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Dev Discussion #20 - NPC Behavior



  • Balrog21Balrog21 Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I'm all for unexpected behavior...
    Lovecraft quoted it best, the greatest fear is the fear of the unknown.
    Heck, I wouldn't opposed to having a mob just keep running from a fight until it healed up or was healed enough to come back and fight or disappear and reset 10-20 minutes later.
  • The thing that I find the most annoying is group of NPC's standing within what would be normal eye or earshot of a fight and not running in to assist their mates. I understand that there is a balance needed between having enough NPC's for multiple players to fight at one time in an area and not wanting a player to so overwhelmed that content can't be handled solo but that all bugs me when NPC's just stand there watching their team be butchered in front of their eyes.
  • Variation is key. That's what I'm seeing from the first page, which most posts have correct. Fighting any NPC should be interesting and entertaining. I hope the developers have actually taken the communities comments on-board, we'll see.
  • consultantconsultant Member
    edited September 2020
    There could be Mob catergories.
    Forest creatures
    Magical forest Creatures
    Coruppted Mobs
    Eelemental mobs
    Undead mobs
    Drake dragon family of monsters

    Think every mob in the game could be put into lets say one of 15 categories I only listed 7.

    So could be that a mob is undead and there fore since it is undead there are 3 to 4 abilities that might used (verses using everyt time) They could also be given an ability that an undead mob will most likely use but not necessarily right away might be Second or third action. But undead mobs can also be humaniod and magical and corrupted so mobs could have access to abilities from several categerios.

    So lets say there 15 categories (plenty of catergories in my opinion think IS could do it with less) and you make 2-4 abilities per category as appropriate. but lets say 4. Well 4 times 15 is 60. And that is 60 abilities that would have to be given to mobs according to thier category they fall in.

    Maybe this is something that is feasable to do in Ashes of Creation.
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