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    It would be Really great to get a Meele Type of Support Class i really have to give @Lawless a shot there, i watched that Anime too btw. A class which is wielding a Melee Weapon like Basically a Sword and Buffs himself and everyone around him or Debuffs enemys. He also has to have a Fast Playstyle and mobility so he can be around and put his circels at a place where its needed quickly. And not Only Buffs and Debuffs of course but stuff like Melee or Ranged Ability's to Hold Down/Supress and/or Damage enemies.

    other than that i'd probably play anything which is the most closest to a Fast and High DPS Samurai thing.
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    Hello the Ashes of Creation Community and the Intrepid Studios team.

    Since the announcement of the 64 classes a long time ago, I have set myself two possible choices of classes.

    I'm one of those people who think that the name of a class has a meaning and makes its gameplay enjoyable but it's all subjective, people will like one name and other names, that's why the choice of a class is specific to each one.

    I want to change gameplay, I'm used to play tank/engage in GVG, since Ashes of Creation is a game apart, I decided to reinvent myself and enjoy another gameplay, something more sneaky.

    My first choice will be the Charlatan (Rogue / Bard).
    Your vision of Rogue satisfies me to the highest degree.
    <Master of Positioning, Opportunity, >
    You're going to do some great things for this primary class, I'm sure you will.

    And so the second choice will be the Trickster (Bard / Rogue)
    The reverse in terms of primary/secondary classes
    You decided to reinvent the Bard's gameplay to make it more useful and less buff bot

    But once again, I'm waiting to really see the spell videos of these two primary classes, namely the BARD and the ROGUE, in order to give me a final opinion on the class issue.

    The Rogue needs to have a combo for go in the battle, and exit of it quickly

    As soon as all the first spells of each class will be given, then the theorycrafting can start.
  • My idea class would be some sort of lancer. FF14 has a class like this, but most other games overlook fighting with the polearm. The class fantasy is special and the combat is more interesting than with other melee weapons. WoW has a really botched version of this in survival hunter, but that does show it could be combined interestingly with other archetypes.
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    Ever since we got a taste of Apocalypse I've been fixated on the idea of playing a Ranger type of class that relies on FPS style skill based mechanics in an otherwise traditional MMO environment. If we end up with a dumbed down version of action combat I'll probably go in a different direction and try to get a feel for as many archetypes as I can in the alpha.
  • Most likely some form of Ranger. It's hard to decide without knowing much about the secondary archetypes and how they interact with your primary archetype. I would really love to see some kind of Druid class, however.
  • Nightspell (Rogue/Mage)

    My ideal class would be a lightning based assassin who could show lots of explosive damage and speed (like a lightning, basically). But obviously will depend on how the lightning augments work. Teleport rogue is in my radar too.
  • Was thinking about this as it relates to class design. Really do not think thereis like an ideal recipe for an amazing class good yes acceptable yes but amazing as in ideal. Well People can say a lot of things about game mechanics abilities and so on but ......

    I have said that Pally was my favorite class in WoW but only played pally, hunter and mage so it is out of three.
    thing is out of those three class Pally is the least complicated and and has least number of abilities. Abilities for WoW Pally not to complicated

    However the Roleplaying value is HUGE. I like the golden light theme or holy power looks realy nice plus shield throw plus shield slam and the ret pallies divine storm looks pretty good. The Devs at WoW were able to capture the Pally feel and make me feel like I was really playing a Pally. Plus class did have amazing set of abilities as far as support abilities made me feel like I was contributing to the team. Plus really like pally wings.

    Right now I am playing LoL and really like to play Galio he has a charge that knocks toons up in the air pretty cool also he has an ability drums of wars his q ability that is actually cast with his wings, Has taunt ability were he protects himself with his wings and has an amazing ultimate ability were he can leap into the air then charge really really far already talked talke about in other post. See what this guys did with wings.

    But some of thier most popular Champs are really simple Like Ashe but thing is with Ashe is they Actually captured the feel of a Frost Archer plus her rapid fire actually sounds like you are shooting icicles. Really simple Champ but really fun. Then there are very complex Champs like Thresh that are fun but very technical.

