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  • We have 64 styles of play with all the classes, so how are you going to create enough difference between the subclasses to make each feel unique over just changing type of damage being dealt and effect graphic?
  • CapicheGamingCapicheGaming Member
    edited March 28
    Can you tell us your ideal turnover rate for a singular max-level node? In order for a server to not feel stagnant, how long (on average) are you expecting/designing a max-level node to stay on top before player populations siege them and build up a different node to max-level in their place?
  • JuliximJulixim Member
    Meta Human Animator:

    UE 5.2 introduced the new features from meta human animator in which UE also takes the face movement and creates a 3d replicator.
    Couldnt that be used for the character creator in terms of creating a character that looks closest to yourself?

    I would be curious if that would be possible because it then would cost a lot less time and would prob. be even more accurate than doing it manually with controls. (in case your intention is to create an avatar of yourself.
  • BillzbubBillzbub Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I assume some features that are listed on the wiki as being in place for Alpha 2 may be added after Alpha 2 begins. What features off the top of your head are being planned for the start of Alpha 2, and what features are probably going to go live after the start of Alpha 2?
  • HeljyHeljy Member
    Hvery time I returned to WoW, it was because I heard again one of their sublime music. What place do you give to music in the development, especially in terms of style variety?
  • CliceClice Member
    Hello Ashes of creation team, I have a small question about the reprocution system.

    How will be generated the different "model" of mount (Their physical characteristics, stats, skills, etc..)

    And if it will be possible to mate all the mounts together (Example = One aquatic mount and one gliding).
  • ChicagoChicago Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    what is the status on the bard, rogue and summoner classes?
  • is it possible for a player character who has achieved the top spot in a particular religion to become a avatar of a deity?
  • BabayugahBabayugah Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    July 13th 2022 at 5:34pm I inquired with Steven about Easter egg Sandal collectibles throughout Verra. His response, and I quote, "I cannot comment on Easter eggs as we are still in July and not April 😦". Seeing that we are less than 2 weeks from Easter, can this be further elaborated on now?
  • NesatoNesato Member
    Julixim wrote: »
    Meta Human Animator:

    UE 5.2 introduced the new features from meta human animator in which UE also takes the face movement and creates a 3d replicator.
    Couldnt that be used for the character creator in terms of creating a character that looks closest to yourself?

    I would be curious if that would be possible because it then would cost a lot less time and would prob. be even more accurate than doing it manually with controls. (in case your intention is to create an avatar of yourself.

    There's already games that can reproduce your face on character creation based on a picture, so it would be great if the same happens in AoC. Now if the game intends to support VR or the possible upcoming metaverse optial face-reader + controller system, will there be a possibility for the meta human animator feature be applied on a future upgrade so your facial expressions can be reproduced on your character model as you play?
  • NesatoNesato Member
    I think it would be fundamental to test the corruption system, will this system, as fundamental as it is be included in the alpha 2 stage? :o
  • ClonageClonage Member
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    How are World Boss Respawns, specifically Legendary ones, going to look like? Will they respawn during "prime time" or will it be somewhat "random"? Is the plan to let players know when respawns will happen or will players have to discover it themselves?
  • So now that you've shown (or are about to show the last of them) the core, straightforward classes, how have the design decisions from them influenced the design of the Bard, Rogue, and Summoner?
  • VaknarVaknar Moderator, Member, Staff

    Hello again glorious Ashes of Creation community! Thank you to everyone who stopped by and shared a question with us for this month’s stream.

    Q&A submissions are now closed, and we’ll see you at 11AM Pacific on Friday for our livestream!
  • Question about the cooperative passage of the story company: since the AoC is designed for a pack of 8, will the story quests count for all members of the pack at once?
    Like, PL takes a quest that is automatically taken from all members of the group.
  • Will we have different abilities and weapons for underwater content like GW2 or will we be able to have access to our normal ability rotation as on land?
  • Which way will be the most emphasized for getting competitive or best-in-slot stuff ?

    I mean in some MMORPG, the usual way is to beat a donjon or boss hoping for a lucky drop. In other games, the method consists in realising high achievements. Whereas in other games the best way is to make an intensive farming of crafting materials for doing a multitude of craft essays before getting the stuff with the desired effects.
  • GutzgoreGutzgore Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
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    I would love to see the ability to take your character from the creator, pop out a 3D print file and actually 3D print it. How awesome would that be!!!

