Dev Discussion #22 - Immersion



  • Really hard, long and epic quest with a lame reward or lame looking reward. Maybe the item sounded cool but stat was not there to match it.
  • PalastruPalastru Member
    edited October 10
    The big immersion breakers for me are to do with environment design:

    1) Styles that have been rendered clichéd by other video games. For example, "Bowser's castle" type dungeons, regions where clusters of giant faceted crystals are sticking out of the ground as decor, "dinosaur land" type regions copied directly from old concept drawings of prehistoric Earth, tropical forests that look like water parks with giant day-glo flowers, etc..

    2) Environments that are awkwardly scaled with respect to the world. For example, the world map shows a region that covers 1/5 the latitudes of the entire world, but it takes only a few minutes to traverse and you can see all the way across it.

    3) Natural environments that seem too "designed," where every square inch is packed with conspicuous landmarks and points of interest.

    4) Buildings, foliage and other decor that are grossly out of scale to the players or to one another.
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