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  • DougBug27DougBug27 Member
    In what order do you think the classes will be added? Which class do you think will be the most difficult to develop?
  • Will healing magic do damage if used on undead monsters?
  • NagashNagash Member, Leader of Men
    Will healing magic do damage if used on undead monsters?

    I hope not

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  • SeloSelo Member
    Will there be crafting quests?
    Will there be a crafting system more advanced than "gather 10 hides > press button" ?
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  • sunfrogsunfrog Member, Pioneer
    Will pets have hats? Will mounts? Will mounts have pets? Will pets have mounts?

  • How does action combat targeting work against "small" character. for Example an ranger tries hit a human and a dwarf. how would their "size" affect their hitbox?
  • Could you reveal the information regarding what weapons does each combination of archetypes mainly use? especially for the 'unusual weapons' like who uses wands? or spears?
  • grisugrisu Member
    Around what are you balancing high difficulty content? (boss fights in raids specifically if the question is too general)

    (rage-)timer? healer mana/tank mitigation? (...)?
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  • YohoYoho Member, Braver of Worlds
    With your initial release date being delayed and no hard dates expected for the future; with the new time afforded to you - would you still look to try and self publish in the EU?
  • bosanovabosanova Member, Braver of Worlds
    Will there be lockouts on dungeons/raids? And if so will they be weekly or daily?
  • EdwardHillEdwardHill Member
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    please tell me that there will be battle scythes in Ashes of Creation and Ashes of Creation Apocalypse?
  • CrossBornCrossBorn Member, Founder
    What is your vision for the finished graphics for Ashes going to look like?
    For example, Will it be on par with current MMO’s or Will you be making MMO graphics great again??
    Keep up the great work!!
  • Are there currently plans for GAMEPAD/CONTROLLER SUPPORT at launch? As a console-to-pc convert, I tend to hotkey mouse and keyboard games to my gamepad when support is not available. Support may also help to bring in and retain some of the gamepad junkies out there like myself.
  • KirohKiroh Member
    Hello, will players receive any special rewards for the first completion of new dungeons? Will dungeons be generated in random places on the map, will there be any temporary dungeons, or unique ones, that are available a limited number of times or once?
  • caedwyncaedwyn Member
    In korean games we see extreme grind to have a remotely decent gear and grind even more daily to keep up with other players in terms of both PvP and PvE. Steven said that Ashes won't be a grindy game. Would you say Ashes will be closer to Korean games or Western games in terms of linear gear progression?
  • insomniainsomnia Member
    I might have missed it. But why group sizes of 8 for dungeons? I can be a pain to get a group for a dungeon at times, when the groups are lower (of course, if it is just more dps people, i can help it a little, as there are often way more with that role). Especialy with no groupfinder (of course people might find other ways for this). I just recall the issues i have had, with trying to get a group. Then someone has to leave, before the group gets formed. Then people rage quit (proberly partly because they have waited so long)
  • serinittyserinitty Member, Braver of Worlds
    Will there be Glamorous Frog Mounts?
  • sarkadosarkado Member, Leader of Men
    Do you have any plans to do away with Durability at later levels? When I think about durability I always look at Diablo, it's just something you're forced to return to town for from time to time that doesn't really hold much value other than a minimal gold sink later on in your adventures.
  • Magic ManMagic Man Member
    How involved will the sailing of ships be? Will it be something a single person can do, or will it demand an entire crew to raise, lower and turn the sails, drop anchor, etc.

    @burnthefern Depends on the ship type/size. (Small - 1 / 3 people, Medium - 8 people and Large is said to be raid size). The bigger the ship gets, more components of seamanship will be necessary. For navigation there was a mention of using spyglass - giving direction and skimming the horizon instead of a 'radar' system. Here are some of the mariner classes:

    Boat repair
    Ship components
    Defensive skills
    Utility based skills

    Anvil wrote: »
    Will PvP be TOTALLY open world? Or Will There be Non-PvP Zones (other than inside a town.) I have nightmarish visions of stepping out into the World and Getting Hit by the first griefers that spot my character trying to Harvest/quest/ or Farm. (Yes, Yes, Corruption system.. It Ain't working on a lot of MMOs I've seen so far, Some players just Don't Care)...

