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  • AsgerrAsgerr Member
    Two questions here:

    Question 1:
    In anticipation of certain group of players and guilds forming Mercenary companies of sorts, is there going to be some sort of contract system that forces people to pay and respect the terms and conditions of the contract?

    Question 2:
    As dungeons and other content unlock with the relative node development, will those be notified to players via some sort of message/notification/town crier/Quest-giving NPC ?
    Or will it be a pure matter of exploration and knowledge gathering; allowing perhaps for people to keep it secret so they can farm it for as long as no one else finds out?
  • KaitonKaiton Member
    Will dungeons and raids contain any team based puzzles? Destiny 2 has excellent examples of this where players had to use voice communications to relay information so that the rest of the team could piece together information to solve mechanics.
  • BladenBladen Member
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    Will the different races have unique physique, posture and animations in-game to easily distinguish themselves and add further variety to their race?
  • If you have stuff in storage at an apartment and the mayor decides to destroy the apartment, what happens to your stuff?
  • How are you going to provide crafted gear that is on par with raid gear without recipes and materials being locked behind raid encounters? If they just drop from raid encounters, that's not crafted gear, isn't that just raid gear with extra steps.
  • BuffyBuffy Member
    So I have a guild full of pirates and I was was wondering if we would see groups of smaller mobs out in open water? Like a hoard of mermaids surrounding your ship and tearing off planks from the haul or maybe some water elements causing a heavier current then normal making navigation harder. Something that isn’t boss lvl but makes the water more perilous.
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  • Faulty ButtonsFaulty Buttons Member, Founder
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    From what I've been seeing AoC is being criticized for its consistent cosmetic cash shop updates, while not yet producing a "playable" alpha. I personally have no problems supporting AoC monetarily (within my own budget) if it helps production. If I get a cool cosmetic in return, that's just a bonus. Is this how you want you backers and cash shop patrons to look at these items as well? or do you think its fair for people to criticize the amounts of cash shop cosmetics that are being offered?
  • I'm not really expecting this to be asked on the livestream, but there's been a HUGE spike in people discussing the cosmetic store in the last month or so.

    By far the biggest criticism isn't that it exists, but that the monthly exclusives this far out from launch makes the project feel like a cash grab or the next Star Citizen and is just one level too aggressive.

    Even those that defend the store have been known to admit that it takes a good amount of time to really dig into the project and the team before starting to trust development of the game. For many others in the MMO community the store is a huge barrier and red flag that stops them from having any faith and that's not to mention the roadblock the store in APOC was for people.

    Is there any chance a discussion/poll could be had on changing future cosmetics into preorder exclusives (you purchase a pack and it comes w/ a token you can use to pick a single cosmetic collection from all the future cosmetics) and then reverting back to monthly after the game has launched?
  • EriyEriy Member
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    Hey hey,
    some "little" questions about animal husbandry. I LOVE IT-
    so, I want to ask if we gonna receive a special place, where we breed animals and people, who pass there are able to see what we breed?

    Like are we gonna be able to have a shop, where we can present those pets/mounts to others, so they can see them in the world and not as an item icon?

    Also, how many pets/mounts are we able to display in our housing at the same time - do other people see them?

    Will there be a limit on how many animals one can breed at the same time or have in the 'husbandry station'?
  • Does the in-game marriage open up the possibility to own a house together?
  • RamirezRamirez Member
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    1 Mounts will have some sort of stats or abilities useful for trade or pvp, node/guild wars ?
    2 Mounts can die in pvp or die in some way like for example albion so we will have an strong economy/husbandry around mounts? Or will just be something collectable that stay for ever in your storage like wow and other themeparks, because for me husbandry don´t make sense if you don´t have any way to lose mounts...
  • What are the chances of reopening alpha one packages sales?
  • FaredirFaredir Member
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    I may have missed it but to what extent will the power level between players affect battles. eg, a max-level player with full gear vs a mid-tier player. would the max level player become immune to anyone not within a certain power bracket? (I would approve of this as it makes the player feel like they have a certain status within players but maybe you disagree). Would also love to see some identity protection in-game, as in only releasing IGN through proximity chat or local chat, etc.
  • When i choose the Bard for my secondary class... what will the augments of the Bard are?
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  • Will all quest NPCs stay static as long as the node remains at the same level, or can there be conditions where it changes?

    An example would be that the first ~100 players get the "gather" quest, then at the next ~100 get the "bring this to X vendor" quest, and the third ~100 get the "collect what X vendor owes me" quest, and the cycle repeats after that.
  • DocFrogDocFrog Member
    Will in-depth auction data be available like volume, moving averages, price history, etc?
  • A question regarding taming and cosmetics.
    It was stated before, that there will be no way to obtain mounts/cosmetic skins after they have left the shop.
    Would a tamer be unable to tame a monster with the same appearance as one of the cosmetic mounts then?
  • SlovSlov Member
    Is there a plan to turn existing and feature activities into mini-games? Fishing can be more interactive and challenging (e.g. RDR2) and sailing can be a mini-game of trying to catch the wind in your sails.
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    How big of a damage difference is there in between levels.
  • What was the funniest bug you have seen in the game?
  • MoxysMoxys Member
    In the last stream, Steven mentioned that the merchants and quest givers would be marked by the color of their names. What is the plan to help those with color blindness?
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    If i play with french keybinds, the AZERTY keyboard, do there will have an option to switch them automatically to english QWERTY ones? Similar to FF14. Change it one by one is kinda painful.
  • PrestonPreston Member
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    I have a full guild of pirates and we would really like more insight on ships.

    Can I have a parrot on thy shoulder?

  • PepitesPepites Member
    Is it planned to have damage-over-time (DOT's) from procs (like bleed and/or poison) do enough damage to be a main source of DPS?
    Est-ce dans les plans d'intrepid d'avoir les DOT des procs (comme le bleed ou le poison) comme source de dommage primaire d'une classe DPS?
  • CstephCsteph Member
    With guild Halls are guilds going to have endless creativity on the amount of rooms and options that they can have in it or is there going to be a limit on what can be created in guild Halls?
    Like one room could be a huge PVP coliseum arena and another room showing off armor or gear creations from guild members etc.
  • allusirallusir Member
    Will there be differences between master crafters based on skill tree choices, or will they only be different based on what recipes they know?
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    Hi there,

    The wiki has (at this moment of writing) not much info on the differences of Blacksmithing and armor/weapon smithing. What are the differences between them all? Currently all three are listed as separate artisan professions. Thank you very much.
  • Hey Ladies and Gents!
    I'd really like to know your opinions on the power of legendary gear. Are we just talking about something that will provide a way bigger stat stick than most items? Or possibly something along the lines of the Hand of Rag, where powerful magical procs can cause massive differences in PvP?

  • keyframekeyframe Member, Pioneer
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    From what we know so far about Classes, the outcome of choosing your second archetype only seems to be adding flavor to the abilities you already have via the augment system. Especially considering your secondary class will not allow you to play as a different role (dps, heals etc..), can you go into more detail about how classes will actually feel like a new class, instead of feeling like a base archetype with a interesting talent tree like system?
  • madfrankmadfrank Member
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    Will the races have their own unique racials? (for example, hardend skin + stamina).
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