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  • akabearakabear Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Can we get lose target (not fixed ) of the next testing period: Month or Quarter or Half Year?
  • Question about Customized NPCs!

    Will players be able to create their own NPCs? Specifically, I loved how Dragon's Dogma made everyone make one. Then you could globally share it among your friends list. This NPC was basically an AI player. It leveled, you gave it skills, armor and weapons. You customized how it looked.
    I was wondering if y'all had any plans for something along this lines in the future of the game?
    I made an article in regards to my thoughts about this incase you wanted more in-depth information.
  • Will there be economic focused professions?
    Like Traders/Dealers who can open stands to sell itens while offline, reduce tax, bypass some reputation requirements, see markets outside their node, etc.
  • When the node system rewards staying in the area of the node you call home, how does the game reward exploring and make the players not stuck at their home node?
  • Luto wrote: »
    Superplus wrote: »
    with ue5
    do you think you can implement wall climbing as shown on the video of the rogue doing parkour

    I'd love to see some augments that allow for better wall climbing and parkour type mobile abilities for the rogue archetype.

    I like the idea of rogues being the ones to infiltrate siege castles via hook and rope wall climb.
    Unlock gates take, down trebs and catapults. "The castle is impregnable" ..... "Give me 10 good men "rogues" and ill impregnate that bitch"....
  • Since we know that mounts can follow us around after dismounting, how effective would a mount fully focused on combat be while not riding it? Assuming they can fight at all.
  • Could we get more information about the group mount weapon systems, and if there will be any that are support focused?
  • Caravans need to have a high success rate (at least 80%+) for the system to work, what systems do you have in store for Caravans to up their survival rate?
  • angelicshiyaangelicshiya Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    My main concern is not feeling a sense of connection to my node that I live in. Are you thinking about doing rested XP bonus when they have visited their node for x amount of time. Or can Ashes allow mayors to build barber/salon shops or automatically have these buildings when getting to stage three or higher. players can change their hair apperance, facial features, eye color, skin color add/remove tatoos-scars, change body weight from originally fat to thin, old to young?

  • lemuletlemulet Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Do you confirm we are allowed to duplicate input on multiple computers through hardware while multi-boxing? (It is already said you can't duplicate through software but no mention of hardware solutions)

    Example using sticks over multiple keyboards to press the same keys all at once.
  • Will there be some quests during the leveling phase that would challenge players instead of the usual kill 10 of these mobs that can be killed with 4-6 hits.
  • Is there going to be any form of dual specialization allowing us to switch 2 setups of skills/talents/augments?

    E.g. A tank/healer has a group setup then a solo spec. Some people might want a pvp spec and a pve spec.
    Life can be painful for tanks/healers trying to do solo content at times.
  • Are caravan routes only going to be static or is there a potential that we will be able to free draw routes between cities?
  • Can a node (situated next to a river, in land) create an harbor?
    To have also access to maritim caravan?
  • Question about roles: the current spread shows 4 damage dealers, 3 supporters, and 1 tank to pick from. Aren't you worried that only 1 tank option (albeit 8 subtle variants) is quickly going to become monotone and boring? Do you plan to (eventually) expand the selection?
  • Will we have the option to create our own NPCs? Perhaps a similar system as in Overlord, where, for a significant amount of in-game money, you can create and modify the specs of your def NPCs (to help in either raid or at defending your city/node)
  • CastaiCastai Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Is a DKP system for guilds going to be something that is suitable in Ashes when it comes to the planned raiding content; and if so, will players tally and record numbers on their own or will it be integrated into the guild leadership tools?
  • Will speccing into a particular weapon type (for example, a spear) grant different combo lengths or animations than someone who hasn't mastered it?
  • What is the current philosophy on active blocking? We've seen in the previous combat update that all weapons have an active block option. Will this be something with greater import for Tanks? How does it affect the design of other defensive skills?
  • What are the current plans on questing as a group? Can players join random players questing in the world ans share their quests with each other, without the need to go to the quest-giver NPC? What other features can we expect for this dynamic?
  • Are there any plans to make the anticheat work on Linux?
  • MayhemMayhem Member, Intrepid Pack, Alpha One
    edited September 2022
    Will there be superforms of genes? as in red gene + red gene makes super red and if you breed super red to something else every offspring will have red gene
  • Are there plans for action combat iFrame dodging like for example in Tera?
  • Will all PC have the same same hitbox regardless of race or will there be a difference between a Tulnar and a Dwarf for example?
  • 1: I know development is a long process and there's likely a lot more to go, given the ambition of the project. Is there an updated HOPE for a launch year? With all disclaimers applied and no set in stone details.

    2: What would you tell to people in order to temper expectations? I expect the game to be phenomenal, but I hope the overall hype will not damage some of peoples' long-term potential in the game. I just don't want people to overhype the game and forget to realize that it is just a game (Even if it is absolutely incredible!).
  • For people who want to worship "the others" and want a more positive term to call them do you have a suggestion on what we could call them?
  • You've mentioned that we'll have quests related to The Others that will be on the "darker side" of gameplay. Does that mean that we'll have to be corrupted to complete those quests? Will there be any quests that will make us go corrupted to complete them?
  • Repairs - Will repairing an item take it back to full durability, or will it always incur some loss? (I'm thinking over long periods of time, replacing gear would feel natural and keep the economy alive)
  • Is there going to be pull + crowd control gameplay possible for tanks, like the Skullknight from a certain game Steven liked ?
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