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  • Hello everybody!
    Can't wait for these to came out...sooo exited!
  • Hey guys ! Nice to meet you, i'm Tatriche future archwizard, i just can't wait this game to be playable. You gave me high hopes for mmorpg since 2017 and i'm very pleased to see your active developments these past few months.
    I would like to buy one of your packs to help and get early acces to test but it is quite expansive for me so i will have to wait for the open beta to come out, jeez this is gonna be so cool !

    I think like i will mainly focus on merchandising and protecting caravans !

    Can't wait, can't wait, but i will. Good luck to all dev teamand keep this great work on trail please !
  • Hello I am Giolas Do'Nor (Rob). Old table topper, ultima, EQer getting back into PC MMOs because of Ashes. Thanks looking forward to questing with you all.
  • OktorOktor Member
    Oi! Here is Oktor, Orc fanboi and i am ready to turn Ran´Kals vision into reality. Looking forward to explore this world with you guys and fight over it!
  • Howdy all! SnowLizard from the great frozen North. Just discovered ashes and am super excited to play. Looks amazing! Lifelong gamer, since pong :o , haven't been this excited about a new game in years.
    Look forward to getting to know you and meet you in game.
  • Hi,

    Still wondering if this should be the next BIG mmo I to play.

    Is it still possible to become a founder, thanks.
  • Hi folks! I’m Ryan, and I’m an Alpha 2 ready to go! Can not wait.
  • Hi , I am Richard, aka Acknard, new to forum and the game, would like to know how to ask questions and send suggestions.
  • Hello everyone, Lazyayye here, I'm very much looking forward to this game, I plan to spend all my free time playing it. I've been waiting for a new MMO such as this to come out. Hoping to find a great guild which I can progress with and do end-game content.
  • Hello Everyone! If I ever write a book someday, I want my pen name to be Peter Warwick. This name has also been my gamer name for years. :smile: I think it sounds cool.

    I am excited to play Ashes of Creation, as I always wanted to be part of a mmo when I was a kid, but my parents would not let me play them. This game looks like it is shaping up to be a good one, so I dropped some of my stimulus money into here. :wink: I can't wait to play this with my friends, go on adventures, and become a legend! I am thinking on being a cleric, bard, or conjuror. That alpha 2 test can't come soon enough! :smiley:
  • Hello! And nice to meet you!
    I'm WhitneyHagasMatsumoto.
    I casually borrowed the name from my favorite anime, but I regret that I used too many letters lol.

    I've never played an MMO before, but I have high hopes for this game because of the fact that it's not P2W and the concept of a player-driven world.

    Ever since I was a kid, I grew up watching my father coming home in his work clothes smelling of machine oil, so I have a lot of respect for people involved in manufacturing.
    Of course, I'm going to stick to crafting in this game. If there's an eccentric lizard out there somewhere who's constantly making armor, it might be me ;)

    Incidentally, as a price for my great obsession with manufacturing, I've abandoned my language skills to the ends of the world, so I'm using translation software.
    Cheers for the development of technology!<3
  • Hello, I'm Kurgon. I had no info on this game until 3 days ago-ish (Feb 7th, 2021). I started reading and surfing YouTube for info on Ashes, and Oh My! I would say that I am most excited to try out the class system, particularly the Necromancer and other versions of the summoner. Can't wait for Beta 2!
  • Greetings fellow gentlemen/woman I am really excited about the node system and I will probably pursue the goal of being a successful mayor.
  • Hey all I'm Kedo

    I'm excited to play this game as it has many of the things I've been dying for in an MMORPG.
    Having this to escape to in my free time is something I look forward to.

  • luisagosluisagos Member
    edited February 13
    I was drawn by evil forces to post here.
    I feel great evil is here, much stronger than what I felt in the ancient past games.

    I am detecting strong magic forces from L2, EQ, and VG all gathering here.
    Cannot be denied this evil, I must have it now.

    Be warned Luisagos the Necromancer is coming and I will be not stopped!

    Your never alive till your DEAD ! ! !
  • killkill Member
    Finally took the plunge after following this game for years. Generally I roll tanks because I enjoy leading the group and setting the pace so I'll probably stick with that in AoC. See ya'll in Alpha 2!

    Past/Current games:
    Everquest (since 1999)
    Everquest 2
    World of Warcraft (since beta)
    Lord of the Rings Online (since beta)
    Starwars: The Old Republic (day 1)
    Elder Scrolls Online
    EVE Online
    New World (Alpha)
    Wildstar (RIP)
  • Hello everyone, Xirks here! Looking forward to diving into AOC. I love how the devs ACTUALLY play their own game, super excited about it. Coming from ESO where the devs do not give two you knows about the community.
  • blulblul Member
    Hello there. I'm blul and I'm new here. What's good lads?
  • khrienkhrien Member, Braver of Worlds
    Hey all! I'm khrien - excited to play Ashes! :)
  • Hi
  • hello
  • Hi Astalder and Jipsea!
  • Hello Everyone! Orbal is shouting out from the Big Apple!

    I have lots of experience as an avid raider from my WoW days, so I'm very excited to dive into this world! I've been learning about it all night and I can't wait to continue learning more and chatting with the community!
  • Hey all, just another boi looking to sink his forseeable future into another MMORPG🙃
  • Hey all, I live in Northern California near Sacramento, I am an estate planner, wills and trusts, I am looking forward to tanking some raids in a progression team/guild.
  • Hello everyone! I am Brook and im a long-time Lineage II fanboi. I found AoC on Youtube and i've been addicted to the content of the game since! I'll be casually streaming the game also so make sure to hop in! (twitch.tv/brookofficial)
  • petdcatpetdcat Member
    edited February 24
    I am Petruccio Alfonso Maria Cuccieri d'Cataluna, also known as Pet d'Cat. Warrior, Bard, Artist, Brewer of Questionable Beverages. A pleasure to meet you all and look forward taking advantage....um....meeting all of you.

  • Well met fellow adventurers. I see many new faces. As you have just now joined the journey before us all, allow me to share with you this wondrous source of information to aid you in your exploration. https://ashesofcreation.wiki/

  • XohmXohm Member
    Greetings! I'm Xohm And I'm Super Hyped For Ashes Of Creation :smiley:
  • Hey everyone! I'm bad at introductions.
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