    Only common demonator I see is spectacular abilities, One example is Well since Ashes of Creation is going to have destructable eviroment then Warriors could in fact Charge through wooden doors and maybe really thin Stone walls. Think maybe Devs should think of class as super heros and give them super hero abilites.

    Lets take the Incredible Hulk for example and how he hulks out. Well in a medeival video game a druid or Ranger cleric of Cleric ranger (best fit) Could turn into a huge oak treant that looks kind of like the champ MAOKAI in League of Legends.

    Reall think Ashes Could make one way better just using it as reference. In general increases in size are really cool. Clerics could even have a spell that not only increase a toon in size but lets say turns them temporilily into a stone elemental gaining lots of tankiness and strenght. But devs would have to capture the hulks brutish nature not just size increase. Animations would have to solid and tough Plus sounds would have to be more impactful during transformation.

    WoW has made some amazings classes (although they sometimes end up breaking them), but one of the things about those classes is that they have a lot of abilities so you are bound to like some of them plus have three different specs per clas one of which you should like. In a nutshell because of number of abilities they have they cast a really wide net. Variety.

    So how does this Apply to Ashes of Creation. Well Ashes does not have lots of abilities per class but does not matter to much cause of skill shots. But Ashes of Creation does have Archetypes which I have already posted about. But also has no weapon restrictions. Which is a huge oppurtunity for Ashes of Creation to add a lot of depth to the game between gear and Archetypes. One of the most intriguing things about Dungeouns and Dragons is the magical items and Artifacts. Literally have thousands of items because of the nature of the items some cannot be put into vidoes games but lots of them can.

    I mentioned RolePlaying Value. Just as an example the Underworld Movies capture the look and feel vampires unlike most other movies. They make vampires look very believable. While in other movies they try to be scary but fall more into comical side.

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    1) Ren'Kai Bladecaller or Shadowblade because I just love up in your face mele action so that makes fighter an obvious choice, but I'll have to try both Bard and Rogue as a sub-class... I imagine Bladecaller having more of a crowd control and group buffs flavor... Shadowblade being more position dependent...
    2) Vek Shaman or Shadow Disciple. I imagine Shaman being a versatile class that has summoned spirits for buffs and heals, and I truly hope some shapeshifting options... I love shapeshifting. Shadow Disciple..... yeah that's well named... I imagine a life sucking, dark magic, damage dealing powerhouse.... The anti-Cleric so to speak.
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    The ideal class is the mage/ wizard.
    Having the the large AoE with meteors hitting my targets with great damage and having the mobilaty to blink/ teleport at Will. And controling the Crowd by snaring them to the ground or freezing them inn a Block og ice.

    Feeling powerfull and impactfull on the Battlefield is very importent and having a special skill e.g: Shining a ball og light to reveale hidden doors and paths is also great for the imersion of a mage class.

    For a weapon of Choice i wieald mye great magic staff of power that always glows and shines of the power it holdes.
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    Hi Team Ashes,

    Thank you again for this amazing opportunity or us players to help you with your questions.
    Each of us would like to have dream come true class where they can lead their friends into glory or explore more difficult content solo.
    My ultimate class would be a Summoner. Summoner who can user short sword or dagger with small shield or magical shield. This summoner should be able to summon different types of his summoning sacrificing his own blood (dagger 😊) dripping blood on the ground. The more powerful summoning, more blood would require. It is a pact between Summoner and his summoning.
    I do not see this summoner to by type of bystander. He would fight together with his summoned companion and share the burden of adventure. Over time depends on experience summon will evolve and require less blood as a sacrifice.
    Close combat Summoner with Tank and Range/Mage summon is my vibe.
    Time goes fast. Time is a speed freak :D
  • The class that I have theory crafted in my head from the limited information we have is a Dreadnought. My ideal dreadnought will be a small group pvp machine.

