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  • Thanks for the chance to give our thoughts about what we want to see in our class,

    I want all the "Rogue" types to be unique in both abilities and playstyle, I want each one to play in a different manner in which I have to learn to be a "Duelist" after playing as an "Assassin", I would like meaning and difference in a players skill to play the different archetypes.

    The one I am most interested in out of the Rogue Types is "Shadow Lord".

    Shadow Lord (Rogue-Summoner):
    I would like "Shadow Lord" to live up to its name. Have a skill that can make a shadow of yourself and be able to mimic some of your abilities when you use them.

    I would also like you to try out this idea:
    As a "Shadow Lord" your rogue stealth (if there's one or maybe a different ability) can be either used to summon the shadow clone or maybe you can use the stealth on an enemy or also an ally and hide inside of their shadows undetected from any abilities (time-limited),

    Hiding in an enemy's shadow-
    You can maybe get into the backline easier to take out the backline but it's risky because you're hoping the enemy you have attached yourself to, will walk to the back lines.
    Use during the confusion of a battle on let's say a "Fighter with low hp", "Fighter" backs off and you will go with,
    But while in the shadow of your enemy, you can not attack or move, unless you want to appear,
    The enemy you have hidden in will not detect you as well as others around the enemy,

    Hiding in an allies shadow-
    You can hide inside an allies shadow to keep to the shadows and not be spotted right away,
    But you can not attack or move unless you want to appear,
    This can be used to maybe make a surprise attack or also defend,
    This can maybe be used to assist you to escape from conflict or reposition in a unique manner
  • DreohDreoh Member
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    Well my favourite class I've played in any MMO is Mesmer from GW2

    I really enjoy how they were able to bring a battle Illusionist to life through clones, short stealths, trickery, teleports and the various utility that the class has to offer without being overpowered.

    Mesmer is just a solid and fluid trickery class, and if there is an equivalent class that can compare in AoC it'll definitely be my main.

    I enjoy caster classes, but I absolutely hate it when they are very basic and unoriginal. Casting fireballs and icebolts is nice, but don't limit casters to such simple magics. Get creative. For example have some kind of ignite spell that causes the target to take burn damage and leave a trail of fire that burns others that pass through it as they run. Hell, allow the player to use that effect to combo with other things, like wind spells to push the ignited target around spreading the fire in a desired direction, etc.

    Really, just be creative with casters. Don't just have basic "Throw fireball" or "Throw rock"
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  • Ranger / Mage (Scion)
    Sounds really good, something like crit dmg + elemental dmg :smiley:

    Bard / Ranger (Song Warden)
    I imagine it as a support with bow, without slacking the dps either <3

    Bard / Cleric (Soul Weaver)
    Really good support i guess, something like Buffer + "Off healer"
    helping the whole group with buffs and healing a bit just to give some time to the main healer to get the cooldowns ready for example o:)

    I bet for bard, all in.

  • KOADKOAD Member
    i'd like to have an Evasion-Tank styled Mage that can specialize in water or fire magic specifically
  • Brood Warden: Basicly I want to summon tanks, small tanks, I can summon 2 golems to tank small monster pulls, but i can't tank a boss head on, I dont need damage, just control. My job on a dungeon would be that, summoning tanks to help absorbing damage.
  • I'm a healer since many years so depends on what I want to focus
    --> Full Healer ( Cleric/Cleric )
    Depends if I can be usefull on AOC's life and pvp with this
  • BCGBCG Member, Intrepid Pack
    Orc Warlock - Damage over time dps class, where the core gameplay is not instant burst rather DOT and debuff management with steady CC and AOE CC
  • Currently deciding between Dreadnought and Shadowlord.
    I hope the shadowlord is like the MC of the manhua "Solo Leveling", where u can be an assassin that can summon an army of monsters that you have defeated in the past.
  • AyuAyu Member

    Glorious Ashes community - it's time for another Dev Discussion! Dev Discussion topics are kind of like a "reverse Q&A" - rather than you asking us questions about Ashes of Creation, we want to ask YOU what your thoughts are.