    @Anvil Yes, PvP is enabled in the open world tho there's some instanced PvP as well in forms of arenas etc. It is against the core design of the game to have ''non-pvp zones''. Whatever you do in the game will have risk involved so that rewards can be meaningful. Your concerns regarding corruption system is understandable as no MMO could do it well..then again there hasn't been many MMOs with meaningful open world PvP soo..Do note that attacking non combatants in the open world is pretty much suicide - in fact worse than suicide as they can drop gear when they die and pretty much become a 'mob' with damage reduction etc. We have bounty hunters you know :smile: they'll clean the griefers just fine for that reward (most likely even thirstier PvP enthusiasts so they may do it just for fun).

    Hjerim wrote: »
    Is the progress that we currently seeing (weapons, armor and creatures) final passes, or how far are we from seeing finished "bi-products"?

    @Hjerim Steven said they are very early iterations. Just 2 days ago or so he said in discord that there's ''a lot more'' to do in terms of polishing etc.

    fauxefyre wrote: »
    Will the user interface be limited to the 12 buttons we have continually seen in all of the videos so far (1-0, Q/R)? If so, what is the reasoning for this?

    To me, this limitation removes the dynamics of most classes and could very easily cause gameplay to become very stale, very quick.


    Fauxe Fyre

    @fauxefyre No. There'll be multiple hotbars should you choose (said to be less than 30 abilities on bar)

    Roko wrote: »
    What's the difference between hard and soft Crowd control skills/abilities/spells?

    @Roko Steven answered this a week ago on discord after I asked about the pull ability of the tank - apparently it is soft cc as it doesn’t lock the opponent hence tab targeted. The hard cc's listed by Steven are ''stuns, knock downs, sleeps, paralysis, some roots, some silences'' and they'll be action abilities (will need to land the attack).

    eypo wrote: »
    Will there be addons / dlc later that enlarge the world of verra?

    @eypo Yes the base game will be the only the first chapter of the grand franchise that is Ashes of Creation. DLC expansions (post-launch releases) are planned on a quarterly basis and they won't cost anything more than the normal subscription.

    Because of the modularity of a lot of the systems that we're working on, it's not too hard to iterate and implement new things... We're planning on going on a quarterly/ monthly cycle to continue to push out new content. – Jeffrey Bard

    The quarterly cycle for the big content is good for us and then, as you said, those modular components to our mechanisms in the game allow for us to introduce smaller content patches that can be seen in real time in the world. – Steven Sharif

    We don't intend to a wordsmith around future charge for DLC content. As a subscription model, that's part of the agreement between us as a Studio and you guys: That there will be regularly scheduled updates and chapters; and that subscription is what allows you to access that content. – Steven Sharif.

    For more information check the wiki :

    Sarevok wrote: »
    Do you need more people to test your Alpha?

    @Sarevok Hopefully xd

    glory wrote: »
    Will any class, or class combination, in this game be primary "damage over time"?

    @glory hmm..warlock (Mage/Summoner) supposedly? 🧐 I'm sure there'll be many more tho.

    Hydrilla wrote: »
    Aside from the buildings in the node with a particular purpose, will the randomly generated "filler" structures have anything inside them that you can interact with such as NPC's or items?

    @Hydrilla As far as I know, there won't be any ''filler'' structures. Each building is built (by players and order of the mayor) for a purpose .

    kashikyori wrote: »
    How does action combat targeting work against "small" character. for Example an ranger tries hit a human and a dwarf. how would their "size" affect their hitbox?

    @kashikyori Good question but you may want to remove the other one so that your question makes it to the list (1 question per person)

    CrossBorn wrote: »
    What is your vision for the finished graphics for Ashes going to look like?
    For example, Will it be on par with current MMO’s or Will you be making MMO graphics great again??
    Keep up the great work!!

    @CrossBorn It's pre alpha and it is already, naturally and objectively looks better than any MMO out there..Obviously the end product will look even better. I dunno at which point MMO graphics were 'great' tbh 😅

    serinitty wrote: »
    Will there be Glamorous Frog Mounts?

