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After GOLD launch of AoC, what DON'T you want to see in the game?

Based on the fact we will be paying for this game on a monthly plan, I figured now is a good time to let everyone know...............


I have a few things, but mainly on top of my list is............LOOT DROP BOXES WITH KEYS YOU HAVE TO BUY!

I hate this with a huge passion, and when I get them in other games, I just delete them. I don't care for them or want to see them in AoC period.

So what are a few things you just DON'T want to see in AoC?



  • "rare" collectibles that literally everybody has and can easily get. what else?

  • Allowing those not satisfied with self gratification the right to impose their desires on everyone else...because trolling is hip now.
    Client side is a thing. Player choice is a thing. Not everyone must eat cake.

    A no holds barred cash shop filled with any crap they can sell, making any basic content they spent 1000s of hours creating superfluous and over written and any cohesive 'style' goes out the window.
    Like every other MMO...that ashes should ...evidently... duplicate.

    Dont make a WoW clone to try and better WoW, no matter what the WoW fanbois here scream.
    This is not a WoW 2 surrogate to fill a sense of loss and nostalgia for a dying game that screwed up.

    Dont make an ArcheAge clone to try and better ArcheAge, no matter what the ArcheAge fanbois here scream.
    This is not an ArcheAge 2 surrogate to fill a sense of loss and nostalgia for a dying game that also screwed up.

    If I want such games as ....just no! Please stop. I want Intrepid to do whats best, not what someone else did because fanboi wants a clone until they decide to return to the original. Where the grass isnt actually greener because they wanted the same grass and got the same grass they demanded.

    Intrepid have immensely talented designers, artists and engineers.
    They are more than capable of creating something without parallel.
    So let them do it.
    Anything less would be suicide and a once in a lifetime opportunity that Steven decided to bankroll.
    I doubt very much such a fortuitous turn of events will happen in the MMO gaming industry again.

  • Don't put anything that even seems like p2w into the game and I will be satisfied, of course IS have stated that p2w is a big no but at the end of the day we won't know until the future and the possibilty always looms over us so yeah no p2w :3
  • dont bring ingame Boosters wich you have to buy with Money (Counts to P2W my oppinion) 
  • I don't know. 
    They said it will be no p2w. I don't think they will add loot boxes at start of the game.
    Its P2P game so gold sellers will be rare with bots. Perhaps mute will be on account. 

    While ppl will say don't do p2w I am gonna say. I don't want to see any kinds of bug and issues with AoC
  • Flying mounts and teleportation.
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    Azathoth said:
    Flying mounts and teleportation.
    They said only mount what can let you fly is rare dragon egg what will give you temporary dragon mount. (gone after few days). And dragon only one for every 5 lvl node leader (stay until you are a node leader)

    And there will be no fast travel until scientist node what will have close rage.  And only teleportation have mage but only for 10-15m with CD :P

  • Quest lines that are released in increments and are super lackluster (e.g. the Broken Shore)
  • Dont make a WoW clone
  • Bots ruining the economy.

  • Beep said:
    Bots ruining the economy.

    That, and incessant gold spam. Although I suppose there is no way around these things nowadays.
  • Idiots!!!
  • I don't want to see the game go free to play. I'd rather them stick it out with a sub, and a steady stream of income, rather than go free to play and include all the shenanigans that includes.
  • Don't make the game too RNG based for progression. I don't want to get 500 copies of the same thing and hope for good rolls. No loot box type things and I'll be happy.
  • Any sort of hand holding or catering to carebears/vocal minorities.
  • @Rainer
    I know what has been said, but post launch 1, 3, 7 years down the road I would still prefer no flying mounts or teleportation on a mass scale. I guess I should have been more specific.

    Most things in this thread will likely be things IS says they aren't going to do.
  •  I hope to not see the developer enforced archetype preferences. It is a miserable experience to be extremely fond of a character and see the class destroyed in favor of making an easily played class even easier. W.O.W. is the example i use Mages were poorly programmed and the glitches like falling through the ground and being lost 'til Tuesday, were ignored in favor of programming Death Knights while my complaints were met with the GM response, "everything is working as intended."
  • The game go F2P :trollface:
  • I don't want to see stagnant archetypes.  Player A has a kickass paladin, so all paladins start to look the same and any paladin that dares to be different gets ostracized from groups and told you aren't playing right
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    Enemy tab-targeting and low/mediocre player skill-based combat.
    EDIT: I might as well find single target damaging skills very boring, with few exceptions.
  • at launch!?...this Forum of course JK :wink:    a good server will do.
  • I don't want to see my friends or family in game, they'll quickly realize how much of my life I'll be throwing at the game. 
  • I Would like to see no cash shop at all but doubt that will happen but other then that i hope they keep things like no flying mounts to the overall playerbase, no dungeon finder and so on.. 
  • Cosmetic cash shop was always said to be a thing. One thing you have to look at when reading these forums is to discount the amount of wishlisting and speculation that goes on. They have yet to change a system or mechanic from what they have been touting all year. People get a bug up their nethers about various things and various times, and forums and Discord rage for days. And yet, nothing is changed. The corruption system is still in place, flying is limited as per their original statements, the dreaded combos are still there. So for all the pent up rage of "If they don't do this I am gone!" or "If they do this I am gone!" just go with what has been put out by them, not by what people froth at the mouth about. 

  • I don't want to see at any point of the game is painted on armor. I don't want to ever equip some plate mail and feel that it is going to wash off in the first rain.
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    I don't want to see at any point of the game is painted on armor. I don't want to ever equip some plate mail and feel that it is going to wash off in the first rain.
    Can it rust in the snow though ?
  • I don't want to see stale professions that require no effort or time invested.
  • I would not like to see Intrepid fail and go under.  That would be bad, mm'kay?
  • @tinkueda Man don't even say that. its terrible.
  • If there MUST be a micro-transaction store (and let's face it... they've already made it clear there will be one in the presentation of constant "buy these exclusive X and Y" packages...)

    ...then make them cosmetic only. No mounts as fast as the ones that we got for backing. No superb weapons. No "but but but, you can out-level all your friends!" boosters (sorry to all the people with the attention span of gold-fish... but... PLAY the game, that's what makes it fun).

    Personally, I hate, hate, hate stores. If they are present, then everything should be purchasable through in-game currency. Which leads me to number two: four-hundred freaking currencies. I don't mind when they're game related (eg: faction oriented, collector's items)... but *glares at WoW and every other "new" game out there*... especially with an extra glare at Black Desert with three "special" currencies - one purely to buy another...

    This is a pay to play game - take a page from the old gems like Everquest - you pay to play so the servers are supported. Content expansions were not offered for a couple YEARS - so we could all enjoy the base game while a quality expansion was built. Everything... EVERYTHING... was obtainable within the construct of the game.

    Finally... for the love of all things nerd and geek related... do NOT cater to the lowest common denominator! Make a good game. Make some of the quests and raids stupidly difficult and taking hours of a day with a great deal of co-ordination. Do not make everything a rapid-fire McDonald's fast-food video-game repeat of everything else on the market. That's so painfully boring. I don't want to zip from level 1 to 100 in two weeks (or even one month)... I want to EARN those levels. A game with a million maxed out players isn't enjoyable - it just floods the end-game content.

    Oh, and to agree with another poster:


    In the end... Intrepid Studios... please, please, live up to your name and BE INTREPID!
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