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Controversy [EU] Nationbuilding

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<pew pew, spell casting sound effects magically opening a door>Welcome traveler, you have come a long way to reach us here. Be seated, have a nice cup of tea or other drink of your choosing. You came here looking to join a guild? I'm sorry to disappoint you, we only offer a family.

Welcome <pause>

to <raises curtain>



Welcome interested person you have reached the information hotline of Controversy,

to continue, please press 1.

If you are looking for the hardcore part of what want to offer please dial 2.

If you are looking for a casual adventure please hold on to the 3.

Reading in order is still advised.


You probably never heard of us before and who could blame you? We didn't even exist up until recently when a random guy started to reach out to strangers with hope in his heart to finding like minded people for our new hope Ashes of Creation.

Sounds like every other guild out there at their beginning, true it's just a guild after all, but you might just come to like us instead.

What do we want?

It's simple really, we want to go on adventures together. We have the hunger inside of us to experience all those different aspects a game has to offer. It may not always be the same hunger for everyone and that is fine.

Not everyone likes to go out in search of the thrill of a good fight with other players.

Not everyone wants to spend weeks of their time to enjoy the bliss of seeing the worlds greatest threat dead on the floor at one’s own feet.

Not everyone finds the joy in researching recipes, materials, locations (...) to create something truly amazing and reaping a shower of gold for it.

Not everyone is out there exploring to enjoy the simple pleasure of new sights.

What everyone who is looking for a guild does enjoy, is doing these things together and we aim to provide a place as diverse but united at the same time as that.

We would like to see us become an amazing community, a family that is welcoming, warm, and most importantly fun to be in. That is, who we are with all our weird minds and hearts.

Welcome stranger.


For that we are building up a nation. I am greedy after all and want everything. Ashes of Creation is an opportunity to do just that.

As far as we know, everything is connected. May it be PvE, Crafting, PvP, Economy, Politics. Everything plays a role in each other category so we are looking to build up a nation of people that support each other in their respective category.

Since Ashes is still mostly clouded in mystery and we simply do not know what will be possible in terms of guild structure and so on we’ll skip that for now, but there is a plan. What's important here is, we want to teach and learn from each other.

No single mind has all the answers. We want to value creativity and proactive personalities. We want minds that are open to new and different approaches as well as hardened ones that understand that criticism isn't a personal attack but part of the learning process that is called trial and error.

Learn, teach, created.

All that so we come to a point where we can siege and hold the biggest castle, be the first that bring the ancient evil of utter destruction to its knees, unravel the mysteries of the world, call a Metropolis our home and own the greatest luxuries the game has to offer.

Delicious bacon armor.
Crafting, Exploration, PvE, PvP, we want it all.

Welcome adventurer.


Everyone should walk to the beat of their own pace. We aim to respect that and want to offer a seamless transition and progression in all aspects. We aren't pure hardcore and we aren't pure casual. We want to let everyone find their own comfortable place with us to enrichen each others time in the game.

If you wish too, you will still get to experience that ancient evil of utter destruction or a myriad of other things the game provides. Even if you just want to spend an hour after work to enjoy and goof around, you will do so with people you got to meet and love spending time with. That's what counts after all.

Welcome Friend.

Since you already read that far, or were smart enough to skip ahead and find the all important link, here you go.

This is our invitation to meet us and see for yourself if this might be a place to settle your nest in, of course you can just come and talk to me directly per pm in the forum or discord first @Zekece#1819 if you want to.

"With this I concludes the 1 year anniversary update of our initial recruitment post."

-But the anniversary was in February.-

"So what, it's an elaborate April fools joke"

-Today is the 5th -

"No one will know, it will only say edited April 2017"


P.S. To read even more aka. the original recruitment post click here .



