I guess I will jump out of the shadows and make a first post here. Hello! I am Aelissia.

I have been involved in RP in MMOs for approximately 15 years now and I have to say that I am quite excited about the prospects of Ashes. I have so many ideas for characters to explore but I am keeping it in check while I wait for more information on the races and general story. That being said, I would love to start working on some concepts with some folks in the community, to build up some potential connections.

A little about me. I have always been interested in writing, reading and gaming. MMOs have been my primary source of entertainment for a long time now including but not limited to WoW, FFXIV and SWTOR. I also dabble in live streaming from time to time using the same moniker.

I currently also work in the Game Industry as development support and leadership for QA, so I have a bit of an inside view of the world of game development.

I am looking forward to getting to know the rest of the RP community here!

Feel free to reach out and talk ideas!



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    I'm Pacha, I've been a roleplayer for just a couple of years now, about 4, but I absolutely fell in love with RP from the moment I tried. I started in ESO, went on to WoW and SWTOR and then back to ESO. I usually keep my roleplay to MMORPGs since I feel like they provide the best experience for roleplayers.

    I am now one of the founders of the ChroniclesRP, a cross-gaming RP community that focuses on providing RPers with a place where they can have fun and roleplay without HAVING to join a guild, if they want to they can since we do have quite a few guilds that form the leadership of the community, but we do focus on providing a good atmosphere for all roleplayers (guild or no guild). That's the link if you want to register and join the discord :smile:

    I work in the security sector, mostly for the government, and I absolutely love it, though I do hope that one day (yeah that's a dream and probably never happen, but keep on dreamin' lil' Pacha!) livestreaming could be my main """""job"""" (notice how many quotation marks? Yeah that's on purpose).

    I'm looking forward to seeing you all in RP :smiley:

    OH and I almost forgot! I've also be creating this RP rolling combat system for Ashes of Creation that people could use in the game to RP!! I'm super stoked about it and can't wait to share it with everyone to hear your thoughts!
  • @Greentwig i found your new home.
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  • I wouldn't consider myself a role player, but i enjoy entering the mind of a character from time to time. But does anyone know if there will be designated RP servers?
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    Never partaken in RP, but I'm open minded, maybe this'll be the one.
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    @SquirrelKebab Unfortunately no, as Steven believes that RPers should be everywhere. It's been proven that doing this can actually hurt a roleplaying community by spreading them out thin, but we'll see how it goes I guess.
  • @Pacha Ahh i see, thanks for the clarification
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  • I wouldn't consider myself a role player, but i enjoy entering the mind of a character from time to time. But does anyone know if there will be designated RP servers?

    AFAIK there will not be dedicated RP servers. But I do know the community have rp groups and sites with members who are putting things together - like a rp community or niche. The old forums had many of these. As to how successful they are at establishing something concrete in-game, only time will tell.

    Personally I enjoy RP from time to time. Have been playing PnP for a little while plus have spent time on rp servers for Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2 for some years. The thing with RP for me is when it gets too hardcore you can get burned out but when you don't have it you miss it.
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  • I guess I'll jump in here too!

    Hi *waves* I'm Alyria, a veteran MMO role-player of close to twenty years now. When I first heard about the opportunities Ashes of Creation to say my interest was piqued is an understatement. Hearing about the Freeholds, node development, merchant trade possibilities, and the entire living world had me nodding my head shouting "Yes! Finally something for my little crafter/trader/role-player heart!". I've been following the Ashes of Creation development for some years now, quietly seeing which direction the Intrepid team decided to take the game, and I'm excited to learn more via the new Dev Diaries.

