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  • Mazz9nMazz9n Member
    Your game is waiting for a huge number of teams and guilds from different projects. The main question is, your plans include the introduction of a donation that strengthens a player or a team. We hope the donation will only affect the appearance.
  • ShadowVenShadowVen Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited April 28
    Naval Question:

    Aside from personal, Combat, or Trade ships, will players be able to build a Large scale "raid" class vessel but use it for Guild Parties, having the ability to Decorate or place items on any of the decks?

  • N4YON4YO Member
    What about system specs, ? what graphics card you think would run 60fps+ on aoc UE5 at ultra settings
    would you have to get a really expensive build?
  • AidanKDAidanKD Member
    edited April 24
    Hello! There has been discussion recently and in the past about how you plan to try and balance large guilds vs small guilds in the world. I see some of your intentions in design and there is one thing I want to get an idea on how you expect numbers to play out, or a rough idea, regarding talents:

    - Talents can be distributed into Guild cap increases, or benefits I assume categories such as Open world combat/Siege/Gathering/Crafting/Refining (or package them together?).

    What I want to know, is:

    - What do you see the base guild cap as being?
    - what do you envisage one skill point into increasing the guild cap being? Will it remain static i.e. 1 point per level, or will it increase?
    - what kind of % increases can we expect for combat buffs *per talent point* versus how many members you could invite to your guild.

    TL;DR if this gets chosen on stream:

    If a guild were to forgo any guild member expansion and funneled all guild talent points into offensive perks - what % stronger do you envisage that a smaller guild would be vs a guild that went all in on guild expansion?

    By design, how much stronger do you want small guilds to be in skirmishes individually, with bonuses?
  • ApokApok Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited April 24
    what will happen to things like ships if they're destroyed? repair fee or total loss? will ship pvp use the same mechanics as over world pvp?
  • GragisGragis Member
    edited April 24
    Will the combat system be tab targeting like WoW or reactive like New world and SpellBreak? I feel tab targeting isn't as fun as a reactive combat can be.
  • question/idea: any way we can switch servers while in the lowish levels for free? i don't want to mess up server economy stuff so you would only transfer with non droppable/tradeable items and no money. it has happened a few times where some of us are on one server and we find out a friend/coworker is on a different one and they would have to start all the way over for us to all play together. i generally think server transfers should be free anyway but i'd prefer for it to start at a certain level instead of all transfers having a cost.
  • TpwnzTpwnz Member
    Regarding open sea trade routes - will there be supply and demand economy for trade goods pricing? Also will there be safe zones in the water or is it all open pvp allowing for pirating? Will there be harpoon boats?
  • on past 2 years we sow alot of progress regarding development but for the better part we only sow progress regarding big system like nods mount graphic and combat my Q what about the lesser known but cool system like freehold tavern and the min game u can play on tavern and the sailing and ships and weather system what progress did u gys make regrading those systems and will u plan to show them any time soon ?
  • NullsanNullsan Member
    For dungeons. How much will the biome effect the mobs and loot inside them? Will they reflect the biome they are surrounded by or will it all be fairly generic. If they do effect them, would world events that change climate/surrounding biomes also affect the dungeon as well, or no?
  • redemerosharedemerosha Member, Pioneer, Kickstarter
    Zone completion. Do you have plans for completing everything in a zone. Maybe even rewards. 100% things done = title, mount, cosmetic etc.

    I love any excuse to stay in an area of the map i love.
  • ZahieZahie Member
    How will the deep forests of Verra be like? How immersive will they be? Will it be worth spending time there for gathering rare things, even for end game? Can we place a freehold there?

    I wish for deep green shelter of big old trees with huge canopies in the sky, moss, decaying trees, and young trees sprouting from them, mystic rays of light and spots that are so unique and dreamy that we don't want to leave them anymore.

