The Gift of Life - Cleric Alpha One Preview

💖 Can you master the balance between life and death? ☠

Meet the Cleric and learn more about the power they wield from level 1-10 in our Alpha One preview:



  • The visuals are very nice, and I look forward to getting the chance to test them in person. It's more important, in my view, for the game mechanics to be enjoyable to interact with, than for the animations and graphics to be 'satisfying'. The notes about how the cleric is expected to play are encouraging. I hope the cleric's gameplay loop is satisfying and if not, that we can provide the right feedback to make it so.
  • T ElfT Elf Member, Braver of Worlds
    Looks amazing! Can't wait to try it out. The Kaelar look so much better.
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  • Good stuff
  • VarkunVarkun Member, Braver of Worlds
    Great stuff be excited to see the other classes in the future. :)
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  • pyrealpyreal Member, Pioneer
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    I'm going to main Cleric and am overall pleased with this, however these are some thoughts:

    1: Too much gold. Damage and heal fx should be delineated by color. 'Holy' damage and 'Radiant energy' damage should be delineated.

    2: Some of the spell names are, by a wide margin, in the 'generic catholic trope' category. See Exorcism, Benediction, Hallowed Ground, Damnation.
    Divine Censure is a good name, it describes the spell but without making you feel like your watching a horror movie about nuns.

    3: Devotion has no bearing on healing, healing quickly, nor describes the action of the spell. Something along the lines of 'Rushed/Hastened Prayer' would be more appropriate.

    4: Divine Censure has electric sound effects. Too many twinkle sound effects overall.

    5: Exorcism's 'ripping at your target's spirit' is not an appropriate description for a Cleric spell. For a channeled spell, I recommend 'Cleansing Malediction'. With text in the line of: "Holy energy overwhelms the target, culminating in a searing explosion. Channeled."

  • AmmaAmma Member
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    Well, i was not very interested in the cleric until now, but the one thing i love most is healing through damage dealing at the same time, so the most interesting thing is what the cleric augments will do. Can i heal with every other archetype a little bit too through damage (with cleric augment)? If not, then cleric will be one of the most interesting classes for pvp for me. Looks very interesting. I wonder what the next things after level 10 will be.
  • GoooseGooose Member
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    The abilities themselves look great and have me excited for augments, but they also spark some questions from a design/pvp perspective.
    • I wonder if the ratio of damage to heal abilities fulfill the healer fantasy. It'll probably change as more skills are unlocked, but are these level 1-10 abilities sufficient for the design of the New Player Experience? The low level combat loop seems to focus on damage first and healing second.
    • I could be totally wrong about this, but it seems like Castigation is meant to be the spammed ability for low level Clerics. If that's the case is the design subverting the traditional idea of a caster healer in the back to more of a frontline melee? There are many casted abilities shown, but again I'm thinking of the low level combat loop and what Clerics spam when all the other abilities are on cooldown or when players are flustered.
    • I wonder why there is a delay (about 1 second maybe?) between finishing the cast of Devotion and the target receiving the heal. Usually low level skills are designed to be more forgiving and it is much less satisfying when there is a delay.
    • The cast time for Resurrection seems pretty short (about 3 seconds?). I liked how in Archeage, Revive had a 7 second ish cast time which was a decent buffer for enemies to counterplay (gap close + interrupt).
    I am definitely being overly critical without having firsthand experience, but I hope these points are considered. Many MMOs struggle with their New Player Experience and I hope AOC's NPE is heavily critiqued to facilitate growth after initial release.

    (my bad, I didn't see the class discussion topic prior to posting this so I reposted it there. Please delete this post)
  • Always loved playing any type of healer class's so it will most likely become my main, no idea why just like keeping friends/guild members alive.
  • I hate spiders. I like killing spiders. I saw a spider getting attacked in this vid. I am happy
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  • NagashNagash Member, Leader of Men, Early Alpha One Tester
    My poor undead are going to suffer because of this

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  • KeernKeern Member
    I would be interessted how much movement locking you are planning on having and whether abilities that might be movement locked at low level change with higher level becoming not locked any longer. On the same note id be interessted to know if this clas is supposed to be a immobile class or wether its going to get more movement focused abilties. Id love to hear more about what kind of combat you are planning on designing not just how it looks but how it is supposed to feel and work. Maybe i just have to be patient but I feel there hasnt been that much info yet despite being one if not the deciding factor of wether they will play this game for the long term.
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  • Thanks for the kind words and also the feedback!

    We appreciate it folks. <3
  • Thank you for the insight into another class-archetype!

    Yours truly is excited to learn more about the Religious nodes and what they'll feature. Am hoping for a Bless/Blight type of city-ability that would allow Mayors of Religious cities to control the weather over other nodes; Extra resources from Freeholds in 'blessed' areas, and a resource penalty on enemy nodes' Freeholds. A good incentive to make war on Religious nodes, as well!

    Another awesome video.
  • TacualeonTacualeon Member
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    Benediction maybe could have a watery-flowy animation instead of lightning.

    I like the Divine Censure animation a lot, not quite fond of the name.
    The white clothes with golden motives are beautiful. Thanks for keeping character models with slenders body shapes.

    I know everyone already watched the video but can we focus for a second on the details and how awesome that set looked?

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  • NagashNagash Member, Leader of Men, Early Alpha One Tester
    Tacualeon wrote: »
    Benediction maybe could have a watery-flowy animation instead of lightning.

    I like the Divine Censure animation a lot, not quite fond of the name.
    The white clothes with golden motives are beautiful. Thanks for keeping character models with slenders body shapes.

