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Dev Discussion #22 - Immersion



  • PalastruPalastru Member
    edited October 2020
    The big immersion breakers for me are to do with environment design:

    1) Styles that have been rendered clichéd by other video games. For example, "Bowser's castle" type dungeons, regions where clusters of giant faceted crystals are sticking out of the ground as decor, "dinosaur land" type regions copied directly from old concept drawings of prehistoric Earth, tropical forests that look like water parks with giant day-glo flowers, etc..

    2) Environments that are awkwardly scaled with respect to the world. For example, the world map shows a region that covers 1/5 the latitudes of the entire world, but it takes only a few minutes to traverse and you can see all the way across it.

    3) Natural environments that seem too "designed," where every square inch is packed with conspicuous landmarks and points of interest.

    4) Buildings, foliage and other decor that are grossly out of scale to the players or to one another.
  • RukoRuko Member
    Least immersive thing I've ever experienced was cuing for a dungeon raid in FF14
    Nothing like waiting in a lobby for a dungeon instance to remind you that your playing a video game. Rather than getting lost in a beautiful fantasy world I felt like I was spending most of my time standing in line at an amusement park and the linear nature of said dungeon instances were like riding a roller coaster. It was pretty fun the first time, but after a few days of doing the same instances everything starts to feel like a speedrun and ultimately lead me to quitting the game.

    This seems to be a growing trend in MMO's nowadays. I think this is something that sounds good in theory, and I can understand why it's appealing to some players. Sometimes you spend 20min looking for a tank, than when you finally get one your healer has to leave. Some nights just don't work out, and it can be frustrating, but I think this is a big part of what makes it so great when you have a good night. I think this also encourages players to build long lasting relationships, instead of superficial ones that only need to last until the boss is defeated.
  • RamirezRamirez Member
    edited March 2021
    From the start, breaks my immersion when i can't create an ugly caracter and need to play with super beauty face and perfect body caracter, i m already perfect in really life, don't need to be in the game to...
  • TacualeonTacualeon Member
    edited March 2021
    Invasive non-diegetic bright color buttons and menus all over my screen.

    Abuse of unnatural colors for particle effects.
  • Biggest Immersion breaker is clearly One thing: Loading screens

    Loading Screens for every Area, Loading Screen for every Region for every House you enter, for caves a.s.o... horrible
    i think thats the biggest point that rips you ''out'' of the immersion
  • Cold 0ne FTBCold 0ne FTB Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Performance issues are the big one for me.

    That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die.
  • ariatrasariatras Member, Founder

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    Dev Discussion #22 - Immersion
    What were some moments in an MMO that broke your immersion? How much did those moments affect your perception of the game? How important is immersion to you, generally?

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    Immersion is very important, in any game. To me, anyway. Moments that break/broke it are bugs. But also people that keep jumping around like crazy.

    A more relevant example to you, perhaps would be Elder Scrolls Online's launch. Grouping up was a pain, I couldn't help a friend do something I had done already, and vice versa. But that's just annoying, not immersion breaking, probably the contrary. What -was- immersion breaking though. Was seeing 50 or more people in a cave waiting for spawns.

  • For me the biggest immersion breaker is all the players running around with absolutely dumb names or japanese names.

    I don't wanna see "SerCheekClapper" or "Satsuki Kusanagi" in a world like Verra.
  • Asgerr wrote: »
    For me the biggest immersion breaker is all the players running around with absolutely dumb names or japanese names.

    I don't wanna see "SerCheekClapper" or "Satsuki Kusanagi" in a world like Verra.

    Atleast you have the chance of kill them
  • The UI in BDO is terrible, its neon colours and cluttery pop-ups take me out of the game more than anything.

    Pop-ups in general, some hints make sense for newer players though.

    Wrong music in the wrong places, music has to fit the theme and NOT be repetitive. The same track just becomes a little annoying and makes you not want to return to the area.

    Mounts that dont fit the theme of the game, i really hate this in WoW. I feel like mounts should stay semi-realistic to the game, but i think you guys are doing this just right.

    Goofy gear, to an extent i think its okay but it can get out of hand real quick.

    No voiced dialogue, although it makes sense if this isn't possible due to budget. Completely understandable.

    Weird animations.

    Being able to use your weapons in cities if there isn't a dummy.

  • zammwichzammwich Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited March 2021
    There are a few things that tend to break immersion and sort of dampen the fun of that play session. One big thing for me is camera angles, When your walking through hallways or get near a cliff or something and your camera just goes bonkers. This is especially frustrating when these wacky camera angels are part of a boss encounter and used almost like a mechanic. Another frustrating immersion breaker is over active mob respawns, When your fighting your way through a cave to take out the baddy at the back it really doesn't make sense that every lacky you killed on the way in is back by the time you take him out. Hate having to death run or just try to sprint through all the mobs on the way back out. Also not a fan of re used content, like running the same dungeon/raid on multiple "difficulties" for slightly better gear. Progressing through the same content multiple times really makes the environment feel stale. And finally when there are endless spammings of people selling carries through content :)
  • Being able to jump higher than my character's own height

    Immersion breaker 100% of the time except when playing an animalistic race with inherent traits such as improved jump / reduced fall damage (ArcheAge). Balancing this within the context of PvP content so that random and ludicrious jumping does not provide an inherent competitive advantage over those who cannot.
  • edited April 2021
    Things like a lvl 60 guard giving me quests to kill some peasant lvl 30's because for some reason they can't seem to do the job :D
    I'm okay with it if it has some logical explenation (like venturing to some place)but most of the time it's like; really dude? The mobs in question are literally everywhere around you my dude and you can 1 shot them.
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