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  • Jxshuwu wrote: »
    Will the in-game season system have any impact on the world besides the overall atmosphere? I.e. Resources only available in a specific season.
  • Does the in-game marriage open up the possibility to own a house together?

    "A property has a single owner.[1]
    Marriage enables family size to increase by one so that housing access can be shared.[6]
  • Wembley wrote: »
    If my character is wearing a full body "costume" cosmetic, will they be able to hide the helm that is part of the cosmetic outfit?

    "All hoods, whether part of a complete costume or individual gear, will have the option to be shown or hidden on the character by the player.[55][61]"
  • daveywaveydaveywavey Member
    edited March 22
    Very important questions because there seems to be 2 camps on what you mean. When you take your second archetype do you get the skills of the class or ONLY the augments.

    Example: Will a Rogue + Cleric be able to use resurrection or just add holy effect to skills

    "The secondary archetype does not provide additional skills.[5]"
    "The player can then augment their primary skills with effects from their secondary archetype.[3][7]"
  • Threather wrote: »
    [Name Pronunciation rhymes with Feather]
    Will the Guild Hall of a node be turned into a blue print should the mayoral duties transfer to another guild after the re-election process has concluded so it can be deployed quickly onto a freehold?

    A guild doesn't own/control a node. There can be multiple Patron Guilds within a node, but the mayoral elections don't affect that.
  • AsgerrAsgerr Member
    DysonBison wrote: »
    Are zones surrounding the starting areas the typical level 1-10 nodes and the "end game" nodes designed for levels 45-50 or is every node accessible at any level?

    Apologies if you've answered this already, thank you!

    Keep up the incredible work, I've never been so pumped and excited!
    Starting areas are not tied to the node system. Starting areas are only the zones in which the Divine Gates are found. Anything outside of that is part of the Node system.

    As such: spawn tables for mobs in any given node area, will be determined by the development level of said Node.

    "A problem that a lot of MMOs have is that those starting areas become just kind of vacant of players and it's so sad because the greatest aspect of an MMO is that community that you get to experience, so one of the great things about the node system is that it really works from new player acquisition standpoint, where these nodes tend to develop larger near the starting location areas around the world; and it brings these players back to those locations if they're citizens and want services within those cities. So, as new players enter the world they're going to actually be surrounded most likely by more population because people are coming back to those larger nodes – Steven Sharif"

    Dungeons, Raids, World bosses, Mobs, Quests, Events, Resources, Narratives and other content within a node's ZOI will have a diverse level range; but will scale with the advancement of that node and its racial influence.

    We don’t have a strictly level 25 zone. Instead, that zone might have some level 10 creatures near the road, some level 20 creatures deep in the forest, and some level 30 creatures up the mountain. These ratios will change based on the Nodes that inform them, becoming generally more dangerous as the Node grows. All this civilization attracts the attention of Things-That-Should-Not-Be. This does not mean that wilderness areas are safe, by any means. Some may be safe-er, but all will have dangers that even the most experienced traveler needs to watch out for.– Steven Sharif

  • AsgerrAsgerr Member
    alfonzo wrote: »
    If you don't join a node, will you be able to progress in Ashes of Creation, and still trade with other players?

    Yes. You just won't have a house or apartment in said Node, nor will you be able to participate in the election process if you dislike the tax rates on the items sold there.

    NPCs will be available to everyone. As will stores.
  • AsgerrAsgerr Member
    Ramirez wrote: »
    1 Mounts will have some sort of stats or abilities useful for trade or pvp, node/guild wars ?
    2 Mounts can die in pvp or die in some way like for example albion so we will have an strong economy/husbandry around mounts? Or will just be something collectable that stay for ever in your storage like wow and other themeparks, because for me husbandry don´t make sense if you don´t have any way to lose mounts...
  • AsgerrAsgerr Member
    Hi there,

    The wiki has (at this moment of writing) not much info on the differences of Blacksmithing and armor/weapon smithing. What are the differences between them all? Currently all three are listed as separate artisan professions. Thank you very much.

    From what has been said in past interviews and livestreams it seems like Blacksmithing will relate more to the crafting of tools such as hammers, nails, horseshoes or whatever else.

    Meanwhile armorsmithing will forge only armor and weaponsmithing only weapons.

