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  • RitchieSHRitchieSH Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited April 22
    Can we expect the Underrealm (Tulnar) starting area to be more built up civilization wise, compared to the other starting zones? Where as this race has been here the entire time and the others are just now returning to the ruins of their past civilizations?
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  • AzheraeAzherae Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Can a Corrupted Player use the Family Summon system to call their Family?
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  • N4YON4YO Member
    how much does skill affect combat system?, Let's say a player is really skilled at raw combat
    (combos etc) would he be able to beat another player with way better gear or a player with a class thats better than his class , since u said the classes would be like rock paper scissors.
  • I know that you guys have previously stated that all of your wood elves will have atlers. You mentioned that this is because you wanted to make them distinct from elves in other games.

    I have been a huge fan of Wood elf culture ever since reading The Lord of the Rings when I was in 5th grade.. I was quite excited to be able to create a character like that in a Triple A game for once during my gaming lifetime.

    As far as Triple A MMO's out now, there really isn't any out there where you're able to make that classic wood elf design.

    I CAN however, make an antler wood elf in ESO, or a glowey-eyed blue elf in wow, or a plant person in GW2, or... a giraffe elf/cat boy in ffxiv.

    I was really hoping to make that classic wood elf character I love to play as in AOC.

    How firm are you on the fact that all wood elves MUST have antlers in AOC?
  • BrowdanBrowdan Member
    Has an opt-in hardcore/ironman/perma-death mode been considered?
  • RidgefordRidgeford Member
    edited April 22
    How extensive do you plan voice acting or cinematics to be in the product at launch if at all?
  • Since dungeons difficulty are based on the level of ease the players have during the first part of the dungeon, does the loot value go up the more difficult the dungeon becomes?
  • l3v3rag3l3v3rag3 Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    When are we getting freehold cosmetic info? I don't feel comfortable buying any more building cosmetics before knowing.
  • You mentioned drops are based on a percentage of damage done. As a tank that sometimes plays solo in many MMOs, will there be a system in place for me to also contribute something to that table besides damage that will consider me for drops like maybe total damage taken or threat generated?
  • ELRYNOELRYNO Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited April 22
    Context: It has been mentioned previously that balancing will not be based around 1v1 combat.

    Question: Will balance in 1v1 combat be balanced well enough so that certain classes are not discouraged from entering dangerous areas or will they need to group up?
  • The launch of ashes is still far out, though how are systems being designed in a way that allows for meaningful expansion that does not take away from the previous gameplay?
  • my Q is how u envtion the end game loop regarding gear and weekly activates will be like

    will there wow /ff14 style raids or it mostly be just open world encounter (and incase its mostly open world encounters how u plan to deal with large guild / alliances just keeping those encounter to them self)
  • DABZ16DABZ16 Member
    If a person is a citizen of a node when a seige scroll is dropped on the node. Can they move their citizenship before the seige occurs?
  • my second Q is
    about mounts and ships will they be account wide or they will be CHR specific
    and incase they are CHR specific will be there some exception's like large ships / rare mount be account wide and personal ships and common mount be CHR specific
  • Will combat pets, summons, or other NPCs in your party (a-la Hireling-esque) flag a player as combatant if they auto-retaliate against a PKer?
  • LloydLloyd Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    The Corruption system is good in it's fundamental iteration, but have you thought of a system for players who want to make Corrupted PvP characters? Like possibly Corrupted military nodes where they have their own autonomy that are shunned from the outside world of nodes to create a "villain" group in the server?
  • George_BlackGeorge_Black Member, Intrepid Pack
    Will mobs knock people off their mounts, or will mounted players bypass all mobs easily?
  • Will there be a way to blacklist certain rival guilds from buying your wares on the market?
  • EchutaEchuta Member
    Will rogues as a primary archetype have the ability to throw things such as knives and or throwing stars?

  • VertusVertus Member
    How in-depth do you plan to make sieges in terms of functionality and systems going forward? For example, the application of siege instruments such as war horns and drums, that can add to the overall atmosphere of a siege.
  • Regarding Furnishing your Ships - Will we be able to have a Captain's Quarters that we can furnish like a house? Will the storage on your ship be crafted using Carpentry (chests, barrels, etc.) or will there be special ship only storage containers under Ship Building?
  • HumblePuffinHumblePuffin Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited April 25
    In regards to classes and class augment schools, are there any class augment schools that we don’t know about yet that you are willing to share? Just a little bit more unknown class information for us to theorycraft about
  • We have heard about the possible Metro powers of Scientific, Economic, and Divine nodes, what are some of your ideas for the Metro power of the military node?
  • MariusMarius Member
    Are Race/Faction based weapon models/skins planned?
  • Will we be getting a fully realized parkour system like the Art of War trailer, or just simple ledge climbing like the December preview, and if we do, will it be class specific only?
    My AoC Wishlist:
    -Avian Tulnar (topic video)
    -Dwarf-to-tallest race heights for Tulnar
    -Crows/ravens for Falconers
    -AC:O & AC:V type aerial scouting for Falconer
  • LinikerLiniker Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Are you still positive about the hybrid combat system with action camera mode or is there still a possibility to revert back to tab-target?
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  • GizmowGizmow Member
    It is a constant problem in MMO's that some professions become almost useless endgame. I.E. consumables keep getting used, but crafting armor isn't needed. So how do you plan to balance professions endgame to keep them equally useful and relevant endgame?
  • When will we receive more details regarding Freeholds?
  • If an economic building is disabled in a monster coin event, will it have economic consequences in regions other than the node in which it was destroyed?
  • SneakzSneakz Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    When you crouch or go prone in ashes of creation will it minimise the visibility of your name tag to allow you to sneak up on enemy’s in pvp scenarios and them not be able to see you from miles away.
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