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Dev Discussion #8 - MMO "Stickiness"



  • oeggeoegge Member, Braver of Worlds

    - I ignore daily quests
    - I need an aim to keep playing
    - A good combat system is a must
    - Story is nice to have but not necessary
    - Sometimes the community makes me stick to a game but more often it´s just the gameplay.
  • Hmmm. I suppose, as a mostly support player, as long as I can meaningfully augment my team, I remain invested. It's why I still play TF2. Besides being a hilarious game, the class roles have significant impact on game Dynamics. I like to play to fill the need.
  • For me there's a few things that need checking off for it to be truly a "sticky" game:

    - Don't cookie cutter the classes. I'm tired of playing MMO's where they 'adjust' classes to the point where they all feel the same, just different names.
    - Do the crafting portion of the game right. Almost all MMO's I've played, the crafting was just an afterthought, to maybe craft some gimmicky items, or the occasional glamour piece. At the end of the day the only crafters that made anything worthwhile were alchemists or cooks because they made consumables. Please make it so that what we craft is actually going to useful, and not just as an intermediary.
    - Don't make things too easy. I'm not just talking about the combat here. Combat, quests, crafting, adventuring. A player should be able to experience everything the game has to offer, but not every character should have the ability to do everything in the game, and one player shouldn't be able to accomplish what should need a partner or group to achieve.
    - Don't place imaginary restrictions on content. This is often seen in Eastern games, like FFXIV for example. They have a weekly cap on what a player can earn, whether it is faction or currency. It makes it so a lot of the players log in to get their cap and then they're done for the week (often accomplished within a day or so).
    - Enjoyable end-game content. Doesn't have to be specifically combat related like raids. A lot of us have been there/done that with raids. We enjoy it. But in-between the raids, make sure there's something else for us to be able to work towards.
    - Plan for the long game. Don't allow me to progress and grind to the best gear within a week, or month, of release. Make me work for it. I don't mean make the RNG abysmal for drops, but make it so that we feel like we actually had to work to get the stuff we really want. (Example was the Prismatic weapon quest line from EQ2 - took some people weeks/months to get them, and not because of RNG).
  • As someone who has 30k active mmo hours, let me say this, it will be the decision of interpid studios. Players play the game to spent time together with friends, being a hero in a fantacy world. As long as we have a place to adventure further we will be here. But if the game management prioritizes making profit by abusing community's patent like not taking care of bugs, implementing New contents but forces players to go p2w. Thats the nightmare. Even if you start prioritizing community after abusing them, we will have no desire to play since we will lost our friends in game to play with. (like in Black desert online)
  • DygzDygz Member, Braver of Worlds
    A never-ending story.
    No endgame.
  • Thank you all for sharing your thoughts in this Dev Discussion - will gather up your feedback for a recap for the team, and we'll see you in the next thread! <3
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