    It is possible the blacksmith will sell the weaponsmith tools that will improve the weaponsmith's chances of success in crafting.
  • xlangatangxxlangatangx Member, Braver of Worlds
    As a 3d printer and DM, there are many creatures you have shown that I would love to print and bring to my table.

    Would Intrepid ever make public/sell any files of your 3d models so we could bring your creatures to our tabletop games?
  • What can you tell us about CC (Crowd Control), will it be frequent or rare? Mostly single target or AoE?
    In regards to PvE, PvP(1v1 or small groups) and Massive PvP.
    How strong should we expect it to be? (How much presence do you intend it to have in the game)
  • In past livestreams Steven has expressed that the hope was that AOC get a T rating but that M rating is the most possible scenario, if the M rate becomes the reality, are you gonna add more of this type of stuff to the game? Like slurs or more blood or nudity, maybe incorporate it in animations or stuff like that?
  • SadistSadist Member
    Will tanks have a role in pvp?
  • BidoofBidoof Member
    Will there be gear for artisans that boosts their abillity to craft/gather stronger items?
  • luffy94 wrote: »
    Will the game ever have instanced raids or will they all be strictly open world?

    Actually would like a clarification on this.
  • redzaderedzade Member
    I'd still like to know if the engine will be advanced enough that when it snows buildings in the nearby node will have snow on the rooftops or not.
  • ElyEly Member
    If I am gathering materials in gear that provides bonuses to that type of gathering, will I be able to swap out of that gear should I be attack or am I locked because that is now considered combat?

    I found on the wiki that weapons and armor, but curious if gathering has a chance to survive an attack.
  • So I have a guild full of pirates and we'd like to know more about the naval combat and maritime aspects planned for the game.
  • GubiakGubiak Member
    Are there any plans for healers other than cleric to make an appearance? Personally I am not a fan of holy priest aesthetic and know people, including myself, that would rather be drawn to druid-type healer focusing more on nature/tribalistic style.
  • NepokeNepoke Member
    Do parent nodes lock their vassals to a maximum level of [parent node level - 1] regardless of direct node neighborhood?

    According to wiki this is true, but some knowledgeable folks on Discord tell me this is not the case. Supposedly, only direct neighborhood to a higher level node limits growth, and vassaldom has nothing to do with node growth blocking.
  • PPaperPPaper Member
    If a saw 2 combatants fighting, and I heal one of them, does that make a combatant as well?
  • Will there be guns you can use or cannons on ships?
  • PhilPhil Member
    Looking at the future, are you open to additional archetypes? I ask because I love playing a druid/shapeshifting class and unfortunately Ashes of Creation does not have one, yet on another game I shall not name, the druid is one of the most populous classes.

    Thank you!
  • RhuellRhuell Member
    Will we have the ability to change our augments on the fly / in between combat scenarios?
  • Will there be crafting stations in the towns?
  • Do we can cancel the reserved name and choose another one or it's consume the token?
  • Sago65Sago65 Member
    Can players directly contribute money or resources towards a node’s development in addition to the taxes?

    (For example, can I have an economic node with low taxes that relies on player donations to fund the city guard and roads?)
  • CyanideCyanide Member
    If a player roles a class like "Rouge / Cleric" --Will they get access to hybrid abilities that only that specific cross would have? Or would it be more focused as "You have all of your rogue abilities and you get some cleric abilities also". Having unique hybrid abilities (even just one.) would be very cool and dynamic.

    Thank you for doing Q+A for the players, thanks for your hardwork, and thanks for the transparency.
  • XanderousXanderous Member
    edited March 24
    Hey Guys much Love from Germany!

    I Love your ideas and the Game Looks pretty nice so far. From what i have seen, there are too many bright colors and too much pink for my taste.

    How many darker and hostile looking zones will excist in this Game? And is there gonna be a Race Like the undeads in Wow?
  • ShadowcraftShadowcraft Member, Intrepid Pack
    Hello there!

    I'm a role player so my question/s will be about, the Chat Box!

    1) what is the maximum number of characters allowed in a post?

    2) will you be able to do an action post, i.e:

    /do offers a sweeping bow. = Shadowcraft offers a sweeping bow.
    /Whisper = only those right next to the character will see the text
    (Wave) -triggers the desired animation along with the post.

    3) will you allow us to move, extend, enlarge and minimize the text window and change the text size so we can get more text on the screen for when paragraph posting?
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