[ POLL ] What was the first MMO you ever played?



  • shortly after EQ went live.
  • UO
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  • SandmanSandman Member
    Yes I can really appreciate a great crafting system, and there is no doubt SWTOR had 1 of the best. DAoC Darkness Falls Seperated it from the rest and sounds like they have a version of that coming here possibly.

    Now if they added Realm Ranks I would fall over in my chair with happiness :)
  • I don’t know if it counts but City of Heroes was my first major multiplayer game. It was a blast for a comic book nerd. Later I tried WoW for a few months but the server I was on treated new people pretty crappy so that was the end of that.
  • The first mmorpg I played was a game known at retail as EverQuest. Others may remember it by its slang names such as Evercrack, Eversmack, and Everwhore.
  • EmoNaggerEmoNagger Member
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    Lineage 1 right when it was released. Can't spam red/green potion when leveling cus it cost like hell so you have to afk for 20 minutes to naturally regen HP come back later to find out everyone is dead because someone lure a basilisk into town and kill everyone. Ah those were the days....
  • novercalisnovercalis Member, Founder
    UO for me but damn no love for ragnarok online. I know that game has brought sooooooo many people into MMORPG genre as well.
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  • AttarAttar Member
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    I beta tested Ultima Online on a Japanese server in the 90s.
  • NeliryaNelirya Member, Founder
    Lineage 2 - ah, good memories of logging in for the first time not really knowing what would happen. I remember spending ages just standing around in Dion/Aden just listening to the music.
  • mrwafflesmrwaffles Member, Leader of Men, Early Alpha One Tester
    i'm really surprised Final Fantasy 11 isn't on the list. World Wide Lineage 2 and FF11 were the leaders in the asian content and was pretty popular in the western world too. WoW was release a 1-2 years after and did take over the western players but L2 and FF11 stayed the top MMO for years in Asia.
  • Can't remember if I answered thosnor not, but it was the original Neverwinter and EQ.
  • StevenSharifStevenSharif Moderator, Staff, Avatar of the Phoenix
    1992 Neverwinter.
  • WololoWololo Member, Phoenix Initiative, Hero of the People
    Maplestory at release that game left many memorys esp the questing and music was amazing. 'you have been playing maplestory for 18 hours please take a break' was a sign farming was going good :dizzy: later RS and GW1
  • Started playing MMO's when I was 12 and was introduced to a game called Fiesta Online. Managed to get some of my family members to play with me so we were always partied up.
  • DygzDygz Member, Braver of Worlds
  • TatenTaten Member
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    Asheron's Call was my 1st MMO. Started in late 99/early 2000 when i was a wee lad of 9 years old....

    There are a lot of Elements in Ashes of creation I recognize from Asheron's Call with a bit of different flavor from other areas....

    Home skillet didnt even put down the OG games of the OG games lol
  • Ultima Online ..1997
  • LexLex Member, Phoenix Initiative, Avatar of the Phoenix
    1992 Neverwinter.

    Ever since then I've been searching for a game that brought DnD and MMORPGs together in a meaningful way.
  • LyngsLyngs Member
    My first MMO was Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative from 2001. Not on the list...
  • SkuldSkuld Member
    Ragnarok Online!

    I've never found an MMORPG I had as much fun playing as RO. I loved the grinding and that you HAD to play in a group if you didn't want to torture yourself as a Priest, because imagine that: in RO a priest only had heals and buffs and maybe 3 dmg skills you could only use against undead and Demons. Or heal undead to dmg them.
    A mage had to find a grind spot suitable for the elemental skills he choose. A lightning mage couldn't do shit against enemies with lightning resistance.

    I miss this concept. Today all MMO's healers are doing almost as much dmg as a warrior. And Elemental resistances became a myth. If I wanna play a healer, that means I wanna heal. If I wanted to do dmg I wouldn't play a healer for gods sake!!

    Grouping up with other players also just felt so natural and easy back then. While nowadays MMO's are more made for solo play than party play tbh.

    FFXIV is the MMO I played the most after RO. But only because it was the lesser evil amongst all the MMO's I tried out.

    AoC does certainly look like it will make many things right compared to others and will bring back some of the things that have been lost.

    Oops this turned into a rant, sorry 🙈
  • MarcetMarcet Member
    I dont see Metin 2, old Dofus or Runes of Magic players here.. im sad
  • LootyLooty Member
    Tibia, Not on the list ;(
  • NixalNixal Member, Braver of Worlds
    Anarchy Online

    You should have included an "Other" option ;)

    Also Star Wars could be either Star Wars: The Old Republic or Star Wars Galaxies (or another Star Wars MMO I don't know yet)
  • Really liking the results we have a lot of old school MMO's here really liking how the community is looking! And if WoW was you're first MMO, no worries happy to have anyone here, new or old.
  • CaricCaric Member
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    I actually played the first MMO on AoL: Dungeons and Dragons. Like Steven has said, it was called Neverwinter. I loved it.
  • AtamaAtama Member, Braver of Worlds
    I played EQ shortly after release (in 1999). I’d been playing MUDs and other online games for years before that.

    You might as well just start a poll asking, “How old are you?”
  • nidriksnidriks Member, Warrior of Old
    Atama wrote: »
    I played EQ shortly after release (in 1999). I’d been playing MUDs and other online games for years before that.

    You might as well just start a poll asking, “How old are you?”

    Dunno, I'm old, but didn't get in to PC gaming until I was near 30.
  • nidriksnidriks Member, Warrior of Old
    Runescape overtook EQ....

    I suppose it was easy to get in to. And free, right? Was it? I only played very briefly.
  • 1992 Neverwinter.

    Omg that was when I was born! It's so fun to learn what games people played, even more interesting is that some of them were way before you were even born. o:)

    I really hope we have a great MMORPG with AOC. I just can feel how it's going to bring me back home. <3
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  • ThurymThurym Member
    My first MMORPG i played would be T4c (The 4th coming) :)
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