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  • My friends call me Myth. I currently have the Wayfarer package purchased in 2018, but am considering upgrading soon to Voyager. I am most looking forward to the immersion and seeing how the node system plays out, but am excited for just about every aspect of the game I have seen so far.

    In the last couple of years, my better half has joined me in gaming, so I am one of those fortunate couples. Hopefully I can drag her in as well as some long time gamer friends.

    I look forward to meeting new people and making some amazing memories. Thanks for all the hard work behind this project AOC team. Can't wait to get lost in Verra.
  • Hel!o all. I am coming from the recently deceased CoE. The news implied CoE was merely comotose and might soneday be revived but I think its been brain dead for a long time. I had plans for a duchy in Vornair but I was never welcome in the Vornair community. I have no expectations for this place but I did pitch in $375 for the deluxe package in the store here.

    Opa Michael aka Squeaky Wheels
    The Duke of Nevermore

  • RiviRivi Member
    T.T Hey guys,,, It's Rivi... Jusr an inactive oldie... New forums look cool, but can I have my old badges back T.T Oh yea, it's nice to meet you guys too btw :D
  • StormStorm Member
    Hello there! Storm here. Been following ashes since the early days of the kickstarter. I haven't really been keeping up with the game the past year or so. But the recent announcement of the coming Alpha testing brought it to my attention again. Can't wait to jump into ashes.
  • Hail and well met. I have been following Ashes of Creation for about two years now. I am looking forward to alpha-1, and what the future holds for Verra.
  • PsychoPsycho Member
    Hello, been lurking since the Kickstarter. Looking forward to this game, especially after some other recent letdowns. Keep up the good work! :)
  • Hey y'all. My son has told me about this game over the last few months and figured I'd pre-buy it to see what it's like. I love MMORPG's and honestly haven't found any great ones in many years. Okay, so decades. Yeah. I'm old. lol. Last MMO I played I could really get into and enjoy for years was UO (Ultima Online). I loved the housing concept, pvp, Faction Wars, "griefing" (Breaking into peoples houses, pk'ing them looting their stuff, stealing their stuff outta their backpacks, doing T-maps, and raiding towns killing "Trammies".) From what bit he's told me, this is my kinda game. We shall see I suppose. I hope it doesn't turn out to be a let down and a waste of money. I'm anxious to see how it is and what it has to offer. Thus far, it looks pretty darn promising.
  • MarsheMarshe Member
    Hi I'm Marshe. I'ma new fan looking to get active in the community!
  • balpossbalposs Member
    keep up the good work
  • BroomBroom Member
    Broom in the house. Looking forward to this game! Debating between a Shaman and High Priest for my main.
  • ProfesorReisProfesorReis Member
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    Hello lads! I'm Mehmet Emin this game will be popular soon. I'm taking my place right now and I was searching a Sandbox MMORP like this for a long time and seems like I found it. I'm taking my place right now and one day I will translate this game to Turkish. Because Turkish people will love this game.
  • RyufuRyufu Member
    Hello, you can call me Ryu. I have been MMORPG hopping for almost two decades always looking for one that really clicks with me. I really love the idea and lore behind this and I very much look forward to trying it out with all of you.

    Also, looking forward to making sneaky guild alliances. ;)
  • 'Ello, I'm WolflingPup and am new here. I'm very excited to see how everything goes and who I'm going to meet and become.
  • ArnzealArnzeal Member
    Hello, my name is Thomas and I wont be the hero you seek. You'll find me at my Freehold tending to me' crops and milking me' cows. Slamming the hammer on me' anvil crafting you top tier weapons and armour for your heroic adventures.

    Whatever you need, I will provide.
  • ValfurValfur Member
    Greetings there.. have to say this game seems to be one that will make me enjoy games again, so cant wait til we can explore this world fully

    Valfur pillar of solomon
  • brasslebrassle Member, Braver of Worlds
    Hello all, i been following the game since kickstarted, in fact i recently upgraded to be a leader of men pack. looking forward to seeing you all in apha.
  • Hello all, im William, i want to know more about this game and be active in this comunity, thats all :)
  • LawlessLawless Member
    Sup lads! I’m Lawless Jane , and a big fan of MMORPGs, twitch streamer newbie and general nerd. I am most excited about collecting mounts in Ashes of Creation and can't wait to play!
    ~ Unity through Allegiance
  • BolterBolter Member
    Hi, @all :smile:
    - Alex
    - Germany
    - looking foward for a new "mmo-star" in the sky ... ;)
  • SteeveSteeve Member, Braver of Worlds
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    Hi All.

    It's Steeve!

    Last MMORPG I played was Archeage, where I was on Kyrios. I look forward to stepping out in our new world, soon.

    Remember.....T is for TRONUS!!!!
  • KestrelKestrel Member
    hi there all, been following the game since just after the kickstarter, played a little bit in apoc and recently perchased the voyager pack. im lookingforward to getting into the game and seeing if i can fall through the map anywhere in testing like i managed back when i used to play wow ^_^.
  • DevakDevak Member
    Hello, this game looks cool. haven't played MMO in years.
  • *A man wearing a suit of full plate with a red tabard stands before you*
    Hail. We've met before, at a campsite in a faraway land. Although, judging by the look in the eyes of those gathered, t'is not so far away afterall. Let us cross swords once alpha-1 and beyond hits, and not forget the day nor the following dawn.
  • ThujaThuja Member
    Hello!! I'm Thuja! I've been loosely following the progress of the game but I'm totally excited for it to come out. Haven't really played many MMOs in a while.
  • LumitoneLumitone Member
    Hi All!

    Steve here, newer addition to AoC. Really looking forward to Alpha!. Love the node system, sounds really cool!
  • I would like to extend a warm greeting to the community, and express "the mere fact" that I (we) are greatly looking forward to Ashes of Creation Alpha-1.
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  • MrLuckMrLuck Member
    Hey my name is Siro, been here for a few years just now posting here. I'm the Commander of the Legion of the Black Phantom we're a mercenary group. We will do any job given you have the coin.

    Discord: https://discord.gg/RCxnCWK
  • Just signed up. Anticipating Alpha-1 and beyond.
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