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The Enclave - Large Scale, No Nonsense PvP.

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Want to know why you should join The Enclave?
Active, stable, drama free community that has been around since 1998.
Active Discord with well over 200 members on it.
Active forum with well over a decade of history on it.
Politically incorrect, uncensored, snowflake free gaming environment.

[ Intro ]

The Enclave is a long standing gaming community that does whatever it takes to win and have fun while doing it. We're always looking for people with the same mindset regardless of play style. You can be hardcore or casual. We strive to be as inclusive as possible and understand that our members will come from a variety of gaming backgrounds and have multiple styles of play. We have always done our best to accommodate that.

[ Requirements ]

Discord  3 » Discord is our VOIP of choice. We use it for everything now! We're so hip and in touch with modern gaming.

Good Attitude » We will take a mediocre player with a great attitude over a phenomenal player with a bad attitude. You can always teach a bad player how to be good but you can't teach a rat how to not be a rat.

Thick Skin » Our guild is very politically incorrect and we do not censor people's opinions, bad jokes or comical retardation. If you can't handle profanity or adult subjects you would be better suited in another guild.

[ About ]

The Enclave is a gaming organization that has been in existence since 1998. Since then we have played and succeeded in a multitude of games. From PlanetSide to World of Warcraft The Enclave has left it's mark and is either loved or hated by the communities we've been a part of. Leadership strives to keep TE competitive yet fun. Drama is squashed out and never given a chance to cause harm. Despite the fact that we're a serious guild we do not force members to raid or PvP if they do not want to since we understand that not every members joins for the same experience. We do our best to meet the expectations of all members and all that we ask for in return is dedication and that you do your best.

[ Notable Campaigns ]

PlanetSide 1 (2003 - 2004)
World Of Warcraft (2004 - 2017)
PlanetSide 2 (2012 - 2013)

[ Goals ]

Victory » Our motivation stems from an unrelenting desire to dominate. Our enemies immediately recognize the true opposition. It’s always us.

Legacy » Over a decade has passed since our inception. Even with the strain of time we remain an active, ambitious community. The foundation of our strength lies within our collaborative efforts. We seek to achieve excellence because at the end of the day The Enclave strives to do more than simply play the game, but to be a part of its legacy. To be honored by tales that will carry on long after us. To be immortalized in the history of the game.

Growth » No guild survives without recruits. We actively seek like-minded players who have and share the same drives and desires as us. We do our best to ensure new recruits fit in and become core members.

Fun » Despite how serious this all may sound, our primary focus is always to have fun. This is a game, and we realize that. Having an ire of professionalism does not mean we sacrifice the core of why we do what we do. If we're not having fun, there's no point to any of this.

[ Values ]

Dedication » This is very important in order to keep our guild effective and relevant. A dedicated group will always come out the victor in battles and always be ready and willing to approach new and challenging content. So long as our members stay dedicated our guild will always be relevant.

Teamwork » Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common goal and the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is this fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. Getting good players is easy. Getting them to play together is the hard part.

Loyalty » The greater the loyalty of individuals toward the group, the greater is the motivation among the members to achieve the goals of the group, and the greater the probability the group will achieve its goals. The true depth of our loyalty can be seen in the history of The Enclave and the number of members who have left and returned, unable to find a similar bond elsewhere.

Excellence » Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours, weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it. The victorious performance itself is merely the demonstration of their championship character. We are no different. In The Enclave, we constantly practice, refine, and improve upon everything we can in order to maintain our skill. The only way to be the best is by constantly striving to beat your previous best.

[ Why The Enclave is Successful ]

Organization » The Enclave is a large guild. We have extensive experience from various other games with organizing a large amount of people into an effective group. That is what separates us apart from other guilds of the same size. Raids are scheduled and events planned. You always have something to do in The Enclave and our numbers ensure this.

Longevity » A lot of guilds either didn't exist or failed to operate as a cohesive unit after the "big" MMOs started to go south. The Enclave never ceased to be and has steadily grown and improved over the years. When you join The Enclave you're not just joining an amazing guild but you're joining a gaming community with a bright and promising future.

Experience » The Enclave has never had a change in leadership and since 1998. There are no power struggles or drama here and the leadership certainly doesn't play favorites when it comes to policy, strategy or loot. Many of it's members are MMO veterans from EQ, DAoC, and WoW so we know these types of games inside and out.

