader?

    Have a nice afternoon guys!
  • Hi, I see that Tank + Cleric = Paladin but Summoner + Cleric = Necromancer. Will players who opt into Cleric secondary have choices between light and dark augments or does your primary class determine your overall theme?
  • WILL THERE BE A LOGO EDITOR BEFORE LAUNCH? (Like a character creator) since guild logos will be made in game? 
  • Hi there!
    Would love a deeper explanation to how the 'New financial system'' will work? How will one go about investing in guilds and nodes? Additionally, what is a social ogranization in ashes and what does it do?
  • Will we have seasons during any of the Alpha 1 tests?
  • Hello AoC staff, love what you are doing so far!
    However, one thing that was mentioned in an earlier stream got me abit concerned.
    As I understood it, you are thinking about/planning on making combat pets available for an artisan class, correct me if I'm wrong.
    I don't think this is a good idea, let me tell you why.
    Let's say that maxing out taming and/or some other more specific trait, will give eighter exclusively you or anybody you sell it to, a combat pet that eighter does decent damage or has a support/CC ability that's decent. This will mean that any player whose main path of advancement/usefulness is combat, compared to trading or crafting for example, will feel like they have to eighter simply buy the a combat pet or max out that artisan class. Because they don't want to feel like they are intentionally gimping themselves.
    Now this might not seem like a big deal, if it's seen as more or less another gear piece, why wouldn't people just equip it? Well I would claim that for a substantial amount of your possible player base would find that, having to play a pet class to be competitive, a dealbreaker, and a bigger portion of it would simply prefer to not have to do that.
    As I see it, there's 2 solution to this, eighter simply just have normal pets and leave the combat pets to summoners and rangers, or make the tameable combat pets more or less useless. Ofc if you make the tameable combat pets useless, then making tameable combat pets at all is a waste of time and effort imo.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on this topic, and all the best in the future!
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