    @serinitty Good question. You may considering changing it to ''will there be glamorous jumping mounts, perhaps frogs?'' Jumping mounts were only mentioned once by Margaret and it was not exactly a confirmation soo would be cool if they are a thing 🙂

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    Question submissions are now closed for our upcoming live stream - thanks so much everyone for joining in! (Note: Normally we like to provide you more details on the questions we've already answered prior to the live stream, but this week's post might be a bit delayed due to playtesting - thank you all for your patience! <3 )

    We'll see you at 11AM PDT tomorrow for our live stream!
  • LieutenantToastLieutenantToast Moderator, Staff
    ICYMI our latest live stream is now available over on our YouTube channel as well!

    (Note: I'm hoping to post the responses for your previously answered questions early next week!)
  • LieutenantToastLieutenantToast Moderator, Staff
    Hiya all - thank you for your patience as I worked to gather up the answers to all of your questions this time around! In case we didn't get to your question during this month's live stream, it may be that we've already covered it previously, so check out the list below for some helpful info and links:

    @burnthefern - You can check out more of where we've discussed ship sizes and mechanics here:

    @Tronicz - You can read more about where we've discussed bulletin boards here:

    @skearnz , @Tycondraes , @grimcleaver , @MrYiggdiggles , @EveryHoleIsAGoal , @glory , @LumiLuck , @griffith , @Wembley , @eroenne , @Undead Canuck , and @disobedient - Keep an eye out for more details on classes and their skills in the lead-up to you helping us test them during Alphas and Betas!

    @Wandering Mist - Not sure I completely understand; you may be seeing a combination of basic melee attacks and spells/abilities on a hotbar, which at the moment are just showing class abilities.

    @tricksykitsune - The rise and fall of nodes naturally as players progress means that the experience is never the same - there's always new quests, areas, dungeons, etc. to explore!

    @shintaro , @Oyerth , @dairrizzle , @leamese , @Nightwolf - As with all new technology, we're excited to see the latest updates and will be keeping an eye on it as it progresses!

    @superne - All Kickstarter backers are receiving a special skill FX set; keep an eye out for if we announce other similar options in the future:

    @Etalim - As you may have seen in our previous node tool videos, these sorts of features may be dynamically generated as nodes progress, so choosing where to get XP and "grow" your nodes will build those roads!

    @Anvil and @Hoozierpopz - You can read more about PvP, including where we've discussed safe zones, here:

    @Catspurr - If you want to build one main node up into a metropolis (in order to unlock all its features), you're likely going to need to work in a lot of the surrounding nodes for resources and to level them up!

    @OdynStar , @TorvaldIgnaeus , @basvision , @leonerdo - Keep an eye out for more details on crafting and gathering as we head into upcoming testing featuring those systems, and in the meantime you can check out more on what we've already discussed here:

    @ProfesorReis - You can read more about our plans for language support here:

    @Hjerim - There's definitely nothing that's totally a final pass yet; everything is still being polished, all the way up until launch, with your help during testing!

    @Caelron - More details on specific artisan classes will be shared as we get ready to have you help us test those features, but in the meantime you can read more on where we've discussed scribes here:

    @UncleChickenHam - Nodes will continue to rise and fall based on player agency over time, but also based on random world events (if a dragon comes and wipes your local metropolis out, it may be time to find a whole new spot to rebuild anyways!)

    @WiccanRon - Doubling down on your primary will make you the best in that particular field; you can read more on our philosophy around viable tanking here:

    @fauxefyre - You can check out more details about our plans for UI and specifically action bars here:

    @grumple - Combat and non-combat opportunities will go hand-in-hand, though not necessarily in such a way where you are "forced" to choose one or the other.

    @flameh0t - More information on name reservations will be coming your way as we get closer to Alpha One testing and beyond!

    @BobzUrUncle - We've been holding off on releasing monthly cosmetics as we recently mentioned due to ongoing economic situations that may be impacting our players, and we typically release our Creative Director's Letter on a quarterly basis. In the meantime, we've been continuing to host development update live streams every month while we work from home, and just released a brand new almost 2 hour long 4K gameplay video over on our official YouTube channel!

