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  • An Ashes Q+A? On my birthday?? What a good sign for 2021! I'm an avid roleplayer excited for the customization features in the game, and I can tell that rp is a passion across the dev team as well. A huge problem for roleplayers in MMOs are griefers; players who intentionally disrupt the immersion of others. I know Ashes will attract all sorts of players with different interests other than rp, and many who don't understand it and will attempt to grief. How do you plan to handle this problem? A feature I would suggest is player muting/visibility toggle, allowing individual clients to completely block out obtrusive players without bothering GMs or submitting reports.
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    "Guild’s also hold separate roles in the direction of the node, than the roles held by private citizens, and only a certain number of guilds may participate in these roles.
    Separate guild roles are reserved for Small size guilds, medium size guilds and large size guilds" - Steven Sharif
    What kind of roles are these?
  • Question about mages.

    In the elemental mage tree will there be options to specifically use only 1 type of element. For example, if I wanted to play a mage who only uses ice magic, would I have that option? Or is the elemental mage tree more focused on using ALL the elements together?
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    Back in March 2017 you had yet to decide on the use of API and how extensively you would like to make information available. Have you come any closer in regards to what you will allow players to extract, if anything?
  • What are your plans to combat power creep as the game progresses over the years?
  • xDracxDrac Member
    Will there be enhancement glows available, like in Lineage 2 or other MMORPGs?
  • What will be the approach to racial balancing regarding stats and augments? Understandably, certain setups will be better than others, but will they be designed to keep power relatively homogeneous, or will certain races be a de-facto choice for given classes.

    Glory to the Dunir!
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    will the be events other than combat ones for the holidays and what not in game events.
  • JxshuwuJxshuwu Member
    How will direct healing spells work in correlation to your AC/TT hybrid system? Won't it be difficult to specifically heal a singular player in AC?
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    Will the in-game season system have any impact on the world besides the overall atmosphere? I.e. Resources only available in a specific season.
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    Will mounts be restricted in cities for immersion purposes, or will we be able to ride mounts in cities? I feel like some mounts can easily feel out of place.
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    I have to ask. As I sit and wait for AoC release I am visiting old mmo’s that have been out for some time. I am wondering this-
    1- Are there serious talks going on, on how to have a system that if players come in after year 1 that they do not feel like the game has just passed them by and that there is a place for them in AoC? (or take a break from)
    2- Is there a plan for an option for audio to work when in windows mode when looking at a browser any other app.
    3- Release date =)
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    Is it planned or perhaps a chance we will get Vampirism Lichdom or Lycanthropy as a sub race in the future? Not as a cosmetic but as a game changing condition with strengths and flaws?

    I personally would love running around as a vampire, avoiding the sun.
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    Are we going to have a steven sharif NPC in the game? In case here's my suggestion : steva'arr the noble (steva'arr because it's align with how you guys weirdly name your stuff xD and the noble cuz sharrif in arabic litterly means that)
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    This question has to do with Expansions/Post Launch Content.

    Considering how Ashes doesn't have the typical MMO format in which you go through static regions as you level and new regions are released in order to attain a higher level cap, what does Steven envision in terms of expansion implementation? A bigger map with new regions being added? More instanced content? Or just more diversity to existing systems?
  • I know people on the forums or Discord are always suggesting mechanics from other games that they really enjoyed. How often do y'all research new mechanics? (If you haven't experienced them already, of course.)
  • JxshuwuJxshuwu Member
    What is your vision on the penalty when dying? What will we lose by dying? Will it be heavy, or light on our pockets?
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    Is there any news or update with Guild Wars?
  • How will AOC prevent or discourage players from forming alliances that make world objectives something that are assigned instead of fought for. As one of the major leaders in Albion, this has all but killed the game for most of the end-game players, as there are not enough mechanics discouraging groups from growing larger and creating more alliances.
    Right now, it looks like there not much of a reason for metros not to ally each other.
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    Question for Chris Atkins, the lead character artist, on a scale of 1 to Lady Dmitrescu (from Resident Evil 8), what are the chances/likelihood of certain key/important NPCs from Ashes of Creation being subjected to Rule 34?
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    Can you tell us about what kind of character impact we should expect from following different religions? Is it more of a flavor feature or will different religions have gameplay-altering effects? For example, if following a religion with focus on death will affect our interactions with the undead.
  • Do you plan to enter into partnerships with dubbing studios from other countries to translate in-game voice lines?
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    How are the artisan classes (or other mechanics) going to require/reward exploration?

    The world of verra is massive, and I know mr Jeffrey bard has spoken on being an explorer and wanting to integrate that play style into the game. What can we expect?
  • Would like to ask about classes.

    Would AoC consider having a system to let players have two secondary archetypes, one active, one saved and can be switched to in the city of which they are a citizen. And if they want to respec any of these two, they can do the quest thingy?

    This way, players who play niche classes can also enjoy a wider variety of contents that AoC provides. Since some classes will likely be viable only in one content but not the other.

    E.g. in some games, assassins are good at 1v1 or small scale PvP but not very welcomed in, or even excluded from, quick clear PvE and big scale PvP with the lack of AOE/CC as a DPS.

    @Dorothy Zbornak Secondary Archetypes, unlike Primary Archetypes, CAN be changed. Not on-the-go and it probably wont be easy, not enough info is given on it, but you dont need to create a new character to get a new secondary archetype on the same primary. In short, a character you make can change to one of 8 classes depending on its Primary Archetype.

  • Jxshuwu wrote: »
    What is your vision on the penalty when dying? What will we lose by dying? Will it be heavy, or light on our pockets?

  • So I have a guild full of pirates and we'd like to know more about the naval combat and maritime aspects planned for the game.
  • If a metropolis survives multiple sieges will that have any consequences in terms of maybe additional content getting unlocked? Also: If a node gets to the metropolis level for the second time, will that unlock any new content, or will that "just" unlock the same content as the first time?
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    Soooo. I have a guild full of pirates over here and we would really like more insight on ships.

    What can you tell us about cannons/artillery and ship destruction? -[Black Sails]
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    Hi Team, I would love to ask - what is important for you in the story-building and what do you think makes a good story? Many thanks for making this game possible, it looks great and I can't wait!

    future Vaelune Wizard
  • Is there any plans for implementation of back attacks dealing bonus damage?
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