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  • Hello all, I am The Keymaker. I will be joining you all during Alpha 2. I may or may not see some of you as I control the markets and supplies. Strategies being built, thoughts getting thunk.
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    Hello AoC community! Like most of you I'm extremely excited to be entering into the world of Verra, but for now this forum will be our home. I've played many, many MMOs from 2002 till now, and it is my firm belief that the team at Intrepid is creating what the MMO community will see as a beacon of hope. MMOs been going through a bit of a dark time in recent years with no new concepts or ideas, simply relying on expansions of on going MMOs. I look forward to diving into AoC and experiencing something new! Adventure awaits! I'm also looking forward to creating content around AoC and diving into the lore, mechanics, PvP, and PvE aspects of the game. I can't wait to see all your faces in game! :smile:
  • Hi! I'm Wendy, and we (husband and I) were just recommended this MMO by our favorite local pizza and brewpub place. I know, wild right? They know my husband well, hehe. I've been online gaming since the 80's (yes, I know, I'm old) and spent 20+ years in IT in testing and development. I'm from that time when you had to put in an application and be accepted into beta test programs :tongue: I do enjoy GROUP PvP and am looking at the bow wielder and maybe a healer role? Really kicking ourselves for missing this Kickstarter since we spend stupid amounts of money there yearly. Now I just need to find the Discord and I'll be set!
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    Well the only thing I can say is kill them first ask questions later.

  • Hail AoC comrades.....quit WoW back in the day because I had to "grow up"... I think I'm done... can't wait to meet new people and enjoy this world together.
  • Hello there,

    I am TeachMe please TeachMe being a good Summoner and animal husbandry. I would love to breed the best Pets availible.
  • Hi! I'm just a rat. I hope everyone's doing well xx thought I'd announce myself
  • Rhuell here,

    Only recently learned of Ashes of Creation through my seemingly entropic youtube video suggestions and I have to say, i'm excited. I've never participated in an alpha or beta testing phase for a game, and i've never invested in a game prior to its release due to my natural skepticism and semi cynical nature. But, I fully intend on hopping aboard this ornate, yet efficient, train and participating in any way I can.
    Yup, too late. I'm hopeful.

    I'll see you around!
  • Hello, I'm Wulfenthrad. I started playing MMOs when I was a kid with LOTRO and Runescape. Over the years, I've tried various other MMOs but the only one that stuck with more for more than a month or two, other than the ones previously mentioned, was GW2.

    While I haven't played an MMO for some time, various MMO kick-starters have piqued my interest in the genre. With games like Star Citizen, Camelot Unchained, and of course Ashes of Creation, promising entirely new ways to connect with others.

    While I have only heard of Ashes of Creation recently, an interview that I saw with Asmongold showed that the creative director was a hardcore MMO player, who had a deep understanding of what makes the genre work. With each question asked, Steven Sharif answered every question concisely and it felt as if I had a decent idea of not only what the vision of the game was, but how much thought and experience went into it. Needless to say, I am quite excited.

    The aspect that I'm most excited for is the emphasis on community and strongly encouraging players to interact with one another, which I feel is often ignored in other MMOs. Although I am often one of those silent players grinding endlessly alone, I hope to end that here, starting by being involved here on the forums.

    While the game is probably a few years out still, I hope to interact with all of you and become more integrated into the community. I look forward to socializing with all of you and I hope to add to discussions in a meaningful and positive way.

    Thank you for your time in reading this and I hope to share in the hype with you.
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    Hi i am Dull :D << Noob (UK)
  • Hello there ladies and gentlemen, I'm Galthir. I'm anxious to play with you all, and wish you good luck!

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    Hello everyone! I go by my alias Kirri, nice to meet ya! This will probably be my second time playing a type of game like this and I'm super excited for it. My friends and I can't wait to play with you all! ♥
  • hello I'm DunDefDan I will be ready to play at alpha 2 I'm so hype!
    I am probably the best noob you will ever found.♥♥♥
  • Hello my good persons, I am GnokRoot, or just Root. I've been looking for a good modern RPG to enjoy for quite a few years now - I've invested semi-heavily in 2 other recent ones and struck out, so I'm hoping the third time is the charm! See you all there.
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    GnokRoot wrote: »
    Hello my good persons, I am GnokRoot, or just Root. I've been looking for a good modern RPG to enjoy for quite a few years now - I've invested semi-heavily in 2 other recent ones and struck out, so I'm hoping the third time is the charm! See you all there.

    My name is Root ? lol had to sry. What were the last 2 that you invested heavy in I am still invested in a few like Star Citizen I think I'm up to about 3k in ships. Still waiting for a game to play lol.
  • The man, the myth, the gamer. The Frenchest of Tomahawks, except I'm not actually French, the Fallout guy. All that is important is I like games, and I'm hyped for this game, since discovering it only days ago. Sounds too good to be true, but given the unique funding and the fact that Steven Sharif is the Creative Director and has privately Invested the games funding to completion, means the vision and the resources are coming from the same place. If AAA titles were passion projects the gaming industry would be a better place. And I think this game could be just that.
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