    In most mmorpg's the forests looks more like a flat field of sparsely planted trees of the same age, not so immersive imo.
  • OzijakOzijak Member
    You've revealed the absolutely huge Negalith world boss, are there going to be bigger world bosses?
  • DizzDizz Member
    About mounts we can see so far, it's seems so similar to Korean MMOs like ArcheAge and BDO, I personal think it's not fun, do you ever consider learn from Guild Wars 2 because the environment in Ashes seems a good foundation to implant the mount system Guild Wars 2 has.
  • NiyaNiya Member
    What do you think about adding interactions to pets/mounts? They could turn their heads to follow the player, or have general animations or interactions. For example, the player could pet, play, hug the mount.
  • NerrorNerror Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited April 25
    Hi Steven, in 2017 you said that "there is also an ability to reforge that destroyed gear using a portion of the materials necessary as well as finding an item creator who can reforge it." Does that also apply to legendary items destroyed through over-enchanting, for example?
  • DismasDismas Member
    edited April 25
    How in-depth will the lore and story be in terms of questing and especially leveling? As in will we be progressing through an overbearing story arc and chapters of a narrative or will it largely be explorative and contained in smaller regional questlines dotted throughout the world?
  • A common issue with pvp in a lot of games is that you have to reduce visual fidelity to achieve optimum pvp as lower settings increase visibility by despawning foliage, derendering buildings, etc. Personally I don't like to sacrifice my game looking good to be better in pvp and so I was wondering if there is anything Intrepid can share on their thoughts about this?
  • Darkhan_DrathirDarkhan_Drathir Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    When it comes to the Animal Husbandry system, aside from being able to breed different stats and appearances, are there any plans to do mount/pet armor?

    Also, I'm wondering if the Cleric/Ranger will be reworked from being a Protector to being a Druid?
  • NiKrNiKr Member
    edited April 26
    What's the leveling limit in parties and does it influence XP debt removal?
    Let's say a lvl50 player PKs so much that they go down to ~lvl30 power lvl. Can a party of lvl50s powerlvl that PKer through their debt or will there be a limit on leveling XP debters?
  • TroowTroow Member, Settler, Kickstarter
    What will the different be between the different character creation tiers? Creation tier depends on what packet you own/bought
  • SqueezySqueezy Member
    edited April 28
    What crafting systems do you want to have prepared for alpha 2, and do you want them to be meaningful and useful up to the max alpha 2 level?
    ᚺᛖᚨᚱᚦ ᛟᚠᚦᛖ ᛊᚺᚨᛞᛟᚹ ᛁᛗᛁᚱ
  • Corruption: Will there be a way to reduce the amount of karma we gain with every kill ? For example if with the first kill u get X amount of karma and after 100 kills u get like X*10 will there be a quest chain or something that we can do so that our next kill will give us again only X amount of karma ?
  • 1. Regarding the difficulty of bosses. Will there be bosses with complex mechanics that require a lot of preparation to defeat or will there be an emphasis that they can all be defeated early with the correct number of players? And if so, will there be very low drop chance rewards beyond gear and weapons? (mounts, rare materials, secret maps for hidden questlines, etc).
    2. the quests will include elements of the world within the narrative, beyond the context, that is, for example, an npc that travels through a specific area of ​​the map and asks us for help looking for something based on clues and not simply that we are indicate the exact place to go?.
  • How will alts work? How is the combat revamp coming along?
  • iLawiLaw Member
    Hi, in lineage 2, there is a system called "olympiad", it is an arena that rewards the best player for each class, the reward is "hero" status, will be something like that in AOC?
  • Elegen wrote: »
    For those of us PvE raiders who aren't really into the idea of open world PvEvP raids, will there be instanced raids we can do that drop near BiS loot (since BiS is reserved for open world)? Or will there maybe be some open world raids with mechanics that lock the boss fight to one group at a time? While I am open to trying PvEvP raids, I prefer mechanically challenging PvE raids and am wondering if there will be content for those like me with decent rewards?

    This link may help you:
  • Minus wrote: »
    what measures will you take to avoid cheaters and multiboxing?

    This link may help you:
  • Ridgeford wrote: »
    How extensive do you plan voice acting or cinematics to be in the product at launch if at all?

    This link may help you:
  • Lloyd wrote: »
    The Corruption system is good in it's fundamental iteration, but have you thought of a system for players who want to make Corrupted PvP characters? Like possibly Corrupted military nodes where they have their own autonomy that are shunned from the outside world of nodes to create a "villain" group in the server?

    "You're not going to see griefing in the game very often; and that's because our flagging system. The corruption mechanics are based around disincentivizing a griefer or PKer but still offering the opportunity, should the occasion arise, where the benefits outweigh the risk, you have the ability to do so. If you gain corruption, which is killing a non-combatant - a player who is not fighting back basically - if you gain that corruption, your world has changed. It is not going to be a very beneficial place to be and you have the potential of losing your gear. Your combat efficacy decreases based on the amount of corruption you accrue. It is a comfortable balance between player agency and grief and basically removing player agency for other players.[52] – Steven Sharif"

    It has been stated multiple times that Corruption is not a gameplay style, it is a deterrent, and is not something that they want to encourage.
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