    (keep in mind everything in my post is all extremely speculative, but based in the info that has been given by Steven and Bard, and kept in the AoC wiki. So, I will be writing this post as if all of the stuff I say is true :smile:)

    TLDR: basically your average Gold Tracer build in Dark Souls

    First: Fighter as primary
    I want to be able to outplay my opponents with the high mobility, sustained damage, and CC that the fighter usually brings to games like these and be able to stay in the thick of a fight while being able to disengage at a moments notice. While Rogue is another fun class that has similarities to the fighter, they are usually more about burst damage and have significantly less sustain in battle, mostly going in to kill someone and quickly getting out. While the fighter has better chances of surviving and doesn't rely on a big burst combo to kill their enemies.

    Second: Tank as secondary
    The reason I choose tank as my secondary is for the dodge augment tree. Bard said that the Tank will have multiple ways of tanking and one of them is dodging, based on what Steven has said about the augments of the Mage archetype (elemental augments and the teleport one) I have theorized that the Tank will probably have the three different tanking augments (Control, Dodge, and Shield/Health) and probably a damage augment tree. So, by placing the Dodge augments on as much of my abilities as possible I will be able to dodge other melee classes/bow classes while simultaneously doing damage with my abilities.

    Third: weapons
    I want to wield a dagger in the main hand. This is for the high mobility that the dagger will give me through its abilities, while still dealing moderate damage (I might switch this to a one handed sword depending on how viable it is). by giving me more mobility I will be able to chase enemies much more efficiently to get into range to CC and then kill them. And a shield in the off-hand for the CC and mobility abilities, like shield bash. For my ranged weapon, I kind of want to use a wand/spellbook/orb so that I can (hopefully) keep my shield in my off-hand when I switch to my ranged weapon set. This will not only let me keep my shield in my off hand that a staff/bow/crossbow would take away, but it also gives me opportunities to better fight people who have tons of physical damage mitigation.

    Fourth: armor
    I either want to equip full cloth armor for the magical damage mitigation (because I will be dodging most of the melee stuff) or a combination of cloth and heavy, because Fighter will likely have a benefit to using heavy armor that I might not want to give up.

    As you can tell, I am balls deep into this game and I hope that I will be able to play even a heavily modified version of this class, if it doesn't turn out how I think it will.

    Thanks for reading and please give me feedback on anything you think I misinterpreted from the wiki :smiley:
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    It would be Really great to get a Meele Type of Support Class i really have to give @Lawless a shot there, i watched that Anime too btw. A class which is wielding a Melee Weapon like Basically a Sword and Buffs himself and everyone around him or Debuffs enemys. He also has to have a Fast Playstyle and mobility so he can be around and put his circels at a place where its needed quickly. And not Only Buffs and Debuffs of course but stuff like Melee or Ranged Ability's to Hold Down/Supress and/or Damage enemies. @xaipha

    other than that i'd probably play anything which is the most closest to a Fast and High DPS Samurai thing.

    You are talking about the "Ghostblade" class. I have read the novel and seen the anime, it misrepresents the class a lot, for the sake of action. It is a class with no mobility, and very few low lvl ranged atacks (ghost slash, moonlight slashes) and are probably the weakest meele vs meele class except for spellblade. It has very powerfull boundaries, but they have a long cast time and can be interupted by dmg. The class is very hard to use in 1v1 situations but excels at 5v5s due to its supportive zoning capabilities.

    Based on your description, I think that the Blade Master/Ninja classes are closer to what you would like. (Both of those are shown in the second season of the anime)

    or here are the wiki links with their abilities:
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    I have dreamed of the day that I could play a proper battle mage (what I think of as a battlemage), equipped with a staff/spear or even a sword, and clad in chainmail or a hybrid chainmail/leather mixture for mobility reasons. I imagine being able to fight on the frontline with magic enhancing my melee/weapon skills or supporting from the rear summon hellfire to rain down upon my foes. While not necessarily being a glass cannon like a proper mage or sorcerer would be, but also not as squishy either. With just enough magic power to cause damage and dexterity for mobility to be a threat. Balanced enough to not be over looked on the battlefield.
  • I'm going with a dwarven dreadnought blacksmith
  • I would like with my healing class to have some nice raid heal ability, with something that has ripple effect similar to something Rift had with Warden.