Fun » We all play games for fun. It is the job of Enclave leadership to not only ensure that our guild runs are smooth, organized and effective but that our style of play remains fun for each and every member. We have managed to strike a balance between effective and fun and know exactly how to make sure that when you log on to play with us you're going to get exactly what you want out of this game and our guild.

[ Expectations ]

Visit Our Forums Regularly » The forums are our community. It is where we share our information, plans, strategies, make announcements, and many other matters of importance. Every member is expected to visit the forums on a regular basis to stay caught up on events and topics. Ten minutes every so often and a few posts here and there is not much to ask and goes a long way to having a well informed and healthy group.

Always On Discord When In A Group » Voice communication is absolutely vital to teamwork and strategy in-game. Every member that is in a guild group is expected to be on Discord at all times. Even members who do not talk much or have broken mics have no excuse not to be on to listen to instructions and coordinate with group leaders.

Active For Guild Events » The Enclave is an organized guild that schedules a lot of events and the success of those events depends on the activity of the guild's membership. While you're not required to come to every raid or meeting we expect you to at least make an effort to attend some.

Eager To Learn » Don't apply to this guild if you think that you already know everything there is to know and that learning is no longer possible. Every day we play we learn something new and are constantly refining our strategy and style.

Team Player » You are expected to work together with other members of the guild towards a common goal. Despite the solo friendly nature of most modern MMO games you will at some point need to work together to achieve greatness. We need you to be willing and able to do that.

Class Knowledge » This skill is very important in MMORPG games. All members should know how their class works inside and out.

Responsibility » Don't make excuses, if you screw up man up to it and move on. None of us are perfect. If you make a mistake inquire as to how it happened and work on improving.

[ PvP Philosophy ]

The Enclave has always taken PvP seriously. Our roots are in competitive gaming and it shows when we PvP. We like to win and do everything it takes to win. Knowledge is just as important as skill to us when it comes to PvP and we do everything we can to ensure that we always remain competitive. In WoW The Enclave fielded multiple 2200+ arena teams and was home to numerous Gladiators. In DAoC we took control of as many territories in the frontiers as possible and did everything we could to push our faction forward towards enemy relics. If the game had PvP we took it seriously.

Being a PvP player in The Enclave means you have to keep your character, knowledge and drive current and ahead of the game.

[ PvE Philosophy ]

PvE is an important aspect of any MMORPG and we take it just as seriously as we do PvP. While we're not hardcore to the point of striving for world first progression we do strive to do the content and do it correctly. We seek out and bring people to raids who show interest and skill and never force members to PvE if they're not interested. Being successful at PvE often means your guild is successful at PvP which is why we strive to do well in both aspects.

Being a PvE player in The Enclave means that you have the time, desire, commitment and skill to meet and overcome the challenges of high end raiding.

[ Joining ]

So do you think TE is the right guild for you? If so register to our forums @ and make a quick application or connect to our Discord @


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    Some history for those interested...

    1998-2001 » Rainbow 6

    The Enclave was first established in 1998 as a Rainbow 6 gaming clan on MPLAYER. The founding members of the group were close friends outside of the gaming community. Together, they assembled a group capable of climbing to the top of 5v5 TDM tournaments. During their gaming tenure, The Enclave held multiple championship titles; both in Rainbow Six and Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear after a transition in 1999. The style of game-play and use of tactics in the Rainbow Six Genre appealed to many members of The Enclave. The group enjoyed an indisputable dominance until 2001, when MPLAYER was closed down after being purchased by GameSpy. Due to the complete lack of competitive clan support offered by the GameSpy Arcade, The Enclave felt it necessary to move onto a new game.

    2001-2002 » Team Fortress Classic

    After their complete subjugation of the Rainbow Six genre, and motivated by their disgust of MPLAYER's sellout to GameSpy Industries, The Enclave explored Team Fortress Classic as their next gaming challenge. However, The Enclave failed to achieve the instant success they had with the Rainbow Six property. After a few months, the decision was made to join CLQ in order to gain access to highly desirable competitive tournaments.

    The Enclave developed profound strategies for TFC's many maps: Well2, NML, CZ2 and others regularly played in the competitive scene. In addition to this, The Enclave was responsible for creating several of the most popular maps in TFC tournament history: the Wstland series (1, 2, 3 and 4) and the infamously self-titled "Enclave" map. The latter scenario was used by nearly every single league after the fall of the CLQ.