    Our design team has compiled a list of burning questions we'd love to get your feedback on regarding gameplay, your past MMO experiences, and more. Join in on the Dev Discussion and share what makes gaming special to you!

    Dev Discussion #27 - Ideal Class
    Which of our 64 classes do you think you will spend the most time playing, and what are the key elements to making this your ideal class? Feel free to share your creative and crazy ideas, even if you may not think they fit the usual class mold!

    Keep an eye out for our next Dev Discussion topic regarding hybrid combat![/quote
    My ideal class would be rogue/assasin/ninja thing squishy sneaky with invisible high movility and big burst something like that
  • YohoYoho Member, Braver of Worlds
    My hope is this plays as an archetype that specialises in misdirection. Not looking for the huge direct burst damage of some of the other classes, but more a class that can help mitigate damage/spikes by using illusions of itself, and also using these illusions as a way of moving around the battlefield.

    Mobile + misdirection

    Think of some kind of melee Mesmer from GW2
  • AyuAyu Member
    My ideal class would be rogue/assasin/ninja thing squishy sneaky with invisible high movility and big burst something like that
  • I love the fantasy of the necromancer. having a horde of skeletons/zombies to cause havoc while I trow debuffs from the back line is an amazing concept. When speaking of the necromancer fantasy I think is more focused to the minion horde, so I would really like if the necromancer at least can summon several pets at the same time, I know there is talk about only having 3 summons, but I would greatly prefer having 10 weak skeletons that 1 strong skeleton knight.
  • kinovandimionkinovandimion Member
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    My ideal / dream development from your class structure is to have viable and useful support abilities & full-subclass choices. More-so than just 1-2 per final / combined class.

    Specifically, let's look at Bard + Tank = Siren.

    [/i]With Augment Siren -> I imagine those buffs being augment towards a tank / i.e=Damage Reduction / Protection. Whether physical, magical, bubble magic or currents of air protecting an area, hastening our feet to help us evade danger - or inspiring resolve to generally take less damage -> It's easy to see this being a key & desirable subclass option for main-raid tank support for large-scale operations especially within the realm of PvE. How I translate this in my mind is a Bard - i.e: Party Buffs or with some combos possible enemy debuff's via aoe sound and/or possible magic sourcing / potential (Such as the reduction of enemy damage resistances to ensure the class has both offensive and defensive assets to their party).

    A large inquiry I have is the thought process towards Summoner: Cleric -> Necromancer. Necros are typically my wheelhouse, and I love death magic. I'm curious however how life magic Necromancy would work! Would we be theorizing healing pets akin to the fairy (not in theme, just mechanically) for a certain ff's healer jorb?


    Dev Discussion #27 - Ideal Class
    Which of our 64 classes do you think you will spend the most time playing, and what are the key elements to making this your ideal class? Feel free to share your creative and crazy ideas, even if you may not think they fit the usual class mold!

    Keep an eye out for our next Dev Discussion topic regarding hybrid combat!

  • PercivalPercival Member
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    The class I will play first will be Predator. I'd like to have two daggers as a base, quick attacks that apply effects like bleeding, poisons, etc. I would like the character to be very fast, agile, able to attack by surprise (e.g. penetrate very close to the opponent without being noticed) and be extremely deadly. The second archetype in the Predator class is the archer, so I would like to be able to quickly switch weapons without a cooldown, from daggers to the bow and attack effectively from a distance, be able to set traps, have basic CC, e.g. slow. Be able to dodge. Due to his weak stamina, this character must be able to kill quickly, the longer the fight the worse.

    Edit. Stealth, I need it rly bad and tracking down your victims while being hidden.
  • I would prefer to play as guardian because I am a slowpoke and suck in FPS.

