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  • Hello, I am the Lord of Dwarves, proud ruler of many, but not all. I hope to see many in our great empire of dwarves!
  • Hello, I am TheReaperofAshes, looking forward to playing the game. I havent played an mmo in several years due to some negative experiences hoping this turns out to be a better experience. :D
  • stookystooky Member
    edited May 5
    > : )
  • MemnosetMemnoset Member
    I just heard about this game a few days ago, after some careful research I find myself intrigued by the prospects this one offers. I hope to try it out soon!
  • Hi-o I am a Joe eagerly waiting for the Beta!
  • malfunbotmalfunbot Member
    Hello fellow AOC enthusiasts! I am hyped for this game and looking forward to seeing more content. Thank you Intrepid for giving us more news and tidbits to get excited about; keep it up. 🤖Malfunbot (DCN)
  • passwavepasswave Member
    Hey! I’m Passwave!
  • moaimoai Member
    Hello everyone!
  • Hey guys. Just found out about this game recently and it looks awesome! Most excited of the PvP and the sieges! Can't wait to play!
    Veteran Lineage 2 player
  • VuerenVueren Member
    Hello! I'm Vueren. I ended up finding myself interested in what this game has to offer everyone and figured that I want to be a part of that.
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