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  • StaveStave Member
    I know there is a mention somewhere about summoning a powerful summon with multiple summoners present. How about doing join transformation with another summoner, just like good ol' goku and vegeta fusion, maybe accessible through 2 different summoner classes to do huge chunk of damage in small period of time?

    Gonna Play On SEA or EU
    Might play on weekends only
  • DreohDreoh Member
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    How much leeway are artists given regarding your Art Bible?
  • NiyaNiya Member
    At the moment elves in the game look like ordinary people with sharp ears. Are there plans to add more special details to elves?
  • TorenToren Member
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    can you add those armor skins too at your shop to buy? Or do you just want us to buy several large packages to get those armor skins?
  • SolrSolr Member
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    Question about the strength of node defenses.
    If a higher level node settlement or guild castle have their surrounding nodes filled with lower level settlements (town/village), will these need to be destroyed before a siege of the main settlement?
    or will it be a strategic choice due to some buffs given to the main settlement provided from having more lower level level settlements around it?
    So question: "How will a node settlement's defensive strength be effected by its surrounding/vassal nodes?"
  • alfonzoalfonzo Member, Settler
    If you don't join a node, will you be able to progress in Ashes of Creation, and still trade with other players?
  • Question about mages.
    In the elemental mage tree will there be options to specifically use only 1 type of element. For example, if I wanted to play a mage who only uses ice magic, would I have that option? Or is the elemental mage tree more focused on using ALL the elements together?

    [Pronounced - Celestial Dreamer; you're welcome, Margaret ;) ]
    I am also curious about the Elements in this regard, but my real question is: Are Elementals going to be the Classic 4 Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, or go a route more in line with the Eastern and Celtic 7 Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, & Spirit or in this case Essence?

    Thank you so much for your continued hard work and all you've shared with the community thus far!

  • Is the Beta planned to be NA only or are you planning Beta servers in EU too.
  • Can we expect to have a full cultural history for each of the races, including naming conventions for each culture?
  • skearnzskearnz Member
    What gear can a corrupted drop when they get killed. Only what they have equipped or what they have in inventory as well?
  • Some of the costume cosmetics art include tattoos/war-paint on the character. Are tattoos/war-paint included in the cosmetic costume skins, or only the apparel/armor?
    On his one hand he wore rings of stone,
    iron, amber, wood and bone.
  • 1. Several people have mentioned wanting to hear more about Summoner class, I myself would like to hear more specifically about the Necromancer class.
    2. Is there any update yet about re-opening the Alpha 1 package sales? Last month the decision on this was delayed due to some unforeseen circumstance during testing. Now that spot testing is again going on, it would be nice to get a small update regarding the possibility of A1 Sales.
  • Elder ScrollsElder Scrolls Member
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    I love classic RPGs. Like Elder scrolls Morrowind and stuff. Where you had text that gave you an idea where stuff was for quests. But you had to explore and read into quests to find out where things were. I miss exploring and just the casual text log. Felt more immersion.

    When games eliminate all need for the player to read or think, the quests lose almost all immersion and impact. I would much appreciate having to interpret quest text and direction, even just slightly.

    I do not want sections of maps marked to show me exactly where I need to go. I do not want arrows and pointers holding my hand and playing for me. It's a game, and I would like to play it myself.

    How much of Hand Holding will Quests have in AoC?
  • HakaijuHakaiju Member
    Will it be possible to raise the item level of your gear? Not meaning enhancements.
    For example upgrading my +15 Lvl 45 weapon to +15 LvL 50

    Otherwise gear will get more or less useless with upcoming expansions and max level increases (apart from breaking them down for materials)
  • WembleyWembley Member
    If my character is wearing a full body "costume" cosmetic, will they be able to hide the helm that is part of the cosmetic outfit?
  • Hello, I am looking to play a summoner and would like a clarification on 2 parts of the system.