  • I'll accept that invite of yours :D You sound a lot like me when i play MMORPG's ;)
  • <hands out a starter survival pack with standartissued sandals, a raincoat to protect from q.q and sunglasses to shade your eyes from the level of awesomeness>

    Now you are good to go, drop a note in the AoC discord,
    I'm findable under Zekece
    The one and only of course, I'm really creative

    <whispers> I have no idea how to pm here.
  • Let's turn that I to a we aha. I can see your vision and I'd like to experience that journey with you. Hopefully we can plunder and kill on the way right?
  • <drops a banquet of weapons in front of you>
    Pick your weapon of choice, you shall sate yourself on our enemies.
  • I can't seem to edit the initial post to update some new informations.
    Drop me Zekece#1819 or Seraxia#8643 a note in discord to get an invitiation to the discord that was built by now or simply talk and have fun with us about everything and nothing.
    A more focused recruitmentpost in the Ashes discord is on its way too.
  • We are starting some gaming together in various games, to hang out, have some fun and get to know each other.
    If you want to do just that,(no hooks attached) drop Zekece#1819 or Seraxia#8643 a note in discord to get an invitiation to our discord to see what we are playing, drop suggestions and just have fun and meet each other.
  • Well I think this just may be the kind of place I've been looking for! I look forward to being part of the stamp we put on this world. Expect to hear from me soon. :)
  • <pours some tea>
    <img src="" alt="" />

    Have a cup while pondering on all those questions halting you from taking a testdive into our journey. : 3
  • You carry the air of a pleasant person. I'd like to inquire, is there a chance for the guild to have a focus on conquering territory and resources through great battle?
  • Hello namecousin,

    you are using just the right words, "a focus". My goal is to have >>all the focuses<< in all parts the game has to offer.
    I want a city.
    I want a castle.
    I want everything that comes with it:
    PvP, PvE, Ressourcemanagement, Diplomacy, Raiding, Gathering, Crafting, Exploring, Experimenting, to name a few.
    I want to build a place that will be for frontiers and casuals alike.

    So yes, I expect to have a focus on great battles.
    <strong>I will never play a zergguild, mind you.</strong>
    I am going to take the unused route and overcome the blobbculture with tactic and communication. Done it before, will finally continue to expand on it on a larger scale. I will demand more than usual in that regard.
    That's as much as I can tell you for now with the information we have on the game.

    <sips some tea> I hope I could clear some of those thought rocks that blocked the path of sight to my project.
  • That does indeed sound like something I would love to participate in!

    If there will be conquest, companionship, a patch of land to call my own and vibrant celebrations, involving flagons filled to the brim with tea, then you have my blade fine fellow! :)

    (RL fun fact: Drinking tea out of a flagon is amazing.)

    In all honesty, this does sound like a very pleasing idea, as I myself am a casual type. ^^' Having a band of merry folks to explore the world with is absolutely delightful!

    It is most definitively a relief and joy to see an MMO where you become famous by ACTUALLY working for it(like in Lineage 2) surface in this day and age. Especially one that takes suggestions from the players. I can't help but hope I will finally have an MMO with a nice looking Lizardman type of race to make a character out of!

    On a small side note, as I see you are a person with significant experience in MMOs, one of the two major factors I look in an MMO are Races and obtainable creatures(Pets/Mounts/Companions). If a game has a lizard race, or lets me have a dragon mount, or ideally both, I am fully sold on it. However, in pretty much all of the games I have played, mounts and such are not exactly the most enjoyable of ways. The closest it got to what I wanted was(again) in Lineage 2 with the Hatchling and Wolf quests, where you get yourself a little creature and raise it to be a helpful companion. <a href="" target="_blank">On that topic I have made a thread here, discussing an idea for the implementation of Pets/Mounts/Companions in AoC, along with several other mechanic ideas.</a> May I ask your opinion on them?
  • Love the idea of this guild/alliance, would definitely like to be a part of something like this.

    Also KRissCHu, you seem to share my own tastes for mounts/pets. hope we get a rather in depth mount system, and not just a glorified movement increase for gold ^^
  • Indeed! Do you have any thoughts you'd like to express about my suggestions in my thread?