    I also can't wait to begin to meet each and everyone one of the Ashes of Creation community.
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    Never really roleplayed, I just am a walking calamity that tends to drop meteorites on top of peoples heads c:
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    Hello! I am Halgrave, co-creator of a dedicated RP Community for Ashes of Creation (Link in my sig), and I've been RPing for a little over a decade now. While there is no RP Server Tag to be implemented, we at AoCRP plan on organizing a vote on our site off of a curated shortlist of server names pre-launch that our community will focus on as an unofficial RP server. Those of you that would like to get in on that, please feel free to join up! As for the rest, hope to see you in-game!
    Looking for a place to gather with other roleplayers? Look no further than Ashes of Creation Roleplay!
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    Hey, hey~ Intro time for a planet; I'm that nice guy, Uranu5 and I've been a strong advocate for Roleplay for at least 12 years and hopefully more to come. Coming from World of Warcraft I mainly go by the original character name of Centari and if you have heard or even RPed with me, then I am truly worried about you as a person <3

    Half-jokes aside, my interest in Ashes of Creation runs deep due to many different factors; fresh beginning, environmental/player mandatory involvement, multiple variables to manage, and the general genre of the universe of Verra. A fresh beginning is perhaps the strongest factor, as I hope the RP community takes the right first steps needed in planting a strong foothold into a game. I've always wanted the game designers to place a strong hand on the RP community but I understand that could limit most of the creative freedom that comes from some interactions that are reminisced about in past stories. So it is up to the community to gather and decide where to raise the flag, and how to mesh with the rest of the community as a whole.

    I can only try to be there for such choices, but I will be there for when the game is played :) Can't wait for either way.
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    Hello all, I am in SW MO. USA.

    I am not a veteran MMO player, as I have only invested a few hours here or there in one or two. Never seem to be much for my liking. I am excited about Ashes and have chosen to step out of my comfort gaming zone and embrace Ashes as more of a new-table-top group. Allowing me to set aside my issues with MMO's in general and embrace whatever it is Ashes becomes.

    I am an avid RP agent, and most of my characters lack 100% effectiveness due to my desire to create the character as I see them and worry about how the mechanics jive in the end. That said, I have been playing D&D (at least once a month, usually four times) for the past 12 years. I look forward to embracing this aspect of what Ashes has to offer.

    Thank you all for reading, and posting, we should be in for a brilliant ride!
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  • Yo. I'm Fio.

    Roleplaying for the last 21 something years. Been rping in mmo's since 2013 in SWTOR and have jumped around a few different mmo's for rp though the bulk of it has been spent in TOR and currently FFXIV. I run my own guild in FFXIV, and plan to run my own here in AoC. Though my 14 guild will come first, I certainly want to enjoy some rp community stuff here!

    Mostly I want to coordinate with other roleplayers for what server we will be focusing on, in the future. As well as finding out what people are doing to set up there rp while we wait for game to play! I already have a guild idea and structure set up. Though only myself and my co founder in the discord for it right now. So I'm interested in what everyone else is doing to prepare.
  • WololoWololo Member, Leader of Men
    Playing MMORPG for long but never RP. This might be the first game i feel comfertable with doing so because of the change in the world and many different artisan classes.
  • Got started at an early age on table top RPGs and old school choose your own adventure books. Started RPing in MMOs with Everquest. I've played a lot of MMOs and tried to find RP guilds and communities in both while also still being active in PvE raids and other activities.

    Looking forward to hopping into Ashes and getting to RP.
  • anduinkayvaananduinkayvaan Member, Braver of Worlds
    Evening! Anduin here!

    I have been Roleplaying since I was young. I have over 16 years of Rp experience in all sorts of games from light rp in Arma, battlefield, and Warhammer 40k EC, to more hardcore RP in a large number of MMOs. I helped design and test Life of a Colonist, Godsland, and Titansland for Warcraft 3 back in the day. I founded a community that now plays several games and is looking to form a truly living and breathing city in the game and are welcoming all RPers and Guilds into joining us in the endeavors. I look forward to knowing you all better as time goes on.
  • Hello from Dayuhan,

    I have been role-playing since the term was first coined - anyone remember the Arduin gaming system? Most of my RP has been the table-top variety, starting with the above named Arduin game and proceeding through D&D, Earthdawn, Shadowrun, Storyteller, Traveller, and many more less well known RPGs. I role-played heavily in NeverWinter Nights and NWN2 and am now playing ESO and Star Citizen.

