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Dünir... computer table

olafksruolafksru Member, Alpha One
edited February 2023 in Community Creations
Hello! It’s been a while since my first (and last) post here—I simply prefer to read, and I’m too lazy to write. :D
But now I have something to share with you!

Maybe you remember my dwarf-style jewelry box (which was posted here)? So I decided that I needed a proper stand for it. Also, I've wanted a new computer table for a long time, so I decided, why not combine the table and the stand? Of course, the table should be at least a bit dwarf-style to match the box. So I went through the wiki and all livestreams (anyway, I've been watching every livestream since the announcement) and used these images as a reference.


Well… I had no plans to make an exact copy, but wanted to keep the general style. I hope I was successful. Judge for yourself — here's the result.


And, of course, as you could guess, the color of the table was matched to the color of the cat :D


Materials: ash wood, oak, glue, a lot of time, oil, and wax.

That's it. Thanks for watching and reading. I hope I wasn't too boring.

P.S. Now I need a bookcase... but this is another long story :D


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