    Taking your 3D printed character to table top.
  • SjeldenSjelden Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited March 31
    Exited for the Stream!
  • PavlovDeadPavlovDead Member
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    My favorite class ever in an MMO was the Guild Wars 2 Mesmer, but I've never seen something like that done in another game. Are there any plans for a subclass that can summon illusions or clones of themselves?
  • StanjonesStanjones Member, Warrior of Old, Kickstarter
    Can we get an easily accessible prospective roadmap for Alpha 2 / Beta dates? Maybe somewhere on the front page of the main website, or pinned to the top of all the forums? I think we all know it would be subject to change.
  • DakHakDakHak Member
    What about infrastrucutre bonuses? I.e. Armoury in a node gives a boost to warriors in sieges or events. Hospitals give a boost to healers etc...
  • VaknarVaknar Moderator, Member, Staff
    Greetings everyone - thank you so much again for sharing your questions with us, and for tuning in for today's livestream! In case you didn't hear us cover your question on the stream, it may be because we've shared an answer previously - check out more on that below!

    Boanergese (question), @Snowjade (question), @Yulivee (question), @MiraiKishi (question), @Nileene (question), @Chicago (question 1, 2), @Nesato (question 1, 2) - Please only post one question next time as requested, and if you only posted one question, please make sure to keep it as direct/succinct as possible - that way it's more likely to be picked!

    @Vlhadus (question) - There haven't been any fundamental changes to our plans for the 64 classes of Ashes of Creation at this time :)

    @Lithion (question) - Part of the reason the world size increased was to accommodate the 8-10k~ players that are currently planned per server. To spread out density, POIs, and add additional ocean space for naval content. You can listen to Steven go over this here :)

    @oneuproad (question) - Tiers of raid difficulty are in accordance with the world's node structure. You can read more about this here, on the wiki!

    @Sometimessmiles (question) - You can learn more about what has been said regarding freehold placement here, on the wiki!

    @DedoTuerto (question) - Yes! You can learn more about alliances and nearly every other aspect of Ashes of Creation that has been shared here, on the wiki!

    @LoKain (question) - When it comes to lore-heavy systems like these, we want to keep our cards close to our chest before Alpha Two, as to not spoil too much :) Stay tuned for more information regarding religions as we progress further in development :)

    @Meletrius (question) - Your choice of religion could affect your abilities in the form of religious augments. You can read more about religious augments here, on the wiki!

    @Sago65 (question) - Players will not be able to fundamentally and permanently convert a biome from one to another by razing a forest. <3

    @George_Black (question) - While we don't have any current plans to do this, many things are subject to testing and community feedback come Alpha Two! ^_^

    @horendis (question) - Please stay tuned for more information regarding cosmetics as we progress further in development! <3

    @DougBug27 (question) - I highly encourage checking out the Ashes of Creation wiki, where you can learn a lot about our game! First of all, Ashes of Creation will have 9 races, rather than 8. Of the 8 you're referring to, there will be 4 divine gateways, one for each of the parent races of Verra. Races, such as Vaelune and Kaelar, come from the Aelan empire. Their capital city was Aela. The ruins of Aela is located in the Riverlands biome. It houses the Aelan divine gateway in Alpha-2. I'll leave wiki links here, so you can go down the Ashes of Creation rabbit hole! <3

    @Kesthely (question) - You can read more about arenas here, on the wiki! There, you can find all that has been said regarding the arena system! For example, The arena system may support cross-server combat. ^_^

    @RowniSciponi (question) - Much of these cases may be examined on a case-by-case basis. Anything that breaks our ToS will not be tolerated. <3

    @Anorak (question) - This is always something on the forefront of our minds when progressing with an open-development style. Let's use Carphin as an example: We want everyone to walk away with a sense of wonder and a good idea of what they'll see in Alpha Two, without showing the entire area or exposing every detail of the story! ^_^

    @Sandeee (question) - We're so excited to show you updates regarding our 8 archetypes and 64 classes as soon as they're ready! Stay tuned for more information as we progress further in development toward Alpha Two!