    AoE heals, different kind of heal over time you would that you would put on your low hp raid members or try to keep 100% of the time on the tank, some Cooldown to ripple those healing effect during more dangerous encounter.
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    That is a very hard question for an altaholic. In this game I feel like playing..

    -Either a powerful mass pvp oriented archwizard, able to rain destruction and chaos onto the battlefield, turning the tide of battles with intelligent usage of big spells.
    -A sneaky assassin able to pick a critical target, murder it and have some tools to try and disappear again or flee before dying.
    -Or a conjurer, able to adapt to any circumstance the group could face and help where it's most needed with an ample array of creatures at his command. Or, given enough time and/or the help of other summoners call a powerful entity capable of wrecking havoc.

    Of course this will probably change once we get to see and test your vision of the different classes. I'm sure you will manage to create flavourful, useful and fun options for everyone!
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    Being asked this question, I already know for a solid fact that I am going to play a martial class. Almost certainly Fighter.

    But then it got me thinking, summoners in sieges have the ability to band together and cast a collaborative skill to summon a giant golem (or something to this effect. Also, I don't know if that has since been rescinded), but how would martial classes do stuff on the same level of play in sieges? Got me thinking.

    Tanks could form phalanxes, granting themselves massive defensive bonuses and also allowing for teammates in their immediate area to benefit from these bonuses by hiding behind/amongst them, Fighters could lead charges and gain a massive (and short) buff, or just initiate some sort of battle cry do accomplish a similar effect , rangers could fire off concentrated volleys to specific locations, or perhaps form firing lines which give them an attack bonus, rogues (unsure of these, but was still just daydreaming of ideas) impersonate small companies of soldiers, adopting the enemy sides colors/aesthetics and making them appear on enemy UI as friendlies, or perhaps they could collectively stealth for a moderate duration to make a surgical strike against a critical point in enemy defensives, or perhaps they could band together much in the way ice climbers or rock wall scalers would and be able to scale enemy fortifications to get to the top. Things like this would get me absolutely hype because I would be performing these actions with my community and friends, together.

    I actually don't know if there has been more information released on collaborative siege skills, despite me looking at quite a bit of info that has been put out (still going through it all, I joined this hype train in December). Anyways, my thoughts!

    Thanks Intrepid for the immense amount of passion and work you all are putting into this game. I am absolutely looking forward to it.

    Edit: Bit off topic, I know. But if this collaborative skill concept makes it into the game, it would be integral to me making my choice. I just wanna feel dominant on the battlefield without the aid of magic.
  • I think I am going to play some flavor of ranger. I plan on doing lots of testing as soon as I get into the alphas and betas with the ranger family of classes. My gut tells me that I am going to like Soulbow or Hawkeye the most, but time will tell.

    I like it when ranged class has a good balance of tools to help the raid and consistent DPS. There should be a healthy mix of utility and DPS moves. Things like a root, or slow for kiting. A few buffs to pop on cooldown. Maybe the ability to use moves whilst moving. Ranger classes have never been crazy. I like being able to pull and kit mobs while I solo farm, and I like having a few more moves than DPS moves in raids and PVP. I am sure y'all will get it right. I have played nearly every bow class in every MMO I have played at least once. Never had much of a issue.
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  • When this dev discussion was announced, I was super excited for it. This definitely gets the inner game designer in me going.

    Currently, there are two classes that are pretty much tied for top classes I want to try Cleric/Bard and Tank/Mage.

    - I would really love to be a cloth wearing, staff wielding, and magic throwing tank that uses magic and proper MP management to absorb damage. I would assume it would be more capable of absorbing magic damage than physical damage.

    - Example Ability Kit:
    1. Mana Ward - Create a ward of pure mana absorbing attacks but costing mana proportional to damage taken.
    2. Gravity Well - Pull enemies toward you and slow them.
    3. Flame Spout - Send fire toward an enemy increasing threat
    4. Counter Spell - Interrupt a spell and increases your resistance to that magic type
    5. Warding Circle - Share a portion of magic resistances with allies around you
    6. Maddening Light - Invoke a pure white light that deals damage, blinds targets, and increases threat
    7. Siphoning Strike - Strike the target stealing a portion of their mana and magical resistances
    8. Mana Wall - Create a wall that blocks magic damage from a frontal attack
    9. Eye of the Storm - Channel a vortex of wind that pushes all enemies out of its bounds for the channel duration

    - I think it would be cool to have a Chorister/Preacher type cleric that uses their voice to soothe allies and minister to enemies.