    The pinnacle of The Enclave’s success in TFC was their victory in the 10v10 CLQ championship match against “DNoD”. Their group was the top tier clan from QTF and the former 2000 champions from CLQ. Many considered this the most controversial championship match of the CLQ as The Enclave prevailed on a map made by one of their members. After successfully defending their CLQ championship title for a year, many members began to suffer from severe burn out. The ranks eventually thinned and some former members were never heard from again. The lack of dedication and passion eventually lead to the Enclave becoming, according to many of its members, a shell of its former self. The clan was disbanded and thought to never return again.

    2003-2004 » PlanetSide

    After The Enclave’s departure from TFC, the clan essentially became a glorified chat-room for the remaining TFC members. All that remained from their twenty man roster was the founder, his second in command, and three loyal followers. For a solid year The Enclave just jumped from game to game and played titles at random. No competitive level was sought and casual entertainment was the only goal. One night, during a Natural-Selection game, the second in command mentioned a new game coming out in 2003 that might interest the remnants of The Enclave: PlanetSide.

    Their effect on PlanetSide became The Enclave’s irrefutable claim to MMO fame. The Enclave quickly became the most effective, yet controversial outfit in all of Emerald/Konried. The outfits’ reputation for simultaneously being brutally effective and culturally uncouth spread across multiple communities. Their legacy has been forever imprinted upon the remnants of the PlanetSide player base.

    The Enclave pioneered and refined the most tried and true game-based tactics and strategies. Their methodology was unquestionably practical on both a global and planetary scale. In its prime, the outfit’s numbers swelled to over three-hundred, allowing them to coordinate the most effective combined arms operations in all of PlanetSide. Simply put, no other outfit was capable of duplicating their daunting effect upon the theater of battle.

    Unfortunately, the introduction of Battle Frame Robotics (BFR’s) during the Aftershock expansion in October of 2004, coupled with a lack game development, attributed to developer neglect, lead The Enclave to decide it was time to move on to the "next big thing". Thankfully, they did not have to wait long.

    2004-2007 » World of Warcraft

    World of Warcraft (WoW) was The Enclave’s first experience in MMORPGs. The Enclave initially played on Bleeding Hollow and later, migrated Mug’thol. During its early game play, The Enclave achieved numerous milestones: becoming the first guild to be formed on Bleeding Hollow and becoming the first Alliance guild to win a 40v40 AV on the server.

    The Enclave focused almost exclusively on PvP. However, in less than a year, The Enclave realized that in order to compete in the game’s “endgame”, they had to partake in raid instances. The Enclave eventually moved on to raid encounters and became the first guild to enter and successfully clear content in Molten Core.

    Many members lost interest as a result of deviating from a PVP agenda, but the leadership pressed onward. The core of the guild was determined to make WoW a lasting campaign and refusing to surrender to apathy.

    2007-2008 » World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade

    The Enclave continued with its WoW campaign as “The Burning Crusade” (TBC) expansion was released. The guild renewed their in-game commitment, and fortified it with a promise to not leave or burn out. Tragically, Bleeding Hollow was gutted as a realm due to multiple transfers and many guilds falling apart. While the majority of old members returning for TBC rolled new characters, many transferred from other servers to rejoin the guild on Tortheldrin. This turned out to be a fresh realm, set up during TBC expansion. The Enclave took the realm by storm and brought World PvP back to the game.

    Even though the server was massively Horde dominated, The Enclave succeeded in killing all faction bosses during prime time play; a feat that many claimed was impossible. True to form, The Enclave quickly became the leaders in both the PVP Arena system and PvE Raiding content. The latter was due to the guild being the only Alliance guild on the realm capable of doing Black Temple.

    2008-2010 » World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

    After enjoying a year of complete dominance in TBC, The Enclave was looking forward to something new. WoW's second expansion, Wrath of the Lich King (WotLK) was released and the highly anticipated expansion was hopefully slated to be the breath of fresh air that the guild, desperately needed. Unfortunately, Tortheldrin was suffering from the same malaise that struck Bleeding Hollow a generation ago. The Enclave decided that in order to enjoy WotLK to its fullest, they would need a new, more populated realm. The vision was to draw upon a larger pool of potential higher-quality recruits for the new content. The guild settled upon Andorhal. Progress and passion languished during this period of time verses the guild accomplishments during pre-TBC WoW and post-TBC WoW.

    This could mostly be attributed to the complete lack of PvP development as well as trivial PvE content that had very low levels of challenge. The game was becoming very boring very fast. It was recognized that after only one year of play, something drastic needed to happen in order for the guild to remain active in WoW. This all lead up to their final crusade in the World of Warcraft.