    While I am quite new to the Ashes of Creation game, the concepts I have seen so far seem very open to RP. Hope this remains true as it pushes towards Beta.

    Look forward to meeting some of you in game.
  • Hi! I'm Bunny and I have been roleplaying for about 11 years now -- most of which being on World of Warcraft.

    I've been following Ashes basically from the start of their kickstarter and I really hope, while that there are no official rp servers on Ashes, that all us people interested in rp will be able to coordinate so we can all play together. :smiley:
  • dorrindorrin Member
    Hey folks, signed up for Alpha 2 but for now, me.

    First RP'd PnP in mid-80s (I know I know), took the same journey as many from D&D, WFRP (fave), Paranoia, Cthulhu, MERP to name but a few. Fast forward more years than I care to remember I still PnP RP and find myself casually RPing in MMO's.

    My online RPG journey went from SWG to WoW at launch, while not my first, WoW was my first guild (The Templar Order on Argent Dawn) where I gradually became sucked in and eventually had the absolute honour of being one of their officers. Then as we all burn out as I did I and jumped around for a while, DDO (one of the founding guilds), Warhammer Online, SWTOR, NWN, ESO, LOTRO (prob one of my faves) and so on, each time coming back to WoW for a while. I still pop into WoW and DDO now and again but thought it time for something new as I tired with the grind and much of the old guilds have moved on. So here I am!

    High Fantasy is generally my favourite genre, I'm absolutely an altaholic (yay!) and while some characters develop over time as I play them, I have two long term aliases that always appear in one way or another. Dorrin, Dwarf, often playing a fatherly role who loves the outdoors rather than deep in some mines, usually a hunter-style (there is also his brother Aargus who is the stereotypical axe-wielding fighter), then there's Teebs or Teeble who is often a small female gnome/halfling type caster who is very bouncy and somewhat nieve.
  • A pleasure to make your acquaintance. The name I go by across communities is SupportCrow, yet for most purposes, I go by Amicus.

    Whenever the option presented itself, I always threw myself into the joys of RolePlay. Writing stories comes naturally to me and the idea of putting myself in a character's shoes always appealed to me as a gamer. It adds a different dynamic.

    I role played mostly in Chronicles of Elyria across various discord servers. I attended parties, festivals, beast hunts, and daring dungeon crawls. In the CoE forums, I wrote out story after story for roughly over four years.

    Despite everything going down the way it did, my love for RP still continues and I expect to fill the forums with grand adventure after grand adventure!
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  • ThujaThuja Member
    Hey there!!
    I'm Sage, I'm not very experienced with RP but I'm willing to try getting more into it! It still feels awkward to me but I think that's something that I'll get over the more I do it. I've been following the progress of Ashes a little after it started on Kickstarter after seeing a youtuber talk about it. Looks like an interesting game!! I was looking forward to CoE but as you can see how that turned out...

    Anyways, as I said, not much experience in RP, I would sometimes play WoW and a few other games and only have one session of D&D under my belt(couldn't play anymore because of the pandemic) but I've never done RP in a game before.
  • HarconHarcon Member
    Hi guys, Harcon here.

    I am somewhat of an RP vet by now, having done it on multiple platforms (especially MMOs) for nearly 20 years. I am a big fan of character stories and have written many myself on forums. I love character development, creating personalities and doing stuff in-character in game. I started on a UO private server called Teiravon in 2000 and played there until 2013. I then moved to more modern MMORPGs looking for RP and so far ESO has provided the best community. I'm looking forward to AoC and the racial options and lore it offers so that I can build a character of my liking that will also be interesting for others to interact with.

    See you in game when the time comes!
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