    What would make this class ideal is to make it preferable for group content by adjusting this content difficulty it in the way that other tank based classes still can handle them it but with much grater risks than pure tank.

    Other thing that would make it ideal is to make it OP in PvP so I can create nickname "NoobPwNeR2010" and PK people on Dion gates.
  • George BlackGeorge Black Member, Intrepid Pack
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    My main reason for choosing the Fighter archetype is that I believe it will be the best class that utilizes attack animations that include my weapons visually.

    I like aninations of sword moves, not too colourful and screen cluttering, but nice to look at.

    Depending on how flavoursome and strong with Two Swords fighter classes are, I will play Dreadnaught, otherwise I will go for Fighter/Fighter

    Ideally I could have 1-2 gap closer skills, 1 stun, 1 strong radious atk (whirlwind) and the rest can be power attacks with bonus status effects for chain combos.
  • nightspeel , or scion
  • I don't have an 'ideal' class. I have a preferred archetype. And that preferred archetype is the elven archer. I don't need magic attached to it. Just being able to stand far away from my enemies and unloading arrow after arrow into them is the literal definition of fun to me.
  • MrhubbardMrhubbard Member
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    Rogue/mage= nightspell would be my ideal class. Tulnar would be my race. Probably the only character I’m going to play. Just love mages and love rogues.
  • Usually I play a tank/fighter/brawler type class. While still being in my comfort zone I intend on my primary class being tank with my secondary (level 20) being summoner. I feel like this has the potential to give me a fresh outlook on tanking aside from the normal sword & board/evasive tanking. I am definitely looking forward to seeing more information revealed about individual classes, but trying not to ruin my anticipation for the full release of the game. I hope everyone at Intrepid is doing well and that all the new employees are settling in!
  • McMackMuckMcMackMuck Member
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    It really depends on how each of the classes feel. I can only see the early intentions of a few classes 1-10 level abilities, so I couldn't confidently pick a primary archetype at the moment.
    I'll pick one for the purpose of this discussion.

    A Bard. In addition to CC, I would like to have a few abilities based on insults. They would be single target and cone effect abilities doing physical damage. The damage shouldn't compete with Mage dps. I hope a small amount ability overlap between Primary Archetypes will be okay (I saw that Bards wouldn't just be a "buff monkey", so this idea fits in with that)

    For some Bard abilities, you could remove all visual clues from around the Bard and just use audio SFX instead (not a hard sell for the animations team!).

    Bard abilities that need animations could use arcane text or musical notes in them.

    If a Bard has to jump six foot in the air during an ability then I hope it is to pluck a spectral guitar from the aether above them and then land on the ground playing a power chord shockwave like a rockstar in a stadium.
    I don't like the AoC jumping and hovering animations I've seen so far (#placeholder); for all attacks and most abilities I'd prefer to see the impactful part being associated with planting a foot (feet) on the ground and sinking some weight onto that leg (legs).

    For the level 26+ class I would go Trickster (Bard+Rogue) and think about adding poison or bleed augments. If a Trickster could 'throw their voice' to make Bard abilities start from somewhere else then that would fit the class name extremely well. That could be achieved by keeping a tab target and using an optional ground reticule to determine the fake point of origin.
  • NerrorNerror Member
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    For my solo character I am looking at Falconer or Beastmaster. Which one will depend on how they play in beta :smile:

    Basically what I want is a class with some emphasis on pets and nature, and getting around solo through difficult areas. This will also be a gatherer most likely, so I want to be able to either solo-kill hard mobs, or let the pets or traps distract them long enough for me to gather the materials and gtfo. And tame creatures for my animal husbandry character, very importantly.