    1] I have heard that you can tweek your summons with the animal husbandry system. If this is true can your explain how you are looking to implement that (Such as will non-customized summons be strictly weaker than those made by master breeders).

    2] Between summons, battle pets, and other potential info not yet released. What are you looking at for a max number of player controlled helpers in combat. [Ie: Me, 3 summons, and a pet would be a 5 man solo team.]
  • Very important questions because there seems to be 2 camps on what you mean. When you take your second archetype do you get the skills of the class or ONLY the augments.

    Example: Will a Rogue + Cleric be able to use resurrection or just add holy effect to skills
  • LizeqLizeq Member
    Watching your gameplay videos it feels like the world is too big in size and the game characters are really small. How you are plan compensate this so player characters are not goingto feel like litle ants?

    The most confusing are those really big piles of rocks. What you see really a lot in the videos.
    +trees looks big too
    Make better mistakes.
  • SqueezySqueezy Member
    World of Warcraft quests can usually only be done once, and quest rewards for that particular quest can only be obtained once. Will Ashes have a similar quest reward design or will quests be repeatable?
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  • QuinQuin Member
    Has Intrepid ever considering selling NFT's in the Online Store.
    (Non-Fungible Tokens) a cryptocurrency that converts art into blockchains.
  • XylsXyls Member
    Military node mayorship will be determined through last man standing combat, will the winner of this combat automatically become mayor or will they be able to choose another player to be the mayor of the node?
    We are recruiting PvPers!
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    Detail your process for cooking the perfect Steak. In Real Life and/or in Verra.
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  • OrgaOrga Member
    What systems or design philosophies are being considered that facilitate spy games, intrigue, etc?
  • [Name Pronunciation rhymes with Feather]
    Will the Guild Hall of a node be turned into a blue print should the mayoral duties transfer to another guild after the re-election process has concluded so it can be deployed quickly onto a freehold?
  • eroenneeroenne Member
    Will anyone be allowed on castle siege grounds like lineage 2? Or do you have to be apart of a guild that signed up to attack or defend?
  • 1.Will jewelry such as earrings, rings, neck pieces and bracelets be visible on the character model?

    I've seen it done in only a handful of games but it is a huge addition to the the character's look. Especially earrings.

    2. Do all races have a similar lifespan?
  • Question about Customized NPCs!

    Will players be able to create their own NPCs? Specifically, I loved how Dragon's Dogma made everyone make one. Then you could globally share it among your friends list. This NPC was basically an AI player. It leveled, you gave it skills, armor and weapons. You customized how it looked.
    I was wondering if y'all had any plans for something along this lines in the future of the game?
    I made an article in regards to my thoughts about this incase you wanted more in-depth information.
  • Are zones surrounding the starting areas the typical level 1-10 nodes and the "end game" nodes designed for levels 45-50 or is every node accessible at any level?

    Apologies if you've answered this already, thank you!

    Keep up the incredible work, I've never been so pumped and excited!
  • dratomdratom Member
    I would love to hear a little more detail on the tulnar as it will be my goto race, the picture shown looks like you would choose one of the 8 races then customise them with animal addictions so in my head i see a scaley orc with horns and a tail, which *lets be honest* is freaking cool!
  • AOCCrafter wrote: »
    Thank you for the opportunity to submit a question!

    I would like to know if there would be an official Ashes of Creation app made by Intrepid Studios for this game?

    Things that this could be used for to great effect would be some features we have seen in other games apps:

    -Communication with our guild mates or in game friends/family list via a chat or message system

    -The ability to be alerted to in game events like sieges starting on our nodes, or player created events

    -Getting notified when our auctions or items sell or getting notifications when we get mail in game

    -Being able to access our characters paper doll or equipment list remotely

    Of course this is not a complete list of the possibilities but I am just hoping for a way to interact with the realm while I cant be home on my computer. Mobile app integration and smart watch notifications of in game events or happenings would greatly help me stay in touch with the realm I love while I have to be away or at work.
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