    The Venture Co. was a RP-PVP realm on a better battle-group with larger player base. Additionally, the realm boasted a supposedly legendary World-PVP community and most importantly possessed a vastly disproportionate Horde to Alliance ratio. The real cornerstone of the server however was its community. Even though it was mostly unremarkable, it was the only place in the entirety of the World of Warcraft where you could find decent World-PVP. This campaign turned out to be The Enclave’s finest and for a solid year they dominated every Horde guild on the realm. The "Dread Horde" alliance was unquestionably destroyed. Horde guilds, that took years to build, were shattered in a fraction of that time. The only way to describe the end to this crusade was “The Enclave won.”

    The server nearly became regulated, as their force dominated the Wintergrasp open PVP zone. The territory was held all day, every day, during prime-time hours, and on a server with half as many Alliance as Horde. True, there were a few exceptions to their totalitarian control. A handful of battles were lost out of hundreds, but they certainly never lost due to the effort of a single enemy guild; it was unsurprising. Enclave members never experience the shock of great success as victory is their tradition. Their political and military dominance of the realm was unquestioned, even by their most ignorant enemies. It was their finest year in WoW.

    Unfortunately as time passed, it became clear that The Enclave’s agenda and goals for WoW did not mesh with the evolution of the game. They had essentially created a mini-game for themselves. Promises of rated battlegrounds, guild PVP objectives, and rewards beyond stupid and benign “achievement points” slowly transmogrified into outright lies. Finally, after a long and satisfying campaign on The Venture Co., The Enclave decided it was time to stop playing WoW and looked again towards a new frontier. This decision was destined to lead to a new chapter in their collective history.

    2011-2012 » RIFT

    The Enclave set out to play a new MMO after the fall of WoW and RIFT was decided to be it. Despite not having high expectations, The Enclave went into RIFT in full force and it was not something that was expected. Many of our old World of WarCraft tactics were used to great success and our enemies came to fear us on their shards. Playing on the Guardian faction, The Enclave ensured that whatever shard we were on was completely dominate in both World PvP and Warfront PvP. Defiant raid rifts were attacked and camped daily, their PvP rifts shut down on every occasion, the Defiant city of Meridian was sacked and their leaders killed - A feat that no other Guardian guild in RIFT was able to accomplish.

    During our buildup to RIFT, The Enclave participated in about three months of BETA testing and six months of actual play. This brought RIFT to a total of nine months of organized guild operations, becoming our second longest played MMO in history right behind Warcraft and right in front of PlanetSide. Our PvP accomplishments can be found in various videos and for our PvE accomplishments, while not world firsts, were nothing to scoff at either.

    Unfortunately due to a complete lack of PvP progress, content and direction, The Enclave decided that it was time to leave RIFT and begin playing Battlefield 3 to pass the time.

    2012-2013 » PlanetSide 2

    In November 2012, PlanetSide 2 was released and The Enclave stormed it in force. The Enclave's presence in the game grew quickly, much to the dismay of its enemies who were beaten on a regular basis. Playing on the most competitive server: Mattherson, the achievements in the game quickly racked up: The Enclave became the most effective large outfit on the server as accepted by both the players and recorded in the game's official stats. BuzzCutPsycho became the best PlanetSide 2 player in the world both in score and kills by a large mergin as recorded by the game's official ranking site. He also hosted the number one PlanetSide 2 Twitch stream (by viewer count) which enshrined The Enclave's fame within the game.

    The Enclave was unique amongst PlanetSide outfits both for its organization and effectiveness, but also for how it achieved that. A strong command structure, led from the top by Buzz but backed up by strong squad leaders allowed members to experience large scale operations, but still with a small-scale TeamSpeak experience. Members were required to obtain certain certficiations and weaponry, much to the chargrin of the "unique" snowflakes in the PlanetSide community. Enclave troops marched into battle with TMG-50s (long range LMG), Strikers (all-purpose anti-vehicular weapon) and Flak Jackets (to protect from explosives that would otherwise be deployed against a large group of players).

    This alone was overwhelming for some, leading to calls for nerfs on whatever weaponry The Enclave was using at the time (due to its use en-masse). Combined with a general high talent of Enclave players, this led to utter domination of field fights, with enemies crumbling under suppressive fire. Upon closing the distance, The Enclave would then switch to shotguns (also a required weapon) to storm a tower, causing utter terror in the defenders who were cut down in the close quarter fighting. A choice of hard-hitting specialized weaponry was the strength of the outfit... backed up by Buzz's iron-will. This combination was not available to other outfits, and it showed.