    @juniorwizzard (question), @Snoppolina (question) - Steven will likely have answered this question live on stream :)

    @Ozijak (question), @Tilo (question), @kalkaz (question) - We're always looking at new tech and what makes sense to implement, or when to implement it, as we develop Ashes of Creation! ^_^

    @Mike90 (question) - Players are able to reset and reallocate their skill points. You can read more about this here, on the wiki!

    @Sweatycup (question) - We haven't shared any plans for VR support at this time <3

    @StrawHat (question) - Please stay tuned for more information regarding specific items as we progress further in development toward Alpha Two!

    @Rednuts (question) - Players cannot PvP while inside a freehold. Duels may be initiated within a freehold or node as they are considered self-contained events that are opt-in by all parties and do not fall under the player flagging system. The freehold is intended to be a protected area unless there is a siege and the town gets destroyed. If the town gets destroyed, the freehold's up for grabs and it becomes a PvP area. You can read more about this here, on the wiki!

    @Minus (question) While to the best of my knowledge, nobody is forcing you to do anything, I'm happy to report that we do plan on supporting additional languages for Ashes of Creation! ^_^

    @Vissox (question) - Maybe ;)

    @Nephleim (question) - If a Fighter were to choose Mage as a secondary archetype, the fighter would become a Spellsword. This combination opens up augments that can be applied to skills in their primary skill tree. Fighters have a Rush skill that allows them to rush towards a target; and upon reaching the target, deal an amount damage with a chance to knock the target down. A blink augment could be applied to the rush skill, which would now teleport the player to the target; thus eliminating the charge time on the skill. There is a ton of information on this, and many other systems in Ashes of Creation here, on the wiki!

    @CapicheGaming (question) - This is something we will hone in on after additional internal testing, and especially Alpha Two testing. We're excited to see players interact with the node systems, and we're excited to receive feedback on them!

    @Heljy (question) - Bear McCreary will be composing the music for Ashes of Creation. You can find his music across various mediums, which may give you an idea of what he is capable of making! We're VERY excited to hear the incredible music he makes for Ashes of Creation!

    @Clice (question) - You can read nearly all that has been said regarding animal husbandry by our team here, on the wiki! <3

    @Babayugah (question) Players will likely be able to find easter eggs throughout their adventures in Verra ;)

    @Austrinaut (question) - The team is deep diving into each archetype as they create them, examining every aspect of the archetype so they can nail the fantasy, and get it right! We're excited to show off the Bard, Rogue, and Summoner as soon as they're ready!

    @Goalid (question) - Our team is always looking at new tech and if/when it makes sense to implement it into Ashes of Creation!

    @Chastifol (question) - There may be abilities that affect player movement, including the possibility of abilities that affect more than one player, or those in an area of effect, in Ashes of Creation :)

    @Leviojima (question) - We currently have no plans of changing the cadence of our Development Update Livestreams <3

    @Roofian (question), @Fantmx (question), @LastCrystal (question), @Drunkninja (question), @SpaceWolf (question), @Julixim (question), @zombinvestor (question), @Hazerduhs (question), @Azherae (question), - Your questions were ones we hoped to have gotten to on stream but didn't quite have time. We'd love it if you come by next month for the next development update livestream to ask them again! ^_^

    @Castai (question), @DigitalDayDream (question), @Clonage (question), @Frost01 (question), @Billzbub (question), @Liniker (question), @SirChancelot (question), @NyceGaming (question), @Ace1234 (question), @Armoredcell (question), - Congratulations! Your questions were answered by Steven and Margaret on the livestream! Be sure to check out the VoD on YouTube in case you missed it live! :)
  • MargaretKrohnMargaretKrohn Moderator, Staff
    🩸 👀 We provided a glimpse of Carphin, new Story Arc Systems, and more in our March Development Update!

    🧛‍♂️ 🦇 Has your bloodthirst for lore content been satiated?

    Updated OP as well to include the video links.
  • FantmxFantmx Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Fantmx wrote: »
    Does gaining crafting experience remove corruption?

    The devs wouldnt code something gamebreaking like that.

    Say again?
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