    - Example Ability Kit:
    1. Hymn of Sustenance: Start to sing a hymn that heals allies in the area over time, healing starts out low and ramps up the longer it is channeled.
    2. Hymn of Tranquility: Start to sing a hymn that gives mana to allies in an area over time, mana given starts low and ramps up the longer it is channeled.
    3. Sermon of Condemnation - Minister to an enemy dealing damage to them
    4. Sermon of Devotion - Minister to an ally healing them
    5. Sermon of Mercy - Incapacitates target
    6. Zealous Message - Temporarily increase attack power of allies
    7. Inspiring Message - Temporarily increase hit points of allies
    8. Righteous Shout - Deal damage in a forward cone and reduce enemies damage mitigation
    9. Resurrection - All clerics should probably have this spell
  • Well if you're going to add nukes, forbidden spells and whatnot for Archmage (too much reading in novels :D ), I'll definitely choose that class. Of course I don't mind if there's drawbacks like very long casting time, preps before casting, use of rare materials etc. Another one is any summoner archetypes or a full support type class because I love watching from afar while my teammates are the ones doing the hard work :smiley:
  • I've always been the kind of person that wants an extremely unique class, even if it isn't the best in the meta. I've always loved dodge tank, spell vamp (lifesteal), and hybrid classes especially someone who can deal damage while still surviving/healing themselves. The sheer number of hybrids is making me drool. I have a few different builds in my head that I would be happy playing and due to the lack of information I'm sure some of these won't play in game how I imagine them in my head.

    One of my ideas is a warden (tank/ranger). I would go full dodge tank since the wiki currently says that dodge tank is a thing. I would augment all of my tank abilities to become ranged or useable with a bow or potion launcher. I'm not imagining that the ranger will be using melee weapons due to its description on the wiki , but as I said I could be very off base on that. Wiki description: Death from afar is the ranger's raison d'etre. A master of the bow and ranged combat, the Ranger is more than happy to let others get their hands dirty. No one else has such a keen eye in natural environments.

    I would wear cloth or leather armor to make myself appear as squishy as possible. I would then roam in a small group for pvp such as caravans, bounty hunting, etc. The goal is to get the enemies to try and kill me because they don't realize I'm the tank of the team and then when they do realize that I'm the tank to pull them back in with the javelin ability. I could also be the front line tank and then use my long range to reach the back line of the enemy's team.

    Will it do much damage? Probably not and it is also a bit gimicky. But I think it could be fun for a little while.
  • My ideal class is a DEBUFFER one with most of the skill being a damage overtime type of damage.
    In many games, that kind of class is named Necromancer, so is this one that I'll play.

    In AoC, I see a necromancer as the class that along the most probably undead/corpse/meat type of summoning, there will be a lot of cripples/entangled/slow as well as skills that weak the enemy attacks, increase the enemy skill cooldown for a period of time and remove buffs from them.

    When it comes to skills that do damage, I really hope that this class has a lot of DoT skills like bleeding and poisoning (things like that) and some instant damage skills. Also is a class that I believe has a lot of self sustain through heals and bone armours since its secondary is cleric.

    As a weapon, I imagine a staff, wand or a focus maybe. Primary ranged but with the possibility of melee attacks.

    With 64 classes you have a lot of work to do and hope one of the ideas in the process of creation passes through a debuffer main class.

