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Guild Name: Vengeance
Website: Vengeanceaoc.com
Discord: Join us in our lobby. 
Leaders: Sinbad, Boolie, Mingo
Focus: PvX - Raiding, Sieges, Guild vs. Guild, Trade/Crafting/Economics, Research/Exploration
Timezone: PST/CST/EST - We currently have scheduled bi-weekly game and movie nights along with a monthly guild meeting. 
Size: We currently have over 100 active members and our goal is to continue to grow by accepting quality applicants who share our ideals.


Vengeance is a PvX guild looking to form a strong community in an effort to dominate our chosen server. We are looking for ACTIVE members who want to be part of a large & diverse community! Our guild is run as a democracy with issues being brought to our members for voting so that each of our members has a say in the direction of our guild. We are a team and operate as one. We have a philosophy of self-improvement and teaching: we look for players who will challenge themselves and are always trying to improve their skills in the game. We will provide assistance to them via information and a helpful community for just about everything in the game. The goal is to develop well-rounded players who are interested in participating in many aspects of the game. We also want players who are interested in being part of an active voice chat community. This attitude extends to everything we do and it shows via the growth of our players! We are focused on being one of the highest ranking guilds on our chosen server and seek to offer our members the opportunity to be a part of a hardcore guild that succeeds at all aspects of play.

Our guild has also been very involved in the community helping to create content with both Deaths Proxy (Community Moderator and Content Creator) and Aggelos (Dungeon Crawler Network Founder).  We were blessed to be represented at Pax this year as well allowing us to bring our members first hand footage and in-depth experience of the game demo showcasing the world of Ashes.  We will continue to bring new content to the Ashes community as we learn more about the game. 

Dungeon Crawler Network episodes we have been featured in include: 

Episode 44: Castle Sieges
Episode 43: Mystery Ashes Theater
Episode 41: Ode to Buckbeak
Episode 36: Trolling With Taunts
Episode 33: Avoiding Cash Shop Pitfalls 
Episode 32: Alpha Zero Analysis
Episode 29: City Hall
Episode 28: The Mighty Beard
Episode 24: Takes Skill
Episode 20: Combo System
Episode 19: Making MMO's Great Again
Episode 17: Tavern Games
Episode 15: Forging Alliances
Episode 13: Leader of Men 

Death's Proxy episodes we have been featured in include: 
Gameplay brought you from Pax
Day 2 Gameplay from Pax
(please note Vengeance was there recording random people playing at the Pax booth)

Our own gameplay from the Pax Booth can be viewed here

Rank and Guild Structure:

Our guild has four leaders overseeing four different sections of our guild allowing us to specialize in several critical areas without losing our effectiveness in them. Our members have the opportunity to participate in every aspect of the guild but to also be assigned to individual squads when enjoying our PVE or PVP content.

Guys With Pitch Forks (Trial Members) - New recruits who are still within the first 30 days of their membership within the guild.  During this time we are determining if they are a good fit within the guild.

(Members) - These are full members who have been with the guild for over a month and are generally active on our discord and within guild activities. 

(Veteran Members) - Our veteran members have been with us as a guild for a period of time and have proven themselves in game.

Fallen Angels (Trial Officers) - These are our veteran members who are interested in becoming an officer within the guild.  The trial position generally lasts 2-3 months prior to a decision being made to promote to officer, continue as a trial officer or remain as a centurion.  This process allows us to select those who are true leaders, motivators and who have a servants heart to lead the guild. 

(Officers) - These are our officers who oversee large sections of the guild and help the GM's to organize various aspects of our four major pillars. 

(GMs) - Each horsemen oversees a pillar of the guild those being Conquest(Guild Relations), War(PVX), Famine(Economics), and Death(Knowledge). Our GM's are the founders of the guild who have extensive knowledge of their respective pillar and experience in MMO's. 

GOAT - The goat is the tie breaking vote among the GMs when a decision can't be reached and also has the power to demote a GM who has become corrupted. 