    While PlanetSide 2 was another high watermark for The Enclave, it was destined not to last. A number of poor decisions by the game developers began to weigh heavily upon the members' enjoyment of the game. Obvious balance issues, and the continued lack of meta-game beyond TDM 'farming' eventually took its toll. Despite the collective desire for the game to be great, it was accepted that this would not be the case for a long while, if ever. The Enclave decided to call it a day on a high and retired from the game. Buzz's farewall Twitch stream saw thousands of views, and most in the wider community empathized with the reasons for leaving.

    2014-Now » Auf Marsch! Marsch!

    After taking a brief break to play a number of games, a call to arms to return to World of Warcraft was issued. Settling on their home server of Bleeding Hollow, The Enclave resumed activity under their original guild tag, one which was created back during WoW’s initial release on November 23, 2004. While the guild reemerged during the final months of Mists of Pandaria, it did not stop them from achieving a number of accomplishments during the expansion. With numerous rank 1 Rated Battleground players, a dedicated Heroic Raiding group, and a complete dominance of the much more heavily populated Horde side, The Enclave enjoyed a steady stream of successes throughout their stay.

    While there were high hopes going forward towards Warlords of Draenor, the expansion proved to be a massive disappointment. With further stagnation of both PvP and PvE content, along with Blizzard’s stance against guild activity, it became clear that World of Warcraft would finally no longer be able to offer the sort of environment that The Enclave needed and thus closing the door (for now) on WoW.

    The Enclave enjoyed a brief but eventful campaign in Guild Wars 2. Despite the vast majority of members never having any prior experience with the game, The Enclave managed to establish itself as one of Yak’s Bend’s premiere World vs World guilds. Fielding dozens of members a night, The Enclave quickly managed to adapt to the World v. World environment and domesticated its rival Tier 2 servers. It became commonplace for Yak’s Bend’s rival Tier 2 servers, Fort Aspenwood and Sea of Sorrows, to team up against Yak’s Bend, as neither server could hope to wipe The Enclave individually.  So effective was the campaign that within a few short months, Fort Aspenwood and Sea of Sorrows could no longer field any guilds to fight The Enclave. Without a proper fight in the foreseeable future and with a crippling amount of doubt in the Guild Wars 2 development team and expansion pack, leadership decided that the time was right to move on from the game. A mass chargeback scheme was instituted, and a majority of The Enclave’s members received refunds for the game and expansion, effectively safeguarding their wallets from the treachery of ArenaNet. However, thanks to The Enclave’s help in the World vs World scene, Yak’s Bend was able to propel itself from its Tier 2 PvP Realm status into becoming a Tier 1 PvP Realm.

    Currently The Enclave is not officially playing any game, but the organization is still as strong as ever. The community remains active, with Discord being packed on any given night with members playing a variety of different games. Currently, The Enclave is looking Ashes of Creation for our next big game and so far it is looking promising.

  • Ever since I joined this community in 2004, I have been privileged to take part in the most unique experiences across every game we have played as a guild. Every MMO server we have made our home has witnessed our rise to power, and had it's identity defined by our conflicts. Examples of our success in an MMORPG like World of Warcraft are varied and plentiful. With faction first Mythic raid groups, rank one Battle Ground teams, multiple Gladiator arena teams, and server first armor and weapon crafters, we have a competitive avenue for every type of player to explore. We have a culture of cooperation and dedication, and a community that is driven towards success and entertainment. We have members and events based around multiple time-zones, with strong and varied leadership to lead these events. If you're looking for the best experience that Ashes of Creation has to offer, you'll find it here, with The Enclave.

    Join today!
  • The Enclave has been the best community I've ever been a part of. Join us and become part of something greater!
  • The Enclave is like home on the internet. Even after taking a break from gaming in general for years at a time, you can still step back in and be the same part of the group you always were. Some faces change, but there's plenty of names that have remained the same for the past 12+ years I've been a part of the group. I've done short stints in other groups for games The Enclave wasn't playing, but nothing could ever live up to TE. If you have the testicular fortitude to not get butt hurt on the internet: join up. You won't regret it.
  • New players with an open mind and willing to learn are welcome.

    Horrigan's rants will leave you crying with laughter ... unless you're the bum who screwed up your job.  Then you'll probably laugh even harder, eventually.