  • For me, it's most likely the Enchanter (Summoner - bard). I really enjoy playing the all-rounder type of classes which is the role of the summoner (18 January 2018 Livestream, (45:52).). Bards also have an "all-rounder" feel to them since they can buff DPS, Tanking and they can heal making them have some potential in all aspects.
    My only problem is that I dislike playing as a typical summoner. Having all of my pets do the work isn't for me. My biggest drive towards the enchanter is that: " Certain summoners may only be able to summon effects and/or temporary energies. " ( Livestream, 8 April 2018 (AM) (0:58). ) and I believe that he could be referring to the Enchanter with his comments.
    I'm looking to play an all-rounder class that isn't reliant on pets to function and I believe that Enchanter fills this role the best.
    Since you asked for crazy ideas: I would love to have the Conjurer function without having a summon active doing all of the work in your place. Since the Conjurer would double down on the idea of the flexible all-rounder who can adapt his role depending on the situation.
    Thank you and I hope you have a nice day!
  • I'd really like to see the cleric/ranger combination (protector) wielding a bow, and have an action-based healing focus- using narrow, long range, charged-up telegraphed heals/buffs that have a high skillcap, but provide a good payoff for successful shots.
  • I’m honestly coming up with a lot of preliminary ideas, you’ve given me so many options ha. Like, is the Brood Warden someone who just summons tank creatures? That’d be awesome. I am hoping for an archer with magic arrows, and can/should/would the Siren class be a class that bolsters other party members toward a more tank like fashion (It implies calling others to do your bidding and it has the secondary Tank class)? It’s a shame we don’t have an option that is focused in nature magic but is cool to leave the possibility to add classes somewhere down the line. In an expansion, adding a Druid class would be rad.
  • My ideal class is some sort of melee fighter with like a set of grapple types or just high movement punches.
  • Main Class: Fighter/Mage - Spellsword

    Ability Focus: Melee DPS/Crowd-Control

    Element Type(s): Dark Fire or —> Ice & Fire

    Armor Type: Leather/Light Armor

    Weapon Style: Sword/Dual Wielding

    I hope to be quick on my feet but always leaving a trail of destruction in my wake. Being able to get close and dish out the heat or frost and keep the numbers under control for myself or my guild. As a follower of the evil religion, my fire has mutated to a dark, more sinister flame that takes nobody prisoner. This is my kind of class.
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    I really love caster classes :) Usually healers, I've been maining casters for the past 12 years in different MMO's. WoW and ESO mainly.

    I think the main part of caster classes that can be frustrating is clunkiness and low mobility. Too many games make casters feel like turrets, where you park in one spot and spam abilities, occasionally rotating to avoid a boss mechanic. I think I would enjoy caster classes (Cleric, Mage) to have relatively fast paced, smooth basic abilities and playstyles. Where you can be constantly moving, throwing out spells and quick heals and buffs, etc. I would like for long animations that lock you in place to be reserved for more powerful, potent spells, like resurrections, giant AoE heals, big summoning of elemental effects, etc. When basic abilities have these long, clunky animations, it makes the entire class feel frustrating and removes the element of fluidity that is so important in modern MMO combat. Casting while moving is a big thing for me, for Archers as well as casters. If you need to make it where casting while moving makes you move slower, that's a good tradeoff.

    I also love high mobility options. Teleport for mage is great, and I love in WoW how the Mage can allocate talent points to gain 2 charges of Blink. It'd be cool if Clerics had an ability that let them dash/fly to an ally borne aloft on wings of light, giving them more mobility and self defense. Perhaps it could be augmented to apply a heal to the ally upon reaching them, or to gain more charges. I also really liked the "Banish" spell idea I saw on the Ashes wiki a while back where Clerics could teleport nearby enemies away from them.

    For Clerics specifically, I'd like to see lots of direct heals. I prefer single target heals to AoE ones, they feel way more engaging and require more brainpower. Having a moderately high CD potent burst heal is always a nice ability. Rez, of course, is great, and it's always cool when you can use Rez on a living ally to either prevent death on them or simply burst heal them. A lot of the attacks I've seen Cleric's use seem to be melee based or throwing weapons, I'd like some more magic/light based ranged attacks, such as throwing balls of holy fire at enemies to apply a DoT to them that reduces their damage. I don't particularly find the melee staff combo abilities appealing as a Cleric/healer, but maybe that's just me.

