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  • This may sound like a simple question, but it does have quite broad implications:

    Will some or all of the rivers be navigable with boats?
  • If I want to be a pirate, what would I have to SET FOOT on land for?
  • EmberstoneEmberstone Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited September 2022
    You guys have talked about the mounts' combat abilities, but will there be abilities that attack an area and let you dismount in the process? Example: a leap from the mount that slams the targeted area.
  • Will there be any cinematics on game release that will bring to life the lore of the game?
  • Can a mule transport everything a caravan can?
    Why would players take the risk of using caravans rather than their mules?
    September 12. 2022: Being naked can also be used to bring a skilled artisan to different freeholds... Don't summon family!
  • KreinsterKreinster Member
    edited September 2022
    Will there be 'decorative' player clothing as a sign of status and luxury?
  • shakaconshakacon Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    When will we get to see the layout possibility of Freeholds (like how many slots a freehold has for items like house, guild hall, crafting stations, stables, etc. and when will we get to know which Freehold skins will work on which category of freehold slots?
  • AnnoyingDarvilAnnoyingDarvil Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited September 2022

    Can you give us details on currency faucets? A bit is known about currency sinks in the game, but besides caravans, little is known about how currency is created.
  • WIll the stock exchange system be present in alpha 2?
  • Is there a chance to adjust the arena system to something similar as the Olympiad System that Lineage 2 had?

  • edited September 2022
    Will some resources gathered, crafted or grown Expire and become useless over time?
    Different Foods stored animal meats or crafted meals ect
    Herbs a player has gathered
    Player Grown Crops
    Live Stock

    If yes, will storing these perishables in a Warehouse/Storage ,or Your house make these items last much longer before they expire?
  • fudefude Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    what will the rangers utility skills be?
  • fudefude Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    when it comes to your friends or guild wanting you to play a class. will utility skills play a big part? eg Steven is a party leader for a dungeon he needs one of every class to accses all content so he tell Margaret she has to play a summoner.

    so not playing what you want but playing what the group needs due to utility skills for any content not just dungeons.
  • For Animal Husbandry, will animals have a limited number of breeding attempts, will it have a cooldown timer or be unlimited?
  • Node citizenship is highest in the affiliations tree hierarchy.
    Can citizens of the same node gank each-other?
    What about parent-vassal node relationship? Can a gatherer of a vassal node gank a gatherer of a parent node or sibling node if there is no war between their nodes?
    September 12. 2022: Being naked can also be used to bring a skilled artisan to different freeholds... Don't summon family!
  • Will mounting be instant as it was in Alpha 1 or will there be a cooldown/cast time etc? It can get really obnoxious in fights when people mount instantly over and over. Thank you in advance.
  • KingdomOfAshKingdomOfAsh Member
    edited September 2022
    Will we need to craft ammo for projectile weapons on boats?

  • About Wars relations
    Can a Guild be the target of more than 1 war?
    Can a citizen change citizenhip of a node during war to avoid it?
    Can a guild member leave guild to avoid war?
    Is there minimum requeriments (size, power or assets) to declare War on Nodes and Guilds?
    Can a mayor sabotage or destroy a node?
    Can a Node prevent playerS to joining it? or just the enemy of State?
  • LeukaelLeukael Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Question! Often times in MMOs gathering and crafting can feel like a chore. Some MMOs get make different parts of the process feel more fun. How do you plan to make artisan classes more fun? Any inspirations or examples of games you felt made different parts of the process fun?
  • In the future, would you ever consider allowing players to customize animations (ex. Attack, movement, cancelling) to have a bit more diverse animations?
  • AniionAniion Member
    edited September 2022
    Will the caravan system have the ability to invest gold/time into it so that it becomes more and more difficult to attack/gank? Or will the primary defense for a caravan always be investing gold/time into recruiting people/making your character stronger?
  • ImmortalKingImmortalKing Member
    edited September 2022
    Will I be able to recreate GigaChad in the character creator : )
  • Will secondary archetype choices effect what passive skills are available for a character to choose from?
  • ChaosFactorChaosFactor Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    What is going to be your philosophy on quests?
    Are you looking to make them challenging or possibly intentionally aggravating to complete some quests? (Ie. having to collect 10 of an item when they have a 5% drop chance)
    Or are you looking to make the vast majority of quests solo/noob friendly?

    I played a glimpse of the quests in the game during Alpha 1 and there was some pretty in-depth, long-term questlines, but just how intense/story heavy might they get?
  • Maybe it's too early but I was wondering if we could get more clarification on experience debt.
    Initially it brought to mind City of Heroes back in the day where as you died you got debt and it would sap half your experience to pay off the debt but you would still make progress with the other half. Meanwhile I find the more I learn about it in Ashes the more I realise I don't know much about it.
  • Gotta a question. We know that the artisans can discover new recipes and have the monopoly of those ones for roughly one week. Imagine I'm an alchemist that lives on city A and I just have discovered a new damage resistance potion that is way better compared to the ones available. Imagine now that city B and C are at war. Can I just actually make them aware of my potions and practically decide the winner of the war ? Can I sell the potions for an insane price and make millions of gold ?
  • edited September 2022
    Will crafted food work the same as crafted potions in terms of HP regeneration and Mana regeneration and other Buffs?
  • By levelling a "Piloting" Mariner Class, will two identical ships have different speeds & turning abilities based on their pilots levels?
  • Will it be possible to set Castle taxes at zero?
  • Once the game launches and Alpha 2 transitions to the test server, will it be open to all players or just those that had access to Alpha 2?
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