Official Livestream Q&A Question Thread – May 26, 2017

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<div>Hey everyone! We’re collecting questions to answer live on air during Friday’s (5/26) Twitch stream starting at 3:00 PM PDT / 6:00 PM EDT / 10:00 PM UTC. Please post your questions in this thread and we’ll pick around 10 or so to answer live on-stream. Please only one question per person. Additional questions will likely not get answered. Also remember to be succinct!</div>
<div>Thanks for your help!</div>


  • Will there be a mechanism that transfers the role of Guild Leader to someone else if the guild leader hasn’t come on in weeks or months? (Like in Riders of Icarus)
  • The Fighter (or warrior) class in many RPGs often has the stigma of being the most basic class, and often serves as the roll of a tank. How will Ashes’ Fighter class play with its divergence from the Tank archetype, and in what ways will it not just be the basic, mechanically simple class if at all?
  • Please could you elaborate on the social systems and Role Play mechanics you have planned? Will there be speech bubbles and custom emotes using a /emote like command?
  • Will be ingame Auto Assist for Target or some kind of FOCUS marker above the Character/Mob, possible?
    For Example If you are plaing in party and someone marking the primary Target – you can Tab and sellect it immediately.
  • Will bards be able to customize the music they play when using their musical abilities, assuming there are some? (e.g. a list to choose from)
  • Would be a arena for GVG (Guild vs Guild) like 15-20 players for each team with a ranking? Hi from Spain!
  • Will gear like weapons and armor have special stats like elemental bonuses, status effects, cooldown reduction for skills and the like?
  • @intrepid studios, Open world PVP. Your corruption system seems to punish people for doing it outside set boundaries(sieges, caravans.) Why have open world PVP if you don't want people to do it. In what case is a player supposed to say that corruption is worth murdering someone?

    The only people it would be worth to in the current system (or what we know about it) would be a griefer who has a way to get around the system - or in many cases, these people don't care that they will receive corruption. What plans do you have in place to turn the open world PvP into meaningful combat as opposed to bored griefers who are okay with taking any penalty you throw at them? (People will make alts just to grief.This is a type of person who exists. They only want to have meaningless conflict.)

    If the question's wording was at all confusing feel free to PM me on discord ;P
  • Will artisan skills be locked behind quest chains like how the bounty hunter system is for military nodes?
  • Hello everyone!

    My question is about the naming format and convention.
    How does it work? Will we have a name - nickname - surname? Will the name be account bound so someone can have the same name?
  • Could there be a collection quest/side activity like in Everquest 2? I found that very enjoyable.
  • I know that you are still debating the combat system, but which system do you think fits AoC better?
    – CoolDown based combat system like the one in WoW where you always need to check on the quickbar/various mods what skills are available (and it is really annoying)
    – or resource based combat system, like the one in ESO where you only need to manage your mana (resource) and it is more fluid? (and the bestest there is :D)
  • If I have a freehold that is in a land that is primarily elfish and therefore the base style of my freehold is elfish would I be able to have style designs that could change the look of the builds to be human, orcish, or dwarvin instead?
  • How impactful on players are the social organisations going to be? Are they always in war with eachother? Can a member of Trader's Company freely kill a member of Thieves guild and vice versa? Or are they only a social/side-story kinda thing?
  • What made you go to Kickstarter this early and ask for change (2,5% of what's needed) if you're willing to fund the game yourselves with more than $30mil? Why risk a mixed first impression of the project because it's based on nothing but a tech demo of single player UE4 if you could have started with something infinity better like a working alpha you'll have in the next 12 months?
  • Can you own a business chain across nodes? like for example a chain of Inns or Stores. since you mentioned that you can manage your Store, etc. while offline, so how will that work for multiple establishments.
  • How many players are you planning on rendering on-screen? Engines still have issues rendering a lot of players at the same time without using tricks like generic player models (GW2) and Unreal can be a visually demanding engine which has me concerned about any large scale player battles.
  • Question 1,
    How gathering, fishing, crafting will work? Will there going to be "PH/IQ" after which is depleted you cant gather anymore? Or is it going to be you can gather as long as you have "tools" for gathering or the node like a tree or iron vain is still.

    Question 2,
    Given the fact that it will take around 35-50 days to hit max level in one toon, how much alt friendly this game will be?
  • When a node is built up to say a settle and it is Orcish in style but over time the Orc's left and now the Elves are the primary race in the node will the node itself change style to look elvish or would it remain orcish?
  • Will there be Boobie Jiggle Physics?
  • With the Ships being player craftable. Will there me a crafting class tied to the crafting of the higher level more complex tall ships. Say, everyone can create a rowboat and or clipper but you want to build a sloop then you have to find a crafter with a certain level in shipwright and if you want a galleon or ship of the line you are talking tons of mats and a master artisan shipwright. That would make higher level ship mean something more than just an item you buy and throw mats at.
  • In regards to professions, will there be a scribe or anything in regards to that? Curious as this would add depth to possible RP and create​ a way for in game record keeping.
  • What type of reward system can we expect to see from arena-based PvP?
  • Does exploration xp go on the Artisan role or on the Adventurer role - do these roles have separate xp pools or does xp from any role contribute to one total character level pool?
  • Will you continue weekly Q&A and be active with the community post KS/alpha/beta/launch?
  • Will weapons be class or role specific, and will we for example see dual wielding tanks or casters using swords?
  • Will caravans travel on a specific path between cities, or will there be manual control to "drive" there on any route you choose.. Maybe to avoid traps and gangs waiting to attack.
  • will there be a chance for the summoner to tame epic boss and replace/add hem with/to his summons ?
  • How much of the world has been crafted so far?
  • Question- You guys slipped on Wednesday's stream and mentioned "stealth classES", does that mean #RANGERSTEALTHCONFIRMED, or just Rogues with different subclasses. Subquestion- you also mentioned other classes getting stealth detect abilities, how encompassing will that be? Stealth classes historically are burst DPS-ers that rely almost entirely on a stealth attack for that initial strike, so giving classes the ability to detect stealth means stealth can not attack those classes? I understand if it's to soon to expand upon the questions, but it's what's on alot of us stealther's minds! Thanks!
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