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Mistake purchase !

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Hello i've been waiting for updade of a post about the Store but i didn't found it.

So i see the addons items for the Summer Exclusive i though it was because the upgrade wasn't fix and it was an alternative.
I bought all the summer exclusive items and i ask if it's count as backer action (to have the backer items).

I didn't found an answer so i was thinking to buy the Leader of World even if i've to pay a lot...And i was surprise to see the upgrade was fix.

Finally i've all the Summer exclusive items for nothing because i could just upgrade to Leader of Men and have them all (plus the exclusive from the package.)

It is possible to fix this mistake please :'( ?


  • @Zakyra It's  probably best if you contact [email protected] - customer services :) They hopefully should be able to correct your purchase to the right option ^^
  • Thx :smiley:
  • @Diura is correct. If you could please send an email to [email protected], explain the situation along with a copy of the purchase confirmations, a member of the IS team will assist you.

    Thanks for supporting AoC =)

  • By the way i didn't receive an answer about that: did the Add-ons count for Backer summer ?
  • So here is the deal. If you were upgrading to leader of men from braver you would get the KS skins and the package contents. The addons are the summer skins, which KS backers will NOT get unless they purchase them. So while you misunderstood, and Intrepid most likely will refund your purchase, you did actually buy two different items.

    Your purchase of an upgrade from braver to leader of men would count as a single tick on the counter of summer backing towards the stretch goals. They have never come clean on whether a single big purchase of addons counts more, or if say you bought your addons one by one would each individual transaction count as a tick.
  • Figured I'll ask here and not create a new thread. Basically, I would like to get a refund for some of the addons purchased, as I didn't know they were basically included in the KS pledge. I've already contacted them via the e-mail provided above, still waiting for a reply. How long should I wait before contacting them again (assuming that by that point I didn't hear anything from them)?
  • Typically a response takes less than a week.
  • Belewyn said:
    Typically a response takes less than a week.
    Okie dokie, thank you! ^_^
  • @Zakyra

    hi there just following up on this ticket was customer support able to fix this up for you?

    how about yours did yours get resolved as well?
  • Shunex said:
    how about yours did yours get resolved as well?
    Yep, thanks for asking! Can't believe you remembered poor lil me. ><
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