    In WoW, priests can grant themselves or allies movespeed buffs with holy feathers, which is a fun utility. I think utility in general is nice, such as damage absorption shields, damage and attack speed buffs, damage mitigation, etc. I know buffs are bard's thing but it's nice to give Clerics stuff to manage on allies as well. I also really love the idea of the Holy Form that was a former Cleric ultimate, where you fly and have increased potency. If not an ultimate, having it as a long cooldown would be nice!

    (I hope Cleric + Mage will have lots of mobility and added magic flair, and that Cleric + Bard will have lots of augments that make their heals buff allies)

    For mages, high mobility and punchy spells feel great. Being able to blink around the battlefield, rooting enemies with frost and punching blasts/spikes of arcane energy at them is the ultimate fantasy for me. I love pinky-purple/arcane looking spells and combo-attacks such as a flurry of arcane blasts that build up over time. The Arcane mage in WoW is super fun for me, skills and visually, albeit very immobile. Again, I despise immobility :p I think cool utility spells for mages are stuff like duplicate, reflective wards, and in Diablo 3 there is a Wizard ability where you create a giant aoe bubble that slows time, slowing any enemy players AND projectiles that pass through it. It could be augmented to also increase the speed of friendly player's and their projectiles passing through it!

    For both mages and Clerics, I'd love lots of Action Combat skillshots. They feel exciting and rewarding to land on enemy mobs and players. Also, WATER BASED MAGIC AND HEALING PLS on some Classes X_X Maybe like Mage can have Water spells, and then Cleric + Mage could have water healing 🥺 pls I beg, Water magic as a flavor is sorely underrepresented in MMOs!

    Thank you so much for (hopefully) reading through this! I see the wall of comments and get scared for your guy's mental health! Keep up the good work, I have faith you guys will make combat fluid, punchy, and fun! <3
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    Until we know what each class does, it's kind of pointless to even speculate, is it not?

    I mean, they all have interesting names and sound cool, but until I know what they each are capable of, what their skill sets are, how their talents and abilities work, and what I have access too, I can't say at all...

    I want to think that Magician, Songcaller, Soul Weaver, and Minstrel will be amazing, and I will main the Bard classes, but without knowing what any of them even do, it doesn't make much sense to postulate at this point.

    What do I feel would make the Bard style classes good? Applying temporary buffs to allies with short/medium (10/20s) duration, with more semi-permanent buffs as well (3-5 minutes), with perhaps a couple raid wide dungeon buffs (an hour duration). Along with applying buffs, hopefully with jaunty tunes and shantys, be able to either deal damage via spells and magic, utilizing debuffs, damage over times, direct spells, or weapon based attacks depending on your secondary class.

    Healing is also a core tenant of a bards kit imo. Through rejuvenating songs and uplifting melodies, applying bursty heals with occasional HoTs to your party. Mending wounds and healing disease is a must imo for any good bard class.

    Being able to apply various types of Crowd Control in both PvE and PvP is also a very desirable kit facet. Be it hard cc, snares, knock backs, or also improving your allies resistances to these effects, increasing movement speed, etc.

    If the summoner is good, perhaps I'd main a Spellmancer, Conjurer, Necromancer, or something thereof.

    Having minions that help tank mobs, peel for you, deal damage, while also not being useless without your cadre of cronies. Various different types of minions based on your classes, specialization, and what sort of build you want to make. Perhaps you want to specialize in a lot of smaller minions, like summoning Imps, Beasts or elementals, or a standard amount of more well rounded creatures. Summoning spectral wolves, wraithes, etc. There are so many things I could come up with that would be badass. The most important part is getting it to be balanced. Not having one damage oriented Summoner + Class be doing 50% more damage than another damage oriented Summoner.

    There should be different build types among all classes. Whether I want to be an offensive caster style Magician, or a supportive archetype should be allowed based on the build I choose, items I use, talents I pick, etc. The same for a Spellmancer. Perhaps I want to focus on enhancing my beasts through Mage skills and increase their damage through buffs I apply to them and debuffs I apply to enemies.

    There are limitless ideas and theories I could brew up. I could literally spend all day doing this, as it's something I've always loved, but I'm going to nip the bud early here before I lose myself in an endless rant.

    Just too early to say.
  • CalaCala Member
    An evasion/blocking based tank that uses a single one handed sword
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