    If we manage to boost this matter into the devs' attention, we should hopefully see something like it ingame. Like, there can be the option where you can buy a mount, from the basic variety like horses and stuff. Of course you can try tracking something cooler on the black market to buy, but when it comes to dragons, gryphons and other sorts of awesome creatures you can have as pets/mounts I at the very least want this: find creature of your choice at a very young age(just hatches/abandoned cub{abandoned cub could be a "rare drop/find" you can come across in an area}) and then you raise(level) it until it reaches adulthood and becomes a proper mount/fighting companion. Also, really want to see mounted combat, including on flying mounts.
  • Hussar! <raises the tea flaggon>

    welcome aboard, may the wind gentle us on our way.
  • <raises tea flaggon>
    You have my tea flaggon!
    <smaks tea flaggon on table>
    Where do i sign up!!
  • Cause when we raise our flagons to another dead dragon, there is just one drink we need! - Jasmine Tea!
  • Sounds cool can I join?
  • It's getting really lively in here. Im going to need a bigger desk and a larger tea service soon and lots more different tea leafes. You are all welcome to hang out with us in the discord to get to know each other. Just drop me a note in discord and i will see to it.
    Zekece#1819 and you are set

    I welcome you all anytime. See if you like it with us and liven up the days while we await the arrival of our saving MMO.
  • is it possible for a lurker to join this ship ?
  • I'll be perfectly honest as always and ask, why?
    Either way, you are welcome to join just drop me a note in discord. I'm just curious about why you would want to bother without participating.

    I mean it's not like I expect everyone to be a bundle of nonstop talkers, but part of why I decided to start this so early is to get to know people, hang out, have fun. Going in with the intention to just lurk, hmm you could just join later on.
    I have a few people who added me in their friendlist who are interested. They just want to stay in touch for now for different reasons. Would that suit your intentions?
  • <stops digging the satchel, looks up> I handed you the blueprints already, did I not?!
  • Count me in :)
  • <burries throught a huge pile og blueprinst> Which one are we talking about? <holds one into the light> The special two armed catapult? <drops it on the floor to hold another one up> Or the tavern design? <hush> Wait do you mean this special secret we came up with for world dominance?
    I'm sure it's here somewhere and will reveal itselfe when we need it.

    <makes a single green line in a little book> Yuroh is accounted for, with a little bump in the lower part.
    In case you want more than a line drop me a note in discord :P <sips on his tea>
  • What if... I don't like tea? will i still be accepted?
    I'd like to join you guys in the quest to build this fine nation, what say you!
  • Throw him a msg on Discord if you want to chat with us :)

    we can always indoctrinate you into drinking tea later ^^
  • I mean.. no tea.. uhm.. <trails off with a paniced look since his openere was taken away, cries in a corner>

    Jokes aside, you are cute enough, so as long as I can cuddle you I'm fine with you not drinking tea!

    Okay, now I'm finished with jokes, nearly, I guess. My tavern has anything you can imagine edible and drinkable, tea is just the first thing on my mind, drink whatever you like while I get compensated with cuddles!!
  • anybody welcome to the guild don't be afraid and join discord
  • Hey! This guild seems to have a good variation of goals and a leader with respectable experience in MMOs. Care to take this cool cat to fight, build, thrive and drink tea within your ranks?
  • I'm mildly interested in your goals and what you wish to do together, I offer my sword, and my dedication it will require to build such a nation :).
  • Scratch, bite, laze around and sip as much tea as you want! I think we are missing some great feline companionship to liven up our daily lives in the discord.
    <pet's Velvet on the head>

    Well now that I have your sword <eyes Darkellf> what are you going to fight with? Scratching and biting like Velvet? Not that I am one to judge how you do things, but if you already bother to carry around a sword, why trade it away for a spot in a nation that has no entry fee anyway? <giggles>

    Yes you can expect lame jokes all the time, if that doesn't turn you away, I have to say you are lost and there is no way out of this anymore. Just drop me or Seraxia a note in discord and we will get you settled in.

    Hope to see you around and get to know you folks. <wave>
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