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    Our members are hardcore and will be on average committing more than 5 hours per day to the game. 
  • TrinnTrinn Member
    We're kind of a big deal.
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    We shall wreck vengeance upon this world, we are the corruption those who do not join ect...... you get the idea we are totally awesome :)
  • RisingDemiseRisingDemise Member alpha-0-rank
    Best guild I've ever been in, most of the ones I join die overnight, but this one has been sticking for a good long time. Really... look into it.
  • GuildedGuilded Member
    The best and craziest group I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of online. Join if your looking for a good time!
  • We will bring death and demise upon the battlefield there will be no opponent as Hungry and Fierce as us I general cupcake shall make sure that no one leaves alive I will wipe your bowels from my face as we amass a sound victory in both pvp and pve
  • MasterSinbadMasterSinbad Member alpha-0-rank
    Please feel free to come into our lobby and chat with us if you have any questions or just want to hang out. :smile:
  • CzarCzar Member alpha-0-rank
    Nice group of people, nice website! Good luck :)

  • MasterSinbadMasterSinbad Member alpha-0-rank
    Czar said:
    Nice group of people, nice website! Good luck :)
    Thank you! We are definitely working hard to make sure we succeed!
  • Deathage1Deathage1 Member
    We shall strike vengeance upon the world!
  • HemmehHemmeh Member
    Great group of people with clear goals and ways to achieve them
  • MasterSinbadMasterSinbad Member alpha-0-rank
    We currently have over 40 active members and continue to work hard to bring content to our guild!  If you are interested in finding out more about us please stop by our lobby and we will be happy to talk to you. 
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    edited October 2017
    In Vengeance we are always looking for new talents in all areas from combat, to raids to economics.  We understand that without a well rounded guild we wont be successful in Ashes of Creation.   
  • RyldRyld Member
    Great people, Active guild community, The majority of our players have Alpha/Beta keys, Our members are always trying to win that chicken dinner. I am excited to start playing AoC and to show the rest of the community what Vengeance is all about.
  • Joined last month great bunch of gamers we play a lot of different games cant wait for AOC 
  • ZellaZella Member alpha-0-rank
    This is truly a great group of down to earth people who are also incredible gamers. The guild itself is well thought out and drama free and always goes above and beyond to help out its members. If you're considering joining or are on the fence, just stop by the discord lobby to hang out/say hey! See you around AoC! ^.^ 
    -V- is for Vengeance 
  • mazamunemazamune Member
    Just became a full on member with Vengeance and I am really enjoying the active community. Come on into discord and chat with us and have some fun.
  • This is a very beautiful group of people lots of fun to be around. 
    We have a vast group of people to interact with and it always has something going on i Enjoy this guild. 10/10 Very Fun group would Join again 
  • AyronMGAyronMG Member
    Great Group of people, very fun to play with. I am enjoying this community greatly. Never a dull moment here and the guild ideals are great! A++
  • great people, great atmosphere, inviting community. Happy with it so far!
  • ShockleyShockley Member
    Hello all, If you are looking for a great community and fun people to play with, check us out.  Such a great group of people.  I am so excited to dive into Ashes of Creation and I hope to see you all there.  
  • mazamunemazamune Member
    Happy to announce my new role with vengeance helping with media, come join us in discord to hear more about us! 
  • Awesome group of kids that always has an amazing time and has inventive and exciting ways to keep everyone engaged, interacting, and working together. 10/10 would guild again.
  • MasterSinbadMasterSinbad Member alpha-0-rank
    edited November 2017
  • QirinSorealQirinSoreal Member alpha-0-rank
    Vengeance has a great core of people who interact with each other daily. We have a lot of fun during our events and just hanging out playing with each other. A lot of really skilled gamers in this guild, and the structure is great. Come with us if you want to live.
  • MasterSinbadMasterSinbad Member alpha-0-rank
    If you're looking for a active guild that has a great community with gamers who game together then come visit us in our lobby. We are one of the oldest guilds exclusive to AoC and we plan to be here throughout the lifetime of the game. Feel free to talk to us if you want a home you can grow with and thrive in.
  • VelocityVelocity Member
    Great group here lots of fun in many different games till AOC comes out. If you get the chance come in and say hi. We are a very active group with lots of different MMO under each one of our belts.
  • There's a party up in here! A grab bag of players with a variety of skill combine together to form Vengeance, the ultimate life-form!
  • Everyone has been pretty friendly so far. Although I already knew a few of the members though, I think it'll be worth it if you come check this guild out!
  • MasterSinbadMasterSinbad Member alpha-0-rank
    We're steadily growing as we accept members who are veteran gamers.  Our goal is to continue to grow a large player base consisting of those with a mindset to succeed and pursue greatness in Ashes of Creation. If you want to find a home of like minded people who want to be the best at this game feel free to join us in our lobby. 
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