    @Roko , @eypo , @Hydrilla - Looks like @Magic Man got you an answer above!

    @l3v3rag3 - You can read more about where we've discussed character slots here:

    @swooxie , @Nexler - If we told ya, it wouldn't be a secret ;)

    @Alyerial - You can check out more about where we've discussed naval content here:

    @azurl - There are certainly a lot of cool opportunities for tools for our community that link up in-game that we're exploring for the future!

    @QuantumShadow - Looks like @azurl got your answer above!

    @Lifetree - Apologies, but we removed a similar question last month for being a little too close to home right now, as we know many folks are still struggling <3

    @Sarevok - We would always love for more testers to join us; the Voyager Plus pack currently available grants access to Alpha 2!

    @mozsta69 - I would say this is probably unlikely, as leveling up a node will likely always bring new challenges (some of which you can expect, and some of which are unexpected).

    @crytiics - You can read more about where we've discussed possible roleplaying, including instruments, here:

    @stevejones92 - You can check out more about where we've discussed AI and our philosophy around it here:

    @ekadzati - Sorry, not sure we understand your question here at all - if you'd like a more direct answer, perhaps phrase it more specifically around Ashes of Creation mechanics (such as sieges).

    @DNFrozen - You can learn more about our plans for the economy, including item/gold sinks, here:

    @AskaDemigod , @mrsynth , @Moseph , @DougBug27 , @Selo , @Onald , @sunfrog , @kashikyori , and @Kiroh - Please keep your responses to just one question next time as requested in the original post, and the more precise and concise you can be, the better!

    @reighend - You can read more about where we've discussed gear, crafting, and grinding here:

    @Argentum401 - You can read more on our philosophy around server types here:

    @capybaraman - The Verran map is entirely covered in Zones of Influence where player action develops nodes; you can read more on our plans for that here:

    @ashone - Stay tuned for more details on nodes and their mayoral privileges as we get closer to testing those features!

    @Razorath - Our goal is for equitable cosmetics from both a quantity and quality standpoint to be achievable through in-game means:

    @grisu - These difficulty levels and measures are some of what we'll be testing in upcoming phases with your help!

    @Yoho - We are currently working with as our partner in the EU, and we'll keep you posted on our publishing efforts in different regions leading up to launch!

    @bosanova - You can read more about how the majority of dungeons/raids will be open world vs. instanced here:

    @EdwardHill - There will be a variety of different weapons and weapon types across Verra, not all of which you've seen yet!

    @CrossBorn - Our goal is to strike that balance between beauty and performance, while giving players a variety of options to adjust further on their own.

    @Eldreus Valeon - You can check out more on where we've discussed controller/gamepad support here:

    @caedwyn - You can read more details on our philosophy around gear and grinding here:

    @insomnia - You can check out more info around our rationale for group sizes (in relation to archetypes) here:

    @serinitty - There's always a possibility for more magical creatures to make their appearance on Verra as pets or mounts!

    @sarkado - You can read more about our thoughts around durability and item sinks here:
  • insomniainsomnia Member
    This still dosen't answer my question. I didn't ask how bit the groups is going to be. I asked for the reason for the size of groups for dungeons
  • xHISAOxxHISAOx Member
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    EDIT: oops! didn't see this was closed D: forget my question (for now!).

    Regardless, thanks for all the love and hard work Intrepid!! <3
    /screams into the void
  • RaytekuRayteku Member, Braver of Worlds
    @insomnia the group dynamics is more what you should look at its referenced in the wiki but here is a link to the blog post explaining the reason they want 8 for each group.

    here is a relevant part of the blog post:

    "In Ashes of Creation, we’re going big. Our current party size is sitting at eight (8) players for a single group. While that number could change before launch, it’s serving a particular goal we have for gameplay. We like the idea of having a larger party because we want to put the massive back in Massively Multiplayer. If people just want to play with four others, they can always play their favorite MOBA. The idea behind an 8-person group is to allow us to really amplify party roles, and to create a need for each of the archetypes in every party."

    hope that helps,
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