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[Player Suggestion & Feedback Request] Desert Biome and Races Discussed During July Livestream

VaknarVaknar Moderator, Member, Staff
edited September 2022 in Announcements
Hello glorious community,

We’d like your feedback regarding the look and feel of the updated concept art for the Ren'Kai and Empyrean races, as well as the desert biome we showcased during the July Development Update livestream.

To help keep this feedback organized, we’ve created three separate threads to discuss each of these topics:

Updated Ren'Kai Male & Female Concept Art
Tulnar Concept Art
Empyrean Male & Female Concept Art
Desert Biome

We’ll be leaving these threads open for your feedback until the end of the day on Friday, August 12, 2022, so that we can begin compiling reports for our development teams.

Everyone here at Intrepid Studios looks forward to reading all the great reactions to our latest character designs and biome!
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