    I know everyone already watched the video but can we focus for a second on the details and how awesome that set looked?

    yeah its nice to see padded armour for a change

    The dead do not squabble as this land’s rulers do. The dead have no desires, petty jealousies or ambitions. A world of the dead is a world at peace
  • not usually a cleric but it all looks so great already, and we’re not even quite in the alpha phases yet!
  • This is a great video. I'm going to take a different approach here.

    Looks like the resurrection spell takes between 3-4 seconds to cast.
    - I would like to know the dev's point of view/reasoning behind the length of the cast time. Traditionally rez takes a significant amount of time (in some cases 10+ seconds) as well as only being castable, in some cases, out of combat. Will rez be castable in combat? Will a non-pvp flagged character be flagged for pvp if they rez someone that has died during a pvp battle? Will said cleric gain corruption if the target they rezzed was corrupted, or simply be flagged for pvp?

    Personally, i don't mind the golden or yellow "lightning" effect on the chain heal. My only concern is the ability to differentiate that spell between others that may have similar color and or appearance.

    Some of the spell names are quite cookie cutter, but realistically how many options do you really have while allowing users to draw a conclusion on what the spell may do without reading the description? Personally i'm not terribly worried about the spell names.

    I am very interested in the mechanic of providing regeneration through damage, and healing/damage in an area. The balance of these mechanics will likely play a huge role in whether or not the cleric will be the best in slot as a main healer.

    Final note, i can't wait to play this game. I doubt there is anything you could do to it at this point that would change my mind.
  • Pvp playerPvp player Member
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    Is this the right place to post constructive feedback? If so, here is mine, as a pvp veteran.

    It looks amazing.
    But there seems to be an overabundance of skills with a very long cast time, which is troubling for pvp.

    In most games, "hard CC" is overpowered, so it makes sense that those skills have a higher cost to them, but interestingly, Judgement has, besides direct damage, a knockdown and a debuff AND is insta cast.
    Conversely, you want heals to respond immediately (also in dungeons), and here we have single target Devotion that has a cast time, while Benediction is insta cast and is a group heal.

    Usually, damage over time skills are instant cast, but here, Hallowed Ground has a cast time.
    And when I look at the elaborate floating animation for it, I expect it to do cc to be honest.
    In fact, it looks like an "ultimate" ability in some other games.

    Minor points:
    I hope "holy power" is something more than just another name for magic damage. As in, I hope it does bonus damage to undead [players].

    I think, for class identity it makes sense to make this less similar to a mage (can they both levitate?), with more symbolism and holy grams. Same goes for the armour; what is Cleric-y about it?

    For everyone's convenience, including my own because these skills are all new to me of course, here's a list:
    The following skills (with timestamp) have animations that take over a second to finish before they "fire", and their effects.
    Castigation (0:30) - damage, health regen, mana regen
    Hallowed Ground (0:40) - aoe dot, aoe hot
    Divine Censure (0:47) - damage, hot, knockdown,
    Devotion (1:12) - heal

    Skills with short cast time or insta cast
    Benediction (0:37) - group heal
    Damnation (1:03) - dot, attack debuff
    Judgement (1:26) - damage, armour debuff, knockdown
  • novercalisnovercalis Member, Founder
    I like what pyreal has mentioned above and would like to add on to it. Since I usually main support/healers in most of my games.

    I agree change up the colors a bit. Consider gold for damage or divine stuff. Green for healing. White/blue or Silver/blue for buffs.

    Exorcism animation seems very dull and let down based on the description. Just feels anti-climatic burst.

    Judgement - seems to be the "smite". Either keep the animation and change the picture or change the animation to feature the divine hammer flying out.

    Resurrection is a concern - short casting and are we able to res during combat? If so WAY SHORT of a casting time.

    I also have a concern with life steal abilities / healing when damage abilities as they tend to become OP. I was expecting so many different ways of potentially healing and it can cause issues down the road or a huge meta shift, as is - everyone will wanna have cleric aug.

    Rather have somewhat underwhelming cleric launch and tweak up then OP and becomes nerf as time goes by.

    Also the basic healing - feels almost instant cast - with movement and healing - once again I have concerns with OP and pvp aspect of things.

    Also to follow up on "pvp player" comment - I share same concerns.
    Devs - look into the game "Smite" - it's a MOBA and with regards to CC / Heals it has been currently an issue with healing meta and burst CC meta. so I see where pvp player is coming from and share similar concern.
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  • I agree with a few comments already made, the pvp mechanis are going to be monumental. And am blown away by how the community and devs are on a mission to make this game a best in class.

    My time spent as a cleric main in Everquest, WoW and Warhammer (dnd also if that counts) has been enjoyable for almost every moment.

    For ashes I’m tore between a few things. One being so used to games lacking a genuine feel. As if the players and devs are just playing the numbers game. Terms such as “meta”, “optimal” and “pay to win” come to mind. And I fully understand the requirement for these concepts and the role they play.

    On the the other hand in striving for perfection it seems we lose a feel of creativity. If I were to optimise the game I would say “yes, the spell colours should be representative of their category”. Yet If the devs become boxed into this way of thinking, then I may loose them and the creativity they can offer.

    If I were to boil down why I enjoyed my time as a cleric there would certainly be a mechanical aspect to it, but a joy so deep is had when enduring something that is gritty and goes down to the wire or maybe doesn’t go my way. And while this joy could be attributed to a very optimised program, I think it comes from something more than that.
    :/ramble off
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