    Hands down, the most fun I've had while gaming on the Internet.  Can't wait for AoC to debut and get into the action with my guildies.
  • Every MMO server has that one guild that stands out above the rest. I have been with TE since 2005 and I can say that no matter what MMO it is, or what server we land on, we have consistently been the top dog.

    With the competitive nature of Ashes, and how the guild cities require coordination and long-term effort to build and thrive, The Enclave is without a doubt going to be the dominant force on our server.

    If you want to be a part of and experience the best Ashes has to offer instead of being a spectator, you should consider The Enclave.
  • Been gaming along long I have grandkids who are PC gamers...The Enclave took me in back in 2008 and taught me the way a gaming community can be highly successful... anyone who's ever been through basic training will recognize the feeling as a new recruit....survive and your in for life....
  • Gonna make a post so I can come back to this page. Game sounds promising, guild sounds legit. It's a ways off but definitely excited. Not entirely sure if I am going to create my own (work = timeconstraints) or join a guild, but if I choose the latter you guys look to be pretty solid.

  • We would've played Archeage if it didn't suck.
  • The final hope.
  • Yo I'm still here
  • Oh shit it's Horrigan i remember you from Tortheldrin from the TBC days in wow. Epic battles :)
  • Yes I still exist.
  • Looking forward to playing with the Enclave!
  • Keep Topics ON Topic

    Please do not “necro” a thread, cross-post, or post miscellaneous messages to “bump” threads. Keep topics clean, organized, and on the topic they were created for. However, feel free to create new threads if you’d like to talk about something slightly different that doesn’t quite fit with the original thread. If you have questions, always feel free to ask.
  • Alright! Well let's keep it on topic. I am sure a lot of people would like to know more about our gaming community so I am going to share some of our values.

    While we do not have an official stance on politics the majority of our members are right leaning, pro-gun, pro-life gamers that have voted for Donald Trump. Myself included.

    I welcome any and all like minded individuals to please join us. Even if you're not of our political beliefs we do respect your right to be wrong.
  • I personally think he's the greatest president God ever created.
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    Me too. I and the rest of The Enclave are glad that Hillary didn't get elected. She was clearly the wrong choice for America but thankfully our founding fathers had the foresight to put checks and balances in place to make sure people like her weren't elected.

    I love the electoral college. Two great Presidents came from it, Bush and not Trump.

    God bless America and God bless the Enclave. A pro-life, pro-gun, pro-freedom gaming organization.
  • I love America and the Enclave
  • Amen Brother, I personally think incompetency such as the likes of Hillary Clinton should not be supported with blind faith. We must rally not only ourselves, but the community as a whole to shelter those under one roof who would scrutinize such beliefs.
  • I've never seen a more organized group than The Enclave. I've played several games with them, and it's honestly been the best gaming experiences I've ever had.
  • Yes! America and The Enclave are two and the same. We're a group of talented, distinguished gentlemen that have a respect for everyone, even those that don't play like we do or believe what we do.

    Do not be put off by our brash right wing attitudes. I assure you we're very understanding and patient.
  • The Enclave is a brotherhood of like-minded individuals who want nothing more to promote a better future for not only this community, but for our world.
  • We will seek to work with as many guilds as possible but we won't hesitate to build a great wall around our borders to keep the undesirables from other guilds out of our nation's lands.
  • The Enclave is by far the greatest brotherhood I have ever been part of. Gentlemen of all races, colors, and creeds are welcome, we do not discriminate. Total Equality (TE) is the name of the game we play and just as our great president Donald J. Trump we will make AoC and gaming in general great again!
  • Really, if you think about it, the Enclave is the most American guild in the history of gaming. For example, we promote all of the American values like building massive walls and, just like current year America, we are a diverse group of people from all walks of life.  When we're not busy building great gaming walls to keep the undesirables out, we like to give back to the community—just like our great president Donald J. Trump gave back to America by running for president.
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    The enclave is a brotherhood, a fellowship, a place of like minded individuals in pursuit of freedom and American excellence. 

    The Enclave = TE = Total Equality, peace, and justice for all. 
  • I would also like to add that while The Enclave is a predominantly right learning guild, it is politically inclusive and includes many far left people too. We are first and foremost a guild of friends and gamers who are coming together for a common purpose.
  • The Enclave are the best Brothers In Arms I could wish for.
  • They even take in Frenchmen like myself who only log in once every 32nd day of each month, and they only get a mild yelling at - or as i'd rather call it, "tough love" - for being bad at video games. The Enclave truly is the epitome of tolerance and acceptance of all gentlemen regardless of origins !
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