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  • It is a pleasure to be here with all of you. I know it's a little late, but I would like to share my comments on this topic with Intrepid Studios.

    First of all, a mission or content in the game can become unforgettable in a good and bad way. In this case, what you are looking for is to impact the players in a good way, so that they will connect and attract much more for the game.

    To achieve this, the environment and the story must awaken feelings in the players, these feelings can be of different types, joy, emotion, sadness, anger, betrayal, love, attraction, among others. That is what will make them unforgettable. However, what can cause a feeling in one person may not cause it in another, and that is why you must follow certain points.
    1.- Know your target audience and create profiles, in turn to design content and successful stories.
    2 .- Use situations that culturally, or by the human nature can cause emotions, to give an example: that you find an orphanage where care for abandoned and sick childrens, you help them get food etc., have a small dinner where you can enjoy with them and they will show you their appreciation, the next day someone arrives and kill everyone.
    In that little story you can find:
    a.- Characters with whom you can easily relate (children).
    b.- Situation of abandonment, and illness in them, which makes players easily identify with them, especially as children, and want to help them.
    c.- Help mission, to make players feel a sense of satisfaction and solidarity towards those in need.
    d.- A dinner to make the player feel that his efforts were worth it, with some beautiful or emotional scenes.
    e.- Tragic loss of everything at the hands of a third party.
    All this will generate a feeling of hatred and annoyance towards that third person.

    In the same way, stories can be created to generate different types of emotions. It must be a step by step, a plot that will be slowly created where, at each step, the players are identified in one way or another with the mission, so that little by little, they feel within it.

    Another thing that can greatly help create an unforgettable story is music, which in many cases is forgotten. Reducing it only to a generic background music. When the situation merits, music or songs unique to that scene, in order to make the feelings of the players flow even more.

    Finally and changing the subject a bit, I read a comment in this discussion, which talked about unique titles. I want to tell you an idea that I never developed 14 years ago, when I was creating a private online ragnarok server. "Unique Events", these are events that are only held once in the server's history, a type of event that has its own introduction history and which may even temporarily or permanently affect the topography of an area. They are long events in missions, and of short temporal duration. For example, it lasts 2 weeks, but you need at least 20 hours of continuous play to finish it. The event will take you through different and very varied missions, which you will have to do some individually and others in groups, manufacture certain materials, etc. etc. Some of these could lead you to collect certain event material from certain dungeons, or even temporarily modify 1 dungeons, which will now have an extra extension of much greater difficulty.
    To give an example, if it is an event such as "attack of a powerful monster" that must be passed in a group of 6 or 12 people. It could be carried out in a modified dungeon of an existing one or specially designed for this purpose. Where they must pass different tests or riddles, and not only strength of the characters (to make it more fair). When you defeat the final boss or finish the mission, you will be rewarded in 2 ways. 1.- the first party to finish it. 2.- all other pt that finish it. The first pt to finish it will take a unique title, and unique equipment or clothing. That can be only visual, or slightly higher than existing ones. While the rest of the parties, they will get another title, which by having everyone who passed it, will be not so unique, but it will be your achievement for having managed to finish it, in addition to some clothes or equipment, which can be only visual, or of normal strength.

    That's it, thank you very much for reading.
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    When a game is more than just dailies... actually having meaning to do quests.. having a good reward system such as titles.. we all know lots of folks love their titles.... and of course a worthwhile achievement system... doing some solo quests.. doing some quests you need another person to accomplish.. and actually finishing a decent long but not TOO long... and reaping the nice rewards/achievements/titles, and self glory of actually finishing said questline. Major storyline quests come to mind, why such and such is how the game world began... stopping said evil people.. or... aiding some folks that may or may not be evil in nature...

    Basically.. something FUN... enjoyable.. and you can do a bit here and there, and not feel it is a grind to do just that one quest. Also, if it's too mundane... folks probably won't do it much, or talk about it so other folks, even NEW folks will want to do said questline.

    I'm hoping this is the case, there will be many different kind of quest lines that will intrigue just about everyone possible.. I know not everything will please everyone.. but i'm sure it can come close with the right folks developing said quests.
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