    My group character will be Minstrel or High Priest, assuming they are the best all-round support classes in their respective archetypes. That's really the main drive behind the choice. Forget solo play, just, what synergizes best with my group.
  • I know I'm going to choose summoner because I love pet classes and I'm likely going to try and have a combat pet if possible (Purely so I can have more minions for my traveling killer zoo). I still need to see which classes offer which augments before I decide on my secondary but right now I'm leaning towards mage for the hopes of having elemental summons such as making my tank summon an ice elemental or my dps summon either a fire or lightning elemental. I just want a bunch of pets with decent ai or controls for me to command to do my possibly evil bidding.
  • dalk3ndalk3n Member, Braver of Worlds
    My favorite class mechanics are DoTs, drains, and pets so I'm obviously leaning toward the Summoner archetype. I just hope pets aren't as bland as most MMO's application of the concept where they're essentially a de/buffable DoT with a health bar and maybe an awkward second ability bar. Giving pets abilities of their own that they use in response to the abilities(or combos) you're using or having some portion of Summoner abilities be small and weak with no pet out and be stronger/gain new attributes, be cast by the pet when you do have one would help sell the symbiotic nature of Summoner and pet. When it comes to numbers I lean towards a single elite bodyguard pet over big swarms of dumb chaff pets, though both are cool in their own right. Maybe some classes will have different numbers of pets or the ability to temporarily summon a swarm, variety is always cool.
  • The class that I am the most hopeful for is Nightspell.

    In my mind this is a class that breaks the traditional norm of a typical physical damage rogue by augmenting the attacks with elemental damage or improved survivability. I love the idea of being able to stack bleeds and elemental damage together on my opponents and start falling back early because I know the ticks will kill them and I don't have to stick around.

    I also like the idea of having to balance my stats between physical and magical to get the best benefit from both sides. I would imagine that the magical augments would scale off your magic/int stat which means this is a build that takes careful planning to execute at its fullest.

    I hope that a class like this has more D.O.T instead of pump and dump burst damage. I envision myself laughing maniacally as I delve back into the shadows to watch my victim die a slow and painful death.
  • VmanGmanVmanGman Member, Founder
    I always gravitate towards either a melee bruiser who wildly swings his two weapons at the enemy or a stealthy assassin. I really enjoy mobility abilities and lifesteal.

    I will probably play a fighter or rogue primary archetype with a fighter or rogue secondary archetype. I might try out some other secondary archetypes if the playstyle feels better.
  • I'm rather new to mmo's. The genre is super appealing to me, but most of the ones I've looked into either aren't what I'm looking for or its no longer fun for early game players without friends to play with. However even with my green knowledge I think I have a good idea of the type of style I would want from a class.

    I would want a character with decent mobility, medium-fast attacks with a heavy hit, but the ability to actually use melee weapons and not get melted by an enemies close-range attacks. ( I have no idea if there will be dodging mechanics or dodge rng, or even a way to block); if there aren't any defense mechanisms then I would want my character to be able stand his ground in close-combat.
  • Sir PaulofheavenSir Paulofheaven Member, Braver of Worlds
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  • TalentsTalents Member, Intrepid Pack
    Well, I'm interested in both Mage and Ranger. My personal hopes for the overall combat is that it's more mobile rather than being grounded and sluggish.

    For Mage, I hope that the casting and movement doesn't feel "heavy". I feel as if Mages should have a decent amount of mobility spells, but are required to stand still (with some exceptions) while casting as a trade-off for having high burst at range.

    A lot of MMORPGs try and make Ranger the "pet" class and I absolutely despise that, so hopefully with Summoner being a thing and Combat pets also being a thing, Ashes will avoid that. I hope that the Ranger archetype is mobile and is able to fluidly use their attacks while moving as I feel like Rangers should be a more sustained damage class with high mobility. This is especially true if Ashes is still going with the design of Rangers not being able to attack with their bow if their target is too close.
  • Hi my idea if it's not already implemented would be a hunter with cleric spells but mixing the weapons in the way that the hunter could shoot healing arrow's to work in specific zone/AOE could put traps that would either heals if it's a ally or wound/Reduce healing effects if it's an enemy
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