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    Another question:
    "Will you differentiate between physical and magical damage, and if you do will we have a 'magical' defense stat together with our armour? Will we have magical spells that deal physical damage (Example: the magician summons a shard of ice that deals physical instead of magical damage to his enemy)?"

    And another one:
    "Can you tell us a bit more about the Tulnar? We know a fair bit about them but we have no real idea how they could look like, except that old silhouette drawing."
  • Are there going to be any super epic rare weapons and armor that can only be achieved through beating world bosses, completing quests, or through raiding dungeons? If not I would very much like to see this added to the game. I believe that it would be a great way for players to have something to hunt and strive for.
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    Regarding Ability Design

    a. Is there some type of time "quota" that you have regarding VFX of any particular class ability designs, in regards to no one class having a "better/cooler" looking animation style due to more time being taken regarding development of said VFX.

    b. What balancing philosophies do you have regarding the development of new VFX for abilities that are accessible in-game vs VFX that are sold cash shop. Is there a ratio or quota for each said VFX?

    Regarding Balance Design

    a. What are you philosophies in regards to "balancing" the crafting/artisan class? So that one role doesn't basically become the end all be all, or "defacto" crafting/artisan path for most players. Ex. weapon smithing just being too useful all around(because it can repair gear, or help w/ weapon durability, or ect..) compared to alchemy.

    b. What are your thoughts on balancing weapon type? Since you've stated previously that all weapons should be equipable to any char (whether it is considered meta or not), then how will you go about making weapons have pros/cons that are balanced. An example is spear does higher base damage than sword, but has a longer CD time.

    c. What are your internal mechanisms or architectural systems in place to balance node type disbursement? Will the node types be statically placed on the map (ex. world cord x:265, y:134 on each server is a economic node regardless of node development or player interactions). Or will nodes be randomly generated on world map which then begs the question of how to balance node type placements (we wouldn't want 15 clumped up military nodes with no way of a ZOI of getting commerce/divine/economic nodes.) If the latter how will you counter such issues?

    d. How will you balance eventual powercreep ( so new weapons/gear/ect.. being "better") as the game progress to traditional BiS/Top gear that are created early on in the games lifespan?

    e. Back to crafting/artisan class balancing. How do you plan on balancing player static power (gear/level/skill/ect..) with temporary power (potions/elixirs/buffs/ect...). In the same vain what are you thoughts on balancing hp/mp recovery items (like hp potions).
  • idharokidharok Member
    is there going to be a justice system? you go to jail after death or a hunter catches you?
  • ziltchziltch Member
    Will there be a "Mayor/King/Queen" equivalent position in Religions that comes with special priviledges?
    Ex: "Pope" or "Apostle"
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    ziltch wrote: »
    Will there be a "Mayor/King/Queen" equivalent position in Religions that comes with special priviledges?
    Ex: "Pope" or "Apostle"

    That would be myself

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    Balancing Experience for Single Toon Only Players VS Players With Multiple Alts

    I enjoy playing a single character and investing all my time into his growth & crafting progression. How do you plan to handle player experience for player that want to have 1 toon/craft vs those with multiple alts for every craft there is? Ex. no limit on crafting skills/bonuses, so the more you progress your character's craft the better items/bonuses you produce compared to others that invest time over multiple areas.
    *Increased bonuses might decrease at higher levels, but would add up over time if a player was dedicated to his/her craft.

    SiQ: Can you share anything on how crafting will feel unique?

    Thank you for you time,
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  • ziltchziltch Member
    nagash wrote: »
    ziltch wrote: »
    Will there be a "Mayor/King/Queen" equivalent position in Religions that comes with special priviledges?
    Ex: "Pope" or "Apostle"

    That would be myself

    Pfff, we will see who the winner is in the end.
    The simplest yet hardest stat to train is Willpower.
  • Coming from the game Albion Online and a member and one of the main tanks for Blue Army (3 time Season winning guild). Zerg Vs. Zerg castle fights are one of our guilds main focus'. How do you intend on creating stable enough servers to be able to handle fights of this scale with many players (claiming 200+ player castle fights) stable with the amount of process' needed to calculate everything going on in the fight. That was a big problem in Albion for some time and they finally are starting to work it out. Thanks :)
  • neuroguyneuroguy Member
    You've mentioned there will not be resist gear (makes sense with carrying weight limits and no fast travel), but are there other ways in game to mitigate or deal with different "types" of damage? Are they class/augment related? Crafting related?
  • frite707frite707 Member, Pioneer
    How is Intrepid going to address the melee vs ranged/magic fighting approach? Essentially, what incentives are there for melee players in terms of pvp when it seems like ranged/magic has an overwhelming advantage over them. For example, disregarding gap-closers which AoC has, in some games there might be a mechanic that allows mitigation of cc, or a directional damage block mechanic to allow melee users to get close to ranged users without being kited all day or perma-cc'd.
  • Will there be any balance relating to level to level combat. Say if I'm a level 53 in the wild and a level 55 comes to fight me, will this be a matchup of skill? (Who has better ability timings, mechanical skill or aiming their abilities correctly) Or will it just be that the level 55 wins instantly because he is 2 levels above the other person?
  • nagashnagash Member, Leader of Men
    what was the inspiration for your lore?

    The dead do not squabble as this land’s rulers do. The dead have no desires, petty jealousies or ambitions. A world of the dead is a world at peace
  • xilodonxilodon Member
    I've seen questions about how the servers will be able to handle large player populations during castle sieges, but I'm curious as to whether node sieges specifically will be designed to discourage catastrophically large gatherings where the entire server descends on a single node and creates an unplayable environment during what would presumably be a very high stakes battle.

    For example, if a siege is declared on a metropolis, will anyone on the server be able to participate, or will citizens of the node that gathered the items/completed the quest to declare the siege be the only ones who can attack?

    If things like this aren't carefully managed, you'll likely end up far exceeding the 200 player soft limit in the most important battles, and things will go from laggy to unplayable very quickly due to the exponential increase in data being handled with each additional player in a small area, not to mention the visual clutter.
  • digitalwinddigitalwind Member
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    Question about class interactions with the hybrid combat system:

    Obviously non-tab-targetting will be great for skilled PvPer's, ie headshots with bows etc, but how will that translate to PvE? I can't imagine it will be hard for one class to headshot a raid boss yet easy to "headshot-heal" a buddy running around avoiding mechanics.
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    Thanks all for providing your design questions for our team - the submission window is now closed!

    I'll be rounding these up for some of our upcoming Dev Diaries videos, so be sure to keep an eye (and ear) out for your question to be answered!
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